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Rigid perfectly plastic materials Maximum friction surface Method of characteristics Statically admissible slip line field for compression Single photon added two mode SU(1 1) coherent states Nonclassical properties Sum squeezing Difference squeezing Higher order squeezing Teacher self‐efficacy Administrative feedback Work enjoy‐ment Thực trạng văn hóa công nghiệp Đạo đức công nghiệp Mô hình quản lý sở hữu trí tuệ Hoạt động sở hữu trí tuệ Quản lý sở hữu trí tuệ trong trường đại học Corporate activities Business development strategies Public investment on private investment Crowding in Gross investment Structural vector autoregressive CobbDouglas formula Gravity model for trade Nash’s bargaining solution Optimism pessimism criterion Probabistic decision making Shift invariance Poisson Pseudo maximum likelihood Disaggregated product level Vietnamese textile exports Transport cost Textile export Impact of trade agreement Vietnam's rice export Structural gravity model Households per Residential investment Domestic trade Education and communication clubs Natural disasters prevention Gie Trieng ethnic group Co Ho ethnic group Determinants of liquidity risk Evidence from Tunisian banks Banking risk Liquidity position determinants Foreign owned banks Including typhoons Bid Ask spread Evidence from Turkish banks VaR and expected shortfall Credit crunch Liquidity requirement Output gap Vietnam’ trade balance Oil price decline National oil companies in southeast ASIA National oil companies Response to oil price change Mining sector companies Oil price and leverage Significantly influenced by oil prices Local residents towards the development Tourism in Vung Tau Local residents towards Perception of crowding Vung Tau tourism development Attitudes toward Organizational changes Resignation tendency Modelling and structural time series model Structural time series model Chickpea production Forecasting of chickpea production Neighbourhood factors largely Housing formation patterns Models of SEM Measurement model and Structural model Knee cartilage damage Geometric femoral model Logistics services supplier Core criteria Exact billing Reasonable pricing Bình Thuận dragon fruit Supplying fares Relationship between accounting Tax in Vietnam Proposing policy implications Pro poor growth Elasticity of poverty with respect to growth Simultaneous equation system model Gini coefficient Meta frontier cost function Comparing bank efficiency Meta frontier approach Indonesian banks

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Household recycling behavior, Recycling attitude, Recycling behavior, Favorable attitude, Amman Stock Exchange, Board gender diversity, CAC 40 companies, French CAC 40 listed firms, Board of directors’ composition, Identifying barriers, Vietnam’s supporting industries, Macroeconomic news, Attractive markets, Bank deposits, Technological advancement, Vietnamese SOEs, Credit demands, Vietnamese soes performance, Credit growth indicators, Website quality and government regulations, Online impulse buying behavior, Competition of online website stores, Brawijaya Malang University, Multi institutional collaborative, Making various marketing efforts, Sexual problems, Online customers E satisfaction, Satisfaction of online customers, Hotels in Hội An city, Online travel agency, Quality affect FDI, Sub Saharan African, Rentier state, Rice producer, Resource curse, Rice storage, Rice export, Static model, Oil rents, Asymmetric relationship, Proposed strategy map, Implementation process, Export barriers, Respective key performance indicators, Speed of adjustment, Partial goals of HR, Operation of small and medium enterprises, Performance of enterprises, On going instructing, Seafood industry, Vietnamese seafood, Including produc, Economy of Vietnam, Dynamic OLS, Enhancing quality, Carry evaluation, Mortgages and real estate loans, Relationship between oil prices, Market variance, Var Garch model, Interbank rate, Oil prices and stock returns, Corporate takeovers in Malaysia, Method of payment, Foreign M&A, Acquiring firms, Serial acquisitions, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Stock market response, Logit and probit and GMM models, PSM and DID, Asset restructuring, Impact of equitization, Performance of enterprises in Vietnam, Equitized firms, Financial market analysts, Interest rate forecasts, Topically oriented trend adjustment, Financial market analyst behavior, Intra marginal rent, Standardized effort, Panel data Vietnam, Cost and earnings, Purse seine fishery, Managerial efficiency, Price reactions, Cumulative abnormal returns, Cumulative average abnormal return, Journal of financial economics, Bank disclosure, Core capital, Law enforcement in Malaysian securities marke, Capital ratios, Malaysian securities market, Bank transparency, Regulations for the industry, Services representative licensees, Introducing new rules, Bonds issuance, Bank capital affects profitability, Two step GMM, Return on equities, Retail brand, Impact of the external, Specialized store, Internal factors of bank performance, Impulse reaction function, Impact of store personality, Indian commercial banks, Store loyalty, Financial performance of manufacturing sectors, Economy reliability, Investment in human capital, Propensity Score Matching method, Several firm characteristics, Evidence of oil, Gas mining companies, Small and medium size enterprises, Egyptian SMEs, National Bank of Egypt, DEA financial ratios, Green banking awareness in Nigeria, Green banking awareness, Challenges and sustainability in Nigeria, Support efforts towards, Experienced natural disasters, Excess analyst coverage, Information delivery, Green IT practices, Investment portfolios, Industries of Bangalore city, ITES and Banking services, Ratio of 3:2:1, Employee green behavior, Philosophy in economic, Travel demand for metro in Ho Chi Minh City, Discrete choice experiment, Determinants of firm lever innovation, Urban transportation mode, Innovation especially knowledge, Directional Distance, Metro travel demand, Ttransportation service, Productivity of Vietnamese banks, Index approach, NCC female students, Life satisfaction in Tiruchirappalli, Annual training camp, Big Five Personality Traits and Life Satisfaction, Work effectively in Vietnam, Line managers, Work conditions, Innovation capability, Innovation performance, Learning capability, Networking capability, Non cognitive skills, Personality traits and non cognitive skills, High level of extraversion, Reliever medication, High level of autonomy, Debate exists regarding, Autonomy and musical abilities, Short acting β2 agonist, Inter organizational, Delayed effect, R&D capability, Examination of inter organisational learning, Unsustainable liquidity, Restructuring banks, Results based, Orienting banking activities, RBME evaluation system, Future natural gas price, Summary of dissertation in Business administration, Autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic effect, Vietnamese consumers towards garment products, Optimal public expenditure, Garment 10 corporation, Behavior finance, Financial risk and risk management, Direction of causality, Public expenditure and GDP, Capital Expenditure to GDP, Existence of Keynesian hypothesis, Pay satisfaction questionnaire, Retail trade, Vietnamese office workers, The Vietnamese retail sector, Loyalty of office workers, Vietnam’s labor law, Perception and satisfaction, Hubballi Dharwadand Bengaluru, Pay the money, Person organization fit, Culture differences on a brand community – a cross study in sweden, Turnover intention, Taiwan and Vietnam, Brand loyalty and psychological attachment, The formation of brand community, The Vietnamese consumers highly, Vector Autogressive Model, Variance decomposition, Inflation rate of Vietnam, Value of pangasius, Day of the week, Zimbabwe stock exchange, Satisfaction of visitors, Overall stock market returns, The SERVQUAL, Establish whether returns, Đà Lạt Flower Festival 2012, Critical assessment, Banking institutions, Banking institutions in South Africa, Critical assessment of banking institutions, Administrative processes, Capital processes, Investment processes, Caculating the cost of training services, Educational institutions, CO2 emission and institution, Economic integration on CO2 emission, Hypotheses related to environmental problems, Capital intensity, Sales growth, Inventory turnover performance, Vocational schools, Vietnams provinces, International Financial Report Standards, Vietnam accounting standards, The financial situation of enterprises, The financial of Vietnam, Analyzing determinants, Relationship between board's characteristics, Return on sales, Asymmetric information of listed firms, Realized capital gains, Cost of education, Realized capital losses, Benefit from education, Tuition reform, Tuition policy in Vietnam, Multi dimensional poverty, Multiple correspondence analysis, Dualised training programmes, Increasing cost, Benefit transparency, Training in the Philippines, Environment accounting, Mining company, Kathiyawadi horse owners, Rearing and management cost, Developing textile and garment export, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Horses in their home tract, Vietnam Textile and Garment, Improved drinking water, Female headed household, Improve households’ hygiene, Energy poverty, Multidimensional energy poverty index, Land price, Number of tourists, Confidence index, Mass appraisal, Role of Tourism, Land valuation, Economic development level, Governmental control, Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement, Microfinance institutions in Vietnam, Performance of microfinance institutions, Suitable policy implications, MFIs in Vietnam, The impact of capital structure on the performance of microfinance institutions, Cluster analysis in inbred lines, The performance of microfinance institutions, Structure Equation Modelling, Micro finance programs, Confirmatory component analysis, High hills, Cluster analysis in coriander germplasm, Yield attributes in cluster bean, Moroccan microfinance institutions, MIX platform, Pigeonpea germplasm, Heterotic segregants, Publishing human resource development, Yield maximization, Integration trend, Current state of knowledge, Inter and intra cluster distance, Brand passion, Cluster bean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L, Brand commitment, ) taub, Attitudes toward public relations, Siderophore production, AK model, Rhizobia isolated, Rhizobia isolated from cluster bean, Pods per cluster, E ticketing, Electronic ticketing, Traveler purchasing intention, Online shopping experience, Non hierarchical euclidean cluster analysis, Cointegration test, Overall corporate governance, Normal form game, Price at the end of period, Banking financial performance, Banking income, Basic arguments of the game theory, Developing source, Trade gap, Growth mode, Forecasting and other model applications, Time varying risk premium, International policy coordination, Information and market efficiency, Size premium, Value premium, Insurance benefit, Premium calculation, Aging reserve, Portfolio insurance, Various portfolios, Risk free rate, Risk tolerance level of investors, Volatility index, Systematic risk factor, Pricing premium, Cash flow yield, Return predictability, Thesis summary Doctor of Economic, Thesis summary Doctor, Vietnam’s mechatronics industry, Develop policies, Beta factor, Component value at risk, Return on risk adjusted capital, Vnindex hồi phục mạnh, Chiến lược giao dịch trung hạn, VNIndex đóng cửa, Inflation rate in Vietnam, Investigate impacts of privatization, Business administrators, Measuring risk toleranve, Optimal portfolio, Individual investor, Estimation of tourists’ willingness to Pay in Ba Vi national park, Tourists’ willingness to Pay in Ba Vi national park, Choice Experiment method, Consumer need, Willingness to pay model, Consumption needs for safe foods, Vinh Xuan commune, Water services, Water service of people, Willingness to pay for water service, Willingness to accept, Childhood vaccination, Attitude toward paying, Determinants of attitude, Ethical self efficacy for online content, Flood insurance market in Vietnam, Challenging but potentially profitable, Attribute non attendance, Random parameter logit, Estimate willingness to pay, Flood insurance market, Patient preference, Dry powder inhalers, Relationship with boss, Vietnamese agriculture, Ricardian model, Income of peasants, Electronics informatics, Expenditure changing policies, Major economic, Expenditure switching policies, Coffee planters in Western Highlands, Social center, Income of planter families, Multivariate regression, Increase income, Rice distribution, Profits margin, Gained value, Network participants, Rice for the poor, Tourism promoting policies, Economic development in Thailand, Generic mathematical formulation, Protected fertigation, Estimated normalized cointegration vectors, Rice for the poor distribution, Fertigation on bell pepper grown

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