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The KDE Desktopc Tôi có giống không White Father's Business Bootstrapping Path-Based Pronoun Resolution Unsupervised Topic Modelling Extracting Parallel Dependencies between Student State Dependency Parsing of Japanese Kernel-Based Pronoun Resolution Partially Specified Signatures Polarized Unification Grammars Morphology-Syntax Interface for Turkish LFG Automated Japanese Essay Scoring System Reranking and Self-Training Sub-Sentential Fragments Measuring Language Divergence Multi-Party Spoken Discourse Expressing Implicit Semantic An Improved Redundancy Elimination Algorithm Learning Accurate Learning Event Durations Speech Recognition Problems Spoken Monologue a Vehicle for Grammar Modularity Structured Syntactic Knowledge Integrating Syntactic Priming Articles Written by Experts Parser Adaptation Sylvain Kahane Modyco Non-Parallel Corpora Underspecified Representations Tree-to-String Alignment Template Relations without Supervision Compact Intra-Lexical Comparison Spoken Tutoring Dialogues Event Descriptions Worksort An Iterative Implicit Feedback Clause Boundaries Yael Cohen-Sygal Tsunenori Ishioka Incremental Probabilistic Parser An Unsupervised Morpheme-Based HMM A Comparison of Document Extracting loanwords Multi-Tagging Interpretable Tree Annotation Peter D. Turney Alexander Koller and Stefan Thater An End-to-End Discriminative Simon Kirby T. Mark Ellison Weakly Supervised Named Entity Personalized Search Empirical Lower Bounds Co-occurrence Information A Phonetic-Based Approach to Chinese Hebrew Morphological Disambiguation Using String-Kernels an Application to Psycholinguistic Modeling Accurate Collocation Extraction Discovering asymmetric Predicted Synthesis Quality Utilizing Co-Occurrence Lexicalized-Grammar Parsing Mongolian corpora Multilingual Document Clustering Word Sense and Subjectivity Punjabi Machine Transliteration Transliteration and Discovery Meni Adler the Complexity of Translational Equivalence Yuanhua Lv Chat Text Normalization Combination of Case Elements Modelling lexical redundancy a Multilingual Parser Learning Semantic Parsers entailment relations between verbs Answers in Question Answering Term Event Spaces Evaluating the Accuracy Percy Liang Alexandre Lexical Chains Propagating Verb Arguments producing a Japanese-Mongolian bilingual dictionary Janyce Wiebe Multilingual Comparable Corpora an Heuristic Approach Benjamin Wellington Time Period Identification Methods for Using Textual Entailment M. G. Abbas Malik A Bio-inspired Approach Chinese-English Term Rohit J. Kate VerbNet and PropBank Unlexicalized Statistical Parser Violeta Seretan Eric Wehrli Adrian Novischi

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A Morphological Analyzer, Topic-Focused, Min Wu, A Discriminative Global, David Talbot and Miles Osborne, Cognate Named Entities, Multi-Word Expression Extraction, Events in Text, Combining General, Japanese Idiom Recognition, Coreference handling in XMG, Conceptual Coherence in the Generation, Generator for the Arabic Dialects, the PARC DepBank, Translation Mining, An All-Subtrees, Plot Advice Agent, Detection of Quotations, Towards the Orwellian Nightmare, Training Algorithm, Regression for Sentence-Level MT Evaluation, Focus to Emphasize Tone Structures, Assisting Translators, Visual Tool, Investigations on Event-Based Summarization, A Unified Tagging, Forest Rescoring, Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation, A Multimodal Interface, Phonological Constraints, Guiding Semi-Supervision, Randomised Language Modelling, Generating Constituent, Automatic Evaluation of Sentence-Level, k-best Spanning Tree Parsing, Using Corpus Statistics on Entities, A Symbolic Approach to Near-Deterministic, Tailoring Word Alignments, Mingli Wu, Learning to Extract Relations, Bilingual-LSA Based, Bootstrapping Word Alignment, Indirect Lexical Transfer, Prosodic Analysis, Parsing and Subcategorization Data, Guiding Statistical, A Seed-driven Bottom-up, Validating Sense Annotations, Annotation Schemes, Semantic Relatedness Information, Joshua S. Albrecht and Rebecca Hwa, Corpus Effects on the Evaluation, Mildly Context-Sensitive, Parsing and Generation, Sparse Information Extraction, Multimodal In-Car Dialogue, Approach to Text Normalization, Faster Decoding, Morphological Preprocessing, Access to Content in the Home, Constraint-Driven Learning, Fluency Andrew Mutton, Improve Semi-supervised Relation, Surface Realisation, Order in German Clauses, LM Adaptation, Syntactic Machine Translation, Keith Hall, Word Packing, Word Alignment Models, the Web using Minimal Supervision, A Case Study on Reputation Systems, Roberto Navigli, Automatically Discovered Patterns, Spoken Language Generation, Automated Transliteration Systems, Machine Learning Framework, their Influence, Pseudo References, Tilman Becker, Unsupervised Language Models to the Rescue, Datalog Queries, Dependency Languages, Integrated Language Models, Conghui Zhu Jie Tang Hang Li Harbin, Anthony Hartley, Ming-Wei Chang Lev Ratinov Dan Roth, Extraction from the Web, Katja Filippova and Michael Strube, Ordering Phrases, Unrestricted Multi-Party Dialog, Razvan C. Bunescu, On the role of context and prosody, Sarvnaz Karimi Andrew Turpin Falk, Extracting Relations of Various Complexity, Doug Downey, Generalizing Tree Transformations, Substring-Based Transliteration, Peter Poller, Unsupervised Coreference Resolution, Nicolas Stroppa, A Re-examination of Machine, NICT-ATR Speech-to-Speech, A Translation Aid System, System Demonstration, the interpretation of okay, Automatic Discovery, Extracting Word Sets, Construction of Domain Dictionary, Stefan Schoenmackers, Inductive Dependency Parsing, Generating Usable Formats, Nonparametric Bayesian Model, Tarek Sherif, Koen Deschacht and Marie-Francine Moens, Hendra Setiawan and Min-Yen Kan, Using Error-Correcting Output Codes, Stratified Lookup Interface, Fundamental Vocabulary, Sentence-Level MT Evaluation, Generic and Referential, Named Entity Variants – Grammar-driven Approaches, Non-Taxonomical Relation, Eiichiro Sumita Tohru Shimizu Satoshi Nakamura, Metadata and Annotations, Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein, Grzegorz Kondrak, Model-Refinement, Surabhi Gupta Matthew Purver Dan Jurafsky, Takeshi Abekawa and Kyo Kageura, Non-alphabetical Transliterations, Chikara Hashimoto Sadao Kurohashi, Large Meeting Corpus, Minimally Lexicalized Dependency Parsing, Eiko Yamamoto Hitoshi Isahara, N -gram-based SMT decoder, Expanding Indonesian-Japanese, Boost Centroid Text Classifier, An Implementation of Combined Partial Parser, Annotating and Learning, Computing Lexical Chains, Event Term Clustering, Towards a Computational Treatment of Superlatives, Kinds of Features, Daisuke Kawahara, Josep M. Crego, Small Translation Dictionary, Silke Scheible, Compound Noun Semantics, Chinese Opinionated Information Retrieval, Morphosyntactic Disambiguator, Maofu Liu, Semi-spoken Language, a Pivot Language, Olena Medelyan, Aleksander Buczynski, Taras Zagibalov, Ma Thần Quỷ Kiếm, Ma Đao, Yang Hong Ying, Người Cha Phi Thường, Thạch Kiếm, Eiji Yoshikawa, Viên Nguyệt Loan Đao, Vong Mệnh Thiên Nhai, làm đẹp bằng bí đỏ, tuổi trẻ học đường, Kanzaki Meirin, truyện Alo Dr.Rin, Bức Thư Hối Hận, Chị Đào Chị Lý, năng lực siêu phàm, Cho Wool Hak, linh hồn ma quỷ, Bên Dòng Nước, Biết Tỏ Cùng Ai, Cánh Hoa Cô Lẻ, Cửa Cấm, Hương Cỏ Dại, Quyện Điểu, Tình Khúc Chiều Thu, Tuyết Kha, TÀU BA SON, BỘ THỦ TỤC, CỤC XUẤT NHẬP KHẨU, Bàn tay cầm mây, 12 truyện cực ngắn, Bến Gừa, Nguyễn Thị Hậu, Bóng anh hùng, Bông hoa màu máu, Bước chân lạc lối, mục giả trí, truyện của Doãn Dũng, Truyện của Minnh Vy, Đất nghèo, Con sà mâu, Điệu slow buồn, Truyện của Trần Dần, truyện của Kim Hài, Giang về, chiếc camera chăm chỉ, Hảo hớn miệt vườn, Giọt phù sinh, Hương Xưa, Lệ Mạnh Thường, Không yêu đừng lấy, Nghiệp chữ, Ngủ cùng rắn mối, Truyện Ngắn của Cẩm Giang, Nhạc sĩ không chuyên, Người mẫu, Những Nốt Nhạc Xưa, Riêng Một Góc Trời, Quả ngọt cuối mùa, Nước vẫn mênh mông dưới chân đồi, Sáo Không Bay Sang Sông, Sấm động Xương Giang, Truyện của Phương Trà, thư viện giả trí, truyện ngắn Rỗi, Phạm Thía Quỳnh, Trang gia phả viết bằng vôi, Thằng Câm, Lê Khánh Linh, truyện ngắn Thằng Câm, Tối cuối tuần - sắp Tết, Xoá tên thần tượng, A Touch Of Dead, Yêu Người Nhân Hậu, A Bite To Remember, A Quick Bite, Charlaine Harris, nhịp cầu bạn bè, Lynsay Sands, Bảy ngôi làng ma, Blood Lines, Blue Bloods, Blood Trail, Bloody Bones, Blood Pact, Laurell K. Hamilton, Melissa de la Cruz, Blue Moon, Bùa Nhức Răng, Sannox Phu Nhân, Carrie, Chiếc Tàu Queen Mary, Chỗ Hẹn, Andara, Jonh Christophe, Con Của Ma, Club Dead, Danse Macabre, Jessie D. Kerruish, Module chống lõi, The Role of Semantic Roles, Disambiguating Verb Senses, Hoa Trang Dang, Online Large-Margin, Improving Pronoun Resolution, Coarse-to-fine n-best parsing, Modelling the substitutability, Extracting Semantic Orientations, Boosting-based parse reranking, Training of Dependency Parsers, Statistics-Based Semantic, MaxEnt discriminative reranking, discourse connectives, subtree features, Dependency Treelet Translation, Words using Spin Model, Ryan McDonald Koby Crammer Fernando Pereira, lexicalization fails, Learning Stochastic OT Grammars: A Bayesian approach, Eugene Charniak and Mark Johnson Brown, Compatibility Information, Discontinuous Structural Annotation, Ben Hutchinson, Syntactically Informed Phrasal SMT, Taku Kudo, Hiroya Takamura Takashi Inui Manabu Okumura, Data Augmentation, suffix analysis and smoothing, Chris Quirk, Simple Algorithms, A Phonotactic Language Model, Arul Menezes, Probabilistic Synchronous Dependency, Complex Relation Extraction, Spoken Language Identification, Arabic Tokenization, Clause Restructuring, Insertion Grammars, Applications to Biomedical IE, Exploiting Named Entity Taggers, Towards an Optimal Lexicalization, Automatic Discovery of Intentions in Text, Using Readers to Identify, Haizhou Li and Bin Ma, Learning Meronyms, Automatic Induction, Morphological Disambiguation in One Fell Swoop, Natural-Sounding Portable Natural Language Generator, Lexical Cohesive, Thamar Solorio, Marta Tatu, CCG Grammar for Turkish, Angus Roberts, Dialog Systems, Structures in Texts, Speech Recognition of Czech, Unsupervised Discrimination, Ruken Cakıcı, Learning Information Structure, Inclusion of Rare Words Helps, Labeling of Ambiguous Names, Accessing GermaNet Data, Descriptive Question Answering in Encyclopedia, The Prague Treebank, Pavel Machek, Efficient solving, Anagha K. Kulkarni, Hyo-Jung Oh, Oana Postolache, Computing Semantic Relatedness, Multimodal Generation, Chung-Hee Lee, scope ambiguities, Iryna Gurevych and Hendrik Niederlich, COMIC Dialogue System, Automating Temporal Annotation, Mary Ellen Foster and Michael White, The Wild Thing, Cross-Lingual Resource Acquisition, TARSQI, HAHAcronym, SenseCluster, Carol Nichols and Rebecca Hwa, Marc Verhagen, Reformatting Web Documents, A Computational Humor System, Optimization in Multimodal Interpretation, Header Trees, Labeling of Similar Contexts, Oliviero Stock and Carlo Strapparava, Joyce Y. Chai, Constructivist Development, A TAG-based, Minoru Yoshida and Hiroshi Nakagawa, Grounded Construction Grammars, noisy channel, model of speech repairs, Incorporating Coreferential Information of Candidates, Word- and Sentence-Aligned Parallel Corpora, Extracting Regulatory, Chris Callison-Burch David Talbot Miles Osborne, Balancing Clarity, Gene Expression Networks, Chinese Verb Sense Discrimination, Finding Predominant Word Senses, Efficiency in Typed Feature, Inducing Frame Semantic Verb Classes, Large-Scale Induction, an EM Clustering Model, Computing Locally, Predicting Student Emotions, Logic through Delaying, Open Domains, Evaluation of Lexical Resources, Diana McCarthy, Adaptive Chinese Word Segmentation, Classifying Semantic Relations, Multi-Engine Machine Translation, the Penn-II Treebank, matrix factorisation, Probabilistic Parsing Strategies, Bioscience Texts, Splitting Complex Temporal Questions, Voted Language Model, Cyril Goutte, Using linguistic principles, Acquiring the Meaning, recover empty categories, Chutima Boonthum, Towards a Semantic, Classification of Spanish Verbs, Subsentential Translation Memory, n Subcategorisation Information, Computer Assisted Writing and Translation, Phil Maguire, Finding Anchor Verbs, Corpus representativeness, Conceptual Combination Influenced, Biomedical IE, syntactic information acquisition, A Practical Solution, Automatic clustering of collocation, Problem of Automatic Word Sense Induction, Clustering Polysemic Subcategorization

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