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E-readiness TANUVAS NanoHeal topical gel Ground nut cake Comparative ameliorative efficacy Wound healing activity Tamarind pulp against boron Higher agriculture education Productivity of groundnut Sesame oil cake Agricultural universities Beetal and Assam Hill goat Fluorotic calves reared Epithelisation time Clinical cases of cattle Different sources of vegetable protein Periphery villages Comparative study of e-learning readiness Plasmopara viticola Extruded product Symptomatology of grapes downy mildew pathogen Soybean and Mango seed kernel Grapes downy mildew pathogen Mango seed kernel Per cent incidence ranged Nutrient rich extruded product Grapes growing areas Anxiety and coping strategies Attappadi black Alwar district Conduct OFT Wheat Urban Working Mosaic disease In vitro efficacy of bio-control Tribal community Soil and macronutrient status Irrigated conditions of Rajasthan Nonworking mothers Growth of onion as influenced Path analysis in F6 generation Mycosphaerella musicola Macronutrient status Yield gap analysis of wheat Coping strategies among urban working Farm trails at farmers fields Field efficacy of botanicals Influenced by soil F6 generation of ridge gourd Sigatoka leaf spot of banana Covid-19 related anxiety Foliar application of nutrient Inorganic salts against mosaic disease Foliar application of boron Wheat and barley straw Seed production and major constraints Bioassay studies for testing toxicity Barley straw for production Testing toxicity Soybean seed production Production of mushrooms Vitamins on epidemiological components Novel insecticides against Spodoptera litura Barley straw for production of mushrooms Productivity of seed production Required information Silkworm hybrid Grain conversion efficiency Solids not fat Selective herbicides Corrected lactometer reading Biochemical changes in blackgram Experimental variance Erysiphe polygoni induced morpho-physiological Validation of formulae Application of selective herbicides Highly susceptible genotype LBG-623 Estimation of solids-notfat Solvent evaporation Nanoencapsulated pre-emergence sulfentrazone herbicide Matlab và điều khiển tự động Soil microbiome Nodulation of irrigated blackgram Physiological characters of soybean genotypes Irrigated blackgram Determining the optimal farm size Enhancing efficiency of handling Judicial measures in Vietnamese criminal law Handling of non-performing loan Vietnamese criminal law Households Mekong Delta Ph.D thesis of international Economics Impact of monetary policy Ph.D thesis of international The law on deposit insurance Macroprudential policy Social organizations in protecting Imposing penalties Deposit insurance in Vietnam Transformation of economic growth model Bank stability in Vietnam Interests of consumers under Vietnam’s law

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Military courts, Implementation of the law on organization, Economic growth model of Thailand, Vietnam’s law, Global economic crisis, Excessive internet use, Dental age estimation, Discriminated adolescents, Facilitating factors, Nolla method, Total IgE, Interventions widely, Online space, Willems method, Specific IgE, Especially boys, Demirjian method, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Mangiferin calcium salt, Unintentional suffocation, Toddler’s diarrhea, Sudden unexpected infant death, Number of siblings, Preterm newborn, Brief resolved unexplained event, Educational video, Longitudinal cohort, Exceptional children, Adenovirus pneumonia, Carbohydrate-rich food, Pharmacokinetic modelling, UVC placement, Severe hypokalaemia, IYCF practices, Bone maturation, Congenital hearing impairment, Intravenous lipids, Children under five years old, Observational prospective cohort, Platelet ratios, Communicating weight, Non-alcoholic fatty, Dietary modification, Neurotoxic pollutant, Intraosseous access, Oropharyngeal colostrum, ARV drugs exposure, Emerging threat, Retrospective observational, Malnutrition remains, Abnormally high levels, Childhood thinness, Create prognosis curves, Children under 1 -year-old, Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, Melnick-Needles syndrome, Inhibitors of gastric acid secretion, Country-clusters, Inadequate intake, Terrain parks, Enhanced apoptosis, Multi-child-families, Neonatal health services, Univariate analysis, Non-Hispanic black, Healthy conversations, Definite diagnosis, Recto-sigmoid, Micro-nutrient deficiencies, Therapeutic activity, Extremely rare osteochondrodysplasia, Colorectal biopsies, Periosteal reaction, Gene encoding filamin A, Ganglion cell, Identical FLNA gene mutation, Distribution exist, An Introduction to accounting, Horngren’s cost accounting, Horngren’s financial, Horngren’s accounting, The analog world, The nonfinancial executive, The information system, Creating learning environments, A firm’s financial performance, M anagerial accounting, Analysis and interpretation, Complex cognitive processes, Programmable logic device architectures, Esponsibility accounting, Mergers banking, The financial chapters, The learning sciences, Accounting principles II, Accounting and business, Introductory concepts, Corporate objectives, Pricing model, Industry accounting standards, Teaching every student, MSI logic circuits, Institutional arrangements, Acquisitions in banking, he nature of costs, Strategic profitability analysis, Managing the systems development life cycle, Circuit logic families, Learner differences, Social cognitive views, Finance and the capital markets, Improve management performance, Mergers finance, Setting accounting standards, Phe capital asset pricing model, Describing logic circuits, Determining the financing mix, Immigrant education, Digital system projects using HDL, Merchandising transactions, The control budget, The special problem, The choice of accounting methods, Economics for financial markets, Capacity analysis, The financial architecture, The key lessons, The new economic paradigm, The global foreign exchange rate system, Key financial ratios, The currency markets, Financial services mergers, Managing financial services mergers, Global financial services reconfiguration, Using variance analysis, Financial strategies in M&As, 53BP1 proteins, Human primary myeloma cell, Immunodeficient animal model, Tumor cell viability, Nude mouse tumor model, Chalcone derivatives, Diagnosed cancer, Guangzhou occupational cohort, Cantonese cancer, Metronomic capecitabine, Non-mucinous adenocarcinoma, Plays critical roles, Blood perfusion, Induce hypoxia, Cyclin B1, Metastatic diseases, Diagnostic indicator, Low-dose aspirin, Dox-chemotherapy, Lung cancer survival, N-benzyladriamycin-14-valerate, Orphan disease, Single system multifocal, Pediatric regimens, Dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor, Vivo antitumor activity, NLST criteria, Novel anti-tumor agent, Local transdermal therapy, Selective estrogen receptor modulators, Testicular germ cell tumour, Frequent cannabis, Tumor-associated antigen, Cancerous inhibitor of PP2A, Mitogen activated kinase 4, Ingenuity pathway analysis, Pancreatic invasion, Tumor-enhancing gene, Prostate intraepithelial neoplasia, PSGR protein, Premenopausal breast cancer, Underlying genetic contributions, Germline factors, Cellulose-based ultrasound contrast agent, Initial screening, Transabdominal ultrasound, Ultrasensitive immunocytochemical, Tumor microenvironment matrix, Hanging drop, Ovary cancer, Paracrine cellular interaction, Mainstreaming genetic medicine, Indeterminate lesions, BRCA mutation carriers, Maternal cells, Glutathione S-transferase P1, Prediagnostic serum glucose, Triple negative BC, Pathological tumor features, Already metastasized, Lymph nodes’ examination, Ectopic secretion, Gonadotropin-sensitive tumors, Anti-hCG vaccine, Protumorigenic receptor tyrosine kinase, Pleomorphic liposarcoma, Insufficient radiofrequency ablation, Dietary Calcium, HepG2-H cells, Sub-site Analysis, Hyper-IL-6, Trans-signaling, Colitis-associated cancer, Cumulative dose of cisplatin, Sulindac sulfide, Sp transcription factors, Cancer chemotherapeutic, Oxidative DNA, Human breast cancer cell line, Res-increased miR-34c, Tumor bearing mouse model, Chimeric gene generated, Zebrafish expressing, Uveal metastasis, Symptom knowledge, Cancer beliefs, Barriers to symptom presentation, Including anti-allergic, Anti-oxidation, Zebrafish xenograft, Breast cancer in pregnancy, α-gal epitopes, Anti-cancer potential, Fetal cardiotoxicity, Synthetic quinoline derivative, Ovarian cancer stem-like cells, Epirubicin administration, Protein c-erbB-2, Epigenetic therapy, Chromatin modification, Tumour-stroma ratio, Endometrial adenocarcinomas, Risk factor heterogeneity, Serum lipidome profiles, Rectal cancer therapy, Perivascular epithelioid cell, Kinesin-like motor protein, Response to chemoradiation, FGFR inhibitor, Clear cell myomelanocytic tumor, Slit-Robo pathway, Identify pediatric primary, Ca2+ release activated Ca2+ channel, Cytochalasin B, Membrane androgen receptors, Cell line MCF-7, Neuropilin and tolloid-like 2, Allergic reaction, Absolute eosinophil, Drug-induced hypereosinophilia, Milk consumption, Whole-body, Ecological study, During surveillance, Decreasing trends of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Serum factors, Lymphoma manifestations, Anti-Hu antibody, Cerebellar ataxia, Soft tissue origin, Conditional survival, HBV screening, Trebectedin withdrawal, Bladder neoplasm, Tissue stiffness, Trophoblast cell surface antigen 2, Post-mastectomy radiotherapy, One to three positive nodes, Anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody, Hypofractionated radiation, Geriatric risk profile, Colorectal cancer survival, Insulinemic dietary patterns, Orthodenticle homeobox 1, Immune check point block, Unique prognosis factor, Several bioinformatics tools, HIV associated NHL, Low resource settings, Describe survival rates, Recurrence prediction, Nonlinear IGFBP-3 induction, Bcl-2 suppression, Expanded indications for ESD, Staging diagnosis scheme, Refractory retinoblastoma, Intravitreal chemotherapy, Pars plana vitrectomy, Monocular retinoblastoma, Record-based cohort, Specific childhood cancers types, Investigated antipsychotic, Severe mental illness, Long-term prognosis, Competing-risk model, Hepatic malignancy, Differentiation syndrome, Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy, Abdominal radical hysterectomy, Musashi-1, Recurrent-free survival, Real-time RT-PCR assays, DNA methylation marker, Heat shock protein 90, Reduce cancer-related mortality, Phosphorylated Akt, Ethy-lenediaminetetraacetic acid, Testosterone increase, PCa progression, Early stoma closure, Completeness of adjuvant chemotherapy, Low anterior resection, Aurora-A kinase, Biochemical progression, Inhibitors of apoptosis proteins, Genes of the Schlafen, DNA damage drugs, Adjuvant oxaliplatin-based treatment, Cervical adenocarcinoma, Metabolic reprogramming, Monocarboxylate transporter, Cancer malignancy, Lactate efflux, H3K9me1 methyltransferase, Energetic stress, Translation arrest, Rate-limiting enzyme, Cancer staging, Mediterranean Islands, Children’s cancers, Surgical candidates, Symptomatic metastatic spinal cord compression, Curcumin analog, Compound WZ35, Glycolytic inhibitor, Functional inhibition, Suicide substrate, Myeloid leukemia, Regulatory phospho-proteins, Molecular targeted agents, Treatment decision-making, Tumor-infiltrating mast cells, Breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1, Anti-proliferating activity, Activation of cyclooxygenase, β2-AR expression, Administering individualized treatment, SOX4 protein, Human insulin, Yielded disease, Small tumors, Overcoming initial malcontent, Their physicians, Murine cancer model, Extramural tumor deposit, Ubiquitin-specific protease 18, Extracapsular invasion, Murine model, Extracapsular lymph node involvement, Pelvic lymph nodes, Antihormonal Treatment, Antihormonal therapy, M-type phospholipase A2 receptor, Monocentric clinical phase II trial, PLA2R1 expression, Epithelial transition factor gene, Clinical complete response, Treatment sequence, PLA2R1 promoter methylation, Increased tumour progression, HBV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma, HEK 293T cells, Cancer-testis antigens, Promising biomarkers, JNK pathway activation, Clinico-pathologic features, Post-radiation cetuximab, PEGylated irinotecan, Cetuximab post-radiation, Cetuximab alone, HPV awareness, Metastatic colorectal cancers, Prevention and treatment integration, Multicenter open-label Phase II, Primary caregivers, Biweekly administration, Hyperthermia field, Cytotoxic T cell, Laser capture microdissection, Epigenetic pathways, Cyclin-dependent protein kinase-5, Defense system, Nervous system functions, Estrogen-mediated inactivation

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