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Wheat leaf rust Wheat stem rust Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Biotic and abiotic stresses cause arguments Management of white rust Using an Annotated Corpus White rust management approach Tapped Delay Block Formal Logic Puccinia graminis Wheat lines (Triticum aestivum L.) Bipolaris sorokiniana Yield biomass Leaf rust resistance gene in wheat Free lunches Detected seed mycoflora of groundnut Broad spectrum resistance Blister of Indian mustard Stochastic Grammar Bit Operations Library Possessing Sr2 gene Option premium Physical mapping Synthetic hexaploid wheat ‘synthetic 45’ Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Call price Equity portfolio management strategies Leaf rust pathotypes Viral diseases Rust-resistant genotypes Managing interest rate risk Chiến lược spread Mustard germplasm for disease resistance Nội dung bình đẳng lao động Hedging activities Expression of pseudo black chaff Rens Bod toef Leaf rust resistance gene Protective put Disease resistance genes Put price Injective cover Severity of powdery mildew Mortierella alpina Striking price Breeding for the salinity tolerance rice Conventional breeding Radiology on call Foreign currency financial statements Synthetic options Projective envelope The salinity rice variety in Viet Nam A case-based manual Short sale Weakly V-ring Covering groups Mortierella alpina 1S-4 Developing new rice varieties Breeding of chrysanthemum Chest wall Loo after Universal cover Strongly Kasch ring Extracting gDNA suitable Evaluation of salinity tolerance Advances in breeding Pleura space Covering number Breeding lines of castor Take after Nonzero injective cover Crossed module gDNA extraction Molecular markers analysis Lung and airways Flowering regulation Molecular and markers Multicultural Quakers Breeding lines Steiner system Put some away Accrued interest Molecular applications Group with operations SSR marker-based molecular characterization Conference Calls Throw some away Yield curve models V-set appear Molecular diagnostic tools Topological groups with operations SSR marker-based Tournament Hoopiness Molecular marker analysis Call somebody back Tình trạng đau ngực Adverse selection Summary of Law PhD thesi

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Repeat motifs, Molecular activitie, Steiner systems, Study of HaNoi and HoChiMinh stock exchange, Let somebody down, Zinc deficiency tolerance, Multiple gene transformation, Thuốc điều trị cơn đau thắt ngực ổn định, combinatorial problem, Common vetch, Stripe rust, Genera transferability of SSR markers, concept of the stock, con 9 tháng tuổi, Inter-arbitrage, iOS 4 Software, Put somebody or some down, Stock exchange econophysics methods, Representation of joint stock, Assessing polymorphism, Molecular mapping, Vicia sativa L., Implications in plant breeding, điều cần biết khi con 9 tháng tuổi, Investor recognition, Covers iPhone 4, prolem solving, Advanced breeding lines, Genetic mapping, Joint stock company under the law, Advanced Windows Forms Features, Thuốc cải thiện tiên lượng, Drought response, Zinc deficiency tolerance in rice, MGT has applications, Old alluvium, Vietnamese exchange-traded funds, Novel QTL, Lựa chọn điều kiện sinh nở, Dolichos bean, The law of Vietnam, Path analysis studies, Molecular pharming, Agroecological region, Component stock’s liquidity, Soil under sub-tropical ecosystems, Yellow stripe rust of wheat, Applications of partial derivatives, Quá trình phát triển của bào thai, VanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF, LIMITS, IndoGangetic plains, Thông tư liên tịch 10/2000/TTLT-BLĐTBXH-BTC, Thông tư số 08/1998/TT-BLĐTBXH, Quyết định số 67/1998/QĐ-TTg, Functions and limits, Intercompany profit transactions, Nghị định 46/1999/NĐ-CP, Thông tư liên tịch số 53/1998/TTLT/BGDĐT-BTC-BLĐTBXH, Consolidation techniques, Thông tư liên tịch 17/1998/TTLT-BLĐTBXH-BTC, Bộ luật lao động có sửa đổi, lệnh số 08/2002-CNT, Short Hedges, Measuring country risk, Tertiary care center, Long Hedges, Shewanella algae causing burn wound, Fuel futures market, Foreign investment risk matrix, Money market hedge, Weakly Supervised Learning, Fuel price risk management, Report of two cases, Long Hedge, FX risk policy formation, Hedging Italian equity mutual, Hedge Classification, Hedge receivables, Hedging risks, CRISPR-Cas9 system, Short Hedge, Hedge Project Bidding, P – Solubilizers, Saline vertisols, Measuring transaction exposure, Returns during, Stock index futures, Conservation practice, Non-transgenic glyphosate, Fuel prices in Vietnam’s market, Fluorescent pseudomonas, Laser leveling, Tillage technique, Stock indexes, Markov-switching approach, Benefits of hedging, Fluctuations in the crude oil price, Farmers awareness towards zero tillage, Rainfed situations Soil and productivity, Chemical coupling, Six different cultivars, Evidences of FLD, Different ecological zones, Growth attributes of wheat, Phage-mediated gene transfer, Zero tillage technique, Six different cultivars of wheat, Long term zero tillage, Six different genotypes, Traditional method of farmers, Zinc fractions, Microbiological properties of soils, Transferrin-targeted delivery, Maize nutrient content, AGS cell line, Army worm, Soil microbial parameters in wheat, Weeds dynamics in CA, Conventional tillage cropping systems, Wheat cultivar, Nutrient uptake and yield of maize, Weed control strategies, Convetional tillage, Conservation agriculture approaches, Response of wheat cultivar, Conservational tillage, Banana to improve soil quality, Crops in rotation, Brinjal cabbage cropping system, Farm productivity, Energy indicators, Phosphorus fetilizers, Nitrogen response functions, Residue management, Nutrients uptake and yield, Conservation agriculture system, Nutrient level, X is Kfixing capacity of soil, Iron and azotobactor, Green manuring crops, Different soybean, Rock phosphorus, Low grade Rock phosphate, Yield and economics of groundnut, Effect of nutrient management, Nutrients uptake, Total sugar and total starch, N-fertilization in wheat, Broadcast sowing, Performance of growth, Customized fertilizer, Conservation agriculture - Knowledge, Quality and economics, Soil dehydrogenase activity, Yield traits performance, Amazon Soil, Nitro-phosphosulpho compost, Customised fertilizers, Animal and plant based organics, Municipal solid waste compost, Quality parameter, Phosphorus rich compost, Nutrient omission on growth, Wheat in an Inceptisol, Economics of maize, Nitrogen management practices on productivity, Rainfed maize-wheat cropping system, Low-grade udaipur rajasthan rock phosphate, Groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.), Cereal food crop, Intracranial aneurysm, Yield and nutrient uptake, Performance of zero-till wheat, Exploitation of genetic variability, Drum seeding, Loamy acidic soil, Inorganic nutrients, Cabbage cropping system, Institutional and policy constraints, Composting with crop residues, Eutrophic Soils, Economics of wheat, Herbicide efficiency index, Manure quality, Vermiculture and maize, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria, Profitability of maize, Natural History, Economics of pigeonpea, Spent wash from Faizabad, Yield barrier, Sacral meningeal cyst, Balanced fertilization on productivity, Influenced by residue, Different irrigation regimes, Maize-Groundnut crop, Genetic variability in wheat, Chemical fertilizers and micronutrients, Anterior decompression, Timely sown wheat, Rock phosphate on protein, Joint perception, Clipping surgery, Variability in bipolaris sorokiniana, Irrigation regimes in TBP area, Oxidic Soils, Nonparametric stability measures, Phosphorus solubility from rock phosphate, Influenced by different tillage, Vigore and tab-sil, Composted rock phosphate, Shredded cotton stalk, Weed management in transplanted rice, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria on yield, Sowing dates on growth, Organic and inorganic nutrients, Transplanted rice cultivars perform, Conservation agriculture technologies, Communicating hole, Compost enriched with rock phosphate, Murate of potash, Surgical outcome assessment, Modified Rankin Scale, Bipolaris sorokiniana causing spot blotch, Surgical outcomes, Phosphate solubilising fungi, Bispyribac sodium, wheat (Triticum aestvum L), Improving quality of enrich compost, Resectability Criteria, Late transplanted rice, Yield and yield parameters, Nutritional problem, Yield of transplanted rice, Short duration rice, Weed management practices under rice, Organic materials on yield, Transplanted rice genotypes, Developmental stenosis, Constraints to adoption, Muscle graft, Non-pharmacological treatments, Right colonic cancer, Transplanted rice culture, Germplasms under late sown condition, Glasgow Coma Scale, Partial atrioventricular septal defect, Effect of sulphur, Jammu sub-tropics, Lime requirement (LR), Fenoxaprop –p-ethyl, Studies on manurial quality, Isolated posterior prolapse mitral regurgitation, Profitability of transplanted rice, Morphological responses, The Amazon region, 3D conformal radiation therapy, Lateritic belt of West Bengal, Canal water, Maize cropping system, Preoperative Chemotherapy, Surgical Therapy of Bladder Rupture, Canal stenosis, Leaf colour chart, Evaluating the initial result, Basal-cell carcinoma, Post emergence herbicide on growth, Complete mesocolic excision, Direct seeding an alternative, Late sown condition, Cerebral aneurysm, Pikovskaya medium, Boron and iron on growth, Ostium primum atrial, Soil fertility after harvest, Non-surgical esophageal cancer, Mitral repair, Sửa đổi Bộ luật lao động, Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.em. Thell), The maximum phosphate adsorption capacity, Preplant application, Thoracoscopic esophagectomy, Apparent nutrient recovery and phosphate, The initial result, Economics of transplanted rice, Proficient nitrogen management, Surgical clipping, Face after surgery, Surgical techniques in Danang Hospita, Herbicide mixtures on growth, Laparoscopy complete mesocolic, Productivity and quality of wheat, Specific combining ability analysis, Grain yield of transplanted rice, Bile duct injury, Efficiency of transplanted rice, Inbreeding depression analysis for yield, Results of thoracoscopic esophagectomy, Potash solubilizing bacteria, New herbicides, The initial result of transanal, Oncologic outcome, Quality of wheat, Soil treatment, Suggesting suitable, Pathological characteristics, Leaf colour chart for proficient nitrogen management, Associated characters, Sulphur fertilization, Varied plant densities, Yield in transplanted rice, Transvaginal NOTES, Quality of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), 103 Military Hospital 103, Bile duct reconstruction, Lime on yield assessment, Surgical approaches, Sulphur fertilization on yield, Various nitrogen management, Herbicide against yield attributes, Yield assessment of wheat, Ung thư tuyến túi mật, Early results, Different levels, Wheat and yield, Suitable herbicides provides, Potassium and nitrogen fertilization, Định cắt túi mật nội soi, Trẻ đau bụng, Health-related private transfers, Intestinal-biliary, Productivity as well as weed dynamics, Enriched compost and biofertilizers, Treatment compliance, các triệu chứng khi trẻ bệnh, Phospho compost, Sỏi kết hợp, Enhancing coriander yield, Nitrophosphosulpho compost, Advanced practice physiotherapist, Nutrient content and uptake, Post-exercise musculoskeletal disorders, Integration of chemical fertilizers, Rhizosphere soil enzymatic activity, Extended scope physiotherapist, Disease Therapy, Connective tissue dysplasia, Soybean in vertisols, French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), Easy compost, Morphological predictors, Enriched composts, French bean crop, Nutrient composition, Disorders depends, Synchronous Colorectal, P enriched biocompost, Spine surgeon, Cardiopulmonary bypass, Castor cake, Effect of vermicompost, Castor shell compost, Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders, Brain Tumours, Neoplastic disease, Paediatric cardiac surgery, Sulphur fractionation studies, Adverse events during treatment of multidrug resistant tuberculosis, Fertility management, Yield and finger millet, Uptake of nutrients, Soil health cards, Organic flowers, Torsades de pointes, Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, Bacillus subtilis NRCSS-1, Iron application, Soil parameters, Lowland rice, Ultrasound-Guided liver surgery, Hemorrhagic events, Stump problems, Cardiopulmonary bypass circuits, Soil testing, Macro nutrients, Glomus intraradices, Nitrogen mineralization as influenced, Serious adverse events, Supranuclear Palsy, Cancer imaging, Rhizobium and PSB, Acid phosphatase, Chemical fertilizer and microorganism, Nitrous oxide, Integrated phosphorus management on growth, Quality standards, Soils of long term fertilizer experiment, Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, Low mortality rate

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