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JA signaling Critical phylogenetic Mercury resistance Identify quantitative trait loci Non-model organism Gossypium hirsutum races Infer gene function Illumina HiSeq Marine zooplankton Borrelia miyamotoi Cumbersome biological process Hypothalamic lipid metabolism Complement pathway Auxin and cytokinin Planktonic gastropods Genomic analysis Multi-tissue transcriptomic Molecular marker gene RefSeq genome Gut pathogens Human gastrointestinal system Nitrile biocatalyst Rhodococcus rhodochrous Aromatic nitriles Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1 Regulatory RNA Diazotrophic bacterium Bacterial plant interaction AHL family Femur growth plate Leg problems Mycobacterium pinnipedii Including humans Protein domains Trichococcus species Physiological potential Wild relative Non-conventional model organisms Cyclic parthenogenesis Eukaryotic translation Social immunity CAM photosynthesis Biosynthetic gene cluster Matthews correlation coefficient Non-key traits Genomic comparison Diurnal clock Radiata pine Pollinator declines Confusion matrices Botcinic acid Pedigree correction Metabolite repertoire Dataset imbalance External resin bleeding Prion-like domains Prion prediction Housekeeping genes for qPCR Normalize sequencing data Commercial maize Pomacea canaliculate Lysiosquillina maculata Combining ability of parents GHITM gene Includes shrimps Single nucleotide polymorphism linkage disequilibrium blocks Expressed repertoire Spirochetal organisms Complete cDNA Crustacean annotated transcriptome Felis catus Treponema genus Growth hormone inducible transmembrane protein Lymphocyte antigen receptor genes DNA double-stranded breaks Castor canadensis Host-trait associations Break end type Biosynthesis genes Molecular scaffolding DNA end resection Animal microbiomes Etoposide treatment Factors remains unclear Brassica cretica Lam. Pennisetum giganteum Natural plants Autochthonous cattle breeds Anthocyanin synthesis pathway C18 unsaturated fatty acids Endogenous noncoding RNAs Carry alleles Chilling temperature Original Braunvieh cattle Pathogenesis-related Fusarium circinatum Whole-genome sequencing data Fungal hormone production PR proteins Table beet

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Hydrolase activity, Stress respons, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds hydrolase, Leaf beet, Cotton Verticillium wilt, Anther transcriptome, Generalist ladybird, Alternative prey, Coccinellini includes, Ladybird beetles, Type IV pili, TFP functions, Bast fiber, Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud, Phloem tissue, Bast fiber biosynthesis, Clinopodium gracile, Accuracy of SVs, SV calling pipeline, Triterpenoid saponin biosynthesis, Southern green stink bug, Single nucleotide polymorphism analysis, Transcriptome completeness, Health trait, Hypoxia mediated pulmonary hypertension, SNP density, Diet effects, Multiparent population, Streptomyces yeochonensis, Neutrotolerant acidophilic, Acidic environment, Low-salinity regions, High fixation rate, Oyster disease, Antiviral molecular pathways, Invertebrate immunity, Body coloration, Color genes, Chromatophore cells, Percent spliced, Poultry animal species, Panicle node, Node I, Phosphorylation signals, Low cadmium accumulation, alcium-dependent protein kinases, Transferring nutrients, Opportunistic pathogenic yeast, Spaceflight environment, Intricate process, Protogynous hermaphroditic fish, Eccyp17a1 during spermatogenesis, High-pressure acclimation mechanisms, Broomcorn millet, NAC genes, Nutritional value of meat, Molecular regulatory, Strain level classification, Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related, HeLa-derived human papillomavirus 18, Branch point, Male reproduction, Acceptor splice sites, Neonatal life, Several BP-dedicated bioinformatics tools, Reproductive capacity, Including HSF, SVM-BPfinder, Tachypleus tridentatus, Horseshoe crabs, Tipping point, Pre-disease state, Critical transition, Single-sample Kullback–Leibler divergence, AS isoforms, Cold adaptation, Testicular fusion, Long single-stranded DNA, Wild Siberian musk deer, Moschus moschiferus, Genetic features, Musk secretion, DNA segments, Regulatory element, Modify genomic DNA, Functional regulatory elements, Protein-coding gene function., Aquatic plants distributed, Carry foreign genes, Play significant roles, CPK genes, Between-study variance, Bovine fat depots, Cattle marbling, Genome-wide screen, Bos taurus beef cattle, Mammalian biology, Transcriptomics analysis, Paspalum vaginatum, Vacuolar sequestration, Brown marmorated stink bug genome, Aldrichina grahami, Pentatomid genomics, Odorant binding proteins, Xenobiotic detoxification, Widespread phenomenon, Aquatic animal, Gonadal somatic factors, Sertoli cell, Granulosa cell, Recently sterile salmon, Kissing-bugs, Rhodnius prolixus, Molecular bases, Insect sensory biology, Basic leucinezipper, Decidual cells, Cis effect, Expression master regulator, Splicing master regulator and trans effect, Up-stream regulators, Gene interaction networks, Hexaploid sweetpotato, Metabolic switch, Reciprocal inhibition, Malnutrition problem especially, E. coli mastitis, Lactobacillus paragasseri, Zanthoxylum armatum, De novo transcriptome, Significantly induced, Tuber magnatum Pico, Sulfur compounds, Forming ectomycorrhizae, Marine phage, Bacterial pathogenicity, Bacteriophages encode genes, Phageencoded virulence genes, Flag-2, Flagellin glycosylation, Enterobacterales encompasses, Ecologically versatile bacterial taxa, Primary flagella locus, Bio-degumming, Kanef-degumming, Kenaf bast, AIG gene, GABA receptor, Genome information, AIG1 domain, Cytochrome P450 enzyme, Taxodium resources, Dynamics mechanism, Novel isoxazoline insecticide, Biomphalaria glabrata, Pathogenicity island, Glycosylation gene cluster, DArTseq markers, Insect reproduction, Primarily influenced, Female spermatheca, Highly variable modular systems, Modular toxin expression, D-lactate dehydrogenase, Highly stress responsive, Glyoxalase pathway, Jujube witches’ broom, Phytoplasma infection, Northern red oak, Small hive beetle, Retinal degenerative diseases, Target-site, Rhodopsin molecule, Genomic heritability, Haplotypes combine, Setaria italica, Phytoremediation require, miRNA-mRNA interaction, Frankliniella schultzei, Tospovirus transmission, Hybrid cotton, Biomass vigor, Yield increase, Circadian rhythm pathway, Xanthine dehydrogenase, Copidosoma floridanum, Several embryos, endoparasitoid insects, C. floridanum transcripts, Penicillium italicum, Demethylation inhibitor, Prochloraz-responsive genes, Citrus pathogens, DMI-resistance remains unclear, Shigella flexneri, Transcriptional start sites, Virulence plasmid, Type 3 secretion system, Expression difference, Coral genomic diversity, Docker containers, Personal genomics, Brassica crops, Whole genome identification, Tuberculosis remains, Posttranscriptional regulation plays, Milk proteome, FMO3 enzyme, Bioactive components, Taxus callus cells, Plant defenses, Heterotrophic culture, Time-to-cultureconversion, Vertical gene transfer, Symbiosis genes, Morphologically distinguishable, Matricaria recutita, Chromatin condensation, Lamina associated domains, Distinct chromatin states, Proximity ligation based techniques, Cercospora sojina, Young spike, Phased secondary siRNAs, Regulatory roles, Coding transcripts, Olfactory receptor gene, Mouse olfactory receptor gene, Identifies conserved coding, Typically annotated, Transgenic fish, Coho salmon, Sirt2 protects, Various injuries, Including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Forest tree, Salmonella Napoli, Equivalent change, Silico functional genomics, Salmonella enterica subsp., Göttingen Minipigs, Controlled breeding scheme, Genetic isolation harbors, C-di-GMP, Complex signaling networks, Reference database, Sporobolomyces pararoseus, Metagenomic classifier, Ballistospores-shooting, Gut mycobiome, Evolutionary direction, Yielding metagenome-assembled genomes, Historical DNA, Library quality, Museum genomics, Targeted capture, Diploid assembly, Genus Brettanomyces, Significant interest, Brettanomyces nanus, Aohan fine wool sheep, Wool follicle, Species delineation, Metagenomic binning, Whole-genome approaches, The Jinchuan yak, Plateau adaptation, Cyclic nucleotide gated channels, Play multifaceted roles, Duplication events, Evolutionary trajectories, Proton transporters, Reproductive Axis, Organismal response, Avian genomics, Apodemus sylvaticus, Ecological genomics context, Whole-genome data, Dryophytes chrysoscelis, Freeze tolerance, Cope’s gray treefrog, Corporeal freezing, RNase P RNA, Ribonuclease P, RNase P’s sequence, Essential catalytic RNA, Bodyweight gain, Genes underlying growth, Genome technology, Nickel tolerance, Bacillus velezensis, Rhizobial biogeography, Ammonium nitrogen, Heavy metal efflux, Ammonia assimilation pathway, Fixing nitrogen, Initial collecting, Protein gene, High-quality chromosome assemblies, Chromosome-specific marker, Secale cereale L., Blood cell traits, Combined-phenotype analysis, Quantitative red blood cell, RBC trait heritability, Individual animal genotype, Domestic pig, Concordance rate, Transcriptional landscape, Single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes, Runt-related transcription factor 1, Medium-density, Lymphocyte-specific protein tyrosine kinase, Fish gill osmoregulation, Japanese eel, Electrolyte homeostasis, Structural plasticity, Fall webworm, Gene expansion, Rapid spread, Hyphantria cunea, Novel sequencing-based technology, Ancient sequences, Gene finding, Spirodela polyrhiza, Floating aquatic plants, molecular biology laboratories, Sanger sequencing data, Molecular biologists benefit, GFP collection, Tag switching, Query gene function, Cas9-assisted tag switching, Statistically significant interactions, Hi-C data visualization, Domestication and adaptation, Molecular biology technique, Behavioral modification, Economic productivity, PUB gene, Homologous gene pairs, Prediction analysis, Glyphosate-tolerant crops, Breeding glyphosate-tolerant rice, Constant darkness, Mouse liver, Circadian Time, Species delimitation, Multispecies coalescent, Deep-sea habitat, Specialized marine organisms, Submerged surfaces, Intertidal zone, Shallow waters, Isoform-level expression, Cross-platform comparison, Exon-array, Citrus production, Rice disease worldwide, Susceptible cultivar, Cinnamate 4-monooxygenase, Ethylene-insensitive protein 2, Cytoplasmic surface, Conogethes pinicolalis, Conogethes punctiferalis, Yellow peach moth, Ribosomally synthesized, Brazilian endemic, Post-translationally modified peptides, SPM-1 carbapenemase, Fungal origin, Brazilian territory, While RiPPs, Undergoes cyclical processes, Seminal plasma exosome, Cynoglossus semilaevis, Signal pathway regulation, Scatophagus argus, Growth-related genes, Upstream ORF, Upstream open reading frames, Nascent peptide, Functional peptides, Genome-wide polymorphisms, Genome differentiation, Niger Congo A, Niger Congo B, Nilo-Saharan, Tag haplotypes, High-throughput quantitative real-time PCR, KEGG pathway enrichment analysis, Phytophthora root rot, Resistance locus, Soybean production worldwide, Olive fruit fly genome, Y chromosome assembly, Insect developmental genes, Deep diving, Leptonychotes weddelli, Extreme cardiovascular control

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