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Fuzzy accuracy Hybrid sunflower Genetic analysis of quantitative Quality traits in okra Subtemperate conditions N yield Previous crops Nitrogen rate Nitrogen saving Various quantitative traits ) Hybrids Observed for grain yield High expected genetic advance Recycled HDPE Coupling agent Quantitative traits in elite germplasm Pathogen free seed Potato Y potyvirus Plant pathogen worldwide Substrate quality Corn straw Agroforestry system of Central India Including potato Organic residues Litter fractions in agroforestry system Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum Acetylene inhibition technique Decomposition of different litter fractions Base agrisilviculture system Eucalyptus tereticornis Agri silviculture system Pure and mixed stands Straw and wheat Cotton wheat cropping systems Soil microscopic fungi Influenced by crop residue incorporation Cultivated microscopic fung L x T analysis and chickpea Yield component of bitter gourd High yielding wheat Genetics analysis of yield Safety first index Quality characters in chickpea Physical quality traits Crystallinity index Rank correlation Crystallite size Soil conditioner on yield X ray diffractometer method Ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula L (Roxb )) Yield of Mungbean Transcriptomic profile Soda oxygen pulp Genetic variability in ridge gourd Grown on partially reclaimed coastal salt Frontline demonstration programme Planting system Genomics technologies Partially reclaimed coastal salt affected soil Lignocellulose degrading enzymes Tobacco germplasm Transplanting date Path co efficient analysis in ridge gourd Performance of chickpea variety Zeolite soil conditioner Co operative actions VAM only Dose of nitrogen Genotypes of ridge gourd Increased sugarcane yield Inhibitory ability of fungicides α glucuronidases Compared to control Correlation studies and path coefficient analysis Interrelationship between seed yield Co composting Date of planting Utilization in farming Helminthosporium oryzae in vitro Component characters in chickpea Ridge gourd [Luffa acutangula (L Distillery effluent Bio control agents and Ajwain ) Roxb Seed yield in chickpea Planting on growth Biocontrol agents against root rot Compost and plant growth α amino nitrogen Yield and economics of sweet potato Investigation was carried out in Rabi season Weather data Spawn run Genetic coefficient Pinning initiation Soil data B complex vitamins Strains of himachal pradesh Soil born Climate variability of maize

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Comparative yield potential, Agents from chickpea, Chickpea (Cicer arietinum linnaeus), Vine length, ) kabuli, Biocontrol (Bacterial) agents, Varieties on potato yield, Priming and seedling parameters, Hevea brasilensis Muell Arg, Production of potato, Different priming methods, Laticifer cell, Improper choice of varieties make, Durations for Kabuli chickpea, Fusarium oxysporum f sp niveum, Mechanical wounding, Safranine solution, Native mesorhizobium, Capillary phenomenon, Major insect pests, Lozenge aliform, Necrotrophic pathogen, Vascular wilt of chickpea, Oriental tobacco, Coniferous wood, Major insect pests in green gram, Stress priming, Antagonistic rhizobacteria co inoculated, Hosta variety, Weed density and yield, Alternaria helianthi, Genus Rhodothamnus, Tobacco enhanced photosynthesis, Rhodothamnus species, Microbial biocontrol agents, Black polythene, Chlorophyll biosynthesis related genes, Nutrition sources, Quantitative anatomical, Explant type, Fungicides against alternaria helianthi, Clear polythene, Wood identification, Leaf blight of sunflowers, Mango leaves, Productivity of chickpea, Growth characters and yield, Tobacco TTG2, Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae, Weed management on growth, Various dates of planting, Biocontrol agents against lasiodiplodia theobromae, Ecologic wood anatomy, Seed production via, Evaluation of feasibility, Fraxinus L, Efficacy of some plant extracts, Induced mutations, Quantitative anatomical features, Combination treatments in chickpea, Adventitious root, Cercospora leaf spot of pigeon pea, Radial vessel diameters, Efficacy of fungicides, Broadly influence plant growth, Straw mulching, Vessels per mm2, Efficiency of biocontrol agents, Efficiency of gamma rays, Wind stimulation, Management of rice rootknot nematode, Lumen diameters, Row width, Rice rootknot nematode, Perforated Ray Cells, Yield decrease, Bacteria strains, Paddy (Oryza sativa), Berberis vulgaris L, Saline stress, Coronilla emerus L, TBP irrigation command, Cytisus villosus Pourr, In vitro condition to examine effectiveness, Lint quality as influenced, T harzianum, Diseases and weeds, Compatibility of biocontrol agents, Short duration vegetable crops, Characterization of potential probiotic strains isolated, Intercropping of fenugreek, Potential probiotic strains isolated, Artocarpus lakoocha, Oral bacteria, Different oral bacterial strains, Barley1 GeneChip, Artefact detection, Affymetrix microarrays, DNA oligonucleotide design, Cellulose synthase genes, Summary of Biological Thesis, Spaced seeds, Hepatic necrosis disease in marine fish, Non commercial, Vaccine against nephrotic, Oligonucleotide design, Mutant strains of bacteria, Prevention of nephrotic disease in fish, Gastrointestinal tract conditions, Foods on pathogens, Probiotic bacteria isolated, Linear combination test, Nonlinear combination test, Weaning piglets, Treatment selection, Diarrheic syndrome, Animals' resistance, Microbial unbalance, Impaired intestinal morphology, Data depth, R commander plug in, Oligonucleotide chips, mRNA corresponding, Variance stabilizing transformation, High density microarray, CCSS clinical trial, Lipase producing bacteria based, Employed for commercial production, Characterize efficient strains, Alginate lyase, Seaweed polysaccharides, Brown seaweed polysaccharide degrading activities, Isolation of marine bacteria, Identify the potential strains, Orthotomicus tridentatus Eggers, Trap trees, Biology in cedar forests of Turkey, Composite interval mapping, Biological characteristics of O, Multivariate linear model, Chelonus oculator, tridentatus, Multivariate traits, Development of the egg larval parasitoid, Vigorous trees, Egg larval parasitoid, Parasitoid Chelonus oculator, Solitary parasitoid, Cadra cautella, Solitary parasitoid wasp, Salivaricin B, Lactobacillus salivarius M7, Epilachna beetle, Pediococcus acidilactici, Leaf and flower damage, Termed Pediocin F, Incidence of epilachna beetle Henosepilachna septima dieke, SDS PAGE gel, Cold temperature durations, Cold temperature durations on the emergence, Parasitization efficiency, Laboratory reared Trichogramma chilonis, Protease production, Sex specific genes, Protease production from biodigested slurry, Venom protein, Biodigested slurry of biogas plants, Anastatus disparis, Biogas plants, Industrial processes are proteolytic enzymes, Spring barley Hordeum vulgare L, Weed community, Different management practices, Kharif maize crop, Wheat and potassium solubilising bacteria, Management of maize stem borer were as follows, Maize wheat rotation, Crop residue levels, Transplanting and yield, Root lesion nematode, Chickpea and maize, Direct wet seeded, Chickpea maize crop rotation, Weed management practices on rice, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill), Rhizoctonia solani isolates, Yield and economic impact, Implications for conservation, Residue and cost of cultivation etc, Rice by using RAPD markers, Genetic variability in the isolates, Returns of paddy crop, Chickpea using RAPD markers, Tunga Bhadra command area, Rhizoctonia bataticola causing root, Yield gap analysis under different water, Heterorhabditis megidis, Cultivars bellary and Poona, Heterorhabditid species, Manipur using RAPD markers, Wild edible oyster mushroom, Herbicide resistance, CSM cropsim ceres –wheat model, Galleria baiting technique, Microbial and sensory evaluation, Weed smothering crops, Western Ghat of Maharashtra, Xenorhabdus spp, PCR based technique, Photorhabdus spp, Conventional management, Galleria mellonella, Maize crop in acid soil, Weed management in cowpea, Chicken patties, Entomopathogenic nematode heterorhabditis against, Village adoption, Qualitative toxicity bioassay, Dried citrus fruit residue, Chlormequat chloride, Soil nutrient management practices, Vineyard soils, Dendranthema grandiflora T, Bacteria Photorhabdus associated symbiotically, Agricultural infrastructure, NPK nutrient status, Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelec), Adopted village, Harvest index as influenced, Cultivars based on RAPD, Genotype in coriander, Collaborative management treatment, Godavari zone, Conventional strategy, Landraces of sesame, Undertaken to evaluate promising diverse genotypes, RAPD polymorphism in wheat, Decay index, Steinernema websteri, Landraces of sesame (Sesamum indicum L ), Visual skin colour, Genetic component in phenotypic expression, Induced ploidy, Neck blast, Level of adoption, Intra population variability, Fruits worldwide, Eco friendly post harvest treatments, Decay index of mango fruits, Colchicine treatment generated, Top dressing, Nutrient use ratio, Farmers field school, Marine wood borer, Nutrient harvest index, Determinate growth habit, Novel entomopathogenic nematode, Elongation ratio, Icm practices, Marine trial, Nutrient management in pearlmillet, Antagonism and deficiency, Aromatic families of rice, Paddy cultivation, Laboratory screening, Mediterranean coast, Physicochemical quality, Crop management farmers’ field schools, Synchronous flowering, Yield of tomato in an alfisol, Association studies in yield, Combined application of magnesium, Use of inorganic, Microbiological quality of milk, Single plant yield, Pinus kwangtungensis, Potassium on soil properties, Evaluation of physico chemical, Climate resilient management practices, Pa Co pine (Pinus kwangtungensis Chun ex Tsiang), bacteriophora Tur H1, Physiological characters, Rice and rice based, Genetic diversity in Pa Co pine, bacteriophora Tur H2, Penetration rate, Orchard floor management practices, Physiological characters of soybean genotypes, Radio sensitivity, Host finding, Nutrient status in apple, Inhibitory dose, Aprivate apple orchard, Steinernema kushidai, Ancestry inference, Grain storage, Different genotypes of sesame, Hermetic bag, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis guenee, Hexanal vapour, Stem and root rot, Inverse distance weighted interpolation, Grain storage in hermetic bag, Bacterial symbionts against, Postharvest treatment, Performance evaluation of grain storage, Stem and root rot of sesame, Rhizosphere regions, Crop damage, Physicochemical changes, Genetic diversity of Trichoderma sp, Banana quality, Yield and quality of sesame, Planting methods influence growth, Minimizing damage, Nutritional quality traits, Banana var grand naine, Providencia vermicola, Nitrogen and potassium application, Wildboars in groundnut, Association study of grain yield, Potassium application, Single kernel characteristics, Dose ranging, Sericulture entrepreneur, DUS testing, Type III secretion system, Processing etc, Regression and path coefficient analysis, Gastrointestinal fluid removal, PHM practices, Storage behaviour, Baking quality of wheat, Foliar diseases of sesame, Gastrointestinal sodium removal, Correlation analyses, Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L, Morphological descriptors, β glucan content, Mulberry crop, Chickpea for yield, Durum wheat grain β glucan, Correlation with yield, Related traits, Genetic architecture through diallel, High β glucan content, Performance of Hybrid tea rose, Blocking ion currents, Sufficient genetic variation, Wheat grain, Response to growth regulators, Water soluble polysaccharide component, Cup shape and stalk weight, Sesame (Sesamum indicum L) genotypes, Flower diameter, Glutenin subunit, Iron toxicity, Nitrogen topdressing timing, Sesame yield, Grain protein quality, Lime stone powder, Grain protein, Iron toxicity in lateritic wetland soils, Oriental beech Fagus orientalis Lipsky, Phosphorus levels and yield, Lateritic wetland soils of kerala, Macroinvertebrate fauna, Chickpea (Cicer aritinum L, Partitioning gross rainfall, Cirhanyobowa river, Pure lines, Interception loss, Biological index, Phosphorus levels on growth, Turkish durum wheat landraces, Pollution indicators, Natural oriental beech, Simpson index of dominance, Half diallel and sesame, Joint scaling, Mithun meat, Half diallel mating design, Economic traits in okra, Elite genotypes, Plant extracts against, C B ratio, Rind penetrometer resistance, Pineapple juice, Harvest index and rice, Cell wall components, Whey beverage, Physicochemical qualities, Whey based pineapple beverage, Evaluation of drum seeder in rice, Spinibarbus hollandi, Bio efficacy of pendimethalin, Cottonseed oil, Starvation response, Complex weed flora in chickpea, Flora in chickpea

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