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Diazenyl chalcones Bioactive compound Density of states Dispiro-3-phenylpyrrolothiazole Prospective antimicrobial NO inhibition Anti- H. pylori AlN films Nutrient-dense dishes NA-K pump Antiprotozoal activity 4-Thiazolidinone ring Selective liquid chromatography Water measurement Three-level orthogonal design experiments Chinese herb Centrosymmetric space Intramolecular charge transfer Persian clover sprout 5-Hydroxytryptamine Naphthol diazenyl scaffold Genus Zasmidium Glucose absorption Rat histopathology Pulsed laser treatment Keyhole limpet hemocyanin Therapeutic agent Anti proliferative agents Heteroaromatic aldehydes Pharmacological targets Treat osteoarthritis Bioactive phytoconstituents Electrochemical aptasensor Significant antimicrobial activity Benzoic acids Coupling reaction Coagulation activity Estimated dietary intake Atractylodis rhizoma Tyrosinase during Diaryl ethers Trifolium resupinatum Brompheniramine maleate Pollution remediation 2-hydroxy naphthaldehyde azo dyes Egyptian healthy volunteers Catalytic hydrogenation Dry snuff Pulsed laser deposition RIN-14B cells Prunus spinosa Tobacco smoke Quinazoline nucleus Arylfuran derivatives Dicafeoylquinic acid Fumonisin B1 Potential anti-inflammatory Protecting public health Pseudoephedrine HCl Jaundice-relieving Moist snuff Pineapple peel Persian clover Fe3O4 sub-microsphere nano-palladium 2-Aminothiazole Metabolic stability Spiked human plasma Bidi cigarettes Chemometrics analysis Primary macrophages Exonuclease-I Sulfonic acid Rose Bengal Hard pellet Combustion enthalpy Antioxidant activity against Indole hybridized diazenyl derivatives Halogenated aromatic Pineapple crown leaves THF protein precipitation Size-fractionated analysis Utilized displaying Aesculus chinensis Bge. var. chekiangensis G-rich DNA Potato four Glycopyrronium bromide Sorbic acid Thiophene derivatives Nano-palladium Biorenewable polymers Formation enthalpy Vanillic acid Anti-diabetic drug Visual and fluorescent sensor Sioutas cascade impactor Phenylethanol glycosides Near-infrared fluorescence probes Polyallyamine resin Biological potential β-Lactam affinity

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Cytotoxicity evaluation, Pasting properties, Ratio derivative spectrophotometry, Anti-microbial, Rapid HPLC method, Amino benzoic acid, Molecularly imprinted polymer, Sublimation enthalpy, Indole heptamethine cyanine dyes, Neuroprotective activity, GC–MS analysis of bidi emissions, Gel-filled baby teether, Antifungal and antiparasitic activity, Chlorosulfonic acid, Diferential scanning calorimetry, Healthcare associated MRSA, Heteroaromatic amines, Ion pair chromatography, 1-naphthyl isocyanate, Apocynum venetum L., River water, Group-additivity correlation, Biological application, Indomethacin analogues, Neurodegenerative disorder, Ethylene-vinyl acetate, Substituted benzylideneamino, Exhibited moderate activity, Piperine derivatives, Thiazolidinedione derivatives, Model biomass materials, Bis-pyrimidine Schiff bases, Protein biomarker, Simulated digestion, Crystallographic characterization, Fluorescent detection, Pentacyclic moiety, Ultra violet light, Corydalis yanhusuo W.T. Wang, COX-2 inhibitors, Migration study, Eugenia punicifolia, Contain hyperoside, p-Amino benzoic acid, Research progress, H2O2 activity, Bis-pyrimidines, Quality marker, Bioanalytical techniques, Sulfur molecules, Fungicidal activity, Heterocyclic pyrimidine nucleus, Synthetic origin, Phloem-mobile pesticides, Lychee pericarp, UV-spectrophotometric detection, Dendrobium officinale, SCWO process, Preparative HPLC, 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives, Directed assembly, Ligustrum lucidum Ait fowers, Remarkable physical, Low-gelling temperature agarose, Geum urbanum L., In situ analysis, Display interesting pharmacological, Human fluids, Chiral pool synthesis, Macleaya microcarpa, Curcuminoids synthesis, Non-invasiveness, Catalpol propionate, 2-Butanone, Benzimidazole-pyrazole, Anti-tyrosinase agents, Carnosic acid, Vitis heyneana, Quercetin-3-rutinose-7-rhamnoside, Chiral ruthenium, Alkali metal, Macroreticular resin, Justicia procumbens, VPS fluorescent detection, FRAP assay, Sunflower seeds, Anti-HIV, HPTLC methods, Isoquinoline derivatives, DHFR inhibitors, Natural phenolic, THP-1 cells, Translation and scale-up, Hormones secreted, Kodamaea ohmeri, Bisindole analogs, Potassium-40, Pressurized hot water extraction, Specific intrinsic pathway, Coagulatory activity, Turmeric extract, Graphene-based biosensors, Syncephalastrum racemosum, β-amyloid inhibitors, Condensation reaction, Relative standard deviation, Carbon fiber ionization mass spectrometry, Phloem systemicity, Carissa opaca leaves, Aluminum electrode, Pyrimidine derivatives, Quantum parameters, Biaryl oxazolidinone, Relatively inexpensive, Negligible risk, Physiochemical identification, Silicon substrate, Hydrazone and sulphonamide derivatives, Biomedical sectors, Opioid receptors, SGF digestion, Purine nucleotides, Anti-ulcer, Novel myricetin analogues, Puff by puff, Novel quinazolinone‑based rhodanines, Tara seed oil, Antiaging drug, RNA binding property, Trans-ε-viniferin, Potential antineoplastic drug, Gaseous phase, Pyrazine-2-carbohydrazide, Cross-linked polycation, Regioselective demethoxylation, 3-acetylpyridine, Gracilaria asiatica, Donor-π-acceptor, Theoretical plates, Substituted 4-oxothiazolidin-3-yl, Diferent origins, Fermentation effciency, Coagulator activity, Directed Assembly Network held, Anti-leishmanial potential, Metabolic stability study, Microwave-assisted technique, FACS analysis, Hydrosable tannins, Chewing tobacco, Molecular modification, Potential cytotoxic agents, Synthetic wastewater, Jujube fruits, Micro-elemental analys, Molecular docking evaluation, Citrate stabilized Fe3O4, High purity, Surface thiolation, Fukui indices, 3D7 strain, TLR-4 signal pathways, Transgenic zebrafish, Catha edulis Forsk, Determinate content, UV–vis absorption, Glycinergic–fipronil conjugate, Shale oil, Surflex-Docking method, Autodock vina, 2- methoxybenzylidene, Several metabolites, Supramolecular architecture, Nano composites, N-methyl morpholine, Halogenated dibenzocyclooctadiene, Mainstream tobacco smoke, Flavonoid glucosides, 5-Methylpyrazine-2-carbohydrazide, G. bailinae, Non-coding miRNA, β-arrestin pathway, Solvent–solvent extraction, Kinetic study, UV–visible and fuorescence spectra, Bis-alkoxymethane, Mixed sugar fermentation, Psidium guineense, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Biginelli reactions, Phyllanthus tenellus Roxb., Bio-analytical, Including dry snuff, Anticoagulant actions, Limits of detection, Antifungal agents, Botryococcus braunii, Transcription factor NF-κB activation, Octamethyl-cyclotetrasiloxane, Thiadiazole-copper, Stabilize miR-21, Antiangiogenic activity, Anti-swelling experiments, Non-malignant lung tissue, Triethyl amine, Benzimidazole-pyrazole hybrid molecules, Aryl halides, Bio-analytical method, Dynamic aerosol, Toxic chemical, Drug designing, G. lemaneiformis, Total phenolics and flavonoids, Quaternary phosphonium salts, Absolute methanol, Molecular rotor, Rice straw hydrolysates, Rat liver microsomes, Pantothenate synthetase, Sulphonamide novel derivatives, 2H-perfuorodecanethiol, CAM assay, Thiazolopyrimidine derivatives, Chemical variability, GPCR proteins, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Carbon homologation, Aryl moieties, Accurately quantifying CVA, DNA cleavage activity, ECD investigation, Alkoxymethylphosphonium iodides, Cinnamomi Cortex, Phloem thickness, Active components, Composite fours, Otostegia integrifolia, Ratio subtraction–ratio difference, Long-chain arylpiperazine, Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch, Facile synthesis, Thiophene 2-carboxaldehyde, Styrene acrylonitrile, N-methyl piperidine, Successive derivative ratio, 2-Thiohydantoin, Plasma protein binding, 2-hydrazinylpyrimidine derivative, Polypropylene blends, Breadmaking technology, Plasma pharmacokinetic, HEPG-2 cell line, In vivo metabolites, Halogen bond, Derivative ratio spectra–zero crossing, β-naphthyl carbamate, Tetramic acid, Heterocyclic derivatives, Hollow fber, Single-crystal X-ray, Nano particles morphology, AChE inhibitor, HeLa cell, Suzuki coupling, Melanthera elliptica, Doxorubicin hydrochloride, In vitro metabolites, Domino reactions, Smokeless tobacco products, Pure component contribution algorithm, Gram-positive bacterium, 2-Tioxoimidazolidin-4-one ring, Teak leaf litter, Cesium incorporation, Online solid-phase extraction, 4-arylpiperazine moiety, PP crystallinity, Hydrazone derivatives, 4-ortho-Caboranyldimethyl, Palladium nanoparticles, Cafeic acid derivatives, Cyano conjugates, Breast carcinoma cell line, Chemo divergent multicomponent reactions, Pathogenic phenotypes, 4-bromophenyl, Teak leaf litter powde, Phenolic wastewater, Synthetic calcium phosphates, 3-substituted-analine, Staphylococcus aureus bacterial, Exhibit favorable, 2-methoxyphenylethan-1-oxime, Isoindoline-1, Malus pumila Mill, Langmuir isotherm, 3-bromothiophen-2-yl, Anaerobic submerged membrane bioreactor, Lippia thymoides, Carboxymethyl sago starch, Apoptosis induction, Gallium nitride, Structure modification, Antifungal property, 3-Dione, Intermediate 3, 2-aminooxazol-5-yl, Arylboronic acids, MBR performance, Methyl-N-benzoyl-α-azidoglycinate, Inhibition mechanism, Acidic mineralizer, Antioxidant efect, Ortho-carboranyl biphenyloxime, Seasonal and circadian study, Activated partial thromboplastin time, Oxazole analogues, Swelling in different media, Unequivocal synthesis, Supercritical ammonia, Carbon-NMR, Angelica lactone, Glucose uptake assay, NH4Cl+ammonium iodide, Acid hydrogel, Synthesized oxazole, Alarming requirement, Moderate antimicrobial activity, Imidazopyridine derivatives, Escallonia illinita, Antidiabetic glitazones, Antioxidant manufacturing, Boxylate synthetase, DprE1 inhibitors, Resinous exudates, Cosmetics oxidation, Antitubercular activity, Anti-oomycete activity, Air-borne disease, Saprolegnia sp., Cyclic studies, Dibenzylidene ketone derivatives, Equilibrium study, Aureobasidium sp., Human capsaicin receptor, 4-tert-butylcalix, Palladium precatalyst, Suzuki–Miyaura, Sensing materials include, C–C cross-coupling, Sterol carrier protein-2, Marsilea minuta, D. mucronata, Culex quinquefasciatus Say, Docking analysis, Anti-microbial potential, Brachychiton populneus, Pickled soybeans, Plants either, Vitro antioxidant assays, Vinegar pickling, Chloronitrobenzoic acids, Single crystal X-ray difraction, Human neutrophil elastase, Portulaca quadrifida, Chemical reactivity, Potent serine protease, 2-chloro-5-nitrobenzoic acids, Chymotrypsin family, Total phenolic content and antibacterial activities, 4-nitrobenzoic acid, Ratio difference, HNE proteolytic activity, Constant center, Microwave-promoted, Mean centering, HIV-1 non-nucleoside, Anti-infammatory drug, 4-cyanophenyl, Microwave-promoted method, Lignin model compound, 2-methoxyphenyl anisole, Antifungal efects, 4-phenoxyphenol, C–O bond cleavage, Treat infectious disease, High bond energy, CO2 and H2S absorptions, Mono ethylene glycol, Amine gas sweetening, Gas sweetening, Well-established technique, POD activity, 4-methoxyphenyl, Optimal partner wavelength combination, Hyporeactive sexual desire disorder, A. plantago-aquatica, Blue corn, Plantain A, Palladium-catalyzed borylation

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