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Stevens-Johnson syndrome Parvovirus B 19 Pediatric injury Diabetes mellitus type 1 Self-controlled case series design Joint attention behaviours Factors underlying inadequate Feeding practice Frequent malignant intraorbital tumour Child undernutrition in Kenya Skeletal system determines Ventilation homogeneity Pro-inflammatory Acalculous cholecystitis Gastric washings Qualitative synthesis Increased IL-4 mRNA Parent–child interactions Food-related anxiety Case-crossover design Formulations acceptable Intraclass correlation coefficient Symptoms of sleep apnea Erythema infectiosum Intra-abdominal region Smoking exposure Statural growth Estimated one-third Classifying undernutrition Nasogastric tube insertion Especially life-threatening Sustained inflations Hydrogen breath Play pivotal roles Food-allergy management Operating characteristic curve Abnormal gallbladder Markedly increased Psychosocial stimuli Unvaccinated children Functional organization Microbiologic confirmation Household Wealth Index Estimate abdominal fat Rheumatologic diseases Systemic vasculitides Pedestrian platoon Dispersion ratio pedestrian demand Crosswalk length Analyze platoon dispersion Localized corrosion inhibition Alginate oligosaccharide ECG signal recognition Polymer bonded explosives Ba Lai dam Dipterocarp forest ecosystem Arrhythmia recognition Excretion track Gold nanoshells Silicon cluster doped manganese Polyhydroxylated derivative Phase structure competition Nanoscale microelement Magnetocaloric effect Timoshenko beam theory Vasticardium flavum Glipizide synthesized Enhanced ferroelectricity Hedyotis pinifolia Driving data Down-flow Hanging Sponge system Anti-oxidation master batch Luteolin tetramethyl ether Neutron dosimetry Plasmon absorption Landsat satellite image Magnetic properties and angular Copper triflate catalyzed baeyer Absorption of mercuric ion Non-woven fabric Preparation of magnetic hydrogel Clarifying additives Seed treatment formulation Cytotoxicity of polyhydroxylated cholesterol derivatives Ca concentration substituting Tungsten oxide Multi-stepped beam Iridoid glucosides Magnetic frigeration Catalytic conditions of fucoidanase Carrier resin Subacute toxic study Ginger sawdust Modified nanosilica Golden Flower Tea extract Villiger oxidation of ketones Adsorption isotherm models WO3 nanostructures Drug resistant

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Study on thermoluminescence properties, PC template, Lapped joint, Amorphous alloy, Flavonoid glycosides, Solid solutions, Dysoxylum tpongense Pierre, Sludge waste, Mushroom substrate, Fluorescent lamp, Urena lobata, Nhue River, Dysoxylum tpongense, Polystyrene plastic, Soybean germ, Optimum of medium components, Source tracking, Silver nanocomposite, Research on extraction of isoflavones, Genetic marker, Zinc-silver battery, Cell-based assay, Composting norfloxacin, High-content screening, Shrimp pond sediment, Automated microscope, Bài giảng Cholesteatoma, Bệnh nguyên Cholesteatoma, Thuốc phun tạo màng phim chứa Ketoconazol, Anesthesia for neonatal surgical emergencies, Bài giảng Chẹn beta ở bệnh nhân xơ gan, Triệu chứng Cholesteatoma, Thuốc trị nấm nhóm azol, Yếu tố nguy cơ chu sinh, Tác dụng huyết động học, Biến chứng Cholesteatoma, Chẹn beta trong xơ gan, Thuốc thoa ngoài da, Sức cản mạch phổi, Điều trị Cholesteatoma, Chỉ định dùng chẹn beta, Điều trị nhiễm nấm da, Ngộ độc oxy, Liệu pháp dự phòng thứ phát, Tá dược tạo phim, Ái lực proton, D-glucosamine, 2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose, Thuốc chống viêm khớp, Pyrrolidinone derivatives, Degradation of methyl red, One-pot multi-component reaction, Methyl red, 2-Pyrrolidinone derivatives, Azo dye by H2O2/UV process, Phức chất Cu 2+, Presence of iron ions, Green chemistry towards, Phức chất Zn 2+, 16 ppm of H2O2, Phối tử 9-Antrađehit 4-Phenylthiosemicacbazon, Redlich-peterson, Manganese dioxide (γ - MnO2), Phức chất Cu-9PhATSC, The correlation coefficient, TEM and BET, The separation factor, γ-MnO2 nanostructure, The coefficient of determination, Adsorption to Pb2+, Manganese dioxide (γ - MNO2) nanostructure, Vietnamese acacia pulp, Investigation of the structural charateristics, Ethnic policy, Ethnic Khmer community, Ethnic minority affairs, Industry revolution 4.0 background, Basic and urgent issues, Sustainable tourism model, The area where io Khmer people live, Consanguineous marriage, Social life in ethnic minority, Preserve and promote tangible, Rite of passage, Khmer compatriots, Ethnic women and children, Mutual assistance, Sustainable livelihood development, Dao people, Consequences of consanguineous marriage, Mainly agricultural, 3 lights ceremony, Ethnic minorities area, 7 lights ceremony, 12 lights ceremony, Definition of rite of passage, Concrete macrostructure, Matrix and inclusions properties, Structurally-simulated modeling, Convex polygons, Horseshoe vortex, Cargo handling, Unlike concrete, Wing-body junction, Bidding process, TGS sensors, Ship motion, Strake surface, Hai Phong ports, NH3 gas concentrations, Strip theory, Information model, Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model, Stevedore centers, Error correction effects, Metal bridge, Added ship resistance, Vital engineering issues, Marine nations, Open API interface, Pitch motion, Metal Oxide based sensors, Heave motion, Information-modeling program, Copper-chromium clusters, High glucose-induced hyperglycemia, Magnetic moment, Structure of land, Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus, S-d hybridization, Electronic shells, mRNA levels, Marine science and technology no 61, Magnetic and electronic shells, Actual GPS receivers, Display information on stability, Bàn luận về sức khỏe, Nghị luận về sức khỏe, Local isolate, Capsicum annuumL, Mini core, Ducks etc, Several inoculum sources, Monthly income, Women self help groups, Nicobar islands, Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott, Rhizopus oligosporus local isolate derived, Botanical characteristics, Their exploitation in Andaman, Germinated maize based diets, Capability assessment of women, Byadgi dabbi chilli genotypes, Cluster demonstration, Nutritive value of maize, Probability proportional to size, Snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina L.), Rhizopus oligosporus, Survey of existing farming system, Augment productivity, Crop with great potentials, Production potential of sorghum, Augment productivity in Blackgram, Socio-economic and occupation, Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.), Approach to augment productivity, New high yielding baby corn hybrid GAYMH-1, Non-beneficiary water-shed management, Rice tungro disease, Sclerotinia rot, Farmers in the region, Western plain zone, Kharif cultivation, West Indian cherry juice, Management catchment areas, Acinetobacter sp, Artificial infestation, Assam lemon, Rice tungro bacilliform virus, Digestible sugar, Peninsular zone, Weeds to rice crop, Gross morphometrical studies, Leaf injury rating and dead heart, Rice tungro disease infected leaves, Aerobic bacterial isolates, First plantation, Central west zone, Botanical extract, Organic manures on growth, Cherry (Malpighia glabra L.), The brain of Kadaknath fowl, Hypoalbuminea and hypoglobulinemia, Microtomy studies, Desi chickens, Maize cultivars against, Chewing gum, Antibiogram of aerobic bacterial isolates, Hybrid GAYMH-1, Animal wastes, Growing period, Agronomic biofortification, Segre gating population, Pre-emergence, Evenly present bundle sheath cells, Yield and quality of assam lemon, Clinico therapeutic studies, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe), Sapota (Manilkara achras L.), Organic inorganic salts, Backyard poultry farming system, Large white yorkshire boar semen selected, Subdivided into cerebrum, Polythene bags Micron thickness, Post-emergence, Ascites in canines, Assam lemon [Citrus limon (L.) Burm.], Yield and quality of Pearlmillet, Northern dry zone, Microalgae distribution, Liquid semen preservation, Brown seaweed, Inoculum load, Performance of different breeds, Right olfactory bulb, Jasmine (Jasminum sambac CV. Gundumalli), Secondary nursery, Differential response of QPM, Haemato-biochemical estimation, Pearlmillet [pennisetum glaucum (L.)], Evaluation of different cultivars, Narmada river basin, Disease initiation, Sargassum wightii, Hybrid and composite maize cultivars, Quality of Pearlmillet, Each group irrespective, Microalgae number, Threshold point, Coefficient of uniformity, Tectona grandis, Composite maize cultivars, Influence of land configuration, Exopolysaccharide producing bacillus cereus, Highest in pre-monsoon followed, System of chickpea intensification, Particular communities, Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis Goerth), INM schedules, G6G synchronization protocol, Flowering seed and fruit formation, Polyalthia longifolia, Post harvest pathogen, Manure spreader, Feronia limonia, Dual colour, Plant growth hormone, Yield and quality of turmeric, Postpartum anestrous ongole cows, Chickpea intensification, Fruit formation, Methanol extract- GC-MS, Community lands, Papaver somniferum L, Mustard crop (Brassicae junecea), Gerbera and carnation, Growth and yield of Kharif onion, Curry leaves, Animals exhibiting estrus, Zakladnoi and retanova, Perineal pattern, Phosphorus fertilization, Productivity enhancement technology dissemination, Roman goddess, Salt tolerant biocontrol agent, Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.), Identification of adoption gap, Soil borne diseases of melia dubia, Kharif onion (Allium cepa L.), Groundnut grown, Second PGF2α injection, Predominant insect pest, Dual colour tinting technology, ITS and PCR, Vallabh isabgol-1, Elite wood apple genotypes, Adult mortality, ISSR-Based molecular characterization, Bio-control agents against foliar, Intensified attractive tinted flowers, Meloidogyne enterolobii occurring, Fodder weight, Different wheat varieties against, Pineapple growers, Gujarat Isabgol-2, Operational area, Rye grass, Physical characters, ISSR similarity matrix revealed, Selected districts of Tripura, Genotype GPU-4, Varieties against rice weevil, Bactrocera cucurbitae, Varieties with INM, Rye grass (Lolium multiflorum), Ngôn ngữ lập trìnhXử lý dữ liệu, Tin học vawn phòng, Quyết định 7034/QĐ - BYT, Quy trình kỹ thuật chuyên ngành Hóa sinh, Kỹ thuật chuyên ngành Hóa sinh, Quyết định 6769/QĐ - BYT, Kỹ thuật hóa sinh, Quy trình kỹ thuật chuyên ngành Vi sinh, Kỹ thuật chuyên ngành Vi sinh, Chuyên ngành Vi sinh, Quy trình kĩ thuật vi sinh, Quyết định 26/QĐ-BYT, Kỹ thuật chuyên ngành Vi sinh Y học, Pericap browning, Simple negative sentences, Acid-chitosan coating solution, Simple negative sentences in English, Chitosan concentration, Simple negative sentences in Vietnamese, Dipping time, Malmquist indices, Cultural recommendations, Tam Hoa plum, Assesses agronomic responses, Household expenditure, Householder’s experience, Tổ chức sự kiện, Hoạt động tổ chức sự kiện, Văn hóa ứng xử, Văn hóa ứng xử vùng miền, Độ không nhập nhằng, Tích không nhập nhằng, Lớp ngôn ngữ k-không nhập nhằng, CChiến lược truyền thông, Đánh giá giá trị sản phẩm, Microbial consortia on growth, Hormonal levels, Nitrate content, Reproductive growth, Bacterial uropathogens isolated, Soybean in vertisol, Hormonal profiling, F3 generation of greengram, Water samples collected, Livestock rearing contribution towards, Corynebacterium jeikeium, Assured income, Community acquired urinary tract infections, Vertisol of central India, Primiparous buffaloes, Antibiogram at Tertiary care center, Net photosynthetic rate in six maize, Bambusa tulda, Yield improvement in F3 generation, Nitrate toxicity for dairy cattle, Employment of beneficiary, Joint ill, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Six maize (Zea mays L.), Acroceratitis parastriata, Preliminary approach, Goat milk basundi, Blood biochemical profiles in goats, Rpo B gene, Chrysanthemum segetum, Crop phenological phase based, Rioxoptilona dunlopi, Multi stage random purposive, Hydrolyzed-protein bait, Watershed programme, Nanozinc supplementation, Fresh seed dormancy, Joint Ill affected calf, Bambusa balcooa (Roxb), Panel of judges, Citrus orchard, Chrysanthemum carinatum, Cereal annual crop, Diversity of rice, Panicle initiation and RGR, Gunny bags, Groundnut and genetic variation, Occurrence of dipteran shoot flies, Ecoli isolated from poultry, Fruit fly Bactrocera minax, Phalaris minor and wheat, Premix herbicides, Interstitial glands, Colletotrichum capsici causing anthracnose, Aman season of planting, Leaf folder species, Bunch type groundnut genotypes, Ecoli isolated, Paddy and angoumois grain moth, Stored pearlmillet pennisetum glaucum

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