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Heterogeneous microenvironment Hypoxia implicates Bortezomib combined CAG regimen Breast cancer induction Mammographic mammary microcalcifications Conservative therapies Hypoxia-inducing factor Chemo-resistant histological subtype Peritumoral vascular invasion Anti-p53 antibody MAPK/ERK pathway Head and neck mucosal melanoma Node-negative While peripheral neuropathy Pneumonitis presumably Serum anti-p53 antibody positivity Coffee consumption Resistance to anti-EGFR antibodies Identify additional biomarkers Potential diagnostic Cetuximab treatment GATA binding protein 4 Autophagy pathway Pediatric acute myeloid leukemia Cancer cells while DNA methylation patterns Lymph node-positive breast cancer Peritumoral endothelial cell Tumor endothelial cell Soluble interleukin-6 receptor Emerging condition worldwide Childhood cancer epidemiology B-NHL cell lines Peto’s paradox assumptions Theoretically predicted Observed cancer incidences VHL disease Triple-negative breast cancers represent Drug treated parental Genomic amplification Cell survival mechanism Reverse transcription quantitative PCR Endocrine therapies Resistant cells Repeated praziquantel Non-toxic molecule Cellular amino acids Traf2- and Nck- interacting kinase Oncogene-induced growth arrest Tumor suppressor proteins Liver fluke Heavy-chain binding protein Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 1 Subsequent cholangiocarcinoma Embryonal carcinoma Adjuvant radiation therapy Doctor-reported outcomes Tumor micro environment HPV-associated HNSCCs Distinct etiologic mechanism Smoking prevalence Metabolizes L-arginine Originally identified Age at death Years of potential life lost Alternative circulatory system Malignant tumor types HCC cells Tumor regression grading HepG2 cell line Despite advances Remain poor Ambulatory Medical Assistance Surrogate endpoint Inflammatory milieu Oral contraceptive Logistic regression models Systemic hypervitaminosis D Oncologic metabolic emergency Liver-predominant metastases Stromal tumour Mesenchymal malignancy Platinum-based systemic chemotherapy Chemotherapeutic regimen Ridges and furrow Pollen sources on quality characteristics Corrugated furrow Different cultivars of date palm Broad bed and furrow Copper contamination Engyodontium aranearum Haryana conditions Profiling of growth Depletion of available soil moisture Nutrient mapping Soil biochemical activity Different pollinizers Selenium nanoparticles P flouroscens

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Yield parameters of eggplant, SeNPs/PLGA inhibits biofilm formation, Influenced by the cropping season, Cultivable oral bacteria isolated, Caries-active children, Enteric fever pathogens, Phenotypic safety assessment, Enterococcus feacium MBTU-P1F1, Infant feces, High temperature stress tolerance, Anaerobic condition, Agrobacterium tumifaciens, Neem leaf meal, β-glucoronidase, Fat deposition in broiler chickens, Anaerobic stress tolerance in rice, GUS histochemical assay, Cry1ac gene transformation, Rheological analysis, Characterization of herbal custard, Apical leaf curl disease, Plutellax ylostella, Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes, Ralstonia solanacearum Race4, Field life-tables, Potato apical leaf-curl disease resistance, Ler ecotype showed complete resistant phenotype, One-factor-at-time methodology, Key mortality factors, Association of morphological, Phenotypic response, Partial purification of amylase, Onion intercropped cabbage, Aspergillus niger of DTO: H5, Plutella xylostella infesting sole, Uptake and yield of tomato, Ferrous sulphate, Betahemolytic streptococci, Bacterial endocarditis, Prevalence of betahemolytic Streptococci, Group a in a tertiary health care centre, Total carotenoids, Intergeneric population, F6 intergeneric population of papaya, F6 intergeneric population, Dag Nala disease, Deg nala disease in gir cow, Fertilizer expense efficiency, Garra gotyla gotyla, Stressors on haematological, Hormonal parameters of Garra gotyla gotyla, Hill stream fishes especially, Intracellular pigment, Wild strain, Wild strains of Rhodotorula, Intracellular carotenoid pigment, Production of intracellular carotenoid pigment, Desmostachya bipinnata stapf, Root extracts of desmostachya bipinnata stapf, C albicans, Tertiary care hospital of North Kerala, Resistencia for spot blotch, Spot blotch in barley, Spot blotch in barley genotypes, Protease activity, Apple orchard, Forecast verification, Southern district of Tamil Nadu, Forecast verification analysis of rainfall, Accuracy of rainfall forecast, Statistical tools of Forecast Accuracy, Tomato parental Lines, Sheathed microfilaria, Hybrid yield, Brugia spp, Performance of a set of tomato, Immune mediated haemolyticanaemia, Hybrids for quality, Coombs’ test, Conditions of Bengaluru, Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia secondary, Euclidean cluster, Effect of heavy metals, Fowl cholera, Genetic divergence in wheat, Soil biological processes, Saline sodic condition, Dal Lake, Fowl cholera in waterfowls, In-vitro anti-microbial sensitivity test, Plant growth regulators of guava, Guality of guava, While maximum pulp-seed ratio was recorded, Constraints in guava production, Sodium fluoride, Back cross, Serious leaf spot disease problem, Growth physiology, Alternaria alternata in Gurgaon, Foliar disease resistance in groundnut, Phaius tankervilliae, Biofilm producing uropathogens, Spinacia oleracea induced, Back cross derived population, Illnesses including dysentery, Fluoride contamination in soils, Dual foe for patients, Green seed pod culture, Patients on urinary catheter, Endangered terrestrial orchid phaius tankervilliae, Path analysis studies on yield, Fish Catch, A longispinosus, Gram negative non fermenting bacteria, Bio-agents against alternaria alternata causal agent, Jaleshwar coast, Different rice germplasm, Pesticides to predatory mite, Resistant pattern, Economics of OBM gill netters, Multiple disease, Amblyseius longispinosus, In vitro evaluation of fungicide, Submergence condition, Revenue generated, Rural population in South India, Gillnetters operating, Summary of environmental engineering Doctoral thesis, Summary of Geography Doctoral thesis, Organization of architectual space, Architectual space for rural housing, Leachate treatment, Zoning territorial functions, Improvement of the chalkiness ratio, Context of industrialization, Application of endoscopic thyroidectomy, Electrocoagulation method combined, Spatial organisation in management, Sociological investigation, Chalkiness ratio in high-yielding rice varieties, Treatment early differentiated thyroid, Biological filtration, Management of natural resources, Labor analgesia, Summary of Dissertation medical Doctor, Summary of Dissertation medical, Effectiveness of treatment in patients, Lupus nephritis after induction treatment, Non-medical reasons, Immunologic dissonance, Breast cancer stigma, Gynecological hysterectomy, Women’s status, Chronic endometritis, Indonesian women, Hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian, Histological diagnoses, Neuropsychological memory, Chronic deciduitis, Quasi-universal, Disease worldwide, Surgical training, Miscarriage decidual tissue, Synthesise factors impeding women’s, FIGO system, Aerobic vaginitis, Vaginal flora, Menopause rating scale, Primary ovarian insufficiency, Breast and cervical screening practices, Long-acting injectable, Bidirectional barbed suture, Mitochondrial DNA copy number, Immense inequalities, Vulvovaginal atrophy, Menopausal transition, Gynaecological morbidity, Implantation window, Multinomial regression models, Laparoscopic myomectomy, Including combination mifepristone, Women diagnosed, Contraceptive uptake, Genitourinary syndrome of menopause, Menopausal women, ART adherence, Women worldwide, Intramural myoma, Ultrasonic parameters, Cervical cancers, Retrospectively extracted, Pregnancy risk, Distance traveled, Phase 3 trials, Proper suture knotting, Computer assessment, Anti-hypertensive treatment outcomes, Abuse ratings, Orthostatic hypotension, Composite reliability, Survivor experience, Neurological conditions, Delaying birth, Contraceptive use, Female-headed households, Childbirth fear, Menopause symptoms, Health provider, Degadamot district, Early birth, Reproductive and sexual health, Public health nurse, Patterns and trends, Walking program, Childbirth preparation classes, Multifaceted roles, Provider bias, Dedoose software, Loneliness remains chronic, Female maturation, Ethiopian demographic, Walking application, Maternal fear, Etiologically during, Including credibility, Particularly acute, Material discursive framework, Wolaita Sodo, Modern contraceptive prevalence rate, Adolescents increase, Vicious cycle, Intergenerational malnutrition, Cardiometabolic health, Domestic violence and abuse, Gender dynamics, Facilitate discussion, Community-based participatory research, Complicated pregnancy, Cluster sampling methods, Low-grade albuminuria, List experiment, Macro-albuminuria, Self-managed abortion, Poor relative, Archetypically male culture, Cesarean section diverticula, Cesarean scar defect, Thickness of remaining muscular layer, Vaginal repair, Prevalent cancer, Demographic-fertility information, Early marriage, Determinant factors, Significant physical, Educational opportunities, Contraceptive decision-making, Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, Turkish academicians, Vaginal birth, Idiopathic cerebellar ataxia, Sexual response, Movements during sexual intercourse, Sexual cycle - desire, Professional burnout, Anonymous questionnaire, Menopausal symptoms, Sumary of Phd thesis, Water and wastewater Technologies, Combination model, Stabilisation ponds, Stabilisation ponds to treat wastewater, The summary of thesis, The summary of thesis Acedemic file architecture, Acedemic file architecture, Integration of french colonial architecture, French colonial architecture, Hue urban properties, Treatment of natural rubber processing wastewater, Natural rubber processing wastewater, Integrated physicochemical, Evaluating genetic resources, Analyzing molecular markers related, Egg yield traits, Screening of sunflower, The critical review, Genotypes for moisture stress tolerance, Integrated weed management in Urd bean, Develop moisture stress, In vitro condition mainly, Varying drug resistant patterns, MRSA isolates with PVL gene, MRSA isolates, Antibiotics except vancomycin, Refrigerator temperature, Journal Vietnam social sciences no 6, Astaxanthin supplementation on semen, Triple test cross for yield, Microbiological surveillance, Quantitative components, Karan fries bulls, Microbiological surveillance in burn units, Quantitative components in Brinjal, Vietnam’s economy overview, Collected at weekly interval, Bacterial flora of burn wound infection, Traits except except fruit diameter, Population ageing process in Vietnam, Fertigation frequency, Sarcophaga ruficornis, Drip irrigated potato, Barium carbonate toxicity, Nitrogen application frequency on yield, Developmental stages of sarcophaga ruficornis, Nitrogen application frequency, Livestock including cows, Economics of drip irrigated potato, In vitro regeneration of capsicum, Cotyledon explants, Popular Capsicum F1 hybrids Bharat, Ca dao của Huế, Đề án quân đội Da Vàng, Dấu vết Chợ Dinh trong thư tịch cổ, Quân đội Da Vàng, Niên đại ra đời của Chợ Dinh, Thuộc địa của Pháp, Lịch sử của Chợ Dinh, Hệ thống thuộc địa mới của Pháp, Nhập cư của người Việt vào Pháp, IEEE standards, Direct versus indirect delivery, MAC sublayer, Noiseless channels, Advanced planning systems, Network management system, Streaming stored audio, Lecture Logistics management, Location Strategy, Transport Decisions, Inventory Strategy, Setting Customer service goals, Supply Chain Schematic, Supply chain product, Logistics/SC in Diverse Areas, Information Maintenance, Logistics Strategy Formulation, Industrial goods, Mixed strategy, Nature of the Product, The COG method involves, Transport Fundamentals, Method appraisal, Production operations management, Forecasting supply chain requirements, Transport choices, Logistical transportation, Reasons for Inventories, Lecture Production operations management, Project control reports, Procurement Costs, Special service charges, Naive forecast, Materials Handling System, Carrying costs, Collaborative Forecasting, Project scheduling techniques, Out-of-stock costs, Organizational Functions, Product Strategy Options Support, Process Strategies, Capacity planning process, Product Focus, Human resource strategy, Exponential smoothing, Employment-stability policies, Strategic importance of layout decision, ABC controls, Improved customer, Forecast accuracy, Transportation modeling, Product oriented layout, Managing the integrated supply chain, Objectives of inventory management, Cost of inventory, Capacity considerations, Material requirement planning, Sản xuất vắc xin, Polymorphism of FCN2 gene, Sản xuất vắc xin từ thực vật, Association of VDR ApaI polymorphism, Fluorescence covalent microbead immunosorbent assay, Serum ficolin-2 levels, Sản xuất vắc xin cho người, VDR ApaI polymorphism, Systemic therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma, Fluorescence covalent microbead immunosorbent, Dengue hemorrhagic fever patients, Sản xuất vắc xin cho động vật, Adjuvant regimens for HCC, Novel PCR-SSP based, Liver disease progression

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