"Knowledge Representation and Reasonin"

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Stochastic decomposition, Scene description, Lighting condition, Decomposition property, Viewing parameters, Non-exponential case, Game tree searching, Alpha-beta optimization algorithm, Cost model, Stable sets, Geniss Mate Solver, Quadratic functional, Hereditary class, Weak tournaments, Positive preference, Fermat-Weber problem, General distribution, Linear constraints, Two-unit standby system, Quasi-transitive, Bi-hereditary class, Minisum location, Negative preference, Online computation, Cost function, Reverse Polish notation, Non-empty subset, Quadratic minimization method, Moving object, Weiszfeld algorithm, Forbidden induced subgraphs, Nominal characteristics, Hereditary subgraph problem, Optimal threshold, Convex polygon triangulation, Forbidden bi-induced subgraphs, Binary relation, Classical location theory, Approximate solutions, P*-nonlinear complementarity problem, Radio coloring, Ordinal characteristics, Outdoor environments, Inverse version, Convergence property, Contex-free grammar, Basic approximation algorithm, Homogeneous interior-point algorithm, Shading model method, Quadratic function minimization problem, Realistic object ranking, Graph coloring generalization, Feasible program, Machine interference, Nội dung đạo đức, Formal grammar method, New algorithm, Wide neighborhood of the central path, Tikhonov sense, Channel transmissions, Finite-source queuing, Wellposedness problem, Random environments, Quadratic convergence, Minimal branching, Reliability theory, Asymetric weight matrix, Minimal s-branching, Chế tạo hạt nanocapsules Chitosan, Hạt nanocapsules Chitosan chứa thuốc Curcumin, Phương pháp Coaxial electrospraying, Cấu trúc lõi - vỏ, Phương pháp kính hiển vi, Các loại phân đạm, Quá trình hình thành cacbohiđrat, Ứng động không sinh trưởng, Đặc điểm di truyền của giống, Extraction of depsidones from Usnea baileyi, Multiple modal features, Dynamic analysis of knee-exoskeleton, Phenotypic of expanded adipose derived stem cells, Isolation of depsidones from Usnea baileyi, Multiple kernel learning for human daily activity recognition, Implementation in design of magnetorheological damper, Cytogenetic characterization of expanded adipose derived stem cells, An approach to constrain maximum horizontal stress magnitude, Characterization of depsidones from Usnea baileyi, Human daily activity recognition, The damping force, Expanded adipose derived stem cells, Wellbore Failure observations from image logs, Zahlbr collected from tree barks, Activity recognition system, The magnetic environmen, Adipose stem cells, Wellbore Failure observations, Tam Bo Mountain of Di Linh, Complex patterns of activity, Research of an improved solar still for desalination, Fluid in the damper, Geostatistics application in spatial analysis of geomechanical properties, Design of an improved solar still for desalination, Geostatistics application in spatial analysis, Improved solar still for desalination, Variogramand spatial continuity, Fresh water in coastal areas, Screening for some biological activities of Cultured cordyceps neovolkiana, The average water capture, Cultured cordyceps neovolkiana, C. neovolkiana extracts, Bí mật nốt ruồi trên cơ thể, Nốt ruồi trên cơ thể, Bí mật nốt ruồi, Cát hung của nốt ruồi, Vị trí nốt ruồi, Ebook Vệ sinh yếu quyết, Vệ sinh yếu quyết, Tiểu dẫn vệ sinh yếu quyết, Thuật cổ vệ sinh yếu quyết, Dưỡng nhi vệ sinh yếu quyết, Tình huống khiến doanh nghiệp trả giá đắt, Khiến doanh nghiệp trả giá đắt, Doanh nghiệp trả giá đắt, Tình huống doanh nghiệp, Hồi ký dì Bảy Huệ, Hồi ức Ngô Thị Huệ, Ôn chuyện đời mình dì Bảy Huệ, Dì Bảy Huệ, Characteristics of marine environmental geochemistry, Cam Ranh - Binh Thuan mud eruption strip, Cam Ranh - Binh Thuan, Ha Tinh to Quang Nam, The mud materials, Toxic substances mainly accumulate, The morphology of the low-latitude D region ionosphere, Petrography and geochemistry of Permian basalts, Reasonable solutions for hazard mitigation, Geochemical parameters of seawater and surface sediments, The low-latitude D region ionosphere, The Cam Thuy formation, Uptake capacity of metals by Vetiveria zizanioides, The local decision-makers, Northern study area, The method of tweeks observed at Buon Ma Thuot, Relation to Song Da, Uptake capacity of metals, Emeishan magmatic rocks, Dong Xam metal production trade village, Enriched oceanic island basalt, Thai Binh province, Metal production trade village, The autumn precipitation, Tropical cyclone activity, Central Vietnam and its East Sea, Adaptation plans anticipated, Trực giác và duy lý, Nghịch lý của nhà sáng chế, Bay vào vũ trụ bao la, Môn khoa học của mọi người, Giải trí bằng toán học, Rơi vào phân số, Mô hình Linker-Loader, Thiết lập an toàn cho hệ thống, Mô hình base & bound, Kiến trúc hệ điều hành nhúng, Môi trường học máy, Bài toán học máy, Thành phần học máy, Vấn đề over-fitting, Đặt túi ngực qua đường nếp dưới vú, Túi ngực gel định hình, Túi giọt nước, Đường mổ nếp dưới vú, Khoang đặt túi dưới cơ, Phẫu thuật tạo mắt hai mí, Bao xơ co thắt, Treo mi trên dưới cung mày, Nhiễm trùng dưới lâm sàng, Mắt hai mí, Kháng gamma globulin, Sa mi trên, Bệnh nhi kawasaki, Sa cung mày, Kawasaki kháng gamma globulin, Chụp hình màu đáy mắt, Ca cúm đại dịch H1N1, Nhiễm cúm đại dịch H1N1, Khâu trượt da, Xoay vạt da tại chỗ, Vá da mỏng, Vá da dày, Vạt cạnh vai vi phẫu, Vạt da cơ lưng to vi phẫu, Quyết định số 10/2018/QĐ-UBND, Bảng giá xây nhà, Analytic function, Differential subordination, Slant helix, Kahler form, Strong differential subordination, Genaral helix, Completely continuous operator, Carrier space, Second order linear, Spherical helix, Differential forms, Kenmotsu manifold, Impulse conditions, Orlicz spaces, Topological algebras, Pseudo simplicial groups, Pseudo-Anosov elements, Chaos in product maps, Second order differential equation, Alpha-convexity, Tangent indicatrix, η-Einstein lightlike hypersurfaces, Swan conductors, Fractionally parameter, Zero-diagonal matrices, Indefinite sasakian manifold, Anti-invariant, Hilbert-Schmidt theorem, Composition operator, Cohen factorization, Moore complex, Devaney’s chaos, Mapping class group, P-Laplacian, Hardy-Hilbert’s inequality, Indefinite Kenmotsu manifold, Lightlike submanifold, ARFIMA model, Logarithmic de Rham complex, Complex structure, Semi-slant, Two-layered composite, Fundamental locally multiplicative, Topological transitivity, Injective simplicial maps, Growth series, Moore complex of length 2, Generalized Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem, Euclidean 3-space, Complex potentials, Essential norm, Semilinear evolution equation, Coverings of Lie groupoids, Moving blocks, Strongly flat, Radical transversal Lightlike submanifold, Precise logarithmic, Krull dimension, Relative nullity foliation, Riemannian manifold of quasi-constant curvature, Sensitive dependence on initial conditions, Coxeter group, Fixed point theorem in cone, Direct product, Mapping class groups, Hadamard’s inequality, Certain conditions, 2-crossed modules, Singular integrals, Quadric surface, Lie groupoid, Complete quantifier-free types, Non overlapping blocks, Strongly flat covers, Transversal lightlike submanifold, Euler characteristic, Convex-power condensing operator, Screen distribution, Four-holed sphere, Weiss operator, B. Y. Chen inequality, Edge ideals, Chaotic Dynamical systems, Hilbert-type inequalities, Bruhat order, 3-dimensional almost contact metric manifold, Non-homogeneous multi-point, Automorphism groups of algebraic structures, Arc complex, Weingarten surface, Order of approximation, Connected smooth manifold, Cyclic act, random starting, Discrete valuation ring, Nullity distributions, Integral inequalities, Free variable, Ricci curvature, Null class functions, S-act, Prove Hilbert-type, Symmetric algebra, Monogenic semigroups and monoids, Partially ordered sets, Semi-slant submanifold, Extended cross product, C0-semigroup, Classes of monoids, Universal coverings, Real parameter value, Quasiconstant curvature, Positive quantifier, Orientable surface, General homogeneous kernel, Nonlinear partial, Subdirectly irreducible, Dual frame, Flett potential, S-sequence, Associated idea of X-posets, Generalized Berwald metrics, Sasakian Manifold, Covering spaces, Monogenic semigroups, Hopf-Galois extension, Exchange rings, Canonical structure, Almost paracontact metric manifold, Sectional curvatures, Extended mapping class group, Free formula, Multiple Hardy-Hilbert’s integral inequality, Extrinsic scalar curvature, G-Riesz sequence, Left zero semigroup, Baer-invariant, Standard parabolic, Compute standard algebraic invariants, Legendre curve, Berwald metric, Sylvester-Hadamard design, Spectral sequence, Semi-Riemannian submersion, Excellent extensions, Contact 3-structure, Mathematical inequalities, Locally symmetric lightlike submanifold, Alternate dual, Specify cogenerators acts, Pair of groups, Landsberg metric, Smith normal form, Special quotients, Finitistic dimension conjecture, Finite rings, S-comparability, Paracontact semi-Riemannian submersion, G-frame, Injective hulls, Semi-symmetric lightlike submanifold, Schur-Baer variety, Symplectic groupoid, Residual designs, Threshold complex, Countable dense homogeneous, Volume difference function, Finitistic dimension, Randers metric, BBM equation, Contact QR-warped product, Golden structure, Noetherian modules, N-unperforation property, Paracontact structure, Path ring, Wilson’s theorem, Recent generalizations, Tyurina components, Bi-slant, Ricci semi-symmetric lightlike submanifold, P-valent, Generalized almost paracomplex manifold, On the boundedness, VG-nilpotent, Bitopological spaces, Cycloidal normal subgroups, P-ranks, Uneven bottom, Affine surface area quotient function, Alternative Polynomial, Non-zero scalar flag curvature, Satisfies s-comparability, Pure tensor, Binary linear codes, Maschke-type theorems, Sasakian space form, Almost contact 3-structure manifold, Graded Noetherian modules, Goldbach conjecture, Rational cycles, Residually finite Dedekind domains, 2-degenerate manifolds, Types of homogeneity, Quasi-Frobenius ring

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