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Hydrolyze plant cell walls Mung bean by different tests Anti microbial susceptibility pattern Blood culture and sputum samples HCV-RNA from plasma Evaluation of soybean entries Improving crop yields Fruit position Genotypic methods Pharmacological property Clinical isolates were obtained Blood donors according to presence of HCV-RNA Maize and sorghum Artificial screening Flowering behaviour Certain selective insecticides against whitefly Wonder gift of nature to humans Parkia roxburghii Shelling percentage Variety and hybrid Physical fruit parameters of Chilli Crop regulation in fruit crops Powdery mildew tolerance in sunflower Bio-efficacy on mungbean Benefits of human health Genotypes in coastal Maharashtra Evaluation of experimental hybrids Major cereals Treatments each replicated three times including Physical fruit parameters in various chilli genotypes Comparative biology of Rhyzopertha dominica Microscopic observation of pathogen Crop damage NPKS content in soil and curd Influence of mulching material 16S RNA Expression of defense responsive gene Semper fresh TM Micro-satellites Rhizobium on physico-chemical properties Different pre sowing treatments Correlation and path coefficient analyses Selected newly released rice varieties Chicken carcass Mulching material on albinism disorder Minimizing damage Defense responsive gene in rice Vegetable wax NPKS content in soil Soil in field pea Blood sampling and analysis Ediocin NCDC252 produced Path coefficient analyses Targeted yield model on an alfisol Assessing genetic diversity of potato Salmonella enterica based on 16S RNA Mulching materia Lac based Wildboars in groundnut Infection of Rhizoctonia solani Seedling growth of walnut Quality attributes of cauliflower Pediococus Acidilactici NCDC252 Mean blood glucose response Integrated fertilizer prescription equations Genotypes grown in tarai region Physical analysis of soil NPKs on quality attributes Albinism disorder Early germination of walnut seed Soil in Pea crop Strawberry under cold arid conditions Cold arid conditions Intercropping and Row proportion Row proportion Growth and yield of kharif sown sunflower Histopathology and ultrastructural pathology Structural changes of milk production Sprayed areas Intercropping and row ratio Head diameter External ocular infections Yield of kharif sown sunflower High milking animals Ultrastructural pathology Unsprayed area Kaymore plateau Number of seeds per head Kharif sown sunflower Drug susceptibility pattern Ultra-structural changes in testis Rainfed wheat based intercropping Seed volume weight High milking animals is required Influenced by plant density Microbiological profile of external ocular infections Rats due to doxorubicin toxicity Performance of rainfed wheat based intercropping Unsprayed areas in Brinjal crop Amelioration with quercetin

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Studies on milk production, Three-way cross, Health management for livestock, SO2 releasing pad, Linear body measurements, Different categories of farmers in four districts, Shelf life and strawberries, Categories of farmers, Shelf life of strawberry, Coloured broiler female chicken, Sulphur dioxide pads on enhancement, Kantha embroidery, Kantha embroidery motifs to designs, Humid thermal ratio, Development of kantha embroidery motifs, Severity of wheat, Traditional to contemporary, Selection of Kantha embroidery motifs, Prunus necrotic ring spot virus, Leaf analysis and guava, Studies on canopy management practices, Particular reference to peach, Canopy management practices on NPK status, NPK status of leaves, Wheatmaize cropping sequence, Syzygium aromaticum, Central venous catheter blood stream infections, Biofertilizers and inorganic fertilizers, Eugenyl acetate, Multidrug resistance pattern in confirmed cases, Syzygium aromaticum extract, Quality of triticum aestivum, Zea mays in an acid alfisol, Browning colour, Preservation of value added- herbal product, Value added- herbal product, Anonla squash cv NA-7, Yieldrelated traits, Sugarcane mapping population, Smilax perfoliata lour, Sugar-related traits, Monosporic culture, Trichogramma chilonis, Sperm mediated gene transfer, Calf mortality, Sperm mediated gene transfer in chicken, Bracon brevicornis, Quality of spermatozoa, Factors associated with calf mortality, Lepidopteran tissue borers, DNaseI treatment, Laboratory hosts of the parasitoids, Inhibitory factors of semen, Storage material, Materials on the quality of rainwater, Micro nutrient properties, Sulphur fertilizer, Micro nutrient properties of soil profiles, Sugar processing, Destination place, Sulphur dose for chickpea, Microorganisms affecting post-harvest sucrose losses, Slightly conditioned by topography, Mean working hours, Optimization of sulphur dose, Role in lowering the sugar recovery, Cultivars in Kymore plateau, Athalia proxima lugens, Anatomical factors imparting resistance, Host plant, Soil test crop response approach, Differences in host plant selection, Estimation of reducing sugar, F1 progeny of sponge gourd, Fertilizer doses in finger millet, Host plant selection of Mustard saw fly, Genetic diversity among promising lines, Different brassica species, Chỉ định điều trị của colchicine, Cơ chế tác dụng của probenecid, Chỉ định điều trị của allopurinol, Thông tư 39/2011/TT-BLĐTBXH, Quy định về thiết bị dạy nghề, Nguội lắp ráp cơ khí, Vi khuẩn Enterococus faecalis MDs4, Thủy phân gelatin, Chủng vi khuẩn MD4, Quy trình nuôi dế mèn Cricketshop, Airspace volumes, Airspace sectorisation, Quy trình nuôi dế mèn, European airspace concept workshops, Kỹ thuật nuôi dế mèn, Nuôi dế mèn, Terminal airspace, Kỹ thuật ủ trứng dế mèn, IFR flight paths, LCD I2C với STM32F407 discovery, Bài 4 LCD I2C với STM32F407 discovery, Viết chương trình hiển thị chuỗi trên LCD, Chương trình STM32F407, Khai báo dùng STM32CubeMX, Tormentillae rhizoma, Adsorption of arsenic, Underestimated European herbal drug, Phytochemistry of the underground parts, Solutions by modified iron ore sludge, Modified iron ore sludge, Marizes the phytochemical findings, Fixed-bed column experiments, Holocene sedimentary facies, Thanh Hoa coastal plain, Holocene sedimentary facies in coastal plain, Dating collected for the drill core, Joint range of motion, Range of movements of knee joint, South Indian females, Highest ROM presented at the joint, Clinical anatomy and physiology, AhTE Markers, Thực hành cuộc sống, Phương pháp giáo dục Montessori, Utility of AhTE markers for genetic, Trẻ mẫu giáo, Genomic studies in groundnut, Quá trình giáo dục trẻ, Genomic studies, Tính tự lập của trẻ mầm non, Economics and chilli, Nutrients uptake by chilli, Impact of drip fertigation on yield, Statistical modelling approach, PGPR characterization, Phyto-pathogens, Lactation length, Sweet orange growing soils, Pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica), Thermo tolerance genotypes, Isolation and screening of potassium, Ninhydrin assay, In vitro screening of plant extracts, Brinjal growers, Gamma irradiation on growth, Phytotoxicity and maize, Major fungal diseases of tomato, Children patients, Epidemiological studies of polio disease, Siderophore producing bacterial isolates, Summer sorghum, Inducing air pollution tolerance, Callosobruchus chinensis and solvent, K means cluster, Genetic diversity for Brinjal, Pre sowing treatment, Agroclimatic zone IV, Summer sesamum, Gametophytic selection, Mildly alkaline in pH, Screening of potassium, CFTR gene, Molybdenum on soil physico - chemical properties, Morphological traits and rice, Yield components in pointed gourd, Nitrogen on growth of barley, Postharvest characters, Socio-economic status of brinjal growers, Major fungal diseases, Guava orchardists, Economics of summer sorghum, Post-emergence herbicide -tembotrione on yield, Bi-parental mating, Tonsillitis among children patients, Adoption of improved maize production technologies, Sclerotinia rot of rapeseed-mustard, Future breeding program, Consecutive lactation, Laparoscopy assisted PCNL, Angiosperm plants, Improving salinity tolerance in fruit crops, Spacing and weed management, Over environments, Stored green gram seed, Tolerance genotypes identification in maize, Chemical properties of black gram, Histochemical study, Genetic advance in pointed gourd, Phyto-pathogens in-vitro, Tuberose varieties, Device associated infection, Streptococcus pyogenes isolated, Improved maize production technologies, Distribution of the brinjal growers according, Preparation of jam, College farm Rajendranagar PJTSAU Hyderabad, Potting mixture on the seedling growth, Individual character in Solanum melongena L, Inquest of the SNP in cystic fibrosis, Pelvic ectopic kidney, Assessment of metabolic potential, Carbendazim against Fusarium oxysporium, Productivity and weed dynamics, Milk yield of F1, Bio efficacy of bael, Different sources of nitrogen, High temperature screening in maize, Cotton over environments, Histochemical studies of pancreas, Phytotoxicity on maize, PSB and Rhizobium, Quality of summer sorghum, Sucrose provide energy, Saline conditions, Farmers of agro-climatic zone IV, Severity of disease in onion, Sweet potato cultivarsSweet potato, A bioinformatic approach, Susceptible variety of sesame, Wheat grain yield, Lycopersici on tomato, Marketable yield per plant, Corm and cormlet, Detopping practice on growth parameters, Holding previously operated ectopic pelvic kidney, Planting ratios, Direct effects, Randomize block design, Leaf extracts against pulse beetle, Weed dynamics of integrated weed management practices, Aromatic peptides antibiotics, Maize production technologies, Forage standards, In vitro efficacy of fungicides against, Crop plants by gametophytic selection, Deficient for micronutrients, Genetic studies in amaranthus germplasm, Occurrence of the disease, Foetal Anasarca, Generation mean analysis for grain yield, Evaluated physicochemically for ascorbic acid, Cormels and Soil properties, Organic resources of nutrients, Improving crop production of wheat, Operating renal stones, Yield attributes in maize hybrids, Silver fused azadirachta indica nanoparticles, Different sorghum cultivars, Goat in mid and late prenatal periods, Amaranthus germplasm, Limited moisture conditions, Sulphur deficiency, Detopping on growth parameters, Obstetrical knife, Role of chelated micronutrient, Soil propertie, Fungicides against dry root rot, Uptake of Indian bean, Global disease, Corms per plant, Landraces of rice, Contributing traits in pearl millet, Physiological parameters and yield, Genotypes under normal, Study genetic studies in amaranthus germplasm, Eisenia fetida exposed to chlorpyrifos, Dystocia due to breech presented foetal anasarca, Root rot of soybean, Delineation of areas deficient, Integrated nutrient management on gladiolus, Producing staphylococcus aureus, Chiral alcohol, Revealing genetic variability, Latex yield in opium poppy, Eisenia fetida exposed, Cultivars of gladiolus, Yield parameters in rice, Foetal anasarca in a Marwari doe, Green yield of amaranthus species, Green conjugates of silver nanoparticles, Cryopreserved cells, Areas deficient for micronutrients, K contents in leaves, Dystocia due to foetal anasarca, Mean performance for leaf yield, Organic resources of nutrients for corms, Streptosporangium and Nonomuraea, Genera of the Streptosporangiaceae family, High temperature on water relation traits, Roselle seeds, Very late sown condition, Sedimentation value, Rice gundhi bug, Study of heterosis for seed yield, Nitrogen solubility, Screening tool for detection, Certain insecticides against rice gundhi bug, Majority of microbiology laboratories, Component traits in castor, Agro-climatic condition, Population of gundhi bug, Threshing methods on seed quality, Performance and hematology, Dietary ochratoxin, Combined administration of dietary ochratoxin, Hematological profile of broiler chicken, Cassia auriculata, Phytochemical studies, Antiinflammatory activity, Cassia auriculata pods and leaves, Sitotroga cerealella, Pythium debaryanum, Germination and hybrids, Varieties and test weight, Shelf life of marigold, Tillage and microbes, Flower thrips, Viability of maize seeds, Sensory stability of preserved mango, Different harvesting seasons, Colour and browning, Biotic and abiotic factors, Impact of angoumois grain moth, Nutrient content by rice, Preserved mango, Pulp for processed products, Acceptable marketable quality, Pulp during storage, Cowpea in relation to biotic, Browning of physio-chemically stored mango, Studies on carotenoid content, Major insect pests of cowpea, Clonal fidelity, Regenerated plants by RAPD, Thidiazuron induced direct shoot organogenesis, Zinc sulphate heptahydrate, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated, Mine tailings of zawar mines, Zawar mines, Sodium hypochloride, Reducing microbial contamination, Vitro propagation of lasora, EMS-induced mutagenesis, Gastrointgestinal parasites of tigers, Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides, Isolation of high-yielding mutants, Gastrointgestinal parasites, Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides infesting ruminants, Faecal studies is called scatology or coprology, Amplification of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene, High vector potential, Gastro-intestinal parasitic diversity in the tiger, Morphological identification, Potential drug targets identification, Rice leaffolder, Cnapholocrocis medinalis, Varied environments and plant densities, Cnapholocrocis medinalis using SSR markers, Rice genotypes showing resistance, Rhizosphere isolates, Genetic parameters of reproduction traits, Mungbean varieties against whitefly, Reproduction traits in Rambouillet sheep, Stem blight tolerant cultivar, Disease severity was recorded, Inter lambing period, Blight of tomato, Monetary efficiency, Socio-economic feature, Respondent households, Genetic variation of thirty, Partially implemented MGNREGA villages, Rabi popcorn, Genotypes of Moringa, View of the paramount importance, Climate scenario, Participant households, Eight characters studied, Transgenic fruit crops, Global fruit production, Post harvest Pathogens, Barley aphid, Dairy owners, Reactions of genotypes of barley, Existing management practices, Path analysis for quantitative traits in garlic, Genotypes of barley with aphid, Buffaloes owners, Probiotics as biocontrol agent in post, Evaluation of some insecticides, Quantitative traits in garlic, Post harvest disease management, Barley with aphid, Biopesticides for management of barley aphid, Management practices of housing, Manage the post-harvest disease, Aphid population, Path analysis in 156 genotypes, Feeding management practices followed, Barley genotypes studied for reactions, Soil copper status, Aphid species

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