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Plausibility Judgements Maria Lapata and Frank Keller Evaluating a Trainable Tractability Sentence Planner Structural Closures Attribute Logic Type Signatures Vertex covers Limits of tractability Fixed Parameter Algorithms Using a Randomised Fixed Parameter Tractability Controlled Clinical Trial Evaluating CETEMPublico Evaluate an NLG System a free resource for Portuguese Computational properties environment based disambiguation Parse Forest Computation A Generic Approach to Parallel Chart Parsing Expected Governors an Application to LinGO Helmut Schmid Marcel van Lohuizen Their parents for qualitative Evaluation of China Aster Genetic variability for quantitative Local germplasm F2 and F3 progenies Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L) Finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L ) Gaertn ) Alumni students Job’s satisfaction Employers’ needs The mixed method of qualitative Serological test A Syntax based Statistical Translation Model Kenji Yamada and Kevin Knight Multi Class Composite N gram Language Model for Spoken Language Processing Multiple Word Clusters truyện Black Jack truyện tranh y học Bản tình ca buồn Sin Ji sang truyện mới lớn xây dựng một dự án bằng VBA An Estimate of Referent A Text Input Front end Processor Information Access Platform Shinichi DOI Shin ichiro KAMEI and Kiyoshi YAMABANA Semantic Transfer F Structures Linguistic Processing Masked Inversion Explanatory Models Syntactic Structures Syntactic Representation Constraints over Lambda Structures Semantic Under specification Syntactic and Semantic Factors Processing Difficulty An Integrated Measure A structure sharing parser lexicalized grammars Thematic segmentation of texts two methods A LAYERED APPROACH two kinds of texts NLP BASED RETRIEVAL Layered design Laterally loaded pile Fuzzy finite element analysis α cut strategy Japanese Morphological Analyzer using Word Splitting Long Ill formed Input Robust Spoken language Translation Semantic Head Based Resolution Scopal Ambiguities BjSrn Gamb ick Flow Network Models for Word Alignment Terminology Extraction Growing Semantic Grammars Marsal Gavaldh Alex Waibel Data completion for linear symmetric operators cauchy problem Linear symmetric operators Separable Verbs An efficient method via energy like error minimization Reusable Morphological Energy like error minimization Dictionary for German Nussinov’s algorithm Cache efficient Pseudoknot free structure Linear ribonucleic acid T rich genome

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Linear DNA cloning, Dictyostelium discoideum, Social amoeba, Goodman’s method, Projected Hessian, Interior point, Numerical comparisons, Tagging Inflective Languages, Morphological Categories for a Rich, Structured Tagset, Using Decision Trees, Improving Data Driven, Wordclass Tagging, Construct a Practical Parser, Masahiko Haruno, Fingerprint classification, Bag of visual words, Random forest of oblique decision trees, Oblique decision trees, Definiteness Predictions, Eliminative Parsing, Integrating Text Plans, Graded Constraints, Conciseness and Coherence, A Connectionist Architecture, Learning to Parse, Memoisation for Glue Language Deduction, Categorial Parsing, Long Distance Pronominalisation, Information Classification, Global Focus, Navigation Based on 5W1H, Janet Hitzeman and Massimo Poesio, Target Information, Concurrent validity, Exploring the Characteristics, Multi Party Dialogues, Masato Ishizaki, Multiple tissues, Score test, Combining genetic, Improving Automatic Indexing, O methyl transferase, Concept Combination, Term Enrichment, Robust Interaction, Partial Interpretation, Somatic mutation calling, Combining calls, Systematically outperforms, Subnetwork marker identification, Message passing algorithm, Topological information, Network regularization, Obtain sparse scores, Disease risk prediction, Best linear unbiased estimate, Successive interference cancellation, Superposition coding, Multimodal Parsing, Fodder production, Organic nutrient management in context, Saline Intrusion Context, Livelihoods for Mangrove Areas, The Effects of Saline Intrusion, Regional context, Management of privatised housing, Privatised housing, Australian housing context, Privatisation of housing in Australia, French housing context, A Method for Correcting Errors, A Statistical Analysis of Morphemes, Pseudo Projectivity, Japanese Terminology, the Statistical Features of Character Co occurrence, A Polynomially Parsable, Non Projective Dependency Grammar, Use of Mutual Information, Character Clusters, Dictionary less Morphological Analysis of Japanese, Know When to HoldEm Shuffling Deterministically in a Parser, Non concatenative Grammars, Mike Calcagno, Term list Translation, Unlimited Vocabulary Grapheme, Mono lingual Word Co occurrence Vectors, Phoneme Conversion, Genichiro Kikui, Korean TTS, Role of Verbs, Document Analysis, A Compacting the Penn, Large Scale Collocation Data, Generation that Exploits Corpus Based, Their Application to Japanese, Tree bank Grammar, Statistical Knowledge, Word Processor Technology, A Framework for Customizable Generation, Methods and Practical Issues, Hypertext Presentations, Evaluating Alignment Techniques, Benoit Lavoie and Owen Rambow, Philippe Langlais, SOLVING ANALOGIES ON WORDS, Characterizing and Recognizing, Spoken Corrections, Human Computer Dialogue, A Freely Available Morphological Analyzer, Disambiguator, Context Sensitive Lemmatizer for German, Disambiguation Based on Co occurrence Data, Automatic Retrieval, Clustering of Similar Words, Automatic data retrieval, Multi extremal, IPM promotion, Searching optimization, Collaborative approach, IPM stakeholders, Test function, Participatory action learning, Mono extremal, Participatory constraint analysis, Modified self organizing, Self organizing migrating algorithm, Children’s nurses play, Focus group interviews, A Multi Neuro Tagger, Evaluating Response Strategies, Bitext Correspondences, Web Based Spoken Dialogue Agent, Variable Lengths of Contexts, Rich Mark up, Litman, Raquel Martlnez, Confirmation in Multimodal Systems, David R, McGee, Cohen and Sharon Oviatt, Combining Trigram, Winnow in Thai, Atestbed for research morigins of language, OCR Error Correction, Angus McIntyre, Combining Trigram based, Feature based Methods, Context Sensitive Spelling Correction, Integrated Control of Chart, Items for Error Repair, Kyongho MIN and William H, Robust pronoun resolution, limited knowledge, Ruslan Mitkov, A Stochastic Language Model using Dependency, Using Language Resources, Its Improvement, Intelligent Tutoring, System for French, Catalan Using Spanish Resources, Xavier Carreras, Phép thử trắng, Curved Plate Energy Analyzer, Dealing with distinguishing descriptions, Bộ phân tích năng lượng bản cong, a guided composition system, Bài giảng Bộ phân tích năng lượng, Pascal Mouret Monique Rolbert, Phôi phổ kể, Loai bộ phân tích năng lượng bản cong, Bộ phân tích tứ cực, Việc lựa chọn doripenem điều trị viêm phổi, Bệnh viện tại Khoa Hồi sức tích cực, Điều trị viêm phổ, Chẩn đoán mắc HAP, Automatic Text Summarization, Based on the Global, Katashi Nagao, Modeling Filled Pauses, Japanese OCR Error Correction, Medical Dictations, Character Shape Similarity, Statistical Language Model, An alternative LR, algorithm for TAGs, Prefix Probabilities, Stochastic Tree, ADP based Search Algorithm, Improving Statistical, Universal Grammar, Integration of Large Scale Linguistic Resources, Natural Language Translation, Lexis for Quick Ramp Up, Understanding System, Categories and Rules, Recognition of the Coherence Relation, Te linked Clauses, Akira Oishi, Learning and Parsing Algorithms, Connectionist Foundations, Metaphorical representations, Universal strategies, Official texts, Non congruent metaphorical modes, Molecular attribute, On the Evaluation and Comparison of Taggers, Learning Intonation Rules, Machine Aided Error Correction Environment, Possessive Pronominal, the Effect of Noise, Concept to Speech Generation, Korean Morphological Analysis, Testing Corpora, Portuguese Written Texts, A Procedure for Multi Class Discrimination, Parametric Types, Typed Attribute Value Logic, some Linguistic Applications, Vladimir Pericliev, beyond Coreference, Conceptual Frame and its Application, Applying Co Training, Learning Correlations, Multilingual authoring, Linguistic Indicators and Semantic Constraints, feedback texts, Reuse of Context Dependent Descriptions of Entities, An Intelligent Multi Dictionary Environment, Building Accurate, acquiring and structuring, Unsupervised Prepositional, semantic information from text, Semantic Taxonomies, Phrase Attachment, Monolingual MRDs, A Descriptive Characterization, Tree Adjoining Languages (Project Note), a Network of Linear Separators, Efficient Optimization, an MDL Inspired Objective Function, A Generative Lexicon Perspective, Adjectival Modification, Conditions on Consistency, Probabilistic Tree Adjoining Grammars, Anoop Sarkar, Learning Tense Translation, Dialog Control, Natural Language System, Dialog Control in a Natural Language System, INTERACTION WITH MACHINES, database query system, Norwood Crout, Restrictions on Tree, Adjoining Languages, Recognizing Syntactic Errors, Giorgio Satta, the Writing of Second Language Learners, David Schneider, A Connectionist, Real World Texts, An Incremental Connectionist, Phrase Structure Parser, A CONNECTIONIST PARSER FOR STRUCTURE, UNIFICATION GRAMMAR, James B, Similarity metrics, aligning childrens articulation data, Acquiring Receptive Morphology, Harold L, SOMERS, Michael Gasser, DUAL CODING THEORY, CONNECTIONIST LEXICAL SELECTION, Ye Yi Wang, Long ncRNA, String similarity, Locating noun phrases, Summarization based, Jean Senellart, Spontaneous Lexicon Change, Tagging English, Path Voting Constraints, Ghkhan Tfir and Kemal Oflazer, Coherence in Spoken Discourse, Heike Tappe, Automatically Creating Bilingual Lexicons, Idiomatic object usage, support verbs, Idiomatic object usage and support verbs, The Computational Lexical Semantics, General to Specific, Syntagmatic Relations, A tabular interpretation, Evelyne Viegas, Subcategorization Preference, Miguel Alonso Pardo, Stephen Beale and Sergei Nirenburg, Computational Lexical Semantics, Incrementality, the So called Punctuality of Events, Project for production of closed caption, TV programs, Learning Optimal Dialogue Strategies, the hearing impaired, Spoken Dialogue Agent for Email, Using Leading Text, News Summaries, Evaluation Results and Implications, Commercial Summarization Applications, Loop modeling, Terminus modeling, Homologous proteins, Head Driven, Generation with HPSG, Optimised Combinations, CONSTRAINT PROPAGATION, Hiroshi Maruyama, Structural Correspondence Learning, Parse Disambiguation, An Endogeneous Corpus Based Method, Structural Noun Phrase Disambiguation, Didier Bourigault, Evaluation of Importance of Sentences, Some Properties of Preposition, Connectivity to Title, Subordinate Conjunction Attachments, Takehiko Yoshimi and Toshiyuki Okunishi Takahiro Yamaji, Dialect MT, Cantonese and Mandarin, MI Trigger based Language Modeling, Discovering Phonotactic, GuoDong ZHOU KimTeng LUA, Genetic Search, thematically segment texts, Embedding New Information, using lexical cohesion? Olivier Ferret, Hua Cheng, Autologous platelet concentrate, Clinical metrology instruments, Detecting Verbal Participation, Diana McCarthy Anna Korhonen, Thesaurus, Target Word Selection, Tree based Analysis, Underspecification Formalisms, Proximity in Semantic Space, Simple Recurrent Network Learning, Scott McDonald, Hole Semantics as Dominance Constraints, Ivetin Stoianov, A Cognitive Model, Coherence Driven Story Comprehension, Elliot Smith, Neurocognitive disorders, Post surgery patients, Essential modulatory factors, Design of restaurant on customer behavioral intentions, Customer behavioral intentions, Cognitive affective mediated model, One step mediated model, One step versus two step, Long term memory, Short term memory, Cognitive process, Instructional activities, Predicting Part of Speech Information, Untangling Text Data Mining, The Lexical Component, APPLICATION TO INFORMATION EXTRACTION, Sadaoki Furui, Unifying Parallels, DATR AS A LEXICAL COMPONENT FOR PATR, Discourse Relations A Structural, Claire Gardent, James Kilbury, Presuppositional Account, Petra Naerger, Lexicalised TAG, Finding Parts, Very Large Corpora, Matthew Berland, Eugene Charniak, Supervised Grammar Induction, Limited Constituent Information, Gỏi khô bò VS McDonald’s, Corpus Based Linguistic Indicators, Compositional Semantics, A Meta Level Grammar, Inducing a Semantically, Aspectual Classification, Redefining Synchronous TAG, Linguistic Formalisms, Annotated Lexicon, Shuly Wintner, Translation and Paraphrase, Eric V, EM Based Clustering, Siegel, Ordering Among Premodifiers

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