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Water conservation practice in mango Mango moisture retention Grape vinegar Guava vinegar Semi-continuous fermentation Wood shavings Non-significant Recommended production technology of fennel Utilization of molecular Morphometric tools for assessment Genetic diversity of rice bean Maize under maize-wheat cropping system Residue retention Fluorescein diacetate activity Genetic advance in Carrot Different characters of Carrot Extended spectrum betaLactamase Producing gram negative uropathogens Tomato and fungicides Fungicides against alternaria leaf blight of tomato Germination studies in different guava Different guava Germination studies Different guava cultivars Incidence of methicillin resistant Challenges in management Seed rate and fodder yield Productivity of hybrid fodder sorghum Hybrid fodder sorghum Response of different seed rate Rhizome length DUS characters Elite turmeric genotypes Influence of growth regulators Chemicals on the quality parameters Grape cv. 2A clone Chemo-morphic traits determining seed yield Growing seasons Sesame as influenced Seed yield in five varieties Sesamum seed production followed Prolong survival of the patients Barcelona Classification Missing nutrient technique Missing nutrient technique on the yield Soil fertility experiment Cyperus entrerianus boeckeler New record from Vietnam Agriculture and natural plant communities Acinetobacter baumannii DT Magnolia coriacea Benthic fauna Extreme conditions Chemical water diversity New records of the genus Miconchus Propanil degrading activity Environmental variables in mangrove-shrimp ponds Genus Miconchus Mangrove-shrimp ponds Natural water Vietnam nematode fauna National congress of communist party Nguyen Hoang’s role National congress Changes of Catholicism Nguyen Hoang’s role in land reclamation Communist party of China Divorce prevalence Rule-of-law society Ompacts on sustainable development Assessments of prospects Rule-of-law society in Vietnam Divorce age Road initiative's status quo Expansion in Phu Yen Political point of view Divorce reasons Road initiative Territorial expansion The growth of FDI Building a rule-of-law society Changes on sustainable development Divorce initiation Developing rule of law in Vietnam Decade review of divorce in Vietnam Antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli Spacing economic Sub-urban community of Kathmandu valley Chicken faeces Children stool samples Bonded labour system Nepalese agriculture Feudal mode of production Symbol of feudal mode PEG induced drought stress Yet practiced in rural area Seedling characters of maize Climatic analogues Climatic analogues for the administrative Nepal within and outside the country

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Moisture index calculated, Functional ecological, Municipal towns in Nepal, Urban ecological, Municipal towns, Level of urbanization, Development of snack containing meat, ABT-4 on seed germination, Snack containing meat, Bicep tissue, Seeding growth, Garvesting states on the quality of tomato, Snack containing meat by-products, Injury biomarker, Root development of jute plant, Breaker-harvested tomato, Pulverized dehydrated bovine lung, Jute plant, Maximum carotenoids in ripe tomato, Pharping village, Seeding growth of jute plant, Visual cilor of the ripe tomato pulp, Diseases like diabetes, Changing perception of the local people, Important forest types, Ilam tea, Peak season capacity confomance practice, Pprocessing orthodox tea, Orthodox tea manufacturing system, Capacity conformance practice, Learner engagement, Completion rate, Lichens flora of Phulchoki, xMOOC on energy and sustainability, Influence learner engagement and completion rate, Lichens flora, Family Parmeliaceae, Inimical studies, Boundary issue river Kali, Nepal-India boundary issue, International boundary, India stationed its troops, Boundary claim by India, Policy issues for sustainable transportation, Nickel pollution, Appropriate sustainable transportation, Cold temperature durations, Emerging eco-friendly technology, Politicize environment, Policy integration, Cold temperature durations on the emergence, Nickel polluted environment, Parasitization efficiency, Keratinolytic alkaline protease, Wild type Chlorella Sp, Laboratory reared Trichogramma chilonis, Feather degradation, Improved cultivation practices of black gram, Production of alkaline keratinolytic protease, Relevance of education, Feather waste, Adoption of improved cultivation practices, Work relevance of adult education, Politics in the university decision-making, Influence of student politics, Politics in education, Indulgence moralism, Protease cleavage site mutations, The morphosyntax of relativization, Verbal aggression, Bio-inoculants fertilizers, Evaluation of F1 hybrids, Heritability and genetic gain, Chemical and microbiological analysis, Rapid immunochromatography, Pigment producer actinomycetes, Gram negative pathogen, Human nutrition and health, CHROM agar, Tuberose germplasm, P6gag motifs, Morphosyntax of relativization, Parenting style, Genotypes of pumpkin for biochemical traits, Solanaceae crops, Effect of bio-inoculants, Rapid antigen detection, Antigonastic activity, Evaluation of high yielding strains, Relationship between aggressive behaviour, Goat milk in human nutrition, Inter simple sequence repeat markers, Human immunodeficiency virus type 1, Pumpkin for biochemical traits, Related components in sorghum, Gynaecology department, Characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum, Diagnosis of rota viral infection, Rhizosperic soil sample, Storage of rasogolla, Genetic diversity in tuberose, Composition of goat milk, Graded level of fertilizers, Protease cleavage, Genetic gain for yield, Beta-lactamase producing Klebsiella species, Bacterial wilt of solanaceae crops, Women attending the obstetrics, Agaricus bisporus sing, Non-pigment producers actinomycetes, Rota viral infection in children, Whey utilization, Milk carbohydrat, PTAP motif duplications, Non-reducing sugars, Nutrient uptake in garlic, Seroprevalence studies of Brucellosis, Chhathare Limbu, Brucellosis among human, Typological perspective, Different serological tests, Persons while sex-wise males, Dự thảo Luật sửa đổi, Bổ sung Luật Giáo dục đại học, Tổ chức quản lý trường đại học, Hội đồng trường, hemical disease relation prediction, Time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter, Channel mismatches, All-digital background calibration, Chemical-induced disease relations, Autonomized finance management, Funding sources, Self financing, Luong My Tea farm, Human right-based approach, Ag-Doping, Galvanic effect, Anti-reflection coating, Developing green finance, Transfer factors, Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer, Universal entropy, Ag-doped sample, Compliance compliance, PbS quantum dot layers, Legal frameworks, Biomedical fields based, Constitutional rights implementation, Soil-leave, The X-ray powder diffraction, Magnetocaloric properties, Power conversion efficiency, Establishing policies, Prepare active SERS substrate, Puritygermanium detector HP, Tax department, DC-resistivitymeasurements, The curie temperature, The samples doped, The main enhancement mechanism, The research results, Long an province, AC-susceptibility measurements combined, The violet emission peaks associated, The soil-leave transfer factors, Business lines, Bean critical state model, Forward method, Space domain, Automatic recognizing, OCs adsorption, The quantum simulation method, Bouguer gravity anomaly, Identification card, Computational DFT-based nanoscope, Lindemann criterion, Automatic recognizing text fields, The east Vietnam sea, Suggest that silicene, Quantum wire, Structure transition, Oxygen simplex, High-pressure melting curves, Amorphous silica under compression, Electron-optical phonons cattering, DFT theory, Amorphous silica, Magneto-thermoelectric effects, Maximal inequalities, Coordination number distribution, Defect silicene, Higgs mass, Variable drift, The density functional theory method, Top quark mass, The defected silicene, The main results, Discrete dimensions revisited, Top quark masses, Summary of Doctor’s thesis, Context of new development, FDI into the provincial level, Board review series Physiology, Increased emphasis on pathophysiology, Updated organization and text, Addition of new full-color figures, Thuốc ôn lý, Tiểu hồi hương, Cao lương khương, Thế Yogamudra Matsyasana, Kháng thể kháng CD2, Bệnh lý Lymphôm Không Hodgkin, Triệu chứng xoắn dạ dày, Insertional mutagenesis, Childhood cancer-related mortality, Adenosine A2b receptor, Adenosine receptor, Potent antagonist, Membrane-restricted Mcl-1, Synthetic lethal, Bcl-2 family, Human keratinocytes Against UVB-induced damage, Tumor immunosuppressive, Median progression-free survival, Inhibit immune attack, Disease control rate, Inhibitory signals, Rectal cancer metastasis, Cytochalasins appear, Subsequent pathology, Microfilament-directed agent, Analyse cancer incidence, Chromosome 1 open reading frame 63, Incidence ratios, IL-2-starved T lymphocytes, Oesophageal cancers while, Transcriptional coupling nucleotide excision repair, XPA-binding protein 2, Randomized control trial design, Cockayne syndrome complementation group A, Psycho-oncological interventions, German health care system, Health care assistant, Lentivirus transformation, Morphological similarities, EGF-induced COX-2 protein, Magnolia flos, Nasal congestion, Anti-inflammatory reactions, Dlc1 gene encodes, RhoA activity, Accidental irradiation, Actin-based cellular processes, ATM kinase inhibition radiosensitizes cells, Selectively kills cells, Inflammatory protein, Human oral mucosa, Mouse xenograft model, Tumour cell-induced platelet aggregates, Platelet-cancer cell, Haematogenous metastasis, Curcumin reduce carcinogenesis, Disseminated malignancy, Emerging protocols, Metabolite levels, Serum concentration, Mitogen-activated protein kinase activator, Binding protein, RET proto-oncogene, IL-8 gene expression, MicroRNA miR-93, Proangiogenic properties, Delta-like 4, Non-functional vessel proliferation, Histological features, Angiogenesis-related molecules, Mitochondrial DNA repair, Mitochondrial DNA mutation, Accumulation of mitochondrial DNA, Chemotherapy induces Notch1-dependent MRP1, Matched biopsy, Establish interactions, Breast screening, Non-government, Academic commentary, Anterior gradient 2, Non-neoplastic bronchial epithelial cells, Oncogenic transcription factor, Immunoglobulin gene-MYC fusion, Interferon-alpha, Transcription factor expression, TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion occurs, Broadened therapeutic, Reduce angiogenesis, Promote tumor growth, Methylated BCAT1, Magnatic resonance imaging, Short-term fasting, Opioid titration treatment, Cancer-related pain, Including pain intensity, Insulin-like growth factor-system, IGF system, Frequency electrical impedance, Electrical impedance mammography, N-end rule ubiquitination, Psychosocial well-being, Multifocal disease, TNF-alpha inhibitor, Treatment cost, Disease mapping, Chemotherapeutic hyperthermic intraperitoneal perfusion, Gall bladder cancer, 5-year relative survival ratios, Untargeted metabolomics analysis, Radical cholecystectomy, Metabolomics analysis, Carcinoma embryonic antigen, Gastrointestinal safety, NSAID sulindac, VIA positive, Precancerous cervical lesions, Refugee women, Worldwide cervical cancer, Subgroup identification, Nuclear hormone receptors, Thyroid hormone receptor, CMS4 cancers, Gastroesophageal junction carcinoma, Molecularly distinct subtypes, Nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase, Curative intent resection, Actual lung cancer cohort, Long non-coding RNA SNHG3, Cox proportional hazards regression, Homeobox proteins, Metabolism-related genes, Metabolic abnormalities, Dose-dense chemotherapy, 5-fluorouracil plus docetaxel, Tumor encapsulation, Muscle-invasive bladder urothelial carcinoma, 5α-reductase inhibitors, Terminal-stage solid tumors, Therapeutic features, A. oxyphylla, Colorectal cancer cells, Pharmacological activites, Nootkatone treatment, Testicular cancer survivors, Premature aging, Molecular aging, Single system, Locally advanced adenocarcinoma, Neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy, Doxorubicin-based, Hematological toxicities, Pseudogene pairs, Oncogenic driver mutations, Cancer sequencing, Postoperative cough, Public cancer databases, Oral chemotherapy, Emotional cognitive management, Reverse chemoresistance, Mediates paclitaxel resistance, Splicing machinery, Ring sideroblasts, Primary human hepatocytes, Pro-inflammatory genes including IL-1β, Her2-neu, Trastuzumab therapy, Lymphovascular density, Tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis plays, Locally ablative therapy, multicenter phase III trial, Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, NK/T-cell lymphoma, Lymphotoxin-α, Platinum-based combination therapy, DR4 specific TRAIL variant, DR5 specific TRAIL variant, TRAIL receptor, Steroid hormone receptor, Photosensitizing agents, Carboplatin plus gemcitabine, Electron transport chain, Colonic neoplasm, BRCA1 basal-like cancers, Antilymphangiogenic therapy, Tumor lymphangiogenic inhibitor, Nonstandard treatment, Extensive upper abdominal surgery, Upper abdominal disease, Serous ovarian cancer, Paraneoplastic acrokeratosis, Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis, STAT3 gene polymorphism, EPIYA-C segments

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