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Obsessive compulsive symptoms Heightened rates Mid-life Frequently occurring symptom Negative social Psychooncologic need Pain-related outcomes COM-B model Unified protocol Healthcare occupational Automatic bias State anxiety Insulin restriction Adolescents’ social life Traumatic event Need for referral to psychooncology care Personal agency Predominately White institutions Heavy drinking Trait anxiety Implementation Leadership Scale Figure-oriented Non-prescription analgesics Insulin misuse Anxiety trial registration authority Including facilitators Systematically mapped Adolescent concerns Recurrent depression Idiographic assessment Risk factors of depressive relapse Primary mental health care Protective factors of depressive relapse Social trust Caregiver needs Non-prescript pain medicine Negative consequences Sleep disorder Significant increase Over-the-counter analgesics Index-Cancer scale Stress of conscience Pediatric anxiety Compassionate love Harmful sexual behaviour Internet addiction test Brief CBT Attachment style Victim-based typologies Short form Electrodermal activity Victim age discrepancies Maternal-infant bonding Non-empirical methods Previously observed Physiological assessment Mother-infant relationship Semantic segmentation Fully convolutional DenseNets Manual identification Small biomedical datasets Error-prone Stable manifolds Mathematic researchers T-periodic Semilinear heat equation Galerkin approximation NonEnglish majors Central design Lexical language strategy Autonomous English lexical learning strategies Non-English majors’ employment English LLS in terms of Memory strategies Autonomous abilities Autonomous behaviors Autonomous responsibilities Appraisal of English-majored students Tea leaf MCF7 breast cancer cell line in vitro Hela cervical cancer cell line Determination IC50 of tea leaf extracts Hydrocortisone acetate Cortisone acetate N¬desmethyl sibutramine Methyl prednisolone N¬didesmethyl sibutramine Fluocinolone acetonide Weight lossdietary supplement Weight loss dietary supplements by LC-MS/MS Simultaneous determination of sibutramine Interorganizational system development Challenges ahead Internet mindset Technologies for developing systems Database integrity Fipronil-sulfide Fipronil-sulfone Determination of xanthophylls compounds Xanthophylls compounds in dietary supplements Fipronil-desulfinyl

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Canned meat, Rate of Salmonella spp, Dietary supplements by HPLC-PDA, Chicken egg, Healthy people in Ho Chi Minh city, Analyze several dietary supplements collected, Fipronil in EGGS BY LC-MS/MS, N-nitrosoamines control in food, Economic status, Children’s canned meat products, Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella spp isolated, Diplomatic relations, Vietnamese newspaper headlines, Ideological background, Vietnam’s external cultural, Socio-economic policies, English lexicology, Cultural activities, Agricultural country, Vietnamese press headlines, Theoretical books, Aid agencies, French culture in Vietnam, Agricultural sector accounts, Socio-economic organizations, Legal advice, Vietnamese-French cultural relations, Incite national divisions, Business investment, Language economically, Publish publications, Formation en tourisme, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Présentation de la structure d’enseignement, Nouveaux défis, Texte ministériel, Central neurocytoma, Validity of puberty self-report, Sex-selective abortion in Vietnam, Type B hepatic encephalopathy, Low T3 syndrome, Sex-selective abortion, Puberty self-report in children, Radiological characteristics may support CN diagnosis, Congenital porto-systemic shunt, Patients with chronic periodontitis, Low thyroid hormone syndrome, Puberty self-report, Strong cytoplasmic positive for synaptophysin, Quantitative study at national level, Kcal consumption in one month, Fibrillary nucleus-free areas irregular rosettes, Congenital superior mesentericcaval shunt, Paediatrician’s assessment, Total oxidant status, Next coming period, Daily total calorie intake of the patient, Serum ammonia level results were normal, Puberty self-report questionnaire for female students, Quality of the data sources, Vegetable origin, Grain origin, Brunauer-Emmet-Teller, Size efect, Non-stoichiometry, Doping effects, Sn-doped, Solar cell applications, Holomorphic mapping, Subgeneral position, A spectrophotometric determination, Resulting TiO2 nanocrystals, Complexing reagent, Synthesizing medium, Complex spectrum, Rutile phase, Forest governance, Polyaza-heterocycles obtained, Special ecological, Zinc tungstate, Streptomyces sp. QN63, Monosodium glutamate, Copper accumulation, Fish species composition, Stimulates insulin secretion, Interesting features, Structure and magnetization, Chromate ions, Starting time, Disodium guanylate, Transition metal substitution, Especially endophytic actinomycetes, Zinc finger protein 280D, Generic name, Species diversity of fish, Streptomyces shenzhenensis, Pho Day river, PCR overlap extension, Furoxan derivatives, Microorganism fertilizer, 1.5-diphenylcarbazide, Antifungal ability, Vinalabeo tonkinensis, Disodium inosinate, Ramans pectra, Effective therapies, Perovskite nanomaterials, Forest quality, PCR-driven overlap extension, Color complex compounds, Reverse transcriptase inhibitors, Pre-dorsal distance, Polyaza-heterocyclic compounds, Administrative divisions, Melanoma cell lines, Multiple linear regressions, Crystal sizes decrease, Bacillus subtili, Nearly round-shaped, Chromium in rice and other food products, Doping Ni, Monocarbonyl curcumin analog, Melanoma remain unresolved, Beef pho broth, Groove behind lower, Anatase crystalline structure, Acetohydrazides A3, Aqueous enzymatic oil extraction, Saccharomyces cerevisiae MS42, Amorphous and liquid zircon, Butane nitrile, Substituted acetic acid, Camellia seed, Soil macro-fauna, Mangrove eco-system, N-doped TiO2, Intermediate range order, Efficiency evaluation, Blumenol C glucoside, Alcohol content, Vanillin containing benzo[d]thiazole, Oxygen vacancy, Extracted oil, Northern coastal area of Viet Nam, Da Loc commune, Compositional heterogeneities, Anti-spasmodic, Stable cyanide complexes conversion, Synthesized successfully, Thieno [3, Macrofauna community structure, Toxic components, Experiment value, Individual enzymes, Biosphere processes, Cyanide concentration, 2-b] thiophene, Substitutional doping, Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, FeCl3 oxidative annulation, Organic opto-electronic materials, Compact LIDAR receiver system, Ground bases-rover, Atmosphere population, number line, Multiword units, English classrooms, Numerical concept, Number and counting, Instructional intervention, Children from 5 to 6 years, Physico-chemical indicators, Oranges extracted, Cold pressing method, Learning modality, Persons with disabilities, Skill practicing, Rights of persons with disabilities, Self-assessment on learning outcomes, Detailed explanations, Inclusive society, Adaptive morphological characteristics, The general characteristics, Spain’s commercial activities, A general monocot, Geographical discoveries, Spanish colonialism established, Remythologizing Ulysses, The leading political, Forest writer, Blood Pen, Unique creations, Scientific-technical center, Forest destroyers, Traditional myth, Ancient tower gold, Large meaning including aquaculture, Killed wildlife, Mythology exists, Robbers ruined human happiness, The profound ideology, Capital’s agriculture, Mandarin trees, The development of aquaculture, Question in reverse, Eugene Onegin, Classical drama, Hands-on method, Excellent work, Mountainous climate, Coastal strip, Verse novel, Thanh Hoa province more effectively, Paraverbal factor, Self-claim, Vietnamese medieval narrative prose, Feralite soil, Junior high schools, Strategy and development policy, Intensive farming, Non-verbal factor, Viet Nam classical drama, Ying and Yan and the Five Elements, Middle ages literature, Russian literature, Adaptive assessment, Actual situation, Extensive farming, High school student, Last undeveloped coastal area, Royal cultural environment, The theoretical cultural foundation, World of objects, Teaching chemistry, Stylistics of Vietnamese, A.S. Pushkin, Algebraic dependence, Education under-graduate students, Surface phonon polariton, Higgs production, Deaf- blindness, Aesthetic education, Surface exciton polariton, Meromorphic mapping, Photon collision, Interstitial atom, Aesthetics in preschool, TiO2-based photocatalyst, Child-centered approach, Counting multiplicities, Comprehensively examined, Double bubble approximation, Music for preschool, UV-visible absorption spectra, Short and intermediate range orders, Intermediate range orders, Liquid iron nanoparticles, Benzoxazin-3-one, 5-nitrovanillin, Immobile and mobile, Derivatives containing both benzothiazole, Effective protocol, Ethyl monochloro acetate, Safer environmental conditions, Copper ore, Dissolving-separation, Chemical characteristic, alkaline phytase, Copper powder, Southeastern Hanoi, Vanadium-doped silicon clusters, Methionine sulfoxide reductase, Apoliporotein E, Histidine acid phytase, Calamus platyacanthus, Urban lake, Reducing conditions, Morphological indicators, Tissue weight, Thai people in Pu Luong, Supporting system, Various biological processes, The vasculation, In vitro digestion, West Lake, Tam Thom rice, Tuberculosis confirmed patients, Medicinal plant cultivated, Valuable non-timber forest produc, Including plant growth, Twelve perfluoroalkyl substances, Arsenic occurrence, Synergic effect, Tam Dao national park, Perfluoroalkyl sulfonates acids, Pu Luong nature reserve, Carbon chain length, Literary reading, Reading competency, Psychological counseling, Developmental disorders experimental tactile, Need for counseling, Teaching literary works, Tactile development games, Psychological counseling for learning, Teaching literary reading, HIV/AIDS-affected children, Counting rule of Nambu-Goldstone modes, Two-segregated Bose-Einstein condensates, The Gross - Pitaevskii equations, The Landau instability, Fast food industry, Navier-Stokes-Voigt equations, Domestic microwave oven, Oxidation mixtures, Environmental vulnerability index, Son-in-law, Disposal tableware, Weak solutions, Benzo[d]thiazole, Oxidation method, Uxorilocal groom, Meteorological stations, Radical theory change, UV-Vis absorption spectra, Determining finite volume elements, Safe limits, Patriarchal society, EVI method, Periodic boundary conditions, Upon getting married, Electronics informatics, Genre interference, Development master plan, Challenge in EFL setting, Collaborative problem solving competency, May spark controversy, Contemporary Vietnamese novels, Academic lexical, Competency literature review, Social center, Academic synonyms, Governance capacity, The manifold, Restricted feeding, Lexical collocation, CR203 rice varieties, Chiromantis doriae, Stable structures, Cosine transform on time scales, Fll-sized ultra broadband, Dissociation constant, KB cancer cell line, Charge density, Acid environment, The root anatomical adaptation, Advertisment calls, The difference equation, Benzothiazepine derivatives, Broadband absorption, Biochemistry indexes, Cocos nucifera, Mating behaviour, 2-furoic acid, Time-Dependent density functional theory, ENatural Sciences, Integral transform, Monocarbonyl curcumin, Micro-antenna system, Phoenix roebelenii, Pa Thom forest, Biochemical indexes, Diphoton collision, Cosine transform, Possesses superior electromagnetic properties, Calamus tetradactylus, Different acid resistant rice, Rational map, The function value, Function classes, Extended degree, Function value, Representable functor, Remona group, Artocarpus tonkinensis, ESI-MS spectra, Arto-flavonoid, Acute myeloid leukemia cells, Bệnh Pravo trên chó, Bệnh Parvovirus theo lứa tuổi của chó, Bệnh Parvovirus theo giống của chó, Bệnh do Parvovirus theo tính biệt, Điều trị bệnh do CPV – 2 ở chó, Environmental security in Mekong delta, Tourism in Mekong delta, Proposing solutions, Protect the tourism environment security, Brown ceramic pigments, Non-Lipschitz vector problem, Mineral compositions of magmatic dikes

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