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Development of shoots Role of heteromorphic variations Index value Neuro-psychiatric disorders Peanut genotypes Non-resectable Eucalyptus canker disease Wetting-drying cycles Soybean var DSb-21 MutS Homologues Codon adaptation index Formerly the Failed States Index Respiratory sinus arrhythmia Mekong River Commission Hearing deficit Seeding interval Pancreatic stellate cells Mitochondrial DNA synthesis Poor nitrogen conditions Dị giới kinh hồn Hormone sensitive prostate cancer Evaluation of eucalyptus clones against Time-to-event data DNA Metabolism The geographical and natural conditions Field trial Clinical disease activity index Analgesia nociception index Urinary tract anomalies Transplanting age Seed recovery Residual disease Yielding peanut lines Derived neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio Rainfed horsegram Retroviral Replication Cultural and human resources Simplified disease activity index Concordance index KRH-4 hybrid rice 3D printer Dau Giay cultivar DNA replication II Platinum sensitivity Yield attributes in sunflower Simplex Virus Disease activity score 28 joints Resultant seed quality of rainfed horsegram Collagen synthesis Prosopis leaf extract Lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis Gene synthesis Eukaryotic replication Total soluble sugar contents Seed drill on productivity Hydrophilic polymer Sowing and foliar application Rheumatoid arthritis activity Cannabis sativa L. Assembly PCR Galvanostatic charge-discharge Yield and resultant seed quality Gene design Seed quality of soybean Pond ash Gamma-Linolenic acid DPPH radical scavenging activity Production in spring Venom peptides Selenium content Heavy metals and radionuclide’s Pollination studies Stearidonic acid Effect of date of sowing Isonuclear alloplasmic Crops with special emphasis Maximization of hybrid seed production Hydrophilic polymer on sunflower CMS a line While α- linolenic N/P fertilizer ratios Seed coating formulation Fly ash on growth and yield Plastic house Polymer coat Forced ageing Self-pollinating method Quality traits in sweet corn Cô dâu lãng mạn Seedling length Rust resistance Levels of nitrogen and phosphorus Seed invigoration treatment Micronutrients rich recombinant inbred lines Inheritance of rust resistance Stay green trait Maturity groups Pre-storage Seed storage potential assessment in onion Pre sowing seed invigoration

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fussy eaters, Electrophoretic pattern, RIL population, Courthouse, Amaranth species, Field performance, Over dominance, Food tastes, Evaluation of recombinant inbred lines, Does relative performance of determinate, High yielding rust resistant recombinant inbred, Stay green duration, An Ambuscade, Influence of seed age, Stay green rice genotypes, Inbred lines of maize, Germination of small onion, S-containing amino acids, Storage containers on viability, Late embryogenesis abundant proteins, Fresh biomass, QTL identification, Test crosses, Pollen shed, Opportunistic predators, Recombinant inbred lines in lentil, Indeterminate dolichos bean, Pre-storage seed invigoration treatment, Path analysis of physiological, A Roadside Adventure, Seed age on germination, Niger seeds, Seed storage proteins, Sambamahsuri derivatives, Vigour of rice, Resistance for charcoal rot, Charcoal rot resistance, Physio-biochemical markers, Seed growth parameters, Recombinant Inbred lines depend, Recombinant inbred lines rice, embryo cannibalism, High biomass, The Temptation, Rice restorer lines, Seeding vigour of Aonla, Special reference to Soybean, 11S globulins, Charcoal rot of sorghum caused, Distribution and sources, Maintainers in rice, Sweet sorghum donor for high biomass, Maturity duration, Yield improving quantitative trait loci alleles, PPR protein, carnivorous plants, Variety ADT (R) 46 Seeds, Orchard, Sorghum during Rabi season, Oilseed quality during storage, Seeding vigour, Genetic parameters of quality, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aquatic sediment, Treachery, Different types of organic source, myxomatosis virus, Major problem in arid region, New restorer lines, Can Gio coastal wetland, Background reduction by Cu/Pb shielding, Organic source of nutrition, Displaying Content, Efficiency study of NaI(TI) detector, Creating Widgets, Quality of Ashwagandha roots, X-ray up, Creating Themes, Gamma-ray isotropic radiation point sources, Ashwagandha roots (Withania somnifera Dunal.), Alcoholic fermentation, Red flesh dragon fruit, Hylocereus polyrhizus, Different dose of NPK on flower phenology, Sterile fly sexual maturity, Flower phenology of dragon fruit, Gynoecium characters, sản phẩm nông nhiệp, thực phẩm nông nghiệp, Walkley and black, Microwave combustion, Photocatalytic properties, Synthesis of BaMgAl10O17, Ba doped LaMnO3 nano particle, Particulate removal methods, Heanes method, The synthesis, Eu2+ blue phosphor, Microwave combustion method, Producer gas obtained, Dry combustion, Study on adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution, The synthesised nanophosphor, Fabrication of ba doped LaMnO3 nanomaterials, Ureanitrate solution combustion synthesis, Biomass gasification principle, Dry combustion methods, Phosphate from aqueous solution by nanomaterial CeO2, The conventional methods adopted, Making cathode of SOFC, BaMgAl10O17 blue phosphors, Window 2008 poster, định giá trị tùy chọn, Quyết định 6982, điện quốc gia, Cao Khỉ U Minh, Công văn số 8255/VPCP-NN, Công văn số 144/TTr-UBND, Kinh tam minh, Kinh A-Ma-Trú, Kinh phạm động, Kinh bố tra bà lâu, Kinh cứu-La-Đàn-Đầu, Kinh lộ già, Kinh kiên cố, Kinh thế kỷ, Tổ ấm, Hạnh Vân, sâu đục cuống, JAK2 inhibitor, Microchannel reactor, Anti-infammatory activity, nguyên nhân bé bị thiếu máu, thiếu máu ở trẻ nhỏ, ISSAC JULIEN, tranh lụa truyền thống, họa phẩm của Pino Daeni, Khóa định loại loài thuộc phân bộ poduromorpha, Khu hệ Collembola Việt Nam, Thông tư số 70/2005/TT-BTC, Quyết định số 1475/1998/QĐ-BTC, Con Xà Mâu, Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis, Gardenella vaginalis, Nugent’s score, Symptomatic Egyptian women, Gonococcal Infections, Preterm labor, High vaginal swab, Bacterial sialidase activity, OSOM BVBlue test, Insect repellent cream, Cercis chinensis, Vaginal infections, Microbial flora, Abnormal vaginal discharge, Vaginal microbial cultures, Gout care, Vulvovaginal candidiasis, The causes of preterm labor, Oral metronidazole, Symptomatic women of reproductive age group, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium, Bacterial sialidase, Bunch analysis, Targeted amplification, Intrauterine contraceptive device users, Heptocare and stress care, Neonatal morbidity, Tertiary care hospital in puducherry, Around NIMS Hospital, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Per cent of mesocarp, Young oil palm plantation, Standard microbiological procedures, Experimental induced infectious bronchitis in cockerels, Cocoa and biomass, Solid–liquid ratio, Microbial fertilizers, Bunch oil, Intercropping in young oil palm plantation, Elaeis oleifera, Irrigated conditions, Avian infectious bronchitis, Xylose isomerase, Oil palm hybrid cross combinations, Syncytial Virus, Juvenile stage of the crop, Influence of microbial fertilizers, Anoxybacillus gonensis G2T, Parapneumonic pleural effusions, Coronaviruses, Oil palm-cocoa cropping system grown, Oil palm plantations, Common viral respiratory pathogens, Hereditary cancer syndrome, Endotracheal suction aspirate, Etiological agents isolated, Bioimage processing, Mycorrhizal dependency, E. coli. Xylose isomerase, Phyto-morphological, Multidrug resistant pathogens, Approaches for diagnosis, Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli, Sudden unexpected death in childhood, Including Cytomegalovirus in children, Tams1 gene, The potential effects of green tea, Quantitative culture, Biological efficacy, Bronchoalveolar lavage samples, Germline mutation, Growth variations in oil palm seedlings, Taq DNA Polymerase, Bacterial Biofilms, SolidWaste workers, Both respiratory syncytial virus, Sterilized soil, Bronchial wash, Educational tools, Cross bred cattle, Pneumonia severity, Bacterial pathogen, HIV endemic province in South Africa, Family Coronaviridae, Pathogenic mechanism of disease, Theileria parva, Molecular alterations, Epigallocatechin 3 gallate, Unconjugated bilirubin, Protein subcellular location, Semi-quantitative culture, Myosin light chain 2, Unincubated enzyme, Common respiratory fungal pathogens, Piper mullesua, In vitro cultivation of vesicular, Tumor suppressor phosphatase, cross bred cattle naturally infected, Trichosporon species, Clinically suspected lower, Infant health programming, Achieved nationally, Northern India based on Tams1 gene, Curcumin inhibits proliferation, Plasma cells, Overcoming imatinib resistance, Causative Factors, PIK3CA mutations, Municipal solid waste workers, Exotic (taurine), Dead birds suffering, Vaccine preventable, In vitro cultivation, Disease extent, Metabolic stress, Plant biomass and phosphatase, Transient receptor potential vanilloid type, Long noncoding RNA, Retinoblastoma cell lines, Chronic myeloid leukemia bearing, Central negative regulator, Unilateral exophthalmia of left eye, Amphotericin B inhalation, Lympho proliferation, Human lung cancer, Staining of thin blood film, Field soil condition, Cancerous proliferation, Mechanisms responsible, Endoplasmic reticular stress, JAK/STAT pathway, Cell lines and culture conditions, PC3 cell line, PI3K/AKT signaling cascade, Congenital fused labia, Parasite model, Multiple kinds, Persistent urachus, Monster foetus, Theileria-induced leukocyte transformation, Alpha1D-adrenergic receptor, Potential therapeutic avenues, Congenitally fused vulva labia, Physiological status, Bovine dystocia, Uncommon clinical condition, Cross bred heifer, Dystocia due to Dicephalus monster, Season on blood biochemical, Interspecific chimeras, Schistosoma refluxes, Foetomaternal disproportion, Persistent urachus induced Cystorrhexis, Low blood albumin, Surgical correction of congenitally fused vulva labia, Cross bred jersey cow, Beta-casein, L. monocytogenes and Salmonella, Cholesterol levels affecting, Holstein Friesian cross bred cattle, Cross bred Holstein Friesian cow, Cross bred holstein friesian heifer, Its management, A2 type milk, Conception rate of cross bred cows, Labeo catla (Catla fish), Seafood products, Schistosoma refluxes in cross bred Holstein Friesian cow, Clinico diagnostic studies, Bos indicus, Dasyatis pastinaca (Stingrays fish), Reticular abscess in cattle, Chicken meat powder, Energy diet, Hurdle treated, Cross breed, Review of four cases, Refined wheat flour, Cattle serum for Listeria monocytogenes, Diverse listeria monocytogenes isolates, Milk characteristics, Protein diet, Poultry farms, Chicken meat spread, Influence under selective pressure, Meat based seasoning fryums, BlaCTX-M, Tachypnoea and tachycardia, Cattle serum, Variations in stress tolerance abilities, Lower gangetic, Economics of cross bred, Listeria spp, Noodles enriched with chicken meat powder, MecA gene, Retail chicken, Hurdle treated chicken meat spread, PALCAM selective agar, Jersey cross bred cattles, Somatic cell, Frozen meat products and PCR, Rice flour blends, Contaminated outer surfaces, Evaluation of quality, Multi drug-resistant extended-spectrum, Pvl gene, Risk of listeriosis, Health conditions, Salmonella contamination, BHI brothand PCR, Frozen broiler meat, Lower gangetic region, Sample containers, Antibiotic resistance gene, Status of medicinal, Water absorption index, PAmpC beta-lactamases producing escherichia coli, Slaughter house environment, Market samples of chicken meat, Standard isolation techniques, Male military personnel, MPN quantification, Thawing methods, Molecular polymerase chain reaction, Detection of staphylococcus aureus, Listeriosis from Carabeef, Aromatic plants in the state, Panton valentine Leukocidin, Double centrifugation method, Chicken meat in West Bengal, Cross-sectional description, Bacterial phatogens, Employing conventional isolation techniques, Genes encoding antibiotic resistance, Retail chicken meat shops, Broiler chicken meat, Frozen chicken meat products, Monocytogenes isolates, Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus isolated, State of Jammu, N equivalent application, Autologous platelet rich plasma, Multiplex PCR for detection, Local milk vendors, Different thawing methods on physico-chemical, Mega-diversity countries, Fruit borer helicoverpa armigera, Rapid high throughput template preparation, Thoroughbred horses, Disease intensity, Different weed control methods, Raw milk collected, Tobacco growing regions, Heritability studies, Ashwagandha in Shivamogga, Bovine fibro papillomatosis, Malignancy types, Weed control methods on growth, Require technical expertise

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