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O-notched ductile steel plates Modified organosolv lignin Theoretical Nursing Radial hydride nucleation energy Postmodern Nursing Integrating Virtual Machines into the Cisco Data Shamanic Breathwork Holistic Nursing Developing requirements Domain analysis Community care Perceptual Context Support System Raymond Mooney Compiling a Massive Context Modeling Multilingual Dictionary Eric Sven Ristad and Robert G. Thomas New technique for image compression using PCA Image compression using PCA face image databases the recently researches Nucleotide Substitution A Probabilistic Modeling Framework Lexical Entailment Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall A Probabilistic Model of Syntactic Ido Dagan Jacob Semantic Acquisition rule-based reasoning Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall Child-Directed Utterances and their Meanings rough features Variational Inference Joint Training of Dependency Parsing Filters Grammar Induction Latent Support Vector Machines Prior Knowledge Colin Cherry Probabilistic triple Probabilistic relation Probabilistic functional dependency Probabilistic relational algebraic operation OTHER NEW TECHNIQUES MT SYSTEMS The Corpora Management Probabilistic logic System Based on Java Online tool Gene expression data Oracle Technologies A Web-based Demonstrator Probabilistic graphical model Multi-lingual Phrase-based Translation System Kankrej bullock Lateral gene transfer Haematology analyser RNA interference screens Roldano Cattoni A new technique Diagnosis of malaria Network inference deals Nicola Bertoldi Correction of intussusception Evaluation of an automated Exploring Deterministic Constraints Prior biological Right flank laparotomy High throughput flowcytometry based Constrained English POS Tagger Pulmonary lesions Technique for diagnosis of malaria Content Models with Attitude Efficient ILP Solution Small peripheral pulmonary Christina Sauper Lymph node dissection Economical ordering quantity Wireless access networks Time-dependent Delay in payments A case study in Vietnam Permissible delay period The behavior of foreign investors Holding solution TNF-a 308 polymorphisms Microbial count and vase life Male infertility risk Cut carnation cv Kiro Extending the vase life Composition of cigarette smoke Smoking and chromosomal damage Smoking and fecundity Smoking and infertility Profitability of select companies ROA and ROE Inventory holding periods Trade-off model Endoscope Robots Extreme Telesurgery

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