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Different host on quantitative Qualitative soluble protein Impression of protein Higher bands in haemolymph Gram positive bacterium Environmental niches Industrially useful enzymes B megaterium Sargassum muticum Antifungal efects Tomato under glasshouse condition Anti inflammatory candidates Glasshouse condition Interferon γ Treat infectious disease Inducible NOS Common bacterial blight Human tissue plasminogen activator Stomatal opening Treat thrombosis Variant fuscans CO2 assimilation of bean plants Ram horn peptone Biocatalytic syntheses Anti ferroelectric liquid Alternaria alternata in Kashmir Important foliar diseases of brinjal Germplasm against Alternaria alternata keissler Spontaneous contractions Screening of ber cultivars Myometrial strips Germplasm against Alternaria alternata Chilli capsicum annuum Rat myometrium Fruit rot A Anthocyanin pigment molecules Ghrelin mRNA expression Alternaria alternata Keissler 2 phenylbenzopyrylium Molecular modification Anthurium andraeanum in India Ramaria botrytis Anti aging First report of alternaria alternata DPPH radical Anthurium crop Leaf spot of pomegranate Seedling progressed Botanicals against Alternaria alternata Leaf decreased Bio efficacy of bio agents Chickpea plants Serious leaf spot disease problem Alternaria alternata in Gurgaon Illnesses including dysentery Evaluation of different fungicides Alternaria alternata leaf spot Alternaria alternata leaf spot of ber Longitudinal septa Blackish conidiophores in acropetal chain Fusarium semitectum Seed dresser Isabgol seeds against alternaria alternata Seed borne Chilli Capsicum annuum) Chilli under natural conditions Bio agents against alternaria alternata causal agent Fruit rot of Brinjal In vitro evaluation of fungicide Flower heads Foliar disease Fouquieria splendens callus Heliconia rostrata plant Cocultivated with endophyte bacteria bisporus Mineral element Yucca plant Saponin extraction Bell shaped flowers Grains Substrate Grains substrate in three pleurotus Invitro culture of banana Comparative studies of span growth Banana variety udhayam Pleurotus species Substrate pasteurization Yield of Pleurotus spp Substrate treatment methods Synthetic dyes Laccase activity Comparative laccase activity Dichlorophenoxyac etic acid Cyclin dependent protein Green bamboo Cytoplasmic sensor proteins In vitro callus induction Phenotypic characters Characteristic mycelial phenotype Marker for identification Commercial cultivar

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Pedalium murex, Various substrates for enhancing yield, Aphrodisiac activity, Calcium propionate, Pedalium murex L, Ovary culture, Abiotic factors on the growth, Microbial shelf life, Ethanol induced, Stress treatments, Influences of different sugars, Mycelium growth, Marigold (Tagetes spp), Species of oyster mushroom, Crosslinking agent, Quercetin and shelf life, Shelf life extension of paneer, Quercetin on quality, Chitosan nanocomposite film cross linked, Omission of nutrients, Butea monosperma fruit, Soil total nitrogen, Glucose level, Diabetic human volunteers, Different stages of crop growth, Mixed fruit jam, Hypolipidemic activity, Soil total nitrogen dynamics, Blended mixed fruit jam, Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Their shelf life, RAPD fingerprints, Protocols for preparation, Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola), BiOWiSHTM washing treatment, Substrates on yield potential, Extending shelf life of mango, Culture were procured from DMR, Extending shelf life, Shelf life enhancement, Ohmic heating as an alternative, Bacterial bioagents, Different oils, Culture of human lymphocytes In vitro, Beans Phaseolus vulgaris L, Aloe vera plants, DNA homology, Review on PGPR, rDNA ITS, Promote growth in aloe vera plants, Freeze dried aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill), Lepus europaeus, G banding, A barbadensis miller, C banding, Subtelocentric chromosomes, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller), C banded karyotype, Leaf rot, Distribution of NORs, Fusarium oxysporum in aloe vera, Botanicals against leaf rot disease, Micronutrient application on growth, Shelf life of Kinnow, Nodule formation, Growth on chickpea, Natural antioxidant aloe vera, Salt stress on germination, Effect of different level, Aloe vera leaf, Slicing machine, Slicing efficiency, Slicing capacity, Aloe vera leaf slicing machine, Extra cellular enzyme, Ocimum sanctum and aloe vera, Verbena officinalis, Stem internode explant, Including antimicrobial, Vanraja poultry birds fed, Haematological indices, Marmara Sea, Mean flow, Bosphorus Strait, IndoPacific king mackerel chunks, Chill storage, Chunks during chilled storage, Baking quality, Doubled haploid wheat, Gliadin patterns, Micropropagation of gwarpatha, Synthesized dicyanidoargentate, Geodesic distance, DNA topoisomerase inhibition assays, Prokaryotic 16S ribosomal RNA, Nickel tolerance, Rhizobial biogeography, Heavy metal resistance, Heavy metal efflux, Alkaline black liquor, Fixing nitrogen, Poor biodegradability, Paper industry effluents, Multi metal tolerant halophilic bacteria, Antarctic fungus, Sediment samples of pulp, Heavy metal remediation, Multi metal tolerance, Metal complex, π Expanded ligand, Unique bidentate ligand, X ray diffraction analyses, Zinc complex, Evaluating the growth capacity of sweet sorghum and grain sorghum, Imine nitrogen, Heavy metal absorption of sweet sorghum, UV vis spectroscopy, Heavy metal absorption of grain sorghum, The seedling stage, The plant decreased, Coal mined soil, Jaintia Hills, Sunflower and asparagus, Heavy metal polluted soils, Stage 1 juveniles, Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Pleopodal eggs, Industrial soils, ICP AES analyses, Aeromonas species, album, Atomic emission spectrometer, Organ bath, Treat intestinal colic, Icap spectrophotometer, caviae, Semi parasitic plants, Pyrazinamidase activities, Dalbergia sissoo collected, Pantoea agglomerans UCP1320, Industrial effluent, Cobalt N alkylsalicylaldiminato, Synthesis of Co(III), PGP characteristics, Chemical flocculants, Metal tolerant bacterial isolates, Nano OH material, plating wastewater, Ferromagnetism nano oh materials, Sus scrofa, Aqueous extract of Ajuga bracteosa, Therapy against, Treated tumors, Nucleolar organizer regions, Mitosis delay, Cytotoxic metal complexes, Chromosomal arms, Autosomal arms, Primary treatment methods, Against NPC remain unclear, Aquaporin 2, Ajuga bracteosa, Wild boars, Mammalian aquaporins, Ocimum gratissimum aqueous extract, Fluidtransporting epithelial cells, Serum lipid, Sus scrofa kidneys, Gyrocarpus asiaticus, Zebra fish, Aqueous extract leaves, Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae), Diuretic activity, Water intake were determined, Spondias mombin, Spondias mombin (Anacardiaceae), Plants taxa in Nizip, Obtain cytogenetic, Future plant systematics, Bioprospecting potential of endophytic bacteria, Conringia perfoliata, Tooth root, Voacanga africana, Leaves of Gossypium hirsutum, Root apex, Chromosome counts, Forced swim test, Dental sac, Preliminarily screened for chitinase, Genus Stachys, Tail suspension test, Dental follicle, Somatic chromosome, Gossypium anomalum, Stachys byzantina C, Monosomic alien addition line, Chinese domestic pig breeds, Teat number, Verticillium wilt, Crateva adansonii, Multi locus, α amylases, α glucosidases, Antisalmonella activity, Provide immunity, Astragalus topalanense, Endemic plants, Role in the inhibition, Astragalus macrouroides Hub, Vertebrae Development Associated, Fish pathogens, Sus scrofa chromosome 7, Anti salmonella activity, Trunk bark of crateva adansonii, Mor, Anti radical properties, The aqueous extract, Crocus abantensis, Generis Astragali species gerontogaeae, Rapid salmonella IgM test, Crocus ancyrensis, Galanthus plicatus subsp, Typhidot IgM, Suaeda salsa, byzantinus, Alkali resistance, Chromosome behaviour during, Escherichia coli ATCC25922, Astragalus yukselii, The flora of Kaflmer Dagi, Intramuscular adipocyte, Grid system, Subcutaneous adipocyte, Tragacanthic Astragalus species, South East Anatolia Project, Genera Achillea L, Astragalus unalii, Taxonomic descriptions, Alpine flora of Altindere Valley, Seed characters, Laxman phal, Euro Siberian floristic, Astragalus silifkeense, Kirby Bauer technique, Certain phytogeographical, columnaris, Ethanol extract and aqueous extract, Endemic and rare plants, ESBLextendended spectrum betalcatmases, gilvus Boiss, Baflkonufl Mountain, ESBLs producers, Kahramanmarafl province, Plant specimens, Enteric fever pathogens, Phenotypic safety assessment, anagallis aquatica subsp, Enterococcus feacium MBTU P1F1, Hybridisation occurs, Genetic advance at percent mean, Infant feces, campylopoda Boiss, Economic and fibre characters, Gram staining, Identification of Bacillus cereus, Senna rugosa, Bacillus cereus from fish, Cytogenetic analysis, Voges proskauer test, Polyembryony frequency, Enigmatic species from Turkey, Diagnostic morphological characters, Tanacetum argentena subsp, Muthupet mangrove, Novel Bacillus cereus isolated, Stem anatomy, Willow Salix L, Morphological observations, Salix triandra subsp, Bacillus cereus repeats, Group II introns, Periodontal tissue, Cytological kinetics, Photographical analysis methods, Periodontal ligament cell, Diagnosing thyroid nodules, Thiol proteome, Fermentative growth, Differential labeling strategy, Notorious foodborne pathogen, Aegopodium podagraria, Herb drug interactions, Tube dilution method, Rhododendron sp, Mad honey, aureus, Bacillus sphaericus, Achillea biebersteinii, Chemical pesticides, Deoxyribonucleic acid homologies, Engineered transposase, Alstonia boonei, Microbiome sequencing, Selected pathogenic micro organisms, Ethanolic leaf extract, Full fat flaxseed flour, Physical evaluation, Alpha linolenic acid oil, Soil Builder, Phenylpropanoid metabolism, Guaiacyl ratio, Eucalyptus grandis hybrid, Ty elements, Chromatin factors, Yeast retrotransposon, Chromatin modifying, Chromatin binding, Photosynthetic plant life, Plants perceive UV B, Non plant organisms, Guanine nucleotide exchange factors, Synthesized melanin, Chromosomal proteins, Chromatin biology, Suppression on the growth, Development of Vigna mungo treated, Vigna mungo treated, Invitro experiments, Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K, Tannery effluents, Thioredoxin reductase, Methionine sulfoxide, TRX2 genes, Thioredoxin system, Mitophagy regulation, Adaptive phenotypic, Chromatin state plays, Transcriptional machinery, Clerodendrum phlomidis, Human pathogenic fungi, Ethyl acetate extract of C, inerme, Lignan glucosides, Clerodendrum inerme gaertn, Lignans from the stems, First time from this plant, Palustriella commutata, Phytotoxicity and maize, Post emergence herbicide tembotrione on yield, Phytotoxicity on maize, Hexose transporters, Non histone proteins, HXT4 gene, RGT saccharomyces cerevisiae, Prebiotic MOS, Rabbit gut transmitted Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Sử dụng Saccharomyces cerevisiae rv002, Men rượu vang từ quả sim, Saccharomyces cerevisiae RV002, Anaerobic fungi, Neocallimastix hurleyensis, Hiệu quả lên men, Hemicellulolytic enzymes, patriciarum, Qúa trình sinh trưởng của nấm men, Intergenic sequences, Methicillin resistant, Non microbial origin, Escherichia coli inactivation, Distilled water samples, Ultrasound technology, Cavitation effect of ultrasound, Cowpea trypsin inhibitor, N α benzoyl, P nitrophenyl, P guanidinobenzoate HCl, Amino acid analysis, Schizopyhllum commune, Storage method, Sterile distilled water, Including trehalose, Mycelium colonised wheat seeds, Mycelium colonised agar plugs, Pulsing solution, Improving vase life of gerbera, Ardisia silvestris, Gerbera was carried, Staphylococcu saureus, Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli, Multi drug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa, Natural and synthetic compounds, Binuclear ruthenium(II), CT DNA, Spectral characterization, Vegetative stage, Taxonomic groups, Inshore waters and kali estuary, Bundance of Dinoflagellates, Largest pollen, Rhus coriaria

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