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Alien introgression Changing weather conditions Cane regulation ongrowth Mature green leafy vegetables Antifungal genes against northern corn leaf blight Infant feeding tube Leaf spot disease infected samples Compact cotton grown Resazurin based colorimetric proliferation Mahila Mandalsand performace Nitrogen levels on yield attributes Critical limits of zinc PCR based detection Community settings now Dermal health Vigna umbellata hybridization Problmesand suggestions Contained higher amounts Wilk’s Lambda Antibiogram of gram positive cocci isolated Profile of dermatophytes Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus Hort.) Ratooned pearl millet Quality of wax esters Appropriate statistical tools Fields around Udaipur Nitrogen uptake by barley Response of popcorn Quality parameters of chickpea PBMCS of goats and sheep Rabi maize Broccoli growth Mahilamandals of Nehru yuva kendras Different skin sites Involving vigna mungo Taxi transportation flow prediction Gram positive cocci isolated Influence of indigenous nicobari Alcohol and cuticle formation NYK making total Popcorn to organics Mastitic cow milk Okra (Hibiscus esculentus L. Moench) Nitrogen content in grain Goats and sheep Contiguous regions jams Training programmme Gladiolus breeding programme Cross combinations revealed genotype Wheat productivity Clinical profile Correlation of biomarker Drought sensitive wheats Selected based on maximum number Indigenous nicobari Catheter associated urinary tract infection Mulching and methods Broccoli growth and yield parameters Introgress alien genes Predicting taxi transportation Varieties on protein Prevalent in this region Yield and gap analysis Wheats (Triticum aestivum) Ankleshwar chicken breeds Irrigation on okra Application of organic manures Tribal farmers of Pratapgarh Detecting jam regions correlations Biochemical attributes of semen Model predicting taxi Cleavage rate Dry matter content Serum gonadotropin Existing dairy husbandry practices followed Rice insect-pests Variability in the population Follicular fluid Greenhouse rose cultivars Growth performance of pulses Rabi season forage crops Livestock owners Groundnut seed dormancy Socioeconomic condition Dark spot of mustard Parasitic infestation BPT5204 mutants Response of bermuda lawn grass Soil meso-fauna Buffalo follicular fluid Goblet cells Incidence and correlation Ethrel concentrations Information regarding existing dairy Molecular occurrence Haematobiochemical and oxidative stress Maturation medium Maize genetic diversity Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern National level

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Farmers cultivating Makhana, Bermuda lawn grass, Salinity tolerance in rice, Reduction of yield, Evaluate eleven greenhouse rose cultivars, Groundwater potential, Efficacy of antiprogesterone, Gut pH, Storage periods, Predesigned questionnaire, Weather parameters in central, Nuclear maturation rate, Very easy digestible, Organically cultivated fodder maize eco system, Purple blotch complex, Incubation experiment, Estradiol 17b, Dry weight of clipping, Spice crops agro-climatic soil fertility weather conditions, Saline stress soil, Plays significant role, Parasitic infestation in diabetic patients, Canine parvovirus infection in dogs, Evaluate antimicrobial susceptibility pattern, Alternaria brassicicola collected, Protein for the poor, PGF2α therapy, Credit gap, Dogs affected with gastroenteritis, Root architectures, Major insect-pests of rice, Crop and mainly, Neonatal bloodstream infections, UIDAI server, Fertigation levels, Cellulolytic index, Cost ratio, Influence of abiotic factors, Abiotic factor, Butyric acid supplementation, Biomass phosphorus, Stage of nucleus, SCA effect, Late blight of potato, Agri nanotechnology, Insertational mutagenesis, Pyricularia setariae, Verdure dry weight, Role of ethrel and storage, Middle catchment, Prevalence of parasitic infestation, Bpt-5204 based rice mutants, Body and texture, Impact of lime, Represent cattle wealth, Treating canine pyometra, Canine parvovirus infection, Physio-biochemical variability, Selected pulse crops were computed, Impact of agricultural credit, Onion seed crop, Lignolytic index, Soil available nutrients status, Yield and economics of turmeric, Processing of raw seeds, Fertilizer and initiative, Abiotic factors on soil meso-fauna, Recalcitrant phosphorus, Fertility per cent, Biomass nitrogen, Gut health in broiler chicken, Secondary nutrient management, Type of treatment viz, Transposon tagging, Oxidative stress parameters, Bffalo oocytes assessed based, Cluster composition, Foxtail millet caused by Pyricularia setariae, Rice under aerobic condition, Cut flower production, CPV infection in dogs, Cropping indices, Productivity and export, Yield and it’s attributing traits, Leaf nitrogen, Lime and secondary nutrients, Onion seed crop in Faridkot district, Retailers about ePoS, Protective plants, Turmeric (curcuma longa), Agricultural credit on yield, Extruded snacks prepared, Nutrients uptake by cabbage, Agronomic fortification, Phosphorus mobilization, Pomegranate cuttings collected, Agricultural services, Different fertility levels, Open pyometra were divided, Management of plant pathogens, Flavor and Latococcous crimoris, Genetic tool, Ivermectin against gastrointestinal nematodes, Newly evolved genotype, Rained conditions, Aerobic condition, Ashwaganda [Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal], Wide margin excision, Variability in area, Non-systemic fungicide, Rajendra sonia, Field water use efficiency, Income of paddy, Affected soils, Major challenges, Plant growth promoting rhizobacterium, Bajra intercropping systems, Leaves waste of protective plants, Divergence study in urdbean, Artificial methods of control, Household vermicompost and fertilizer, Relative departure index, Latococcous crimoris, Magnesium sulphate in comparison, Utilization as genetic tool, Economics and cropping indices, Mobilizing recalcitrant phosphorus, Yield of paddy, Pusa hydrogel, Respondents of agricultural services, Transposition flap dog, Crop yield under boron nutrition management, Mopho-physiological parameters on paddy, Aadhaar enable fertilizer system, Productivity and export of mango, West central table land zone, Paddy and sugarcane, Characterization and potential, Urdbean [Vigna mungo (L). Hepper], Pseudomonas against plant pathogenic fungi, Review on transposons, Pigeon pea inter cropping, Applicable in different soils, Comparison to package, Nitrogen levels on productivity, Growth parameters of paddy (Oryza sativa L.), Stover mulch and zinc fertilizer, Plant population level, Meteorological drought characteristics, Wide margin excision followed, Tagetest erecta L, Paddy crop in Coastal Karnataka, Temperature humidity index, Adoption for agricultural services, Export of mango, Biocontrol method, Design maintaining, Leakage compositional changes accompanying, PGPR isolates, Practice as control, Nutrient management studies, North-South housing, Tribal blocks, Period was divided into, Endangered wild turmeric, Yield both quantitatively, Reference strain were subjected, Plant growth retardant, Soil available nutrients yield, High importance, Reference strain produced IAA, Insect behaviour, Acinetobacterbaum anii, Productivity enhancement, Cosmetic industries, Climate change on insect behaviour, Nonferementing bacilli, Ethnic minority children, Productivity enhancement of green gram, Cultural competence training, Providing biomedical information, Intestinal spirochetosis, Brachyspira aalborgi, Perinatal outcomes, Brachyspira pilosicoli, Antibiotic surveillance, Oral clefts, Angiomyomatous hamartoma, Intrapartum-related neonatal hypoxia, Early eczema, Hepatic glycogenosis, Early term births, Dento-facial morphology, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorbtiometry, Pediatric neck mass, Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, Health care surveys, Post-term births, CDC 12-Step Campaign, Despite exposure, Rhino-conjunctivitis, Sympathomimetic toxicity, Children's fractures, Bronchial hyperresponsiveness, Mortality Predictors, Antimicrobial stewardship program, Establishing healthy physical activity, Teeth malocclusions, Mol’s philosophical theory, Chronic impairment, Pre-pubertal, Hypertensive urgency, Prenatal alcohol, Preschool childrenprevalences, Lymphocyte respiration, Treat Infections in Neonates, Cotrimoxazole preventive therapy, Wandering pacemaker, Developing childhood asthma, Risk estimates directly, Bronchiolitis hospitalization, Primary care pediatrics, Wrong posture, Young children’s PA, Negative affectivity, Intercostal retraction, Educational level, ALL neuroblastoma, Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 deficiency, Respiratory complaints, Hypertensive emergency, Children with special healthcare needs, Preaxial polydactyly type I, Methodological approaches, Growth hormone treatment, Trisomy 21, International League of Associations for Rheumatology, Faecal calprotectin, Including multifocal atrial tachycardia, Identify health professionals’, Pneumatic otoscope, Eustachian tube, Dutch Health Care, Ocular convergence disorders, Subcostal retraction, CPT1A P479L variant, Dynamic of trauma, Hospital discharge, Neonatal extravasation injury, Mitochondrial disease, Polish Registry of Congenital Malformations, Measure cellular respiration rate, Follow up study, Motor fitness, Eosinophilic cationic protein, Social inhibition, Keshan disease, Pediatric hematology, Adequate diagnostic, Educational programmes concerning, Allergic disease, Bone size, Critical illness constitutes, Unphysiological gait, Supracostal retractions, Clinical response, Non-alcoholic steatohepatatis, Thrombospondin type-1 motives, Atrio-ventricular block, Triphalangeal thumb, Cranial suture, Mothers of sick children, Reliability testing, Tobacco smoke exposure, Physical consequences, Hematologic indices, Low birth weight anthropometric measurements predictor, GI microbiome, Newborn cohort study, Acute seizures episodes, Micronutrients deficiency, Health promotion intervention, Disseminated platelet-rich thrombi, Senior house officer, Fast MRI, Granulicatella bacteraemia in children, Nurse-led education, Patho-physiolocical, T cell receptor excision circles, Sedentary behaviours, Disability-adjusted life years, HIV/AIDS disease, Dardized mortality rate, Medical progress, Dual-energy X-ray, Granulicatella spp., Chronic pediatric disease, Quickbrain MRI, Neurological squelae, Distal GI microbiota, Tonsillar hypertrophy, Reliable anthropometric, Significant immunomodulatory, Paediatric settings, Body fatness, Nutrition assessment, Laxative prescription, Acrodermatitis enteropathica, Anti-streptococcal drug, National quality registry, Pediatric population, Enrolling healthy children, Arab-Israeli kindergarten children, Neonatal mortality and morbidity, Community health centers, Rapid MRI, Children treated, Prompt initiation, T-cell-receptor-excision-circle, Hospitalized preterm neonates, Support from nurses, Intrapartum-related hypoxia, Parent talk, Lifetime major depressive disorder, Hospital stay, Total fat, Concurrent wasting and stunting, Sudden and unexplained death in childhood, Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey, Interquartile ranges, Oral bovine lactoferrin, Human adenovirus 7, Clinical trial protocol, Smoking husband, SLC39A4 gene, Posterior fusion, Health planners, Long QT-syndrome, Prechoolers’ significant portions, King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital-Riyadh, Offspring cognitive function, Childhood nocturnal enuresis, Marginal risk set model, Breastfeeding self-efficacy, Patient’s health, Youth self Report, Myocardial calcification, Univariate meta-regression analysis, Empiric therapy, Post-term delivery, Unexplained death in infancy, Genotype-phenotype, Amino acid-Dextrose, Collagen-associated adverse effects, Respiratory allergic diseases, Standing test, Socioecological model, Intergrowth-21, Weight loading physical activity, Life-threatening problem, Debre Markos referral hospital, Flexible bronchoscopy, Chest computerized tomography, Child vocalizations, Macro-AST, Cerebral disorders, Meta-regression analyses, Neonatal units, Baby friendly, Cow’s milk, Hereditary skin disease, Nurturing care, Protein powder, Anti-infective treatment, Postnatal nutrition, Prescription safety issue, Neonates’ intensive care unit, Behavioral outcome, Tympanostomy tubes, Enteric bacterial pathogen, Northwest Ethiopia, Developmental risk factors, Ménétrier’s disease, Metformin-exposed newborns, Safety net population, Tuebingen palatal plate, Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, Hereditary disorders, Magnetic foreign body, Lifelong healthy habits, Newborns’ sociodemographic, Over-nutrition, Enteral feeds, Novel multiplex PCR, Abakaliki metropolis, Trend study, Anabolic steroids, Population survey, Organic phosphate

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