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Hart uniformity coefficient Helicteres hirsuta Probabilistic lung model Drip irrigation system for okra crop Yield of ginger Determination of luteolin Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Extracts of Helicteres hirsuta by HPLC Extracts of Helicteres hirsuta Survey of recovery of luteolin Automation irrigation system Frictional head loss Automation irrigation system for floriculture On-farm drip irrigation systems design Deficient in soil Farmers towards sprinkler irrigation system Farmers’ fields Raikia block Phenomenal growth Drip system Sprinkler irrigation Coefficient of variance Extension contacts Soil moisture sensor Time based Conventional irrigation system Extent of use Volume based Farmers using drip irrigation system Drip irrigation in sugarcane etc Drip irrigation system for tomato Extension participation between farmers Sugarcane farmers Sugarcane crop Wetting pattern Application rate Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) crop Flood irrigation system After-typhoon surges Abnormal seawater level rises Warning issues of surges Typhoons landfall time Publications relative to this problem Wave set-up Modified power weeder Developed manually operated rotary weeder SWASH models Ergonomic evaluation Coastal infrastructures Sustainable coastal planning Non-linear wave-wave interaction Teaching technology Management and transfer of technology Leaf curl disease Central Kindergarten Pedagogy College IDM module for the management Management of barley aphid Trends of Technology Revolution 4.0 engineering machine Barley aphid (Rhopalosiphum maidis) Leaf curl disease in chilli T1 and farmers practice industrial pumps Technology gap of chilli pump repair repair techniques Technological administration pumping systems automatic pump Phytophthora cactorum An Innovative Computer-Assisted Sense-making process Alternaria leaf spot Management of collar rot in apple Management of alternarial leaf spot Efficacy of botanicals Public research institutes Innovation systems Indigenous technological knowledge Brinjal shoot Disease management of agricultural crops Fruit borer Eco-friendly management of brinjal shoot Indigenous technological knowledge in pest Superior over control General structure of scintillation detectors Electron-structure of solid-state (Na) Electron states in inorganic crystals Detectors with inorganic scintillator Aligned carbon nanotubes Graphene materials Biosensor applications Principles of instrumental analysis Instrumental analysis Atomic spectroscopy The emergence of desciplines Molecular luminescence Precursors of materials science The virtues of subsidiarity The escape from handwaving

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Clinical terms, Filter loss control, organisational transformation, electronic access, Rheology control, Mud contamination, Density control, Architectural building, casting, Tripling the income of rural youth, Soil quality indexing, Protected cultivation structures repair, Windows slows down, Popular especially poly-house cultivation, Systemic treatments, remove programs, National essential medicines lists, maintenance tools, Essential Medicines List for Children, HER2 overexpressed, clean your machine, National Essential Drug List, avoid hardware damage, Access to medicine, Prices of medicine, East wollega zone, Fundamental human right, Quality of medicine, Falsely labeled, Essential medicine, Department of Drugs and Food, Essential Issues, Hyperthermia Treatment, Esophageal Applicator, Heating Pattern, Atherosclerotic Vascular, Petroleum Journal Vol 10 year 2019, Essentials of pharmaceutical chemistry, Vietnam Oil and Gas, The British Pharmacopoeia, Wind farms, Answers to problems, Volumetric analysis of drugs, Psychosocial health, Analytical spectroscopy, Just the Fact, Victor Olisah, Gastroenterology and nutrition, Pancreatic disease, Haematological disease, Malignant disease, Electrolytes and acid–base balance, Endocrine disease, Oil and Gas Magazine 2015, Other disorders of metabolism, Petroleum Journal Vol 06 year 2015, Principles of addiction medicine the essentials, Enhanced oil recovery projects, Overview of addiction treatment, Petroleum Journal Vol 06 year 2018, Addiction medicine, Biodiesel dynamic viscosity, Dry reforming of methane, Management of intoxication and withdrawal, Reservoir characterization, Pharmacologic interventions, Petroleum Journal Vol 10 year 2015, Petroleum Journal Vol 10 year 2016, Improve the cement bond quality, Without an initial condition, Initial condition, Sentence Boundary, Boundary problem, Detection In Speech, Interface highly oscillating between two concentric ellipses, Parabolic equations, Two concentric ellipses, Rain Forests, Smooth base, The associate continuity conditions, Costa Rica, Boundary-value problem originates, An immersed boundary method, Simulation of moving object in fluid flow, 3-dimension fluid flow, Solid object under effect, Enforcing viscous boundary, Quadratic eigenvalue problem, Commodity trade, Nonpolynomial spline, End conditions, Homotopy perturbation method, Modified variational iteration method, Damped structures, Self-adjoint differential expressions, Self-adjoint boundary conditions, Self-adjoint boundary value, Dissertation summary Doctor of mechanical engineering, Symmetric Green’s functions, Research of torsional vibration fluctuation, Fixed point index, Oscillating absorber, Nonlinear boundary, Torsional excitation, Polynomially dependent on the spectral parameter, Optimazed parameters, Rotary systems, Optimal parameters of dynamic vibration absorber, Hàn Quốc – Việt Nam, Thay đổi hệ thống quản trị toàn cầu, Stalk cross sectional area, Black gram stalks on cutting energy, Structural variations, Position Specific Posterior Lattices, Indexing Speech, Positional accuracy, Ciprian Chelba and Alex Acero, Tectonic velocities, Continuously operating reference stations, Accelerometer-based navigation, Optimal parameters of vibration reduction system TMD-D and DVA, Determination of tectonic velocities, Mechanical axis, An inverted pendulum type structurem, GNSS data of some CORSs, Component sagittal positioning, Inverse pendulum system, The articulated tower in the ocean, Mixed H∞/H2 controller, Magnetic bearing systems, SIR model, Heterogeneous computing, Research on relationships between fluid pressure, Technological parameters shape of cylindrical, Hydro static forming, Blank holder pressure, Metal science, Material science doctoral thesis, Forming pressure, Sheet hydro static forming, Optimizing hydrostatic forming technology, Accuracy of product, INFRASTRUCTERES, common practical questions, suggested answers, Research on numerical simulation, Spray irrigation technology, Thermochemical parameters of ergothioneine, Swirling intensity coefficient, WB97xd and tpsstpss methods, Possibility and constraint parameters, Related to turbulent intensity, Via hydrogen atom transfer, Automated generalization of multi – scale base maps, Swirl intensity changes, Semisupervised condensed nearest neighbor, Single electron transfer-proton transfer, GIS cartographic generalization, Multi – scale base maps, Active Learning-Based Elicitation, Semi-Supervised Word Alignment, Vamshi Ambati, Learning Better Data Representation, Inference-Driven Metric Learning, Paramveer S. Dhillon Partha Pratim Talukdar, Simple semi-supervised training, Semi-Supervised Active Learning, part-of-speech taggers, Katrin Tomanek and Udo Hahn Jena, specified learning outcomes, Molecular approach towards defence mechanisms, Defence against pathogens and pest, Cellular adaptations, Involve numerous physiological, Simple Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing, Designing a manufacturing cell system, Terry Koo, Manufacturing cell system by assigning workforce, Manufacturing cell system, Detecting Compositionality, Meta-heuristic methods of Simulated Annealing, Multi-Word Expressions, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Word Alignment Using Labeled, Label Propagation Based Semi-Supervised Learning, Zheng-Yu Niu, Semi-supervised clustering, Dong-Hong Ji, Graph based clustering with constraints, Graph based clustering, Proposed algorithm can significantly improve, Traveling salesmen problem, Ancestral genome inference, Genome arrangement, Decision tree classifier, Analyzed gene, Microarray data, Matic data of Kinnerasani Basin, Kinnerasani Basin using GIS, Basis Risk, RS for management, Hedging Performance, Management of land resources, Index Futures, volatile segment, A simple pattern-matching algorithm, High-throughput sequence alignment, outstanding performance, recovering empty nodes and their antecedents, FMD-index, minimizing risk, Mark Johnson Brown, Maximal spanning seeds, Algorithmic bridges, ECF bleaching, Annual narrow endemic plant, Paper properties, Sand ecosystem, Soda-AQ pulping, Seed output, Elementary chlorine-free, Soil seed bank, Is Arenas dune system, Ecology habitats, Soil-plant relations, Annual Gypsophila, G. antari, Organic matter. G. antari, GA3 and marigold, Mulching and application of GA3, Growth and flower yield, Flower yield of marigold, NAA spray, Annual chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum [Chrysanthemum coronarium L.], Yield attributing characteristics, Highly significant, Different plant growth hormones, Ground cover, Community nursery, Distance geometry, Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana Gams.), NICRA village, Branch-and-prune algorithm, Flowering of Pansy, Contingency measure, Molecular conformation, High density planting and Mulching, Delayed planting in NICRA village, Mulching on vegetative, Reproductive parameters of mango, Mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Alphonso, Nitrogen and potassium, Seed yield of annual chrysanthemum, Influenced by different levels, Graded levels of nitrogen, Potassium combinations, Flower yield of annual chrysanthemum, Technology and Oil Reserves, Resource Versus Production, Energy and Innovation, the committee, Flexible ligand docking, Search algorithms, Implementing corporate social, Rain and crop water use efficiency, Random drift particle swarm optimization, Crop water use efficiency, the use of, Scope of CSR, Diversity control strategy, Dry farming conditions, Solis and Wets local search, Sustaining groundnut productivity, Autodock software, Rainwater management, Software runs the machine, Epistatic interactions, Co-information, Missing heritability, Replacement of inorganic zinc, Tribal agriculture, Introduction to Photogrammetry, Knee arthrodesis, Blood Transfusions, Inorganic zinc, Binary codes, Film-based Cameras, Tribal youth, Organic zinc, Chemotherapy Drugs, Dynamic growth pattern, Dormitory thermal comfort, Muscle-bone connection, Extensor mechanism and patella, Digital arithmetic, Agricultural enterprises and constraints, ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis Lecture 9, Amir Hossein, Thermal regime, Collagen Replacement, Properties of Aerial Photography, Biophysical parameters, Vertically hydroponics vegetable garden, Muscle-attachment tubes, Interpolative boolean algebra, Sata acquisition, Tibial tubercle osteotomy, Simplification techniques, Agricultural enterprises, Abstract algebra, Structural matrix algebra, Reproductive efficiency in rats, Binary adders, Number Theory Problems, Basic engineering mathematics, Vietnamese REnglish code switching, Circular binary segmentation, Yield of baby corn, Measuring Systems, Mustard cultivars, Measurement of thermal comfort of the building, Proximal femoral reconstruction, Logic systems, Internal Synthesizer Flow, Multicriteria routing algorithm, Constraints in involvement, Matrix groups and symmetry, Invariant subspace, Basic arithmetic, Kết cấu Model, Hybridization number, Conversational code-switching, Consensus molecular signature, Significance testing, Transforming data, Phenology of baby corn, Digital Photogrammetric Workstations, Different thermal environments, Rungkut Menanggal Harapan Surabaya, Arabic numerals, Systems and controls, Tumor orthopedic, Arithmetic progression, Hệ cơ số hai, Getting Lost in a Sea of Documentation, Group actions, Lattice of invariant subspaces, Phylogenetic networks, Engineering notation, Overall molecular signature, Buffer usage, Typology of code-switching, Influenced by thermal regime, Non-parametric, Thermal environment perception, Row orientation, Kunihiko, The indispensable PC hardware book, Computers represent data, Optimization in Synthesis, Several equivalent, Alternate coding mechanisms, Roman numerals, The sylow theorems, More boolean algebra, Monomeric silicic acid, State space analysis, Computer numbering systems, Shift registers, Distance between peers, Variation in DNA copy number, Reasons for code-switching, Binary classification, Low-power designs, Directed feedback vertex set, VHDL Examples, PC hardware book, Sea of Documentation, Thermosensitive nanocomposite hydrogel based pluronic-grafted gelatin, Kaolinitic soil, Integral domains, Simple equations, University of Languages and International Studies, Medium strong inversion regions, Nano-droplets, Main components, Quadratic equations, Lattices and boolean algebras, Nanocurcumin for enhancing burn healing, A dynamic light scattering study, Super-threshold logic circuits, Mass fraction of droplet, Multi-Local Particle, Logical memory adressing, Critical aggregate concentration, Thermosensitive nanocomposite hydrogel, Logic styles operating, Sequential Programming, The process happening frequently

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