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Testicular cancer survivors Premature aging Molecular aging Single system Locally advanced adenocarcinoma Neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy Doxorubicin-based Hematological toxicities Pseudogene pairs Oncogenic driver mutations Cancer sequencing Postoperative cough Public cancer databases Oral chemotherapy Emotional cognitive management Reverse chemoresistance Mediates paclitaxel resistance Splicing machinery Ring sideroblasts Primary human hepatocytes Pro-inflammatory genes including IL-1β Her2-neu Trastuzumab therapy Lymphovascular density Tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis plays Locally ablative therapy multicenter phase III trial Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog NK/T-cell lymphoma Lymphotoxin-α Platinum-based combination therapy DR4 specific TRAIL variant DR5 specific TRAIL variant TRAIL receptor Steroid hormone receptor Photosensitizing agents Carboplatin plus gemcitabine Electron transport chain Colonic neoplasm BRCA1 basal-like cancers Antilymphangiogenic therapy Tumor lymphangiogenic inhibitor Nonstandard treatment Extensive upper abdominal surgery Upper abdominal disease Serous ovarian cancer Paraneoplastic acrokeratosis Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis STAT3 gene polymorphism EPIYA-C segments B cell indolent lymphoma Rituximab–based chemoimmunotherapy Digital microscopy Immunohistochemical assessment Postoperative PNI Collapsing glomerulopathy Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis HER2-negative subtypes Fertility- and sexuality-related information MGMT promoter Treatment delay PET-scanner Guideline-based quality indicators Laparoscopic versus Multicenter prospectively randomized controlled trial PEG induced drought stress on seed germination Familial acute lymphoblastic leukemia Childhood leukemia predisposition Fanconi anemia genes Early tumor shrinkage Hematopoietic dysfunction GEMOX plus erlotinib Class III β-tubulin Non-taxane-based chemotherapy ERG fusion PTEN deletion Posttranscriptional protein modification Biological marker Prognostic ability MMP-inducing protein SDF-1alpha Dreadful gastrointestinal tract malignancies Extracellular-signal-regulated kinases ER-positive breast cancers Hepatocellular oncogenesis Functional screen Multiple kallikreins Including kallikrein 3 Composite autonomic scoring scale Care pathway Bundled payment Histopathological data Oral erythroplakia Circulating tumor cell phenotype Fetal programming Flexible parametric mod Adjuvant hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy Intraperitoneal 5-FU administration Taxane failure Genetic therapy

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MicroRNA regulation, Genomic aberrations, Bile duct carcinoma, MicroRNA-217 functions, Tissue-specific biomarkers, Transfusion independence, 5q deletion, Membrane-associated proteins, Type II transmembrane serine protease, Aggressive childhood malignancy, PA synthesis gene, Immune-modulatory drug, ER-positive breast cancer xenograft growth, Stearoyl-CoA deasaturase-1, Cancer cell types, Investigated polymorphisms, IL-27 gene polymorphisms, Psychogenic fever, Acute stress-induced hyperthermia, Antidepression treatment, Treatment remain unclear, Bortezomib-surviving cells, Candidate miRNA, Microarray assays, Childhood cancer mortality rates, Childhood cancer registry, D square analysis, Sesame Germplasm, Mahalanobis D square analysis, Dose schedule, Plasma estrogen-progesterone levels, Altrenogest feeding, Pistillate x pistillate, Rabi season in castor, Pistillate crosses, Proto-oncogene Bcl-2, Isobaric tag, Cancer proteomics, Vegetable waste, Dried leaf litters, New method of compost preparation, Decomposing bacteria was carried out, Genetic studies in F4 progenies, Breathing guidance, F4 progenies of bottle gourd, Motion management, Pistillate x pistillate G x E interaction, Seed yield in castor, Pistillate based hybrids, Stability analysis of pistillate, Therapeutic targeting, TRP53 phosphorylation, Root yield of Radish, Growth of Radish, Influenced by nutrition, Development is defined as nutrition, Thirty amaranthus genotypes, Different biometric characters, Evaluate the amaranthus genotypes, Pod initiation, Organic manures on green gram, Drug sensitivity prediction, Irrigated plains of Shivalik foothills, Weed management interventions, Recursive feature elimination, Soil microbial count in wheat, Cancer Genome Project, SSR based genetic diversity, Pistillate parents of castor, Pistillate parents, Important genetic resource, Histological diagnosis, Endometrial sampling, Observational cohort study, Weed indices, Direct seeded basmati rice preceded, Trichoderma harzianum and vermicompost, Biocontrol potential of local isolates, Resistance and Grain amaranth, Evaluation elite grain amaranth genotypes, Major insect-pest resistance, Natural enemieson grain amaranthin relation, Effect of integrated fertilization, Integrated fertilization, Knowledge about recommended package, Integrated fertilization on qualitative, Practices by chilli growers, Quantitative traits of Radish, Total land holding, Maintaining sustainability in terms of productivity, Tribal groups based, Social comparison of tribal groups based, Wadi project adoption, Nutrients contents, Grain of rice, Integrated nutrient management system, Content of major nutrients, Ripe pumpkin, Drying methods on nutritional composition, Retaining maximum nutritional characteristics, Rice variety Pusa Basmati-1509, Pesticide management on production, Integrated effect of nutrient, Villages of lahowal block, Assessment of soil fertility, Economics of rice and pea, Economics of pea, Percent disease incidence, F3 generation interspecific tomato hybrids derivatives, Additive and dominance genetic effects, Dominance genetic effects, Diallel crossing in farm animals, Fertigation schedule on water, Fertilizer use efficiency in aerobic rice, Efficiency in aerobic rice, Pulse magic, Mango hopper, Foliar application of pulse magic, Different entomopathogenic fungi, Mango hoppers in middle Gujarat, Decellularised bovine pericardium, Hernioplasty in dogs, Biological tissue substitute, Post-operative medication, Surgical procedure, System of crop intensification, Phosphorus management on growth, Economics of greengram, Advanced genotypes of rice, Surface and sub surface drip, Identifying desirable genotypes, Wheat under surface, Growth parameters on culture media, Fusarium verticillioides isolates, Maize post flowering stalk rot, Fresh rhizome yield, Classical swine fever virus, Cell culture vaccine, Erns gene, CSFV strains, Back passages, Methicillin Resistant S pseudintermedius, Pyoderma by PCR, MRSP in dogs, Identification of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, Photosynthetic characters, Yield attributes of pearl millet, Invasive pest, Spodoptera frugiperda in maize, Bio-pesticides against fall armyworm, Eri culture, Kachari tribe, Participation of men and women, Systematic understanding of participation, High against men, Agricultural machineries, Horticulture fair on farming community, Impact assessment of horticulture fair, Garlic crop, Manually operated, Push type, Push-type manually operated garlic planter, Influence of seed treatments, Seed quality parameters during storage, Buck wheat, Buckwheat genotypes during storage, Intercropping with pulses, Anthelmintic resistance of Benzimidazole, Gastrointestinal nematode parasites, Evaluation of anthelmintic resistance, Naturally infected cattle, Eucalyptus oil and Clove oil, Alternaria leaf spot of cabbage, Varying environment on rice varieties, Upland condition of Madhya Pradesh, Pre-harvest sprays, N tenuis, Total life period, Tejwapur block of Bahraich district, Studies on biology of predatory bug, Predatory bug, Nesidiocoris tenuis, Antifungal efficacy, Botanicals against Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, CMS Seed cotton yield, Standard check, CMS based hybrids of upland cotton, Comparative study of heterosis, Pear growers, Pear growers of district Budgam, Knowledge level of recommended package, Component traits in Pigeonpea, Hatchability of indigenous Siruvidai chicken, Indigenous Siruvidai chicken, Embryonic mortality were recorded, Homestead incubator, DUS characterization, Released varieties, Advanced breeding lines of soybean, Punjab Agroclimatic conditions, Critical morphological characters, Attitudes of farmers regarding, Farmers regarding, Brand biofertilizer, Saurashtra region of gujarat state, Irrigation regimes on growth, Screening of yoghurt cultures, Promising probiotic properties, Optimum date of sowing, Vulnerable employment, Vulnerable employment of rural youth, Progress determines the growth, Noorda blitealis, Longevity etc, Walker was conducted, Drumstick leaf eating caterpillar, Wister rats and mice, Xanthoxylum oxyphyllum, Pharmacological evaluation, Xanthoxylum oxyphyllum edgew extract, Organic manure against, Progesterone sponge, Intravaginal progesterone sponge, Fertility rate in indigenous kangayam cows, Mammary tumours, Withaferin A, Pathological evaluation, Anti-tumour effects of withaferin, Experimentally induced mammary tumour in rats, Crossbred bull, Seminal parameters, Crossbred cattle bulls, Improving the semen quality, Exogenous administration of vitamins, Lime seed, Standardization of Cytokinins, Cytokinins concentrations, Combination with NAA, NAA on regeneration, Seeds in lime, Rat model of mammary carcinogenesis, Phosphorus carriers, Incubation intervals, Biological value, QPM based supplementary nutrition, Character association studies in apple, Dambal sub-watershed, Distribution of carbon in soils, Impact of foliar application, Growth character, Variation in growth traits, Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Wight, ARN populations, Finger millet in tribal areas, Impact of frontline demonstrations, Screening and resistant, Early maturing clone, Juice sucrose, CCS yield, Delayed harvesting, Swollen head syndrome, Bacterial culture, Land races, Organic tomato, Chicken flock, Review on growth, Quality of rice as influenced, Weed compost, Uterine bacterial isolates, Early postpartum endometritis, In-vitro antibiotic susceptibility test, Endometrial cytobrush, Cotton stalk incorporation, Decomposing michorhiza, Demonstration of eco-friendly IPM modules, Cotton crop residue, Major sucking pests in cotton, Sustainable cotton production in vertisols, Crop residues on yield, Tunnel height, Onion cultivation, Low cost low plastic tunnels, Eastern himalayan region, Inhibition percentage, Commercial biopesticide products, Pseudomonas fluorescence based, Phosphorus management and rice, Rice-groundnut sequence, Zinc and NPK, Zinc nitrogen, Physiological responses of indigenous sheep, Potassium on some growth qualities, Impact of watering frequencies, Growth qualities of maize, Maize plant, Desi chicken, Comparative assessment of performances, Performances of Vanaraja, Desi chicken reared by tribal community, Effect of various factors, Various factors on hematology, Serum biochemistry values, Deviation from regression, Popular varieties of sugarcane, Guava and growth characters, Giemsa stain, Growth characteristics of guava, Prevalence and risk factors, Trypanosoma evansi infection, Classification of vectors in camels, Vectors responsible, Agronomic package, Container grown elephant foot yam, Floral characterization, Endangered dendrobium wild orchid species, Orchid species, Respondents and eastern dry zone, Adoption pattern of mulberry cultivation, Mulberry cultivation, Income generation activities, Yield forecast, Weather data and SMW, Statistical modal, Estimated yield forecasting of rice, Yield records, Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes, Nitric oxide expression level in serum, Reproductive organs of sheep, Organic residue, Fats and oils, Level of blending, Physico-chemical properties of Ghee, Blending of fats, Azotobacter and Azospirrilum spp population, Yield and fym, Vermicompost and neem cake, Sorghum-wheat sequence in vertisol, Soil health yield attribute, Nutritional value of field pea, Bio-recovery, Goat manures as organic amendments, Tropical soils using pig, Enhanced crude oil degradation, Capsicum cultivation, Open field conditions, Comparative economics analysis, Multilocation trial, Climate resilient sesame, Genotypes suitable, Yield components in Kharif, Bio inoculant, Vermicompost with microbial bio inoculums, Microbial bio inoculums, Growth parameter of coriander, Assessment of farmers' knowledge, Perceive constraints, Recommended chilli production practices, Hundred chilli growers, Types of dichogamy, Knowledge and farmers, Function of dichogamy, Farmers regarding information, Relevance in fruit crops, Further elaborated the mechanism, Land levelling, Topographic condition, Plant height of rabi sorghum, Vitrousing dual culture method, Strongyloides spp, Trichuris spp, Gastrointestinal nematode infection in goats, Helminths infections in goats, Tomato leaf curl, Elicitors against tomato leaf curl disease, TANUVAS Aseel, Against TYLCD, TANUVAS aseel as backyard chicken, KVK training on promoting, Particularly vulnerable tribal groups, Purple blotch and seed, Hill-Khadia, Micro project, Morphometric traits of kashmir Merino sheep, Chemicals against purple blotch, Tribes in Mayurbhanj, Chemicals against purple blotch of onion, Activities undertaken by Hkmda, Kashmir Merino sheep under field, Populus deltoides clones, Caged broilers, Ginger powder supplementation, Feed efficiency in caged broilers, Anti-thrombotic attribute, Different type of mushrooms, Type of mushrooms, Anticoagulant compounds, Species were reported, Association analysis for yield, 2C value, Components in sesame genotypes

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