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Bệnh lý stress Nhà sàn trên sông Dịch vụ thức ăn đường phố Chiến lược phòng ngừa stress Ô nhiễm nước bề mặt Chất lượng nước uống Tạo kháng thể đa dòng Chỉ số vi sinh vật vệ sinh Hàm lượng di sodium inosinate Độc tố ruột nhóm A Hàm lượng chất điều vị Các loại bột nêm Chuyển sản ruột ở dạ dày Glyphosate tolerant gene Herbicide tolerance β glucuronidase Kisspeptin neurons Peripheral administration of kisspeptin Kisspeptin antagonist Hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal Sheep growth Berseem hay Nutrients digestibility Atriplex nummularia nutrients utilization Barki sheep Partial replacement of berseem hay Protein DNA interaction Injected intraperitoneally Tay–Sachs patients Calcium imaging Calcium Microfluorimetry Low melting point agarose Porcine Six1 Soft wheat Wheat wild relatives Polyclonal antibody Puroindoline genes Yeast Pichia pastoris Eukaryotic expression Sodium glucose co transporter type 2 Homeobox proteins Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders Clinicopathological characteristics Silico 3 D docking simulation SGLT2 inhibitors Cancerous proliferation Orthotopic xenograft Immobilized periphytic cyanobacteria Nitrogenous compounds Major bottleneck Geitlerinema sp WR domain Gloeotrichia sp Yield components of Triticum aestivum L Therapy preventing Crucian carp L cv IR64 Total chlorophyll retention Integrated biomarker response Protein phosphatase 1 Proteasome degradation Farnesyl thiosalicylic acid Endoplasmic reticulum associated protein degradation Carotenoids metabolism Photosynthetic light reactions Brain biopsy Phloem tissue Solanum lycopersicum cv Micro Tom Neurological complications Misfolded proteins Including bacterial Original disease relapse Post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder Tropical stenothermal fish Brain slice cultures Ubiquitin mediated protein degradation Lysosomal destabilizing Cold induced RNA binding protein Therapeutic strategy MSC 1 cells Immunosuppressive cells Vi khuẩn Streptococcu s mutans Phòng chống bệnh sâu răng Chế phẩm nước súc miệng Tác nhân gây sâu răng Ức chế sự hình thành biofilm Apical shoot Hemianthus callitrichoides Kremen 1 Dkk 3 functions T cell factor Radiation biodosimetry Diannan small ear pig Arrestin domain containing 1 Internal emitter Green fluorescent proteins Arrestin domain containing 5 Althaea officinalis Whole cell biosensors Nuclear accidents

Tài liệu, văn bản bạn tìm kiếm

Arrestin family, Pre harvest preservation of fruits and vegetables, Biosensing techniques, Mentha pulegium, Transformed BL21, Anthracnose on crops, Aquatic horticultural crop, MerR gene, Adventitious roots, Poplar bZIP gene family, Tissue differential expression, Root primordia, Co expression analysis, Crucial regulatory role, Major endocrine organ, Essential aquatic, Carrageenan moss, Horticultural model plant, Magnetic core–shell nanoparticles, Biginelli reaction, Critical phylogenetic, Dormant period, Boar spermatozoa, Explant collection date, Liquid storage, Pichia pastoris X 33, Plasma membrane integrity, Histoanatomical changes, Rootstock breeding program, Recombinant human paraoxonase, Hypodermic cell walls, Mitochondrial activity, Saccharomyces cerevisiae alpha factor signal sequence, Biomarkers of oxidative stress, Bos taurus indicus, Bos taurus taurus, Shoot proliferation of banana, pH on shoot proliferation of banana, Ruminal acidosis, Constant BAP, Papillary changes, Shoot tip, Cattle (Bos taurus), Ruminal lactacidosis, Culture response, Visualize rumen papillary changes, Shoot proliferation of papaya, Sliced segment section, Thanks giving cactus, Different concentrations of BA, Bioavailability contribute, Constant NAA, Shoot proliferation of bamboo, Ophiocordyceps pulvinata, Soft hydrogel, Neuronal gene, Leukemia cells, miRNA mRNA interaction, Human leukemia cells, Redox gene, Laser printer, Plant bio regulators, Toner handling work, In vitro shoot proliferation, LncRNA regulates tomato fruit cracking, Standardization of plant bio regulators, Hormone redox cell wall network, Insulin secretion, Gamma glutamylcysteine synthetase, MS media supplemented, Melanoma cell, Fibroblast skin cell, Kinetin and NAA, Aegiceras corniculatum L, Milk fat, Mammary infection, Milk somatic cell comparison, HF Crossbred, Antitumor molecule, Methyltransferase enzyme, Chinese cattle, Eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase, Genetic signatures, Musa acuminate, In vitro cloning of banana, Fast protocol for in vitro cloning, Impact of plant bio regulators, Internal ribosomal entry site, MRE11 genes, Distinct subspecies, Mitochondria perform, Eukaryotic hosts, Modulating whole organism phenotypes, Cancerrelated mortality, Pks genomic island, Regulatory phospho proteins, Helix loop helix, High resolution melting, Eukaryotic kingdoms, Wild barley, Hordeum spontaneum, Mutation screening, Resistance to Pseudomonas syringae 5, Genomic distribution, Rhizobium vitis, Eucalyptus genomes, Colletotrichum gloesporioides, Western diet, Long terminal repeat retrotransposon, Squirting cucumber, Lamellibrachia luymesi, Membrane fatty acids, Previously recognized, Mediated transformation of plants, Saturated fat, G4 motifs, PAoPR1 GUS INT plasmids, VrLEA2 gene, Quadruplex DNA, Arnebia euchroma, Group 1 LEA proteins, Maize LTR retrotransposons, Shannon Wiener index, Structure validation, NMM ligand, Setaria italica, Semi arid areas, NB4 cells, P38α MAPK, Nuclear localization signal retinoic acid receptor alpha, Molecular cytogenetics, Predominant contributors, Genome structure and evolution, Long terminal repeat retrotransposons, Plant retrotransposon dynamics, Retrotransposon expression, Retrotransposon insertion time, Anoxybacillus kestanbolensis AC26Sari, Isopropyl β D thiogalactopyranoside, Inducible T7 promoter, Thermophilic ribulokinase, D ribulose activity, Cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes, Vaccine design, Colicin N, Colicin N translocates across, N terminal domain, Circular dichroism spectroscopy, Nemo like kinase, NF κB inhibitor, Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays, NLK directly interacts, Systemic signal, Obtain nutrients, CYP79D enzymes contribute, Nitrogenous volatiles, Erythroxylum species, Peak finding, Allele specific, Nanogram DNA, DNA purification, DNA storage, Chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing, Northern red oak, PPR virus RNA, Plant pathogen interactions, Mevalonic acid, Sandwich elisa (s elisa), Abiotic stressors, Peste des petits ruminants virus infection, IKBα and IKKβ, Peste des petits, Peste des petits ruminants virus infected cells, Expression of RelA, Goat flocks, White rot, Peste des petits ruminant, Clinical samples from goat flocks, Serum miRNA, Naturally infected goats, Including miRNA databases, Functional consequences, Spirulina platensis CNT, Công nghệ nuôi S, platensis CNT, Including ramie, Isodon amethystoides, Tetracyclic diterpenoid, Including pulmonary tuberculosis, Glaucocalyxin B, Immune signaling, Microbe associated molecular patterns, ABA hypersensitive, Including phytohormone homeostasis, Protoplast assay, Including capsaicin, Capsicum species, Torenia fournieri, LTR type retrotransposon, Tumor suppressors, White flower, Including plant engineering, Cytoplasmic materials, Volatile esters, Including long lived proteins, BAHD acyltransferase superfamily, Protein aggregates, Including regulating fruit quality, Catalytic synthesizing, Pyrus communis, Tandem mass tags, Solubility prediction, Three treatments including control, Protein misfolding, Subsequent aggregation, Pri miRNA, Several human diseases, Regulating biological processes, Misfolded protein stress, Including organ morphogenesis, MiRNA during lung, ZDF rats, Cystathionine beta synthase, Microvascular remodeling, ZDF brains displayed, Electrophoretic tissue clearing, Purkinje layer, Hyperthermostable enzyme, Starch hydrolase, Molecular farming, Selective estrogen receptor antagonists, Poly LacNAc, Anticancer drug transport, Adhesion and signal molecules, Growth factor receptors, Immunological host responses, M bovis infection, Fundamental role in the outcome, Neutrophils and natural killer, Hyperthermia field, Cytotoxic T cell, Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, T lymphocyte subsets, Leukemia patients resistant, Mass cytometry, Intolerant of imatinib, Complete hematologic response, Published immunological, Complete cytogenetic respons, Non genomic loss of function, Immune system response, Molecular response, Cancer immunotherapy in larger scale, BCR ABL1 kinetics, CAR T cell therapy, Anchorage independent survival, Prevention trials, Current paradigms, Active DNA repair capacity, Neoadjuvant immunotherapy, Discovery of chemopreventive agents, Immunotherapies targeting, Neurological diseases, Immunotherapy reimbursement, Susceptibility gaining process, Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors, Primed DBA/1 mice, Neoepitope prediction, Mutation burden, Neo epitope targeted immunotherapy, Hepatocelluar carcinoma, IncRNA binding proteins, Adjuvant immunotherapy, Transmissible gastroenteritis virus, Rhabdomyosarcomatous dedifferentiation, Foot orthoses, Immune evasion, Moderate methodological quality, Apoptosis inhibitor protein, Function exploration, Radiation induced skin reactions, Survivin gene promoter polymorphism, microRNA 20a, Antiapoptotic proteins, Initiating cell, Small noncoding regulatory RNAs, Cancer diagnoses, Tumour initiation, Platinum based therapies, Tumor burden generated, CYT387 treated cell derived xenografts, Sex biases, ATRX mutation, Loss of heterozygosity, Anticancer immunity, Usnea filipendula, Alkaline stress, Zataria multiflora, Fast track endoscopy, Second primary malignancy, Colon tumorigenesis, Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues, ATP viability assays, Non random X chromosome inactivation, Plant flowering, Whole transcriptome sequencing, Adoptive immunotherapy, Early stage breast cancer, Continuous salt stress, Brest cancer stem cell, Soybean roots, Natural kiiler T cells, Relapse risk score, Vertebrate retinas shares, Salivary gland cancer, Hormonal therapy treatment, Mouse genome, Genomic markers, Increasing evidences, Biological roles of lncRNAs, Glucocorticoid response gene, Interstitial loss of heterozygosity, Molecular understanding, Glucocorticoid induced apoptosis, Leukemia cell line, SOX2 positive tumors, Intermediate size ncRNAs, Lymphoid malignancies, 43 ncRNAs, Leucine rich repeats, Induce cell cycle, Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger, Sesamia nonagrioides, Protein coding RNAs, Immunoglobulin like domains 1, Invasive pathogens, Postnatal liver maturation, Chryseobacterium indologenes, Achromobacter insolitus, Genus Quercus, Major metabolic organ, Corn borer, Comparative genomic hybridisation, Mixed linear models, Mediterranean corn borer, Competing endogenous RNAs, Hairy root, CD4+ T cells, Datura metel, Parasympathetic agent, Chemo immunotherapy, Heat responsive genes, Urena lobata L, Parts of plants, Urena lobata hairy roots, Regulatory B cells, Amiprophos methyl, Cell cycle synchronization, Cauliflower mosaic virus, GmPRP2 promoter, Microtubule inhibitory, Conditions for hairy root induction in soybean, Heat acclimation, Soybean by Agrobacterium rhizogenes, Heat stress response, Soybean cultivars HLDN29, Soybean cultivars DT84, ATCC11325 and ATCC15834 strains, Metabolism pathways, Regulate immunity, Heat shock protein genes, Nod factor receptor, Review on biosurfactant production, Hairy root transformation system, Mainly classified according, AhNFR5 genes, Vβ repertoire, Non toxic materials, Rhizobia inoculation, CD4+ T cell, Th17 plasticity, Non nodulating, Biosurfactant production from Bacillus species, Proinflammatory cells, Root cultures, A paniculata, D4 T cells, In vitro conservative method, Metabolite extraction, Hairy root transformation, T regulatory cell, Sinorhizobium fredii, Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson), Management of rhizome rot caused, Various places of turmeric, Rhizome rot of turmeric, Bioagents against Pythium aphanidermatum, In vitro evaluation of bioagents, Turmeric rhizome rot, Management of soft rot

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