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Intraoperative anesthesia Correlation between climate Several viral etiologies Lower extremity deep vein thrombosis Sodium lauryl sulfat Dengue pediatric patients Postoperative analgesia by mixture of bupivacaine Vector indices and dengue cases Type 2 diabetes patients Results of prevention Brachial plexus block Polyethylen oxyd Doctor of Medicine dissertation summary Echocardiographic characteristics Vaccine strain measles virus Emergency resusciation pateint Doctor of dissertation summary Studying the actual situation Echocardiographic characteristics of patients Nimotuzumab in treatment Research the clinical Various factors related Lồng ngực thai nhi bình thường Laryngeal cancer in vitro Strongyloides spp infection After surgery Diagnostic imaging characteristics Bất thường hình thái thai kỳ Rối loạn phụ khoa Evaluate the surgical outcomes Cơ quan trong lồng ngực Bất thường đường bờ sọ Traumatic C1-C2 fracture Chu vi lồng ngực Thai vô não 13 tuần Khảo sát mặt thai Khảo sát cực đầu của thai Bài giảng Dây rốn Loạn sản sụn xương Different herbicides on growth Media package Siêu âm sàng lọc quý II Pluripotency marker genes Bất thường của dây rốn Mặt bào thai Rural people in Varanasi district Loạn sản gây tử vong Siêu âm sàng lọc quý III Góc xương trán Cấu trúc dây rốn Improved cultivar Clay loam soil Molai goat Rural people Hội chứng dư ngón Hình thái học não Pluripotency marker genes in gold fish Rốn bám màng Composition and nutritive value Udaipur during the rabi season Cấu trúc não trên siêu âm Nation economy Nang dây rốn Carassius auratrus Loạn sản gây biến dạng Chỉ số sinh trắc học ổ mắt Nutritive value of milk Spore populations Molai breed doe AM fungi colonization Mungbean growing Areas Cosmopolitan and ubiquitous Standardization of irrigation Age at attainment puberty Fertigation requirement Cow milk chhana Rice transplanter Post-harvest activities Leuconostoc mesenteroid Yield and growth attributes Zeugodacus tau Consortium of endophytic nitrogen fixing bacteria Local managemental conditions Diversity and cooking quality Oscheius chongmingensis Amaranthus under polyhouse Mountain agriculture GIS krigging technique Agronomic traits ANOVA Cytopathological changes SRI method Beet juice Evaluation of pigeonpea genotypes Pasteurization thermal Attainment of puberty in pigs Root rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) Tea and galleria Redgram based farming system Attracting pumpkin fruit fly Zeugodacus Symptomatic females at Menoufia Governorate

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Yield of foxtail millet, Riding type transplanter, Performance in yield characteristics, Surusugarcane on yield, Chhana based cheese spread, Large seeded kabuli chickpea, Sucrose medium, Endometritis in a Buffalo, NPK content of soils, Soybean in in vitro, Puberty in pigs, Nutritional quality of guava pulp, Foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) varieties, Marketing behaviour followed, Phenotypic characterization of indigenous chicken, Oscheius chongmingensis from Assam, Cytopathological assessment, Different bait, Chhana based cheese spread from cow milk, Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) leonard and suggs, Walk behind transplanter, Septoria lycopersici, Field efficiency in Mountain Agriculture, Genetic diversity in extra large, Other treatments, Mustard sawfly, Yield at agricultural, Wheat genotypes based, Native chicken population of Gujarat, Production of dextran, Roasting machines, Therapeutic management of endometritis, An updated checklist, Magnitude of genetic diversity, Local lesion, Farmers in redgram based farming system, Biological status, Fertilizers against root rot, Trichomonas vaginalis infection, Suitability to SRI, Attractant combinations, Yellow mealworm, Hyaluronan enriched transfer medium, Station-Kasbe-Digraj, Optimum dextran production, Testing of an improved maize roaster, Adequacy dependability, Ichneumonid parasites, Different agrochemicals, Lemna gibba, Epidemiological studies on leaf blight, Donor-acceptor relations, Septoria leaf spot of tomato, Vitavax power, Microsatellite based genetic characterization, Benefit to cost ratio, GBNV infecting solanaceous vegetable crops, Management of oviduct prolapse, Annigeri-1, Improved maize roaster, Field progeny testing, Insects feed, Various sources of zinc, Seasonal incidence of insect pests, Limiting and unsaturated type of branche, Bovine embryo transfer, Insect pests of agricultural, Germination and seedling growth, Panam canal delivery system, Native chicken population, Typical tospoviruses, Street vendors, Oviduct prolapse in duck, Guinea pig, Zn EDTA, Fungicides against Macrophomina phaseolina, Age at first calving, Melia dubia in sole, Insect pests on rapeseed-mustard, Conception rate in bovines, Role of seed-fe content, Genotypes on seed yield, Economically important plants, Invitro evaluation of botanicals, Nutritional value of Lemnaceae macrophytes, Unsaturated type of branche, Impact of integrated farming system approach, Seedling growth of papaya, Grain quality parameters as influenced, Electron microscopic observation, Barbecue stove, Oviduct prolapse, Root rot of sesame, NPKS content and Micronutrients, Chemical castration in animals, Mango rot, ITKs against septoria lycopersici, Seed longevity of Pigeonpea genotypes, Composition of their stems, Ricechickpea cropping system, Performance of their progeny, Azolla carolina, Tropical islands of India, Seed pre treatment on seed germination, Vitamins was given to the bird, Characterization of rice growing soil, Economics on safflower, Control was observed, Lesiodiplodia theobromae, Assimilation organs, Evaluation of breeding bulls for age, Assessment of nutritional requirement, Rice growing soil, Maintaining seed longevity, Integrated nutrient mangment, First lactation milk yield based, Biofertilizers on plant growth, In vitro and in vivo, Uptake and available nutrient status, Mango (Lesiodiplodia theobromae), Non-infectious, Emergency blood transfusion done, Rice equivalently yield, Soil erosion model, Paracetamol nanocapsules, Organized farming sector amongst, Ecofriendly practices, Efficiency change, Stabilize the patient for a surgery, Urea mixture, Blood sample, Risks of zoonotic diseases, Ganoderma wilt, Accelerated stability test, Spectral mixture analysis, Stabilize the patient, Black bengal, Maize cultivar Nithyashree, Relative economic efficiency, Total factor productivity growth of rice, IPM parasitic wasps, Microbiological tests for organisms, Complete blood picture count, SEMMED model, Respondents belonged, Neem cake urea mixed application, Incidence of ganoderma wilt, Inter personal communication sources, Gastro-intestinal parasitic load, Spectral mixing, Tribal farmers of Madhya Pradesh, Carbopol 934 based, Mapping sediment yield, Haemato-biochemical profile, Linear spectral mixture, SSI method, Iris flower, Energy partitioning, Runn off, Capture myopathy, Genetic advance as mean, RMSSTD and RS index, Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), Sugarcane yield, Performance of male buffalo calves, Genetic advance as mean for yield, Single cultivars of tuberose for growth, Micro nutrient deficiency, Validation of Iris flower dataset, Ajwain seed (Trachyspermum ammi), Deep percolation, Sustainable sugarcane initiative technology, Important non-infectious disease, Corn oil, Micro nutrient deficiency on yield, Field performance of single cultivars, Relative criteria, Dark red colored urine, Broiler performance under heat stress, Performance in male buffaloes, Finger millet crop during, Clustering of Iris flower dataset, Hind limb affected commonly, Corn oil supplementation, Grain discolouration, Dietary vitamin C, Sheep and goat enterprises, Rice (Oryzae sativa L.), Different concentrations of biofertilizers, Productivity of mungbean, Intragenic modification, Gain in Knowledge, Grain discolouration of rice, Northern parts of Karnataka, Production of mungbean, Foot rot of wheat, Sexually compatible gene pool, Gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep, Management of sheath rot, Summer irrigated maize (Zea mays L.), Adoption of technologies, Survey on incidence of foot rot, Sustainable crop improvement method, Growth rates in area, Moisture stress management practices, Goat rearing skill training, Last forty-one years, Preventive measures, Ordinal position, Pandemic novel coronavirus Outbreak-19, Coronavirus Outbreak-19, Their ordinal position, Important preventive measures, Identity development of adolescents, Dri irrigation, Lifetime performance, Pig farmer, Micro sprinkler irrigation, Dima Hasao, Check basin irrigation, Mode of marketing, Lifetime performance in Sahiwal cattle, Compare between different irrigation systems, Dima Hasao district of Assam, Apple replant problem, Utilization of fertilizer, Economic dairy farming, Serological positive, Marketing pattern of pig farmers, Benefit – cost ratio of onion and garlic, Genotype D, Temperature regime, Replant problem of apple, Productivity enhancement of rapeseed-mustard, Genotype in hepatitis B patients, Line sowing of black gram, Percentage diseases index, Horizontal and vertical temperature, Farmers’ traditional practices, HBV infected patients, Vertical temperature, R bataticola, Capsicum cropped naturally ventilated greenhouse, Novel fungicides against purple blotch, Transplanted paddy variety CO, Yield attributes of sweet potato, Characterization of temperature regime, Rhizoctonia bataticola isolates, Tomato bio management, Weeding practices, Plant spacing on growth, Yield contributing plant traits, Agricultural literature, Cultural and genetic diversity, Performance of Barley, Orange grower, Agricultural literature by orange growers, Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) varieties, Tomato is an autogamous crop, Bio module, Reading habit of agricultural literature, Cooking and textural properties, Genotypes of paddy, Different genotypes of paddy, Rice genotype varied, Utilization of onion, Subject areas, Groundnut water stress, Adopter categories, Litchi cultivation, Viral diseases complex, Boon for farmers, Kharif onion genotypes, Hyperspectral remote sensing, Adoption rate of hybrid rice, Kharif onion genotypes for growth, Major variety, Diseases resistance in potato, Krishi Mahiti Wahini, Impact trainings, Litchi cultivation in India, Hyperspectral remote sensing technique, Utilization of Kharif onion genotypes, Genetic resources respond, Hybrid rice in Jammu District, Entomology and pathology, Sporulation and temperature, Status of litchi cultivation, Impact of knowledge and adoption, Uptake and yield, Water stress in groundnut, Coloured potato genotypes, Farmers for early adoption of innovations, Performance of Gaillardia genotypes, Tube cystostomy, Different climate and soil conditions, Transcervical allantocentesis, CPV-2b and PDB, Maximum questions asked by farmers, Reduced photosynthesis, Demonstration on adoption of maize, Fruit spot, pH on growth, Association among morphological characters, Deccani lambs, Chelated micronutrient, Sett planting and chip bud seedling, Gaillardia genotypes, Buffalo male calf, Rusch catheter, B-Cell linear epitope prediction, Bio-agents against early blight disease, Sorghum genotypes against charcoal rot, sporulation of Fusarium oxysporum, Yield traits in rainfed rice, Variation in physiological responses, Chip bud seedling, Rice fallow condition, Nutrient uptake of transplanted rice, Biometry and body condition score, Foliar nutrition in Green gram, Fruit spot diseases, Medical termination, VP2 partial coat protein predicted model, Retention of urine, Coloured potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), Rainfed rice (Oryza sativa L.), Front line demonstration on productivity, Soil incorporation, Lablab bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet), Gaillardia pulchella foug, Blackgram growing, Salt stress in sorghum, Moringa (Moringa oleifera), CPV-2b isolate using bioinformatics, Outbreak reality, Susceptible disease reaction, Allantoic fluid, Food crops World’s population, Tropical dry land, Obstructive Urolithiasis, Sunflower crop, F5 generation of Lablab bean, Landraces of sesame, Profitability of rainfed chickpea, Body condition score of Deccani lambs, Pigeonpea intercropping system on yield, Ayurveda role, CPV-2b isolate, Retained placenta, Soluble silicon, Weed smothering crops, Obstructive urolithiasis in male buffalo calf, Small tractor operated crop residue slasher, Phosphorus rich acid soils, Sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.), Cut Rose cv top secret, Weather parameters on intensity, Cisplatin induced toxicity, Gene action studies, Equivalent yield of maize, Epiphytotic conditions, Pulse crops, Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), Landraces of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.), Quality of onion (Allium cepa L.), Changes in proximate composition, Various Pyricularia grisea isolates, Rainfed maize (Zea mays L.), Weight of the flowers, Plant pathogen Alternaria spp, Enhancing the vase life, Genetic advance in fenugreek, Dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata L.), Rice under integrated nutrient management, Cisplatin induced toxicity in rats, Genetic component in phenotypic expression, PSB seed treatment, Economics under delayed onset, New intra Hirsutum hybrids, Chrysanthemum flower (Dendranthema grandiflora L.), Key management strategies, Few rice products, Respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), Opened flower, Symptomatology and disease intensity, Easy method to isolate, Germplasm genetic variability, Rainfed evaluation of genotypes, Suggested breeding strategies, Preventive information in context of Ayurveda, High quality DNA, Chlorpyrifos (organophosphate) pesticide, Yield components in Sunhemp, Location assessment of wilt, Global Gap, Insecticide molecules, Yield of Rabi fennel, Economics of Rabi fennel, American bollworm

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