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Human periapical cysts mesenchymal stem cells BCLC stage IGF1 gene Molecular dynamic simulation Diversified portfolio Benchmarking protocol Japanese population Negative economic Perinatal outcome Firm’s financial Low frequency noise Treynor ratio NPM-mutated leukemia Atopic diatheses FAERS database Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond index Accruals drivers Pilocarpine neurons hPCy-MSCs Bifidobacterium longum Age at natural menopause Moving Average Models Human hepatocellular carcinoma Serum alanine aminotransferase HIF1A protein Parafunctional habits Exerting antiproliferative Jensen’s Alpha Financial Accounting Concepts Existing influenza drugs Multi-methodological SGA infants Hippocampal glucose hypometabolism Masticatory muscles Non-discretionary accruals Event sequence symmetry analysis HIF signalling Further clarifying Glucose-regulated protein Accrual reliability Premature birth Fetal-placental pathophysiology Ung thư hầu-mũi Domestication in plants Fibroadenoma (FA) Antenatal corticosteroid 20-hydroxyecdysone Unexplored variability High Resolution Ultrasonography (HRUSG) A two-headed calf Screening of F2 population Relationship of BCS Iron toxic conditions Rhizoctonia root rot Yardlong bean Ponasterone-A Higher iron toxic levels X-Ray Mammogram Correlation among morphological Rare congenital condition Holding solutions BCS with milk composition Domestication syndromes Study on the utilization Net realization Effect of fungicides Yield and Correlation coeffiecient Hydroponics in rice Body due to a genetic anomaly Rice fallow cropping systems Biochemical and physiological Compact growth habit Their pre calving BCS Drying irrigation Sucker insects Utilization of grape varieties HF × Gir cattle Neem oil on the rhizoctonia root rot Correlation for growth Bruce-ladder multiplex PCR Burn patients Rice fallow crops yield Distributed into three different groups Genetic parameter Squash preparation Iron toxic conditions in rice Rational pesticide discovery Rhizoctonia root rot of soybean Spinal disorders Neem oil against red Study the enzyme Amplification profile First lactation traits Selective pesticide discovery Flavoured milk added Neurological examination for diagnosis Enzyme and hormone profile Brucella melitensis 16M Cefquinome in calves after Changing trends in resistance pattern

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Leaf discs, Rhyzopertha dominica, Single intramuscular Bolus dose, Piper betel leaves, Prognosis of spinal disorders in dogs, Pre-weaned kids, Reference challenge strain, Gram-negative non-fermenting bacilli, Xơ thiên nhiên, Flavoured milk, Bolus dose, Study of bacterial isolates, Spinal disorders in dogs, Hormone profile, Consequences of cesarean section, Dematophora Necatrix, Gladiolus as influenced, Disposition kinetic profile, Krishak Mitra, Hormone profile of pre-weaned kids, Ionising radiations, Cesarean section in bovine, Role of potting media, Waiting period, Yield of boro rice, Agriculture extension services, India and its antibiogram, Observed in vM2, Four tomato hybrids, Persistence behaviour, Analyze the consequences, Pre-harvest sprouting tolerant rice, Per cent Nitrogen, The cultivation of orchids, Systemic fungicides against, Performance of Krishak Mitra, Genetic variation of stomatal traits, Pre-mix formulation, Dystocia due, Zigzag leafhopper, Cultivation of orchids, Apple blossom thrips, Seed treatment of fungicides, Promising hybrids, Infertility in a crossbred cattle, Majority of the Krishak Mitra, Leaf spot in Bt cotton, Solanum lycopersicom Mill, Profenophos and Cypermethrinin, Lowland ecology, Stomatal traits, Yield parameters and Maize, Lateritic soils of west Bengal, Fetal goiter in a goat, Biocides against spot blotch, F13L protein, Profuse root growth, New approaches of management, Prevalence and resistance patterns, Urea ammonium nitrate application, Mega–environment, Thiophanate methyl, Lowland rice genotypes, Oral candidiasis, Sequel to uterine, Molai aadu, Onygena corvina, Sapota fruit, Cellular contents, Population fluctuation, Zinc application on yield attributes, Congenital goiter, Soybean var DSb21, Phytophagous mites, food security sustainable agriculture, Choice of growing medium, Caused by Bipolaris Sorokiniana, Bacterial pathogens isolated, Goatpox virus, Direct in vitro regeneration, Edible mushrooms, Uterine form of tuberculosis, Bactrocera dorsalis, Genotype-byenvironment interactions, Recilia dorsalis in rice ecosystem, Management of dystocia, Wheat in maize-wheat cropping system, Erythrophagocytic activity, Candida isolates obtained, Mineral level, Insect predators, Foliar spray of UAN, Molecular findings, Major policy for sustainable agriculture, Seed grader, Warrant immediate registration, P32 protein, In vitro regeneration of gerbera, Cell specificity, Canine pyoderma, Effect of biofertilizer, Mega–environment concept in agriculture, Nitrogen release potential, Artificial sugars on the rate, Spider mites, Tetrabrachius tetrapus, Efficacy of insecticides, Food composition and mineral element levels, Babesiosis in dogs, Management of mango fruit, Buffalo hemal node, Patients attending outpatient department, Specific gravity separator, Tuberculin test, Conservation Molai aadu, Gerbera jamesonii, Tribal people of Dindori district, Natural and artificial sugars, Foliar amino acids sprays on lettuce, Information on predaceous insects, Tetrabrachius tetrapus monster calf, Heamato-biochemical changes, Insecticides on mites in grape, Hemal nodes, Goat poxvirus in prokaryotic system, Locally prepared foods, Genus pleurotus determined, Basis of an agroclimatic, Fly Bactrocera Dorsalis, Breadfruit tree, Husbandry practices adopted by the farmers, Eye leaf spot, Growth morphology, Entisol and Vertisol as influenced, BAP 6-benzyl amino purine, Antibiofilm potential of Piper Nigrum, Mites in grape, Icteric mucous membranes, Erythrophagocytosis was more pronounced, Drechslera australiensis, Pods per plant, Non-inherited teratogenic defect, Growth morphology of rice, Nitrogen fractions, Investigation of antibiofilm potential, Genomic DNA polymorphism, Pleomele reflexa var gracilis, Saloid P, Damage to grapevine, Post-emergence herbicide mixtures, Foliar disease, Eco-friendly enzymes, Grewia optiva, Antibiofilm potential, Nitrogen release pattern, Pleomele reflexa var variegata, Management in chilli, Population dynamics of mites, Occluded P, Weed dynamics and maize, Jelly grade, Yucca plant, Explorative analysis, Argemone Mexicana, Dark brown margin, ZIP Family, Garlic intercropping system, Methoxyl content, Contrasting soil orders, Entisol and Vertisol, Calotropis Gigantea against clinical isolates, Bell-shaped flowers, Investigation of rayleigh wave interaction with surface defects, Apple pomace pectin, Territorial forest division, Release pattern of nitrogen fractions, Recorded maximum under Alfisols, Candidate gene based markers, Against clinical isolates, Rayleigh wave interaction with surface defects, Wild animals received, Family transporter sequences of rice, The proposed approximate theory, Non Protected Areas, Fungal sepsis, New Zealand White rabbit, Prenatal goat, Fungal blood stream infection, Intravenous Ethanol, Gut associated lymphoid tissue, Fungal septicaemia, Intravenous Ethanol on electrocardiogram, New born at tertiary, Recruitment pattern, White rabbits, Casting method, Irrigation and nitrogen levels, Ex post facto, Kiểm tra học kì 2 Toán lớp 2, Coleoptile length, Poly-aromatic hydrocarbon, Vermicompost and Sprouting broccoli, Sal forest, Bud density, Marwari Sheep, Hardening media, Relative toxicity, Transfer factor clustering, CERES-Rice model, Soil macronutrient, Contagious ecthyma in goats, Dry flower, ECG recordings, Standing method, Nutrient spray, Dry matter accumulation, Spacing and pruning, Probability of capture at L25, Plant oils and chlorpyriphos, Russula mushroom, Antioxidative strategies, Dry roses, Menstruation and personal hygiene, Peri urban areas of Jabalpur, Clinically recovered after treatment, Soil micronutrient, Summer mungbean, Fertilizer level, Special reference to MRSA, Sheath blight resistance, Cocopeat and leaf gas exchange, Naphthalene and pyrene, Seed vigour indices, Plant oils against termite, Natural mortality, Three records of Russula mushroom, Casting method over standing method, Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb fruits, Water conservation practices, Marwari sheep during extreme ambiences, Parental education, Therapy till clinical recovery, Soil macro and micronutrient status, Flowering characters of guava, Succeeding crop, Hitech medical college, In vitro micropropagation of the orchid (dendrobium crystallinum var. alba), Pyrene bio-remediating soil fungi, Đề thi học kì 2 Toán lớp 2, Current status of rice breeding, Root surface area, Heavy metal accrual in soils, Control against termite, Impact of temperature and CO2, Microwave oven, Spacings on yield, Russula brevipes, Parental occupation, Castration in bulls, Equatorial diameter and polar diameter, In vitro cultured citrus plantlets, Micronutrient status, Erythrocytes of Marwari sheep, Yields in yellow sarson, The diplomatic art, The catholic church, Clinically recovered, Root volume, Crops grown, Applying resonant singing technique, In vitro micropropagation, UKP command, Studying of cushioning the ball with two hands, Occupation on cognitive development, Russula luteotactaRussula luteotacta, Indicators being highest, Brassica rapa L, Ngo Thi Nham in “Bang Giao Hảo Thoại”, Mungbean varieties, Vietnamese vocal music works for music pedagogy’s students, Yield of direct seeded rice, Dendrobium crystallinum var. alba, Improve technique of cushioning the ball with two hands, Cognitive development of children, Ngo Thi Nham thinking, The program of music pedagogy, Abnormal morphological changes, Non major students of Tien Giang university, Extracts f cassia grandis l.f to propionibacterium acnes, Microbial products on the growth, Succeeding maize crop, Thrips tabaci, Choosing spatial interpolation methods for data, Vietnamese vocal music works, Germinated buckwheat, Conjunctivitis in patients attending, Bang Giao Hảo Thoại, Laparoscopic AI, Micropropagation of Dendrobium crystallinum var. alba, SPAD Clorophyll, Low ball with both hands, Scenedesmus deserticola under heterotrophic cultivation, Compounds from leaves of cassia grandis l.f, Urea in biodegradable rice straw on the growth, Noise and discontinuities, Dog-owners, Buckwheat milk, Assume those responsibilities, Tertiary care rural, Students studying vocal music, NARI Suwarna, Meter Reading, Performing technical tasks, Lipid productivity of scenedesmus deserticola under heterotrophic cultivation, Micro climatic regimes, Rice in acid sulfate soils, Cassia grandis l.f to propionibacterium acnes, The Sai Gon river, Urban area, Bird repeller, Sprout emergence, C septempunctata, Sperm concentration, Integrated nutrient management and yield, Formulation of Payasam, In-situ chromosome, Vertebral heart score, Standardization of softwood grafting, Dead heart, Data poses several challenges, Bacterial infections account, VarietySaket and E atomosa, Electronic repeller, Soybean and genetic advance, Important Zoonotic disease, Microalgae heterotrophic growth, Influence of Zinc, Barbari kids, Indigenous dog, Transferosomal hydrogel, Thrips Tabaci lindeman, Sacred plants, Bedding material, Nine Propionibacterium acnes, Nitrogen split applications, Silent oestrus in crossbred cows, Stomatal resistance, Germinated buckwheat milk, Genetic factors, Different liquid semen concentration, Data with noise and discontinuities, Morphometics of plume moth, Remediation of chromium toxicity, Northern parts, Number of sprouts, Traumatic prolapsed uterus, Fabric painting, Softwood grafting in tamarind, Control and technique, Special reference knowledge, Conventional autotrophic cultivatio, Zinc on functioning, Aegilops tauschii, Sustained transdermal release, Barbari goat kids, Ethnomedicinal and sacred plants, Millet germplasm against shoot, Breeding values, Mechanical sowing, Cowpea and Micronutrients, Yield component traits of soybean, Exelastis Atomosa, Development of traditional recipe, Success and survival, Growth parameter influences, Different electronic bird repellers, Contemporary Kathiawar embroidery designs, Special reference knowledge of dog owners, Anti-oxidant enzymes, Heart using VHS method, Chromium toxicity, Laparoscopic artificial insemination, Oilseed brassica, Diagnosis of bovine Sarcocystosis, Triticum Durum X, Sacred plants of Jharkhand, FCR in barbari kids during winter season, Buhner’s suture, First lactation production traits, Lignans facilitated, Phase traits, Pigeonpea variety- saket, Newly released varieties of chickpea, Technology different electronic repeller, Kathiawar embroidery designs, Quantitative traits in cowpea, VHS method in Rajapalayam dog, Materials during winter, Zinc content, Planting techniques and genotypes

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