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MIX Is Not a Tree-Adjoining Language Social Media Language Multilingual Named Entity Recognition using Parallel Data and Metadata from Wikipedia Niculescu-Mizil Justin Cheng Jon Kleinberg Lillian Lee Argument Structure for SMT Shomir Wilson Kumiko Geoffrey Zweig Xiao Jiang Makoto Kanazawa Fast and Scalable Decoding Language Model Look-Ahead Cross-lingual Parse Disambiguation Learning the Latent Semantics Using Rejuvenation Native Language Detection Humor as Circuits Semantic Correspondence Arabic Retrieval Revisited Concept from its Definition Coarse Lexical Semantic Annotation with Supersenses Improve Particle Filtering Spelling Errors Generated and Corrected Tree Substitution Grammars Returning to a Long Solved Problem Lea Frermann An Exploration of Forest-to-String Translation Hod Lipson Morphological Hole Filling Unsupervized Word Segmentation An Arabic Case Study Yukino Baba Bayesian Word Segmentation Ben Swanson Brown Contrastive Experiment Does Translation Help Grammar Error Correction Specifying Viewpoint A Meta Learning Approach Fully Abstractive Approach Kareem Darwish Lemmatisation as a Tagging Task Nathan Schneider Mandarin Chinese Hurt Parsing Using Pseudo-Error Sentences Guided Summarization Pierre Magistry Alpage Hongsuck Seo Detecting Semantic Equivalence A Corpus of Textual Revisions Building trainable taggers in a web-based Multilingual WSD Affective Metaphors Semantic Role Constraints Information Disparity Phrase-based UIMA-supported NLP workbench Second Language Writing Just a Few Lines of Code A systematic understanding Syntax-based Machine Translation A Component for Just-In-Time Incremental Speech Synthesis John Lee and Jonathan Webster Rafal Rak Katsumasa Yoshikawa Personalized Normalization Cross-lingual Documents the BabelNet API Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms Tree/Forest-Based Statistical Machine Translation probabilistic semantic extraction Timo Baumann Multilingual Chat System An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool Toolkit for Multi-Level Alignment Xianchao Wu Event Linking large corpus Applications of GPC Rules Ai Ti Aw Marco Lui Entailment-based Text Exploration with Application to the Health-care Domain Learning Better Rule Extraction Grounding Event Reference A Large Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Base Character Structures in Games Timothy Baldwin Translation Span Alignment Gerard de Melo Learning Chinese Characters News Archive Jingbo Zhu A Comprehensive Gold Standard Enron Organizational Hierarchy materials math the levinson english vocabulary ordinary bí kíp cho con lưu ý cho me khi con 3 tháng

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