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Omura-Massey cryptosystem Yield response of mungbean Therapeutic management of Eehrlichiosis Polynomial polynomials Individual training datasets Influenced by sulphur Weather forecast Reduced food intake Cyclic multiplicative Agromet advisory Acreage response function Generate agromet advisory Major crops Medium range weather forecast Major crops in haryana Various test criteria Co-integration approach Acreage response of major crops Cấu tạo máy biến áp 1 pha Trittstufen aus Gitterrost Mạch tương đương máy điện DC Treppen aus Stahl SMS -DIN 24531 Chế độ hoạt động của máy biến áp Tính chất của mạch điện Stahl SMS -DIN 24531 Định nghĩa giới hạn Cấu tạo động cơ cảm ứng ba pha Giản đồ hiệu suất Nguồn áp 3 pha đấu Y Dòng Sin bằng Vector Trittstufen aus Gitterrost fur Treppen Giới hạn một phía Kraftwere angewendet Định lý kẹp Các dạng vô định Kỹ thuật I/O Bộ kí tự và từ khóa Chuỗi và hàm Kênh vào ra Snake game Bắt phím di chuyển rắn Xử lý va chạm Forward foreign exchange rate Stock option Spot foreign exchange rate The day-of-the-week effect Sovereign rating upgrades and downgrades Mean-reverting-ebit-based stock Return and volatility National 100 indexes Option evaluation Forward rate biasedness Turkish stock markets Capital-structure EBIT-based Turkey’s stock market Volatility in the Turkish stock markets Sovereign ratings changes Empirical findings obtained Khối cầu ngoại tiếp hình tứ diện Diện tích xung quanh của khối cầu ngoại Nước cứng toàn phần Andehit - Axit Dung dịch muối ăn Tổ hợp chập Tập giá trị của hàm Thương nhân mất khả năng thanh toán Bảo toàn khối tài sản có Mất khả năng thanh toán Crop developmental rate Chenopodium album Plant-Trichoderma Freshly prepared phalsa-pear blended beverage Physiochemical analysis Animal drawn implements Basic slag Pathogen network Cost benefits ratio ALA production Agro-climatic factors Vitis vinifera L. Species Gramin krishi mausam sewa Yield optimization Northern hills agroclimatic zone Egyptian prescriptions including honey Fish surgery Fried snack and net profit Biocontrol genes Foliar fertilizations E africana Fouquieria splendens callus Yield optimization in Niger Uptake by paddy in acid soils ACC utilization Tissues for wound repair Farmers awareness programme Betel leaves extract Phenological and growth responses Morphological DUS descriptors Specific agrotechnical measure Barking deer

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Fungal consortium, Cocultivated with endophyte bacteria, Fish dissection, Biofertilizers to chemical fertilizer, Chicken powder incorporated shelf, Flag leaf area, Screening of groundnut genotypes, Suppress inflammation, Basic slag on yield, Present agricultural scenario, Indigenous cultivar, NAR and yield, Endophyte bacteria, Peanut bud necrosis disease, Coracoid process, Treatment of PPR outbreak in goat, Bacillus thuringiensis against, Chemical fertilizer for yield optimization, Graft compatibility, Broodstock survival, Spot card, Early and late leaf spot disease, Stable fried snack prepared, Broilers fed diet supplemented, Feed rapidly growing population, Combining ability for yield and yield components, Draught animals, Mungbean cropping system, Glenoid cavity, Sources and levels of sulphur, Morphological and biochemical characters, Manure moisture, PPR outbreak in goat, Late leaf spot disease, Specific leaf weight, Fish conservation, Immuno correction, Garlic and turmeric powder, Draft required, Stem rot disease in rice, Sub-scapular fossa, Peste des petits ruminants, Correlation and path analysis for yield, Crop residue and potassium management, Gujarat condition (Sesamum indicum L.), Their combination, Caged layer houses, 20β-dihydroxy-4- pregnen-3-one (DHP), Viral infection moderate, Macro conidia, Rhizobium culture, Precise seed metering system, Herbicides against Sclerotium oryzae catt incitant, Graft-incompatibility in horticultural crops, Barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak), PR revealing characteristic signs, Peanut interspecific pre-breeding lines resistance, Amur carp, Weekly assessment of growth performance, Blue butterfly, Spot card and manure moisture, Severe course Betaleikin, Animal drawn multi crop planter, Pathogenic ability, Plain region of Chattisgarh, Cost evaluation, Yield and quality of summer sesame, Gross and morphometrical studies, Lentil (Lens culinaris L.), Abdominal cramps, L boeticus, House fly (Musca domsestica), Multistep gradient, Cold arid Ladakh region, ERα gene, Strawberry in plain region, Drone Brood, Immuno correction of genital Herpes, Effects of coumestrol treatment, Coconut nut rot, Lime coating, Calendar days, Peste-des-petitsruminants, Hot air oven, Physico-chemical character and SDSPAGE, Herbicides and rice, Yield and economics of lentil, Information and Knowledge, Himalayan ecosystem, Cultivable diversity, Multi-step gradient elution technique, Chickpea and its pathogenic, Different secondary traits, Soil fertility assessment, Genetic diversity of carambola, Modifies system of rice intensification, Coumestrol treatment, Steneotarsonemus spinki, Nonstructural protein C, Lampides boeticus (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), Cabinet tray dryer, Boon for mango production, Genetic polymorphism of estrogen hormone receptor, Agriculture and allied sector, Few selected wild edible leafy vegetables, Genotypic path, Biochemistry of grape berry development, Rhizobium culture on yield, Yield of different pulses grown, Coastal plain zone, Pauri garhwal, Drone brood and bee honey, Phenological behaviour, Different polyhouses, Seed yield in cowpea, Bioremediation of zinc, Viroid replication, Spermatogenesis in dogs, Echinochloa colonum, Cultar (P333) a boon for mango production, Seed traits, Fermented fruit mix, Life cycle of the pulse blue butterfly, Silkworm and trait, Carambola (Carambola averrhoa L.), Estrogen hormone receptor, Solanum aethiopicum, Physiographic land units, Canal command area, Confirmation of non-structural protein C, Phenotypic path, Royal jelly adulterated, Grape berry development, Weed dynamics and productivity, Trianthema monogyna, Soil born, Molybdenum seed treatment, Reduce heavy metals- Zinc, RNA structural motif, Biennial bearing, Cucumber through integrated nutrient management practices, Coconut germplasm, Allied sector, Coumestrol treatment on spermatogenesis in dogs, Hexanal vapour, NBPGR carambola, Large extent, Gene in buffaloes, Characterization of probiotic bacteria, Ground water recharges, Available carbohydrates produced, CO2 and CERES model, Rice-ratoon-green gram production, White finger millet, Market samples, Green gram influenced, Inter cropping in horticultural crops, Agents from chickpea, Fruit yield in cucumber, Characterization of methanol utilizing microorganisms, Pressurized irrigation, Non-surgical fertility control, Mango production, Genotypic path coefficient, Viroids and their mode of parasitism, Alternate hosts of rice, Genetic diversity in kale, Randomised block design, Curcuma angustifolia, Utilizable ground water resources, Polyphenol and antioxidants, Auto antibodies, Million of farmers, Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza, Postharvest treatment, Paramount importance, Harvest mainly depends on water, Quality of peda samples sold, Adaptability of Bt, Wheat crop in eastern India, Seed traits with fruit yield in cucumber, Samrat Ashok sagar project, EST-SSR molecular markers, Target yield, Soybean (Glycine max L. Merril), Finger millet varieties, Nut quality, Mode of parasitism, Sub-tropical and semi-arid conditions, Chickpea (Cicer arietinum linnaeus), Methanol utilizing microorganisms, Extraction method, Prevalence of urinary tract infection, Physicochemical changes, Adaptability of NBt, Medicinal properties, Characteristics of laboratory, Ground water draft, Pre-treated foxtail millet rice, Varying levels of phosphorus, African eggplant, Shading effect, Fermented rice beverage, Kashmir region based, Yield of wheat crop, Phytic acid content, Sulawesi medaka fish, Leguminous crops, Dry-DSR, Crop composted residue, Mono-cropping style production, Biocontrol (Bacterial) agents, Hybrid cultivars, Major nutrient contribution on growth, Yield and attributing traits malwa region, Urinary tract infection causing microorganism, Validation of molecular markers linked, Aliyarnagar condition, Yield attributes of lentil, NBt cotton hybrids, Antibody kinetics, Market peda samples collected, Banana quality, Eberhart and russel model, Watercress (Nasturtium officinale), Nematode and epidemiology, Syzygium cumini, Morphological descriptors, Ground water development, Poplar based agroforestry practice, Selected white finger millet varieties, Extraction machine, Examined parameters, Indirect Immunofluorescence, Nutrient management approaches, Significant problems, Anterior gut, Yeast strains associated, Nutrient content of okra, Bulk segregant analysis, Determination of susceptibility, BLAST programme, Climate change impacts on growth, Time taken, Assessment of major nutrient contribution, Mechanism of benzimidazole, Molecular markers linked, Performance of indigenous, Banana var grand naine, Evaluation of reactivity profile, Acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle), Relative performance of parent, Neem cake and Alkali spreading, Clinicophysiological response, Shading on wheat crop, Colour plastic mulch, Jamun (Syzygium cuminii Skeels), Potential source of nutraceuticals, Fermented rice beverages, Immune disease patients, Seasonal coincidence, Variability of seedling origin jamun, Over exploited zone, Combined inoculation of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza, Review on advances, Physico-chemical variation ontikhur powder extracted, Drip irrigation on yield attributes, Imitation of climate change impacts, Russel model, Resistant genes, Antibiotic among slum women, Counterparties non-Bt, Floristic composition of weeds, Nematodal control strategy, Buccal cavity, Biofertilizers and micronutrients, Growth dynamics, Wheat crop in poplar based agroforestry practice, Post-harvest attributes, Nutrient packages in Chattisgarh, Teak seedlings at coastal Odisha, Rice beverage, Germplasm growing, Rural women regarding nutrition practices, Role of rural women, Exotic coconut germplasm, Pruning to vegetable crops, Mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czen & Coss.], Planktonic cells and biofilm, Stability analysis of maize hybrids, Screening of auto antibodies, Genetic potential, Harvesting cost, Defatted soybean flour, Uptake and chickpea, Clinico-physiological response, Instant noodles, Genetic divergence analysis in potato, Improper use of anthelmintic, Incidence of major insect pest, Sulawesi medaka fish (Oryzias celebensis), Yellow mosaic virus resistance, Highresolution mapping, Rural women in agriculture activities, Bacterial blight pathogen, Jamun (Syzygium cumini L.), Response to different holding solutions, Six panchayat samitis, Dried starter culture, Locations during summer, Canopy volume, Wider row spacing, Weeds management, Opium poppy grown, Chickpea cultivation governing, Palmatine against strains, Detomidine-propofol anaesthesia, Jamun growing areas, Nutri-enriched cookies fortified, Tillage and irrigation, Agriculture activities, Marker-assisted selection (MAS), F2 segregating population derived, Anterior gut of Sulawesi medaka fish, Morphological and nutritional traits, Drumstick leaf powder, Narrow spacing, Phosphorus application, Climatic conditions of Malwa Plateau, Fertility levels on productivity, Bikaner panchayat samiti, Fresh weight of shoot, Seed yield and quality of Okra, Yield traits with different, Avena sativa, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo), Black cotton soil, Elite accessions of rice for morphological, Various agricultural activities, Economics of soybean, Organoleptic evaluation of instant noodles, Micromorphological observation, Growth retardant reduced, Dry weight of shoot and kuliana lime, Quality parameters of cotton, Khadrawy and Zahidi, Evaluation of elite accessions, Enriched biodigested liquid organic manure, Lolium multiflorum, Irrigation scheduling in black cotton soil, Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.), Silkworm waste, Quality of date palm, Mean performance for yield, Hybrid chilli, Mixed cropping, GA3 on fruit yield, Contributing traits in cauliflower, YejF gene, Chilli hybrids in central dry zone, Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis L.), Human infection through threading model, Salmonella typhi gene, Greg Secker millionaire forex, Example of informative speech outline, Trader secrets report, Informative speech outline, Report are far greater, The most famous tragedies, Ultimate trading secrets, The commitment with FDI firms of accountants, Disaster to the movie, Psychology and price action, Noi Bai industrial park creative application, Financial depth and economic growth, Sinking of the Titanic remains, Determinants of firm’s capital expenditure, Creative application in economics sociological knowledge, Empirical evidence from ASEAN+3 countries, Bi̇ện pháp ki̇ểm soát nhi̇ễm khuẩn vết mổ, The accountants’ commitment, Long-term economic growth in ASEAN+3 countries, The company’s capital expenditure, Ki̇ểm soát nhi̇ễm khuẩn vết mổ, Microbiological standard (EN) in instruments disinfectant, Cobb-Douglas theoretical framewor, Packaging materials and equipment, Nhi̇ễm khuẩn vết mổ, Stimulated practical conditions, Promote financial development, Đảm bảo chất lượng dụng cụ trong CSSD, The sterilization process, The relationship among ASEAN+3, Ki̇ểm soát nhi̇ễm khuẩn, Quantitative laboratory tests, Chất lượng dụng cụ trong CSSD, The requirements towards sterile packaging material, Handwash and handrub test, Chăm sóc an toàn, Chất lượng dụng cụ

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