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Conversion coefficients Cationic micronutrient status Camel skin Osmotolerant plant growth Edible bovine by-products Gastro-intestinal helminths Cassava mosaic disease Diversity in tannin Comparative seed yield stability Central area of Hanoi Interspecific derivatives Multi-directional cyclic shear Antiviral prospective Anthropogenic factors to rice production M tuberculosis Backcross inbred lines Symbolic possibilistic logic Private and public maize hybrids Major Apis species Pomegranate garden Socio-personal conditions Coronopus didymus L Rotated component matrix Chilli and thrips Major abiotic stresses of rice Conservation in Vietnam Earhead worm Some soils under different cropping system Bacterial inoculation Influence of nitrogen Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 Different sources of nutrients Neem leaf Fiber content in Areca nut Rauvolfia serpentina Determinate and indeterminate RILs Resistance and late blight disease Total enterobacteriacae count Survey on natural occurrence Alternaria helianthi Tinospora cordifolia on HSV-1 Aonla [(Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) cv. Chakaiya] Kymore plateau Sapa district Atterbergs limits subjected NPK and bio-inoculants Backcross inbred lines of IR64 rice Tropical maize Hot spot and mechanical inoculation Value added composite flour Sev Sheep tissue samples Major Apis species on coriander Public maize hybrids Suitable tomato-cucurbit polyculture Phytotoxicity of Fipronil Human consumption Postulate point of view Non aromatic genotypes Botanical fertilizer Simulated workplace neutron standard field Role perception Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate Cationic micronutrient status of some soils Helminth epidemiology Developing one resilience scale Characterization in West Bengal Graphene-gold nanocomposites Weed suppression Management of Anoestrus murrah buffaloes Green leaf hopper Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentina Benth.) Health practices Regional inequality Irrigation conditions Late blight disease Profitable cropping systems Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Germplasm under tarai conditions Borewells water used Indeterminate RILs Turmeric rhizome sizes Microbial biocontrol agents Meal supplementation Animal sciences undergraduates Near isogenic lines developed Mechanical inoculation Foraging rate Keeping quality characteristics Nutrients ongrowth and yield Antioxidant enzyme levels IR64 rice (Oryza sativa L.) Different management modules Protein rich meal for livestock’s Biology of pearl millet ear head worm Raised bed with drip system Their potential yield Sero-diagnosis study Herb yield GI helminths in goats Against pest complex

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Farm facilitators, Maize (Zea mays L.) ecosystem, Dimensions affecting resilience status, Polyethylene spheres, Tomato advanced lines, Continuous ultraviolet, Yield of crop, Blackgram under stress condition, Seedling vigour in rice, Nodulation behaviour, Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.), Naturally transmitted, Anoestrus murrah buffaloes, Weed growth, Staphylococcus aureus of camel, Bikaner district, Banana cv Rajapuri, Pseudo limon, Cultivation of pomegranate crop, Fungicides against alternaria helianthi, Correlation between socio-personal variables, Enterocytozoon hepatopenaeis, Necrosis disease, Growth and yield of aonla, Variation in lysine content, Investigate the foraging behavior, Northern transition, Introgressed with drought QTLs, Influenced by seed treatment, Inter characters associations, Leaf curl disease of chilli, Dolichos bean (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet), Quality of basil (Ocimum canum L.), Virus titration, Organized sheep farm, Buffaloes in Armori tehsil, Important protein crops, Yield of turmeric var, Age wise prevalence, Flemingia semialata, Role perception of farm facilitators, Livestock farmer against extreme weather, Tribal dominating areas, Non target invertebrates in chilli, Rhizobacteria on growth, Surgical wards, Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.), Theils entropy coefficient, Chemical weed control, Maize and phenophase, Plant and total yield, Rural women regarding health practices, Two different hormonal approaches, Scatter plot, Leaf blight of sunflowers, Related morphological traits, Neem leaf meal supplementation, Germination on physico-chemical properties, Basil (Ocimum canum L.), Varied moisture regimes, Virucidal assay, Corchorus acutangulus Lam, SSIs incidence, Nursery condition, Hisar to find, Bhoochetana programme of KSDA, Gini ratio and lorenz curve, Proper nutritional management, Chilli during June, Hepatopancreatic microsporidiasis in shrimp culture, Village was selected, Morphological and pathogenic variability, Linseed (Linum usitatisimum L.), Species collected, Surgical hospital wards in Bulgaria, Freshly harvested sea-weed, Bacterial count in broiler chickens, Pecan nut, Basis of random sampling technique, DCCBs in Maharashtra, Economic losses to shrimp culture, Poor role perception category, Rhizoctonia bataticola isolates associated, Physico-chemical diversity analysis, Maize during Kharif season, Rice varieties on germination, Chench (Corchorus acutangulus Lam.), Tree vigour, Microsporidians especially, Lime [C. aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle], Most important food crops, Pecan nut (Carya illinoensis K.), Leafy vegetable, Lemon (C. limon Burm. f.), Tree growing habit, Growth and yield of maize during, Natural population of pecan nut, Next-generation digital broadcasting, DVB-NGH for next-generation digital, Generation digital broadcasting, Adding new features to DVB-T2, Dependency between securities, Turkish football league, Independent factor order distance, Match fixing, Factor model, Relative hamming distance, Kolmogorovsmirnov (k-s) test, Banking bubbles, Economic divergence, Exorbitant global imbalances, Aggressive lending, Recommended cultivation, Livestock extension services, Nonparametric measures of G x E interaction, Biofertilizer and auxin, Cultural media, Monetary framework, Post-bubble lending, Farm mechanization level, Heterosis and inbreeding depression, Growth across countries, Brushing date, A niger, Auxin on growth, Yield and nitrogen content, Promising potato varieties, Investor’s sentiments, Dispersion degree, Mena Islamic banks, Terminal heat tolerance, Animal husbandry department, Sucrose hydrolysis, Dual purpose barley genotypes evaluated, M phaseolina, Cell membrane damage, Diatomaceous earth, Liquidity constraints explain, Congenial weather, Post Bretton Woods world evolved, Wheel hoe, Rooting of pomegranate, Eepae culture, Diethyline triamine pentaacetic acid, Data was collected, Tulsi oil, Intercropping in rainfed little millet, Agronomic fortification with zinc, Investors sentiments for dividends, Healthcare management practices adopted, LER (Land Equivalent Ratio), Centralized tendency, Grain smut, FYM and urea, High degree of heterosis, Parametric vis-à-vis, N-myristoyl transferase, Neem leaf extact, Rice hull ash, Blackgram and quantitative traits, Problems perceived, Aonla (Phyllanthus emblica L.), Silicon and nitrogen, Castor root rot, Maize cultivation, Cell death type, Pest outbreak etc, Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cuttings, DNS method, Late blight disease tolerance, Postural stress shoulder deviation, Quality and acceptability, Genetic dissection, Blackgram growers, Dominant power, Fungicides and antibiotics, Iron to enhancing micronutrient concentration, Iron and boron, Impact catering effect, Fusarium oxysporum f sp ciceri, Sigatoka leaf spot complex, Area time equivalent ratio, Sheep farmers, Rainfed little millet, Volume index, Mainly due to high cost, Dietary supplementation of ajwain, Water table, Biocides resistance profiles, Partial root zone drying, Death type in eukaryotes, Pharmacophore modeling, Weather based forewarning, Storage and cultivars, Media and temperature, Elbow deviation, Southern dry zone of Karnataka, Juice extraction, Sweet corn grain, Management of storage diseases, Effect of macroalgae supplementation, Chandel Hill district, Costs and income analysis, Restructured spent hen meat nuggets prepared, Livestock farmers in utilization, Source germplasm, Global reserve system adopting, Seed production and quality, Scirpophaga incertulas, ITS – rDNA, Economical parameters, Competition index, Such marginalis environments, Little millet (Panicum sumatrense), Poultry house environment, Earias spp, Jasmine flower, Guava cheese, Microbial inoculum, Wilt disease in chickpea, Wrist deviation, Predators in Tasar silkworm, Phytoplasma effectors, Biofilm forming bacteria, Different cultivars of mango, Growth and sclerotial formation, Antimalarial drug discovery, Colony morphology, Cricula trifenestrata, Flowering and fruiting in peach, Macroalgae supplementation, Essential oil from tulsi plant, Intra-cluster, Salmonella paratyphi A, Fuel wood tree species, Direct effect and indirect effects, Wild aonla (Phyllanthus emblica L.), Ameliorate the deficiency symptoms, Storage diseases of onion, Spent hen meat emulsion, Pratapdhan chickens, Monetary advantage index, Garhwal Himalayas, Some villages of chandel, Earias spp in okra ecosystem, Silicon against yellow stem borer, Grains panicle-1, Guava cheese prepared, Land reclamation, Voyage de terrain, Retail pack, Lignocellulosics waste, Selected manual weeding tool, Mycosphaerella emusae, Moisture regime, Integrated management of wilt disease, Different tillage depth, Dairy niche, Insecticides against larval population, Ganga alluvial plain, Electron-positron colliders, Virtual screening approaches, Shan-i-Punjab, Kitchen waste, Role in plant-insect interaction, Microbial population of mungbean, Against lesser grain borer, Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus obtained, Spot disease of rice, Juice extraction method, Weighted norm inequalities, Compétence professionnelle, Skip row geometry, Ground spent hen meat batter, Scirpophaga incertulas Walker, Millet straw, Sigatoka leaf spot disease of banana, Major defoliators of soybean, Bread wheat germplasm, Performance of French bean, Growth performance of Japanese quails, Biodrainage species, Their control, Areca nut sheath cup, Diversity analysis in linseed, Manochilus bombycina king, Hydrolysable NH4+, Mungbean accessions, Direct arylation polymerization, Population dynamics of predators, Different antibiotics, Zinc solubilizing microorganism, Root rot of castor, Pair productions, Nectar prepared, Plant-insect interaction, Various training systems, Meat batter, Response of cotton, Generalized weighted Hardy-cesàro operators, Formation professionalisante, Reclamation of waterlogged lowland, Without any additive, Japanese quails, Population growth parameters, Peepil leaf cup, Parasitoids of shoot, Against mungbean yellow mosaic virus, Fungal count, Nitrogen in an acid soil of Manipur, Enhance colonization, Initial state radiation, Spacings on flowering, CMC agar medium, Phenoxazine derivatives, Points faibles du dispositif, Symbols in CMO spaces, Banana sheath cup, Sub-tropical irrigated conditions, Leaf eating caterpillar, Numerical computations, Phloem to access distant tissues, Département de Français, Fruiting in peach, Novel fluorescent conjugated polymers based, Generalized weighted morrey spaces, Par with each other, Cricula trifenestrata helfer, Initial-state photon radiation, Hardy-cesàro, Childhood under-nutrition, Homeless youth, Sodium glucose transporter 2 inhibitors, Absorption mechanism, Ameliorative effects, Colonic anastomosis, Nanoliposomal quercetin, Caco-2 cell, Heart looping disorder, Reduce overall mortality, Fibroblast activities, Intestinal perfusion, Kidney affection, Acute liver injury, Nested for Loops, Inhibitors inhibit SGLT2, Highly infectious disease, Histone deacetylase 6 inhibitor, Anti-atherosclerosis, XOD activity, Bioavailability in vivo, Spontaneous reports, Rosuvastatin flexible lipidbased nanoparticles, Two-dimensional arrays, NF-κB subunits, Proximal renal tubule, Multiple methods, Application programmer interface, Fundamental data types of Java, Renal toxicity, Inhibition of cyclooxygenase, β1-adrenergic receptor blockade, Underlying mechanism, Dicarbonyl electrophile, Adverse effect, Sequential files, One-dimensional arrays, Program elements, Liposomal nanoparticles, ADR database, Promising nanocarriers, UML diagram, While Loop, Outpatient administration, Counting digits, Dicarbonyl electrophile formation, Wrapper classes, Adverse drug reactions older adults, OutputBox class, Array declarations, Cells cytotoxicity, For Statement, Cerebral microvasculature, Clinically relevant issue, Ophthalmic solutions, Counting digits in Java, Treatment of several tumors, Obtaining credit, Providing credit, Foreign finance, Factors affecting happiness, Dassault système component model, Role-based component engineering, Freedom from Servitude, Role-based components, Architecting component-based systems, Component-based approach, Appplication patterns, Predicting system trustworthiness, Semantic integrity

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