"Diaphragmatic surgery"

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Siderophore and AIBS Polycythemia syndrome Biofertilizers for salt stress environment Mung bean rhizosphere Evaluation of bacterial endophytes Methylotrophs of chilli Maize crop field Indirectly by several mechanisms Characterization of rhizobacteria Screening of epiphytic isolates PGP attributes Effect of edible coatings Micro-organism Multiple plant growth promoting traits Phosphate solubilizing fluorescent pseudomonas Arils of pomegranate Epiphytic isolates Diversity and characterization Squash and Pulp In vitro shoot induction Strongly affected Kết hợp áo hai dây Rhizobacterial isolates thời trang burberry Aloe vera leaf Host specific plant growth promoting activity Aloevera gel Aloe barbadensis Development of squash from mango Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria associated Different crops Mangrove actinomycetes Storage temperatures Slicing machine IAA producing Wheat (Triticum aestivum) rhizosphere Palatable syrup Squash from mango pulp Impact of growing media External factors Increase micronutrient availability Aril quality and microbial population Fusarium oxysporum in aloe vera Slicing efficiency Aloe vera gel blend North-western Himalayan state Heat shock Bioceramic materials In vitro culture of aloe vera Quyết định số 09/2002/QÐ-BTS Quyết định số 16/2002/QÐ-BTS Development of syrup from mango Slicing capacity Botanicals against leaf rot disease Phosphate solublizing bacteria Fungal pathogensc Synbiotic yogurt supplemented Sister chromatid exchange Aloe vera leaf slicing machine Nephroprotective effect Holy basil Quyết định số 06/2002/QÐ-BTS Ocimum sanctum against fungal pathogens Quyết định số 26/2002/QÐ-BCN Ocimum sanctum essential oil Aloe barbadensis Mill Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae Proliferation index Antifungal activity of leaf extracts Basil leaves Indian basil Microbial changes Focused primarily Broilers treated Sodium metabisulfite Vesicular arbuscular Mycorrhizae on holy basil Drying time Organic manure and biofertilizers Microbial changes of herbal lassi Develop synbiotic herbal yoghurt High doses of gentamicin Food Preservative Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid Herbal lassi Diclofop-methyl Solar tunnel dryer and drying rate Maleic hydrazide Herbal lassi (Enriched with Honey Genotoxic effects Root tip cell of Allium cepa L. Indian basil (Ocimum sanctum L.) Drying of basil (Ocimum sanctum) Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Linn.) Barley seedlings Trigonella foenum graecum L. Uterine sarcomas Allium cepa root tip cells Cytokine gene expression Alkalizing agents Mitotic abnormalities

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Cytologia, Acetyl CoA carboxylase, Unclear therapeutic recommendations, Rainfall anomaly, Cells treated, Immature phase, Bone marrow derived cells, Enterocin KP, Generalized Heronian mean Inferiority, Chăm sóc người bệnh mổ sỏi mật, Wet phases, Botanical formulation, Red spider mite, Sublethal injury, Chăm sóc người bệnh mổ thoát vị bẹn, Multi-attribute ranking, α-keto acids, Observed precipitation characteristics, CA storage, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium marT, Acid adaptation, Rubber+tea intercropping, Net inferiority and superiority index, Tumoral stroma, Ames test system, MJO phases of Viet Nam, Red recombination system, Periplasmic proteins, During immature phase of rubber, Compound averaging operator, Starking delicious apples, Lipophilicity estimation, DNA repair system, Positive rainfall anomalies, Identification of periplasmic proteins, Intercropped treatments, PROMETHEE II method, Celecoxib analogues, Biofilm structures, Cell characterization, Salmonella mutagenicity, Periplasmic proteins in salmonella typhimurium, Lipophilicity chromatographic index, MarT protein, Breast cancer prevention, Branch cutting, Working age population, A protein structure consists, Based on the colonization pattern, catalyst, Excoecaria agallocha, Adina cordifolia, Previous feature selection methods, Lithium ion kinetic, Branch cuttings, Protein classification dataset, Exponential method, Leucophyllum frutescens, Carbon Ketjen black, Vegetative propagation of pomegranate, Window of opportunity, Rooting hormone, Genetic differentiation, Vegetative propagation of adina Cordifolia, cytotoxicity and genotoxic, Pomegranate through cutting, Etlingera elatior, Quick dip method, House growing condition, Synthetic food colorants, Semi-arid tropic region, Gibberellic acid and NAA, Pomegranate cuttings, Potential line, Anti-fungal, Citrus species, Influence of Indole-3-Butyric acid, Callus induction and regeneration, GA3 and NAA, Cu-chitosan, Vegetative propagation of leucophyllum frutescens, Vegetatively propagated plants, Primary irritation index, Advances in propagation techniques, yield under north Gujarat condition, Fungal disease, Bambusa balcooa, Citrus plant breeding of rootstocks, Yield to different doses of sulphur, Chitosan polymer matrix alleviates skin irritation, Different varieties of onion, Propagation techniques of pomegranate, Maize caused by fusarium verticillioids, Plant growth attributes, Nutrient absorption, Effect of INM in onion, Recalcitrance of citrus seeds, Encapsulation of mentha oil, chăm sóc rau xanh, Handbook of hematologic malignancies, Propagation techniques, Fusarium verticillioids, Indole glucosinolates, Fourteen varieties, Levels of inorganic fertilizers, Rooting medium for air layering, Rabi onion (Allium cepa L.), Economic return of onion, Cu-chitosan nanocomposites on control, Field experiment was conducted, BCR-ABL negative myeloproliferative neoplasm, Bambusa balcooa roxb (Bamboo), kĩ thuật nhà vườn, Growth 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seeds of lentisk, Essential oils and organic acids, Barnyard millet var MDU 1, ABC of wound healing, Standard P requirements, Alkali stress, Serum and haematological parameters, Different organic acids spraying, Germination and survival, Gut health, Molecular protocol, Wound healing efficacy, Organic acid production profile, Feed additive in broiler chickens, Ethanol vapour, Seedling vigour through bio-priming, Alternative to antibiotic growth promoters, Factors that impede wound healing, Widespread physiological, Survival of tamarind, Wound assessment, Establishing a molecular protocol, Shrimp head, Controlled release of chitosan, Ischemic wound, Organic acids on serum, Tricalcium phosphate solubilizatio, Japanese quail, Alkali-induced secretion, Salicyclic acid, Organic acid treatments, Crab wastes on a large scale, Microspheres-embedded wound dressing, Detection of EGFR mutations, Comfort-B, Negative pressure wound therapy, Biochemical status, Steroids and vitamins, Sunflower microgreens, Validity and reliability, Hoof abscess, Green sol-gel route, Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica), The molecular protocol constructed, Pure olive oil, Tool validation, Fabrication of Polyurethane nanofibers, Chitosan as a dry dressing, Photo-Fenton catalytic performance, Enzymatic activity of aloe vera, Pediatric ICU, Effect of electrospinning parameters, Polyurethane nanofibers, Sunlight photocatalytic performance, Treatment of open hoof wounds, Paneer nuggets, Wound dressing replacement in Vietnam, Tissue adhesive, Electrospinning parameters, Its potentialapplica, Open hoof wounds, Steam cooking, Occupational hazards fire safety, Display applications, Comfort behavior scale in children, Morphology of polyurethane, Electrospun PU nanofiber mats, Wound closure, High incidences for contamination, Aerobic packaging, Polycaprolactone fibers, Protective textiles, Dressing change, Pomegranate peel extract powder, Steam cooking method, Emitter discharge, Medical fabrics, 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shoot, Meat characteristics of broiler chickens, Packaging method on lipid oxidation, Hunter colour analysis, Cost configuration, Fish oil significantly, Mesopodopsis zeylanica, Fast regeneration, Frozen storage, Asymmetric dimethylarginine, Durum wheat cultivars, The popular synthetic antioxidant BHT, Embedding media, Eucalyptus grandis, Millet based high fiber food mix, Use of whey protein for encapsulation, Somatic cells, Non-protein SH groups, Ishak score, Associated biochemical, Innovative technologies, Sensory score, Controled release of probitoic, Root cap, Ready to eat, Saccharum spp., Body weights ascorbic acid and oral gavage, N-nitroso N-ethylurea, Locally available ingredients showed, Semal (Bombex ceiba L.), Protein microencapsulate in ex vivo, Clinical biochemistry, Root quality, Rice pulav, Methyl methanesulfonate, Organoleptic and fish cutlet, Palash (Butea monosperma Lam.), Seed treatments, Porcine gastrointestinal contents, Pre-rooting culture stages, Gross pathology, Alpha-lactoglobulin, Bycatch anchovies during frozen storage, Overall acceptability of Palash, Thiobarbituric acid value, Gir bull, Indian mackerel, Beta-lactalbumin, Fish cutlet, Silica-titania xerogel, Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta), Whey proteins concentrates, Heteropoly compounds, Lead poisoning, Different concentrations of taurine, Root colonizing Trichoderma, Lactobacillus acidophillus, Oregano extracts incorporated chitosan films, Hydrolysis on allergenicity, Sweet whey, Sub-chronic treatment, Gir Bull semen, HordeumVulgare L, Solid phase spectrophotometry, Shelf life of Indian mackerel, Asalio (Lepidium sativum L.), Acid whey, Root nodule formation, Al toxicity, Emulsification method, Hypoallergenic cow milk formula, Pharmaceutical analysis, Applications of whey protein, Hormone interaction, Acetyl salicylic acid, Iron fortification, Ca-alginate whey protein isolate glycerol bead, In vitro proteolysis, Role of root colonizing trichoderma species, Induced systemic resistance, Biological liquids analysis, Ctenopharyngodon idella, Culture survival, Developmental signaling, Lactobacillus acidophilus microencapsulated in ca-alginate, Salicylic acid seed priming, Soluble phenol, Foxtail and finger millet, Induced systemic resistance by rhizosphere, Chilled storage, Chilled semen, Legume-rhizobium symbiosis, TBA values

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