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Panel of judges Citrus orchard Chrysanthemum carinatum Cereal annual crop Diversity of rice Panicle initiation and RGR Gunny bags Groundnut and genetic variation Occurrence of dipteran shoot flies Ecoli isolated from poultry Fruit fly Bactrocera minax Phalaris minor and wheat Premix herbicides Interstitial glands Colletotrichum capsici causing anthracnose Aman season of planting Leaf folder species Bunch type groundnut genotypes Ecoli isolated Paddy and angoumois grain moth Stored pearlmillet pennisetum glaucum Bactrocera minax (diptera: tephritidae) Brewery waste water Germination characteristics Rice or maize fallow Genetic analysis for forage yield Histoarchitecture and enzyme profile Nanochitosan treatment Large seeded Avoid economic loss In vitro sensitivity towards Angoumois grain moth Potential use in spot sprays Surface protectant Pin prick method Sorghum and sunflower Application of brewery waste water Light weight Inorganic fertilizers and polyhouse Morphological traits of seed in oat Winter and rainy season Fresh seed dormant genotypes Non pregnant Attributed towards antibiotic ampicillin Basis of morphological characteristics Seed coat etching Seed protectant chemicals against angoumois grain Variance components for yield Allelopathic potential assessment Sowing attachment Yield of guava (Psidium guajava) Antimicrobial sensitivity testing Plant parasitic nematodes associated Plant densities and cycocel Lactating indian leaf-nosed Wheat genotypes on growth Agronomic management practices Rice growers Target action Flowering stage water deficit Fruiting and yield Hilly areas Tomato under naturally ventilated polyhouse Hipposideros speoris Community analysis Fruit and yield attributes TRIS minimal agar Constraints faced by rice growers Yield and production economics Double cross hybrids Rainfed lowland rice Sowing attachment suitable Tield and economics Medical tips Evaluation of mustard hybrid varieties Root knot Recommended rice cultivation practices Zone of solubilization Gypsum requirement Emission sources Queen of cereals Soybean genotypes in response Mustard hybrid varieties Blood from patients Nematode communities revealed Physiological traits for adaptation Different rooting media Cultivation of rice crop Co-culture method Paddy grown Ambala division of Haryana State Chemicals on quality Uptake of nutrients by kharif sorghum Cold arid condition Distillery raw spentwash Charcoal rot disease Residual zinc Rice straw management Wadi cultivation Gangetic plains of West Bengal

Tài liệu, văn bản bạn tìm kiếm

Genetic correlation studies, Pseudomonas aeruginosa recovered, Basis of maximum, Antibacterial activity S aureus, IBA concentrations, Pikovaskaya’s agar medium, Socio-economic profile of tribals, Rhizosphere soils of paddy grown, Kharif sorghum, Underweight and adolescent, Fertigation practices, Yield and storage life, Plant defense activators, Nitrogen scheduling, Calcareous sodic soil, Divergent characteristics, Resistance to bruchid infestation, Promising approach towards, Diminishing antibacterial activity, Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus), Pseudomonas aeruginosa TU, Wadi adopters, PSB and bacillus subtilis, Compost tea induced callus proliferation, Performance of wild apricot, Litchi air-layers, Amendment for reclamation, Millet (Panicum millare), Artificial epiphytotic conditions, Mn and Cu Content and uptake, Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown, Stabilized lines, Diversity of pummelo, Settle plate method, Crude protein content, On-farm production, Co-culture method to overcome, Nitrogen source, Mercury and cadmium toxicity, Yield of carnation, Obesity among school going girls, Harvest index and yield, Non-adopters, Renal anaemia in Nagpur city, Callus cells, Maize rhizosphere soil, Mainly grown for food, Reclamation of sodic, Nutritional and livelihood security, Uptake of direct sown rice, Hilly tribe farmers, Chilliin marathwada region, Digestible dry matter content, Pummelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck.) based, Nucleus inoculums, Different potting media on survival, Naphthalenedegrading enzyme, Vibriocin and prospect, Drumstick (Moringa olifera) leaf meal, Residual effect of Zn, Cowpea X rice bean, Variables the WADI adopters stand, Diagnosis and entails future sites, Growth parameters of summer rice, Mixed fruit jam, While maximum size of pustules, Mainly grown for fodder, Distribution of anthracnose, Tribal areas, Jawadhu hills, Antibiotic resistant, Enhancing the productivity, Iron fertilization on yield, Dendrobium chrysanthum, Core quantitative characters, Mass inoculum, Growth of air layered litchi, Characterization of vibriocin, Characterization and identification, Observed acquiring the topmost position, Catabolism of naphthalene, Yields of fodder obtained, Occurrence and distribution, Aerobic microbiological surveillance, Trap crop cycles, Genotypes were selected based, Nitrogen source on the catabolism, Recommended cropping pattern, Serum lipid profile of broilers, Kharif black gram (Vigna mungo L.), Ex vitro, Full-fledged as per the documentations, Litchi orchard soil, Blended mixed fruit jam, Little millet (Panicum millare), Zinc and iron fertilization, Various tea extracts, Sterile cotton swabs moistened, Overall disease intensity, Changing cropping pattern, In vitro Mycorrhization, Their shelf life, Protocols for preparation, PPFD and mycorrhization for efficient, Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola), cat_1_trang_54_58_5202.pdf, Mòn răng nghề nghiệp, Chỉ số tăng theo nghề nghiệp, Bệnh lý tổ chức quanh răng, Chỉ số mòn răng, Chỉ số tăng răng, Hiệu quả lọc bụi của xiclon, Hướng tuần hoàn, Dòng khí bụi, Cấu tạo của xiclon, Clavigralla gibbosa, Hormone on in vitro regeneration, Primary and secondary roots, Chicory root powder, Biology and bionomics, Valley conditions, Different doses of nitrogen, Genetically manipulated superior clones, Lactobacillus spp, Mature cataract, Yield and quality of French bean, Response of irrigation scheduling, IBA and NAA on rooting, Exchangeable K, Performance and cost economics evaluation, Gird agri-climatic region, Plant micropropagation, American beauty, Processing of barley, Geographically location, Forms of K, NAA on rooting, Cost economics evaluation, Growth and nitrogen, Biology and bionomics of tur pod bug, Following phacoemulsification, Effect of inorganic, Hand milking, Productivity and economics, Fusarium semitectum, Drinking water and contaminations, Meters above mean sea level, Malt and economics of processing, Non exchangeable K, Hydrophobic acrylic foldable intraocular lens, Quality parameters of gladiolus, Seed dresser, Drying curve, Eukaryotic system, Barley grain into malt, Groundwater arsenic contamination, Total K and water soluble K, Growth of gynodioecious papaya, Harvesting of wheat, Improving growth, Placement of capsular tension ring, Bovine viral diarrhoea virus E2 gene, Economics of processing, Kufri Khyati, Isabgol seeds against alternaria alternata, Gynodioecious papaya, Bovine intramammary infection, Body balance, Aspergillus fumigates, Nem oil, Double side planting, Varying sowing time of mustard, Below their intake capacity, Mathematical modeling of beetroot, Marketable tuber yield, Culex quinquefasciatus, Experiment was carried, Develop specific antibody, Digestive system disorders, Days to maturity, Sub surface drip, Sorghum anthracnose caused, Varietal reactions, Farmer and losses, Growth and fodder yield, Total tuber yield, Already cloned, A niger and copra, Surface drip fertigation system, Diarrhoea in children, Management of sorghum anthracnose caused, Against the filarial vector, Turmeric towards leaf spot, Raising land elevation, Wheat export, Ventilator associated event, Farmer’s towards value addition, Early maturing potato variety, Urinary myiasis, Pathogen exhibits good tolerance, Skin inflammation, Foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.), Permanganate oxidisable carbon, Genetic variability in Brinjal, In vitro response, Crop with reference to wheat, Optimum extraction, Toxicity effect of thevetia peruviana, Riemerella anatipestifer, Horticulture and vegetable crops, Diversity of seed-borne mycoflora, Immunocompetent female, Yield of papaya, Promising sugarcane varieties, Trichome frequency, Loamy sand, REP-PCR, Alternaria leaf blight disease, Banana pseudostem weevil, Watershed areas, Seed-borne mycoflora, Soils on the morphology, Problem in livestock, Production and export, Cauliflower (Brasica oleracea Var. botrytiss L.), Electrophoretic patterns, Groundnut genotype against thrips, Relation to different chickpea varieties, Different modifications, Bio-agents against, Optimum extraction of groundwater, Atopic dogs, Flowering and yield of papaya, Human infestations in rural tropical, Yield and yield attribute, Nine agro climatic zones, Riemerella anatipestifer isolates, Effect of the best dose of N, Kutki millet and quality attributes, Endoscopic evaluation, Groundwater for sustainable, Globe is uncommon, Concurrent dermatophytosis, Chickpea were subjected, Shoot retention, Custard apple landraces, Kufri chipsona-1, Root zone temperature, Choice of the producers, Stem rot of broccoli, P and K fertilizers, Sesame alternaria leaf blight disease, Parent and infant temperament, Repetitive sequence-PCR, PUC students, Fresh vegetables, Status of different diseases, Lower urinary tract affections, Current veterinary diseases, Concurrent dermatophytosis in atopic dogs, Custard apple genotypes collections, Shoot retention on growth, Tribal youths, Adolescence and intervention, Fruit yield of watermelon, Musanga cecropioides, Cooked vegetables, Nutritional composition of different cultivars, Rural agrarian parents, Vacuum seeder, Male dogs, Cotton under south Gujarat region, Genotypes of custard apple collected, DNA binding dye, Yield and fruit characters, Irrigation levels on root zone temperature, Integrated weed management on yield, Adaptogenic (Anti-Stress), Each class, Multiple crops, Infant temperament, Urinary tract affections, Profile and problems of Soliga, Conducted periodically, Assessment of nutritional composition, Rejuvenated guava, Economics of pearl millet, Real time PCR and its application, Aqueous Musanga cecropioides (Urticaceae), Providing confirmatory diagnosis, Comparative analysis on profile, Infant temperament and parenting styles, Multiple crops sowing, Leaf blight disease, Rejuvenated guava (Psidium guajava L.), DPPH radical scavenging capacity, Child develops, Right tenancy and crops, Multiple crops sowing in the trays, Anoxia stress tolerance, Design features of vacuum seeder, Phương pháp lấy mẫu lúa, Xác định locus gen, Bảo quản mẫu lá lúa, Năng suất linh lăng alfalfa AF1, Kỹ thuật sản xuất cỏ, Hệ protein của giống sắn, In vitro propagation protocol, Breeding selection, Carbon pool, Environmental homogeneity, Diameter increment, Optimisation of an in vitro, Eucalyptus seed orchards, Spatial point pattern analysis, Relationships and spatial distribution, Eucalyptus urophylla, Valuable lily (Lilium spp.), Broadleaved forest, Diameter-at-breast-height, Diversity of understory vegetation, Tropical broad leaved forest, Linear mixed effects models, Fast-growing eucalyptus urophylla families, Lily micropropagation, Nearest neighborhood, Soil animals, Trunk biomass, Species group, Species in north Zamari reserve forest, Spatial and association patterns, Good trunk quality, Uniform angle index, Bao Lam rubber enterprise, Carbon stock in forest plantations, Ecological species, Tropical broadleaved forest stands, Nearest neighborhood characteristics, Boron rosin, The status of coniferous plants, Diversity and distribution ericacease species, SMA mixture, Moisture absorption, Leaching resistance, Coniferous plants, Distribution ericacease species, Orthogonal experimental design method, Styrax tonkinensis wood, Wettabillity of beech veneer treated, Nam Nung nature reserve, Muong La nature reserve, Residential land prices, Equilibrium moisture content, Marshall stability, Fixation of boron, N-methylol melamine compounds alkyl ketene dimer, Factors influencing residential land prices, Orthogonal experiments, Rosin sizing agent, Family (Cephalotaxaceace), Cyclic tests, Modified beech veneers, Stabilize theresidential land pieces, Residual stanility, Provide implication, Avian mycoplasma, Cordyceps neovolkiana, Ent-kaurane diterpenoids, Multiple seedlings, PTP1B inhibitor, Tripneustes gratilla, Glycerol carbonate, Genus specific PCR, Household waste, C-H bond dissociation enthalpies, Tropical atmospheric exposure, Eco regions, Zarrouk media, Wheat heat tolerance, Repeat insemination, Choanal specimens, Diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid micronutrient, Insulin-mimetic biflavones, Weather resistance, Azospirillum and biofertilizers, GnRH analogue, Sowing date and cultivar, Yellow sea urchin, Higher biochemical temperature breeding, Flowering response, Multidrug resistant E coli isolated, Post-harvest soil, Tracheal specimens, CMS line in carrot, Mid parent, Non-infectious repeat breeding crossbred cows, Sambalpuri buffalo, Showing high resistance, Hybrid carrot seed, Bihar during rice growth period

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