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Aquatic exports Computer aided simulation L1-regularized Log-linear Models Non-linear model of ship motion Higher per capita income Cumulative Penalty Strong non-linear model Linear primal-dual problems Worldwide governance indicators Applied model The ship motion Applied model for financial bubbles Non-linear membership function Numerical problem Model for financial bubbles Linear matrix inequality approach Linear matrix inequality approach to robust stability Uncertain nonlinear discrete time systems The effectiveness of the result Account balances Controlling the Names Used in a Strongly Typed DataSet The propagation Cryphonectria parasitica Electromagnetic Oscilation random discrete scatterers Compositional semiconductor superlattice The electromagnetic wave 2D Graphene Parabolic potential Chestnut blight Eletromagnetic Field and Wave HIV samples Doped superlattices Confined electron single particle AlGaAs compositional Weak electromagnetic wave 5 Trichoderma sp. Electron - phonon scattering Classical variables sampling Prolapse and incontinence Practical urological ultrasound Fecal incontinence Drug in heart failure 4 Penicillium sp. distributed particles Perineal trauma Floor Biomechanics Penile ultrasound Functional anatomy Device selection in heart failure electromagnetics Antagonistic organisms Teaching Aikido Transabdominal pelvic ultrasound Levator ani muscle Pathophysiology of pelvic floor Percutaneous mechanical support Skull Mechanics Pelvic floor ultrasound Pelvic floor disorders Cardiac resynchronization therapy Obstetric anal sphincter injury Simple Beam Ultrasound of the gravid Clinical and biomechanical evaluation Sensorimotor training Atrial arrhythmias in heart failure Intraoperative urologic ultrasound Intracranial Pressure Three bioscaffold augmentation devices Heart transplantation Organic syntheses Balance in elderly patients Controlled breathing Pelvic floor defects surgery Superficial digital flexor tenorrhaphy Comparison of DSR and AODV routing ad hoc protocols Organometallic reaction Respiratory muscle training Medical Records Three treatment trials Total laparoscopic hysterectomy Robotic management and network Chronic ankle instability Foot at a Glance Muscle quality Aldol reactions Improving balance Muscle stressing Diaphragmatic breathing Pain response Eight clinically healthy donkeys Statistically for suitable protocols Device fabrication Laparoscopic pectopexy Muscle strength deficit Mental training Peak bone mass Mobile health apps

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Explicit attitude, Organic oxidations, Anal incontinence, Isometric training, Pursed lip breathing, Isometric muscle training, Reflecting on History, Motor development, Pressure biofeedback unit, Optical bandgap, Depression and Anxiety Stress Scale, Motivational profile, Explicit cognitions, Digital health, Sports rehabilitation, Operative hysteroscopy, Musculoskeletal health, Virtual reality system, Injuries occur during basic training, Fitness apps, Implicit-explicit discrepancy, Spinal bone metastases, Prevention messages, Favorable characteristics compared, Transverse abdominals, Obstetric care, Limb symmetry index, Cancer survivor, International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form, Nutrition apps, Systolic blood pressure, Baseline homogeneity, Congenital upper limb amputation, Adolescent psychiatric patients, Low or middle income country, The Urinary SystemThe Immune System, Dual processing, Diet pattern, Physical activity level, Behavior change, Transverse abdominis, Youth physical activity promotion, Trapezius muscle, Early childhood into middle childhood, Occult injury, Obesity children, Sedentary lifestyle, Behavioural modifications, Public health goal, Later motor milestones achievement, Metabolic risk, CF health professionals, Screen-viewing, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Health care professional, Moderate-to-vigorous PA, Moderate–to-vigorous intensity PA, PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization, tài liệu origin, The polymerase chain reaction, The thermostable polymerases, ứng dụng origin, Biochemical Aspects, Unequal area dynamic facility layout problems, Malignant skin condition, Research of tourism resort roads optimal planning model, Rapid temperature cycling, lý thuyết origin, Flexible bay structure, Textbook of aging skin, Cosmetic procedures, Tourism resort roads optimal planning model, Elasticity Parameters, Histopathology of the skin, Dynamic Facility Layout Problem, On malignant skin conditions, Ebook PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization, Random operation in MATLAB, Human Skin, Histology of normal skin, NP-complete problem, Bioengineering methods and tools, Satisfy the minimum construction cost, Dermal fillers, Techniques of skin biopsy, Percutaneous penetration, Bioengineering of the skin, Dermoepidermal junction, Multi-objective manufacturing cell scheduling problem, Solving uncapacitated multiple allocation p-hub center problem, Malignant skin conditions, Scales used to classify skin, Lichen planus, The consideration of warehouses, Dijkstra’s algorithm-based genetic algorithm and simulated annealing, Cleansing agents, Vesiculobullous disorders, Simulated annealing based procedure, Vivo Multiphoton, Dijkstra’s algorithm-based genetic algorithm, Moisturizing agents, Tuberculosis of the skin, Home Health Care, Pareto Archived Simulated, Large scale standard data sets, Coherence Tomography, Health Care Routing, Fringe Projection, Staff vehicle traveling, High resolution ultrasound imaging, Scanning Microscopy, Health Care system, Ultrasound imaging of melanocytic, Methodological Principles, Other pigmented lesions of the skin, The skin lesions, Pediatric lesions, Clinicopathological diagnosis of skin diseases, Hematopoietic system, The heart, The lung, the analysis of diatom, Magnetic Induction Heating mechanisms of spinel ferrite nanoparticles M1-xZnxFe2O4, Diatoms as indicators, Spinel ferrite nanoparticles M1-xZnxFe2O4, Abnormal magnetic property in Fe-doped BaTio3, Assessing environmental, Calculating SLP value, Abnormal magnetic property, Fe-doped BaTio3 multiferroics, Bond diversification, In-substituted yttrium iron garnets, Model for ferromagnetism, Optimal bond portfolio, Curie temperature, Terminal wealth, Uranium from aqueous solution, Molecular field coefficients, The saturated magnetization, Search of optimal number of bond funds, Spin-wave stiffness constant, Optimal number of bond funds, Molecular cryocrystal, Ab initio calculation of intermolecular potentials, Second virial coefficients, Optical properties of Eu3+ ions in boro tellurite glass, Structure and magnetic properties of PZT/CoCr heterostructures, Monte carlo simulation of dimer N2-N2, Eu3+ ions in boro tellurite glass, Ultrasonic properties, The heat capacities, PZT/CoCr heterostructures, Boro-tellurite glas, Thermodynamics properties of vapor-liquid equilibria, Ferroelectric-ferromagnetic PZT/CoCr, Cyanuric chloride, The electron-phonon coupling strength, Electric field via strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling, Chemical polymerization, Di-amine, Conducting polymer, Fluorescent properties, Cyanuric chloride and a di-amine, Polythiophenes synthesized, Novel polymer via the coupling reaction, Velocity of long bubbles transported, Independent Traders, A liquid in horizontal channel, Female Enterprise, ARIMAX-ANN Hybrid model, economic sector, The drift velocity, Forecasting and undulating topography, Forecasting and undulating topography A, business ventures, The velocity distribution appears, Undulating topography, Propertied Englishman, Forecasting models while forecasting, The Poiseuille flow, HIDDEN UNDERSTANDING MODELS, Cutting the Long Tail, Magnetite-based nanoparticles, ARIMAX Models to forecast, A hybrid rule/model-based finite-state framework, Damage caused, Hybrid Language Models, Synthesis and application of nanoparticles, normalizing SMS messages, Nano Systems, Translation Style Adaptation, Core–shell nanoparticles, Richard Beaufort, Airport services manual, Airport facilities affecting rescue, Firefighting services, Factors in the specification process for rescue, Aircraft firefighting and rescue procedures, Dictionary of computer and internet terms, Turboexpanders, Dictionary of computer, Process Applications, Dictionary of internet terms, Hopfield neural networks, process plants, Horse computer arts, WDM networks, Stoner-Wohlfarth-like operators, The term internet, refineries, Clustering quality, Vector hysteresis, Computer terminology dictionary, Heuristics for no-wait flow shop scheduling problem, air liquefaction, Non-splitting WDM networks, File structure, Fuzzy clustering problem, Hopfield neural network implementation, No-wait flow shop scheduling problem, natural gas separation, Multicast routing heuristic algorithms, Massive Public Transport, Magnetic disks, Harmony search, Flow shop under no-wait constraint, geothermal mining, Tertiary storage, Crew Scheduling Problem, Compute the light-spider hierarchies, Meta-heuristic algorithms, Heuristic constructive algorithm, Adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic, Amino acid sequence, Bus rapid transit system, Solving the reliable multiple allocation hub location problem, Electron tomography, Maximal information coefficient, Megabus Bus Rapid Transit System, Multiple allocation hub location problem under hub disruptions, Optimizing Word Alignment Combination, Two-stage stochastic, Markov transfer matrix, Filter algorithm, Clinical data, Iterative reconstruction-reprojection, Yonggang Deng and Bowen Zhou, Wrapper algorithm, Radon transform, Digital pathology, Chemical-induced diseases, Biomedical text, Entity recognition, Document level, 2013 ASME BPVC VIII2, 2013 ASME BPVC VIII1, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels, 2013 ASME BPVC VIII3, Code cases boilers and pressure vessels, Lò hơi và bình áp, A Memory-Based Approach, Fusing Qualification, 2013 ASME BPVC II D, The problem, Ferrous Material Specifications, 2013 ASME BPVC II B, Treatment of Serial Verb Construction, 2013 ASME BPVC IX, The averaging method, 2013 ASME BPVC II A, Nonferrous Material Specifications, Combinatory Categorial Gramma, Euler MacLaurin Formula, Magmas and free magmas, Explicit formula, Urban passenger transport movement schedule, Quality of passenger service, Passenger transport movement regulation, Crowdsourcing Translation, Automated system of dispatching control, Professional Quality, Passenger transportation, Design for Safety, Non-Professionals, ASME Code Vessels, Operator Qualification, Enhancement of efficacy of Tio2 nano fluids, Heat transfer characteristics of Tio2 nano fluids, Turbulent flow conditions in parabolic trough solar collector, Parabolic trough solar collector, Intravenous calculations, Replacement fluids, Calculating flow rates, Ostrinia nubilalis, Sprinkler system, Trichogramma evanescens, Christensen uniformity coefficient, Inundative release, Distribution uniformity, Crop Maize, Irrigation adequacy, Irrigation systems, Sprinkler irrigation systems, Application efficiency, rigid propagator, Pressure compensating, Greenhouse cultivation, Modeling the deposition, Comparative study of the design, Biogenic particles, Christiansen’s uniformity coefficient, Design of micro irrigation systems, Lung deposition, Wilcox and Swails uniformity coefficient, Different mulch materials, Deposition force, Different makes, Hart uniformity coefficient, Helicteres hirsuta, Probabilistic lung model, Drip irrigation system for okra crop, Yield of ginger, Determination of luteolin, Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.), Extracts of Helicteres hirsuta by HPLC, Extracts of Helicteres hirsuta, Survey of recovery of luteolin, Automation irrigation system, Frictional head loss, Automation irrigation system for floriculture, On-farm drip irrigation systems design, Deficient in soil, Farmers towards sprinkler irrigation system, Farmers’ fields, Raikia block, Phenomenal growth, Drip system, Sprinkler irrigation, Coefficient of variance, Extension contacts, Soil moisture sensor, Time based, Conventional irrigation system, Extent of use, Volume based, Farmers using drip irrigation system, Drip irrigation in sugarcane etc, Drip irrigation system for tomato, Extension participation between farmers, Sugarcane farmers, Sugarcane crop, Wetting pattern, Application rate, Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) crop, Flood irrigation system, After-typhoon surges, Abnormal seawater level rises, Warning issues of surges, Typhoons landfall time, Publications relative to this problem, Wave set-up, Modified power weeder, Developed manually operated rotary weeder, SWASH models, Ergonomic evaluation, Coastal infrastructures, Sustainable coastal planning, Non-linear wave-wave interaction, Teaching technology, Management and transfer of technology, Leaf curl disease, Central Kindergarten Pedagogy College, IDM module for the management, Management of barley aphid, Trends of Technology Revolution 4.0, engineering machine, Barley aphid (Rhopalosiphum maidis), Leaf curl disease in chilli, T1 and farmers practice, industrial pumps, Technology gap of chilli, pump repair, repair techniques, Technological administration, pumping systems, automatic pump, Phytophthora cactorum, An Innovative Computer-Assisted, Sense-making process, Alternaria leaf spot, Management of collar rot in apple, Management of alternarial leaf spot, Efficacy of botanicals, Public research institutes, Innovation systems, Indigenous technological knowledge, Brinjal shoot, Disease management of agricultural crops, Fruit borer, Eco-friendly management of brinjal shoot

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