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Including long lived proteins BAHD acyltransferase superfamily Protein aggregates Including regulating fruit quality Catalytic synthesizing Pyrus communis Tandem mass tags Solubility prediction Three treatments including control Protein misfolding Subsequent aggregation Pri miRNA Several human diseases Regulating biological processes Misfolded protein stress Including organ morphogenesis MiRNA during lung ZDF rats Cystathionine beta synthase Microvascular remodeling ZDF brains displayed Electrophoretic tissue clearing Purkinje layer Hyperthermostable enzyme Starch hydrolase Molecular farming Selective estrogen receptor antagonists Poly LacNAc Anticancer drug transport Adhesion and signal molecules Growth factor receptors Immunological host responses M bovis infection Fundamental role in the outcome Neutrophils and natural killer Hyperthermia field Cytotoxic T cell Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome T lymphocyte subsets Leukemia patients resistant Mass cytometry Intolerant of imatinib Complete hematologic response Published immunological Complete cytogenetic respons Non genomic loss of function Immune system response Molecular response Cancer immunotherapy in larger scale BCR ABL1 kinetics CAR T cell therapy Anchorage independent survival Prevention trials Current paradigms Active DNA repair capacity Neoadjuvant immunotherapy Discovery of chemopreventive agents Immunotherapies targeting Neurological diseases Immunotherapy reimbursement Susceptibility gaining process Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors Primed DBA/1 mice Neoepitope prediction Mutation burden Neo epitope targeted immunotherapy Hepatocelluar carcinoma IncRNA binding proteins Adjuvant immunotherapy Transmissible gastroenteritis virus Rhabdomyosarcomatous dedifferentiation Foot orthoses Immune evasion Moderate methodological quality Apoptosis inhibitor protein Function exploration Radiation induced skin reactions Survivin gene promoter polymorphism microRNA 20a Antiapoptotic proteins Initiating cell Small noncoding regulatory RNAs Cancer diagnoses Tumour initiation Platinum based therapies Tumor burden generated CYT387 treated cell derived xenografts Sex biases ATRX mutation Loss of heterozygosity Anticancer immunity Usnea filipendula Alkaline stress Zataria multiflora Fast track endoscopy Second primary malignancy Colon tumorigenesis Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues ATP viability assays Non random X chromosome inactivation

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Plant flowering, Whole transcriptome sequencing, Adoptive immunotherapy, Early stage breast cancer, Continuous salt stress, Brest cancer stem cell, Soybean roots, Natural kiiler T cells, Relapse risk score, Vertebrate retinas shares, Salivary gland cancer, Hormonal therapy treatment, Mouse genome, Genomic markers, Increasing evidences, Biological roles of lncRNAs, Glucocorticoid response gene, Interstitial loss of heterozygosity, Molecular understanding, Glucocorticoid induced apoptosis, Leukemia cell line, SOX2 positive tumors, Intermediate size ncRNAs, Lymphoid malignancies, 43 ncRNAs, Leucine rich repeats, Induce cell cycle, Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger, Sesamia nonagrioides, Protein coding RNAs, Immunoglobulin like domains 1, Invasive pathogens, Postnatal liver maturation, Chryseobacterium indologenes, Achromobacter insolitus, Genus Quercus, Major metabolic organ, Corn borer, Comparative genomic hybridisation, Mixed linear models, Mediterranean corn borer, Competing endogenous RNAs, Hairy root, CD4+ T cells, Datura metel, Parasympathetic agent, Chemo immunotherapy, Heat responsive genes, Urena lobata L, Parts of plants, Urena lobata hairy roots, Regulatory B cells, Amiprophos methyl, Cell cycle synchronization, Cauliflower mosaic virus, GmPRP2 promoter, Microtubule inhibitory, Conditions for hairy root induction in soybean, Heat acclimation, Soybean by Agrobacterium rhizogenes, Heat stress response, Soybean cultivars HLDN29, Soybean cultivars DT84, ATCC11325 and ATCC15834 strains, Metabolism pathways, Regulate immunity, Heat shock protein genes, Nod factor receptor, Review on biosurfactant production, Hairy root transformation system, Mainly classified according, AhNFR5 genes, Vβ repertoire, Non toxic materials, Rhizobia inoculation, CD4+ T cell, Th17 plasticity, Non nodulating, Biosurfactant production from Bacillus species, Proinflammatory cells, Root cultures, A paniculata, D4 T cells, In vitro conservative method, Metabolite extraction, Hairy root transformation, T regulatory cell, Sinorhizobium fredii, Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson), Management of rhizome rot caused, Various places of turmeric, Rhizome rot of turmeric, Bioagents against Pythium aphanidermatum, In vitro evaluation of bioagents, Turmeric rhizome rot, Management of soft rot, Soft rot of ginger caused, Biofor PF2, Biomonas and Biozin PTB, Double parabola approximation, Tomato cause by Pythium aphanidermatum, Casimir force, Damping off disease of tomato, Surface tension force, Rhizome rot, Pythium aphanidermatum Fungicides, Rhizome rot disease of ginger, Rhizome rot disease, Management of fungi, Fitzp the incitant of tomato, Pseudomonas flourescens, Rhizospheric population, Enzymatic conversion, Sinh tổng hợp lovastatin, Môi trường nuôi cấy MEA, Respiratory burst, Polymorphonuclear elastase, Oxygen dependent, Oxygen independent mechanisms, Plant vitrification solution 2, Triphenyltetrazolium chloride assay, Ascocenda Wangsa Gold, Triphenyltetrazolium chloride, Synthetic surfactants, Biosurfactant producing, Arabian Sea coast of Karachi, Industrial biotechnology, Porcine FTO, Bacterial biosurfactants, Boon to dairy industry, Non biodegradable and toxic, Chemical structures and properties, Musa itinerans, RNA seq based profiling, Genus Musa, Cotton GPCR gene, Oxidant and antioxidant enzymes, Epiblast like cells, Actinidia arguta, Production strain, Epiblast stem cells, Gene cluster amplification, Ground state, BSR Seq, Pluripotency defines, Cold resistance genes, AS isoforms, Peptide synthesis, Detergent formulations, Cold adaptation, Corynebacterium ammoniagenes, Coenzyme A, Ameliorating remedies, Industrial organism, Histomorphology of adrenal gland, Produce nucleotides, Phenotypic and physiological changes, 5 keto D gluconate, L (+) tartaric acid, P pratensis mortality, Pyrroloquinoline quinone, Biochemical perspectives, Respiratory chain, Fed batch fermentation, Bioactive constituents, Crucial flavonols, Stress response, Sugar signalling, Genetically modified feed, Histo architecture, Novel food, Postmarketing biosafety assessment, Reproductive toxicology, Including biochemical, Programmable sample dispenser, Seminiferous epithelium, Histoarchitecture of seminiferous epithelium in mice, Low level presence, Seminiferous epithelium in mice, Feed analysis, Age related changes in the histoarchitecture, Interstitial glands, Histoarchitecture and enzyme profile, Non pregnant, Lactating indian leaf nosed, Hipposideros speoris, Selenium following subacute exposure, Germinal centre, Acute exposure of selenium, Pathomorphological alterations, Histoarchitecture of lymphoid organs, Postoperative survival, Dirichlet tree multinomial regression, Bayesian classifiers, PCR gene expression measurement, Mixture regression, Genetic perturbations, Differential GRN, Bayesian shrinkage, Cell cycle in A549, Spline model, Multi parameter inference, Cơ sở trên dữ kiện thực địa, FDR estimation, Dữ kiện thực địa, Chỉ tiêu phân tách đánh giá năng lượng tiêu thụ, Năng lượng tiêu thụ của máy CNC, Stalked puffballs, Tulostoma ahmadii sp, squamosum, Large sized basidiospores, Cryptogramma crispa L, bithynica, Biparentally inherited nuclear locus gapCp, Autopolyploid origin of C, Genus Vicia L, Giemsa C banded karyotypes, Vicia cracca L, Vicia species, Heterochromatic regions, Plastic responses, CO2 enrichment, Cymodocea nodosa, Orchid seeds, Net community production, Seed mass and size, Ambient concentration, Ocean acidification, Pyronemataceous macrofungi taxa, Aleuria exigua Rifai, Cladoniicolous fungi, Cheilymenia catenipila J, Geopyxis majalis, Abrothallus cladoniae, Geopyxis vulcanalis, Adaptive divergence, Epicladonia stenospora, Kotlabaea deformis, Divergent time, Lichenosticta alcicornaria, Multi drug resistant Bacteria, Pyronemataceous macrofungi genera, Lichenoconium aeruginosum Diederich, Macro and micromorphologies, Mutation order mechanism, Hypogeous fruit bodies, Plastic divergence, Rhodoscypha ovilla, Limacina helicina antarctica, Positively selected DEGs, Ross Sea, Southern Ocean, Storage containers on viability, Coralline crustose algae, Vigour of rice, Variety ADT (R) 46 Seeds, Athallia baltistanica, Caloplaca alcarum, Epiphytic flora, Inconnexa nesodes, ITS nrDNA, Life strategies, Braun Blanquet method, Leptodonto smithii Leucodontetum sciuroidis, Fungal leaf blight complex of tomato, Mikania micrantha, H+ transport, Invasive alien weed Mikania micrantha, Reef building corals, pH regulation, Sitotroga cerealella, Muscari elmasii, Red sea urchin, Germination and hybrids, Muscari elmasii sp, Prospero cudidaghense, Mesocentrotus franciscanus, Viability of maize seeds, Prospero cudidaghense sp, Impact of angoumois grain moth, De differentiation, mirum, Re differentiation, Genus Prospero, Monolayer expansion, Muscari mirum, Synanthous leaves, Alginate bead culture, Chasmophytic habit, Controlled pollination, Bulb scale, Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, Nerium cultivars (Nerium oleander L ), seisumsianum, Scape explants, Growth invariant characters, Dong Nai Culture, Different breeding systems in nerium cultivars, autumnale, Fossil forms, Immature embryo explants, Different breeding systems, Living nummulitids, Acoustic characteristics, Discriminant analyses, Molecular genetic, Prospero seisumsianum, Cytological criteria, Sequence divergence, Prospero autumnale, Cytoplasmic organelle, Polyploid complex, Flora of Iraq, Taxillus Thibetensis, Algal communities, Molecular data, Comparative floristic, Natural reserves, Dendrophthoe longituba, Speciesrich communities, Ulnaria ulna, Phormidium autumnale, Silkworm gut samples, Culture and biochemical characteristics, Silkworm (Bombyx mori L, Indigenous probiotic bacteria, Three dimensional culture, Lepiota farinolens, Presence of Haematococcus, Bellevalia species, Punjab plains, Bellevalia vuralii, Air dispersed Haematococcus, Trichodermal elements, Lake phytoplankton, Lepiota lahorensis, Bellevalia Lapeyr, Dark brown furfuraceous scales, Soda lake, Creating complete plants, Bellevalia malatyaensis Uzunh, Pelagic zone of Lake Hazar, Development of banana shoots, Bellevalia gracilis Feinbrun, Ellipsoid shaped lake, Microponic system, Morphological diagnostic, Tieu Hong banana variety, Nonplanktonic species of Cocconeis, Karyological features, Scapose habitus, Indigenous plantain, Cooking type banana germplasm, Regard to cultivation, Characterize banana plants, Freshwater lake, Net phytoplankton, Physico chemical environment, Trophic status, Rivularia haematites, Algal taxonomy, Flora of lake Gölköy, Polytoma cylindraceum Pasher, Provasoliella ovata, Lake ecosystem, Water physico chemical properties, Phytoplankton population, Endemic taxa of Pittosporum, Basidiomycota from Trabzon, Harmful dinoflagellates, Genus Pittosporum, Basidiomycetous fungi occurring, Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq, Single cell PCR, Microscopic investigations, humile Hook, Cortinarius rubicundulus, Dinoflagellate cells, Crinipellis subtomentosa, neelgherrense Wight, Penicillium spp, rDNA regions, Talaromyces spp, Genus Cicer L, Surface proteins, Cicer isauricum, Cicer uludereensis, Colletotrichum and penicillium, Biogeographical range, Cicer taxa, Postharvest plant diseases, Oaks in Lebanon, Phylloplane yeast against fusarium, Discriminant factor analysis, Azole fungicides, Blue mold, Global gene networks, Kabuli chickpea (Cicer kabulium L ), Postharvest decay, Methods of priming

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