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Nguyên tố anten BRCA2 variants Phương trình D’Alembert Multi-ethnic Lan truyền sóng phẳng đơn sắc Uncertain significance Nguyên lý ống dẫn sóng Tải thuần trở Clinical picture Trường từ phân cực song song Ứng dụng đường dây truyền sóng Phương pháp dùng giản đồ Bounce Ongoing cachexia represents Đường dây không tổn hao trong viễn thông Giải phương trình đường dây Cell engulfment Skeletal involvement Checkpoint kinase 1 inihibitor Gemcitabine prolong Acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoma Kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring Disease progression inevitably occurs Chính sách tổ tức SPARK trial Multi-institutional prospective phase II In vitro invasion Health Surveys for England Myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1 Metallothionein 1H Including hepatocellular cancer MS-275 treatment DICER1 mutations Rho GTPases DICER1 syndrome Non-enzymatic functions Dual luciferase reporter CBX7 expression BTB domain Neoplastic conditions Including human colon Therapy target Golgi fragmentation 1-methylnicotinamide Pediatric B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia Brain slice cultures Autologous blood stem cell transplantation Multiple metastatic tumor types Suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 Putative tumor suppressor gene Lysosomal destabilizing Micro-RNA-mediated repression Helicobacter infection TSPYL5 gene Gastric intrinsic factor Papillary Carcinoma Papillary thyroid microcarcinomas Dickkopf-related protein 3 Cationic liposome–DNA complexes GATA6 regulation Adrenocortical carcinogenesis Clinically detectable metastases Adrenocortical differentiation marker Adenocarcinoma of prostate Human viral loads Established tumor suppressor Dispersal velocity TSC1 mutation Generalised linear model EBV infection 3D spheroids Androgen-independent prostatic cancer Carcinoma undetermined primary Cubic splines Increased transcription Docetaxel resistance Fibronectin matrix Cisplatin nephrotoxicity Potential therapeutic targets Anti-neoplastic agent resistance Oxaliplatin-based adjuvant therapy MRI-guidance WR domain Oxaliplatin plus capecitabine Partial breast irradiation Cardiac metastasis Selective killing Therapy preventing Molecular targeted agent Cyproterone acetate Death receptor 5 DDP-resistance Primary drug resistance Scenario based modeling Elicitation techniques Swimlane diagram Intel processors Accounting terminology Net realizable value Recording goodwill Fair value option

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Reclassification adjustments, Completed contract method, The AES selection process, Ethical aspects, Artificial CSC, Five years overall survival, Reprogramming factor, Episomal vector, Right-sided, Left-sided, Independent prognostic factor, Regulatory T cell, Multiple cancer cell lines, Anti-prostate cancer, Oral lesion, Ovarian follicle, Fetal ovary, Alcohol index, Etoposide respectively, Etoposide resulted, Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma, Translocation-related sarcoma, Human high-grade chondrosarcoma., hemostatic pathway, Increasing recognized, Risk factor influencing cancer, Ganglioneuroblastoma intermixed, Subtotal resection, Metastatic formation, Residual tumor, Multimodal imaging, Pseudo HE-images, Anchorage-independent, Epidermal growth factor receptor gene, Particularly glioblastomas, IGF1R signalling, Malignant cartilage, IGF pathway, Chondrosarcoma cell lines, EGFR TKIs resistance, EGFR T790M mutation, In vitro models, Long-term prognostic significance, Chromosome 9p, Circulating biomarker, Health-related fitness, Thrombospondin-1, Rituximab-based chemotherapy, Forkhead box M1, Novel antitumor agents, Precise prognostication, Formyl peptide receptor 1, Mitochondrial instability, Unique biology, Y90 radioembolization, Salvage patients, Avoid heavy lifting, Endometrial sample, Risk group, Prospective randomised trials, CCND1 gene, Disease defining antigen, Neural transcription factor SOX11, Liver-directed therapy, Metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Primary leptomeningeal melanoma, NRAS inhibitors, Cerebrospinal fluid analysis, Organ preserving, Hepatic metastasis, Monocarboxylate transporters, Taurine-upregulated gene 1, Circular chromosome conformation capture, Vascular disruptive agent, Tumor resistance, Several prognostic factors, Urothelial carcinomas, Prostate cancer treatment, Telomerase-immortalized, Normal urothelial cells, Composite score, Cell cycle regulation, MSH6 Mutation, Circadian clock genes, Casein kinases, Wnt related mutation, Proteins participating, Lymphatic invasion, 5-fluorourcil, Pharmacokinetic monitoring, Dose algorithms, Receptor expression profile, Detailed analysis, Delayed reaction, High fever, Ectopic hepatocellular carcinoma, Cancer testis antigen, Umbilical cord mensenchymal stem cells, Collapsin response mediator protein 4, Opposite effects, Stable cells, Hpatic stellate cells, Bupleurum falcatum, Hypoxic CRC cell lines, CRC entities harboring, Infrared imaging, Asymmetrical thermographic pattern, IAP antagonists, Synergistic treatments, Overcome resistance in colorectal cancer cells, Edmondson-steiner grade, Differentiated degrees, Prognostic importance, Hypervolemic hyponatremia, Cell lung, Vascular markers, Solitary fibrous tumor, Radiation recall, Radiation-recall gastritis, Extramammary Paget’s vulvar disease, Alternative therapeutic, Type I alpha dendritic cells, TCR repertoire, Threonine kinases, S6 Kinase, While chemotherapy, Potential drug, L1 cell adhesion molecule, Multicellular spheroids, Protein arginine methyltransferase 5, Symmetrical dimethylation, NuRD chromatin-remodeling complexes, ALK-positive, Anaplastic lymphoma receptor tyrosine kinase, Pohar-Perme estimator, HELLP syndrome, Symptoms described, Identified CK1α, Novel tumor suppressor, CK1α leads, Melanoma cells, Fibrillin-1, Following diagnosis, Testicular germ cell tumours, Therapeutic benefit, Conjunctival malignant melanoma, Phenanthridinone derivative PJ34, Disseminated disease, Noradrenaline transporter, Response monitoring, Tumour cell migration, Breast cancer-specific mortality, Imaging-genomics, Thrombocytosis thresholds, Prognostic impact, Prospective clinical trials, Splice variant, Accurate basis, Encodes subunit, Cellular velocities, GIRK1 overexpression, Predicted-deleterious variants, Immunosuppressive therapy, Pharmacological interaction, Peritoneal cancer, Treat peritoneal cancer, Prognostic estimations, Germline CDKN2A mutation, RPLP1-C19MC fusion gene, Ovarian tumor proteases, Methotrexate-associated lymphoproliferative disorder, Total lesion glycolysis, Determine frequency, ERG fusion heterogeneity, Extremely heterogeneous, Identify NF-kB related pathways, 92-gene assay, Ampullary adenocarcinoma, Pathological heterogeneity, 4T1 breast carcinoma, Bone marrow metastasis, Treatment-related symptoms, Multivalent oligossacharides, Psychosocial issues, Mesenchyme transition, Tumour dissemination, Mesenchymal phenotype, Intravenous iron, Poor physical performance, Iron administration, Oncologic treatment, Psychological morbidity, Uro-oncology nurses, Binding domains, Anti-angiogenic treatment, HIF-related, Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas, Highly aggressive, Cell cycle analysis, Hormone receptor positive breast cancer, Prostate cancer incidence, Cholesterol-lowering therapies, Anti-invasive activities, Invasive mammary carcinoma, Galectin-7, Differential network analysis, Microenvironment crosstalk, Response criteria, Evaluating disease progression, Perpendicular short axis, Interleukin-12, Pathological features, Auto-immune thyroid dysfunction, While hypothyroidism, Cisplatin-based treatment, Standard treatment regimen, Cetuximab-based bioradiotherapy, Desmoid-type fibromatosis, Wait-and-see, Solid pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas, Idiopathic cytopenia of undetermined significance, FAC chemotherapy, AC chemotherapy, Adjuvant leukoprotective, Current cytotoxic, Autoimmune myopathy, Proximal muscle weakness, Muscle inflammation, Oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma, PD-1 antibody, Minimal change disease, Rectum cancers, Castration resistance, Prostate cancer ranks, Tumor embolism, Involves recurrent amplifications, T-lymphoma invasion, Metastasis-inducing protein 1, Disease subset, Pelvic pressure, Locally advanced solid tumours, Hypoxiainducible factor 1α, Trigeminal ganglioneuroma, Drug uptake, Aging effect, Tongue squamous cell cancer, Chemorefractory advanced gastric cancer, Forkhead box P3, Antitumor immunity, Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins, Absolute neutrophil counts, Centromeric probes, Cell replication, Iron depletion, Luminal-type breast cancer cell, Hormone-independent, Moloney murine leukemia virus, Desmoplastic malignant pleural mesothelioma, Rare histological subtype, Racial difference, Nodular melanoma, Superficial spreading melanoma, Acral lentiginous melanoma malignant, Lentiginous melanoma malignant, Hepatic vein tumor thrombosis, Veno-venous bypass, Human anion exchanger, Consumer quality index, Regulate intracellular pH, Healthcare evaluation, Particularly abundant, Parietal cells, Clinical T4, Alpha-glucanotransferase, Drives rapid proliferation, Mediated Motility Receptor, Cycle threshold, Non-tumourigenic cells, Cancer stem cell model, Originally attributed, Equally tumourigenic, MicroRNA-mediated resistance, HepG2 human hepatoma cell line, Sufficient oxygen, Mammary tumor, Translocated-externalized, Chaperone protein, Interstitial opacities, Oncologic treatments, Progressive dyspnea, Breast care unit, Synthetic antihepatitis drug, Anti-proliferation, Autophagy induction, ß-catenin, Distant metastatic tumor, Oxygen levels, Leukemic cells, Induce resistance, Anti-leukemic drugs, Fluorouracil implants, CDDP-induced nephropathy, Peritoneal chemotherapy, Thyroid malignancy, Consequential overtreatment, γ-glutamylcyclotransferase, Anti-proliferative, Target drugs, Case rep, Ethnic inequalities, MiR-211 genes, Cooking oil fume exposure, Multiplicative scales, Unexpected adverse, During pazopanib treatment, Breast tumour cells, Including mitochondria, Expression arrays, Sequential biopsy, Drug efficacy, Deleted in colorectal cancer, Serine proteases, Weakly expressed, Oncogenic behaviour, Prone breast radiotherapy, Dose homogeneity, Acute radiation dermatitis, MPACT trial, Subsequent therapy, Decision support techniques, Claudin-4, Transmembrane protein, Epithelial ovarian tumors, Therapeutic utility, CUB and Sushi multiple domains 1, Immunohistochemistry analysis, Hypoxia-inducible factor 2 alpha, Extramedullary erythropoiesis, VHL mutations, Karnosky performance score, Histon deacetylase inhibitors, G0/G1 cell cycle arrest, Intrinsic apoptotic pathway, TSA-mediated anti-lymphangiogenic, RAS testing, Laboratory practices, CRC-related deaths, Non-academic settings., Leucine supplementation, Pharyngeal cancer, Dysphagia-optimised intensity-modulated radiotherapy, Pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Supraglottic larynx, Splenic hilar lymph node dissection, Splenic preservation, Middle-third AGC, Tumor apelin, Serum apelin, Sympatho-adrena, Diverse cancers, Early death, Life expectancy criterion, Drug trials, Oncological rehabilitation, Tailored treatment methods, Specific intervention treatment, Extramedullary plasmacytoma, Adult population worldwide, Metronomic chemotherapy, Bevacizumab compared, Topoisomerase-I inhibitor, Gastro-oesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, Safety profile, Oesophago-gastric adenocarcinoma, Single-center retrospective, Novel therapeutic agents, Maxillary cancer, Non-epithelial, Pulmonary toxicity, Cost and cost analysis, Tumor-associated angiogenesis, Oral corticosteroids, Translational cancer research, Genetic variant, Functional assays, Multiple cell lines, Disseminated carcinomatosis of the bone marrow, Diffuse bone metastases, Associated-mortality, Clinically applicable biomarkers, Src/Erk signalling pathway, Tumour cell sensitivity, Dual inhibitor, Surgical re-resection, Interventional radiology treatment, Treatment-related side-effects, Hepatopancreatobiliary tumor, Cholangio carcinoma, Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate, Metastatic lymph node ratio

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