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Further sorghum breeding programme Trigenic mode Component traits in groundnut Quality traits in bottle gourd Combining ability and Cotton Parent-of-origin effects Different qualitative traits in Dolichos bean Fiber quality traits Tester analysis carried over environments Estimation of commercial heterosis Extant upland cotton varieties Good combiner for growth Qualitative traits in paprika Important yield contributing characters Garden pea (Pisum sativum var. hortense L.) Quantitative characters in brinjal Crosses exhibited economic heterosis Path analysis studies of quantitative Imprinting effects Half sib families Dolichos bean germplasm lines Cotton interspecific heterotic group hybrids Estimation of heterosis for growth TLB disease resistance Commercial heterosis Estimation of hybrid vigour Green pod yield per plant Inter-varietal crosses Parental-asymmetry test Grewia optiva Drummond Genetic diversity for qualitative traits Seed cotton yield and its components Quality traits of okra X chromosome Fodder quality traits Fiber quality traits in cotton Reference set Evaluation of elite sorghum Phytic acid content Biochemical traits in soybean Qualitative trait Sữa lên men yaourt Luffa accutangula Candidate genotypes Sib progenies GCA and SCA Elite sorghum [sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] DUS test Yield component traits in sunflower Yield contributing traits in maize Fruit fly resistance in muskmelon Combining ability studies in ridge gourd Combing ability studies for yield Genetic makeup etc Foxtail millet germplasm Combining ability evaluation for yield Qualitative traits of sesame germplasm Identification of dus traits Significant genetic diversity exists Indigenous aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) Considerable genetic variability Studies to indicate wide diversity Mating design Genetic advance as % of mean Yield contributing traits in garden pea Elite genotypes of tomato Type of gene action Little millet (Panicum miliare L.) Genetic advance studies Tomato for yield Maize inbred lines Tester analysis in sesame Character association studies Additive genetic variances were predominant Quality traits in chickpea Quality traits under hisar condition Line x tester mating design Line in sesame Diverse genotypes of tomato Diverse CMS source Components of variance Quality traits in chilli Germplasm lines of bread wheat Various morpho-agronomic traits The ripe tomato fruits Plant population density Degree of dominance Line x tester yanalysis in maize Nonadditive genetic variances Assessing genetic diversity Helianthus petiolaris sp. fallax H. annuus sp. lenticularis Additive and nonadditive gene effects Qualitative and Tomato Diverse CMS sources in sunflower Performance of parents Single plant yield Inter sub specific cross F1 hybrids for quality parameters Fibre quality traits in upland cotton Pre-breeding lines

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Fiber traits, Specific combing ability, Quality parameters in tomato, Yield attributing traits in tomato, Components in rainy season tomato, Genetic analysis for fruit yield, Line × tester cross, Multilocation testing, Heterosis studies on yield, Bacterial wilt resistance in tomato, Heterosis and combining ability, Line x tester method, Dual purpose sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench], Ghost 11.5 for windows xp/7/vista, Pre-breeding lines of greengram, Nutritional traits, Combining ability in upland cotton, Assessment of economic heterosis, Tạo menu boot ghost, Mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek), Genetic analysis in pre-breeding lines, Nutritional traits in mung bean, Quyết định số 2895/QĐ-CT, Công văn 4318/LĐTBXH-TL, Tượng đài Hồ Chí Minh, Đề án xây tượng Hồ Chí Minh, ANTIDOL 200 mg - 400 mg, hệ thống động mạch, hệ thống tĩnh mạch, bệnh cao áp huyết, SIÊU ÂM TIM TRONG BỆNH ĐỘNG MẠCH VÀNH, Cách làm Sữa chua trái cây mát lạnh, Sữa chua trái cây, sưu tầm thủ thuật P19, Nguyên liệu làm sữa chua trái cây, sữa chua mít, Món ngon mùa hè, cách làm sữa chua mít, hướng dẫn làm sữa chua mít, các bước làm đĩa windows 7, Cách dùng sữa cho con, thuốc bổ cho trẻ, cách đĩa windows 7, Cá trích sốt cà, Giải độc cơ thể giảm táo bón, GA3 treatment on yield, Endogenous hormone, Reproductive traits, Memecik olive cultivar, Cormel production of gladiolus, Bệnh nhân phẫu thuật BI-directional Glenn, Thuốc tra mắt có steroid, Fruit regularly, Phẫu thuật BI-directional Glenn, Điều trị của bỏng mắt do kiềm, GA3 on reproductive growth, Phẫu thuật Fontan toàn bộ, Điều trị dị dạng lõm ngực, trái cây hữu ích, Dị dạng thành ngực, Flowering characteristic, tác hại của trái cây, Dị dạng lõm ngực, Red heart stage, Terai region, Flowering characteristics, Điều trị dị dạng lõm ngực ở trẻ em, Pineapple [Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.] cv Mauritius, Flowering percentage, Pineapple var queen, Leaf chlorophyll content, Ethrel on flowering characteristics, cách trồng cúc pha lê, Various treatments, Quyết định 3123/2019/QĐ-UBND, Số 3123/2019/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định số 3123/2019, chế độ AF, Primary results, Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing, Vị thuốc cát sâm, Catheter ablation for af in vietnam, Lexical Affinities, Heart institute, Alexis Nasr, AF-6/afadin, Prevalence of AFib, Adherence junctions, Tính toán độ chối, Công thức động Hilley, Tẩy rửa nước, Rửa tay khử trùng bàn tay, Tướng Cướp Liêu Đông, Bài giảng Rửa tay khử trùng bàn tay, Sự khử trùng, Hệ sinh thái vi khuẩn trên bàn tay, Tác nhân gây bệnh trên bàn tay, nikon d3100, Chỉ định rửa tay, cách dùng nikon d3100, hiệu ứng trong nikon d3100, Công văn 31/BXD-KTXD, quả sinh lý, Cán ngang, Mẹo biến Directx 9.0c, Synthetic plastics, Halophyte microbiome, Tamarind gum, Enhancing microbial degradation, Plant-based-sea water culture medium, Calcium alginate-gelatin, Irradiated chitosan, Reduced tillage systems, Novel media optimized, Aqueous extraction, Optimizing roasting standards, Lactation trial, Sugar industries, Biofilm formation are discussed, Lake Mariout, Simulated gastrointestinal condition, Cogen ash, Zygote genome activation, Planting systems, The crude plant juices, Methoxyl percent, Alexandria- Egypt, Quality gum production, Production of pullulan, Calcium alginate microbeads, Capacity utilization, Investigations on microbial flora variation, Simulated human gastro-intestinal condition, Candida tropicalis, Growth and yield of paddy, Microorganisms including pre-treatment, Lactic acid fermentations, Factors contributing, 16S rRNA gene and qPCR Bacillus spp, Making polymer membranes immobilized with phosphate solubilizing bacteria, Milk quality, Microbial flora variation, Microwave assisted extraction, Arginine deaminase, Flask type fermentation system, Nepalese sugar industry, Microencapsulation of probiotics, Appropriate culture media, Droplet method, Tamarind seed gum production, Plant cell wall, Immersion time, Lasiodiplodia sp, Fructose uptake, Late sowing, SITUATION SEMANTICS, Fatty acid catabolism, Unsterile condition, Carbohydrate fermentation, Pullulanase type I, Conservation biological control, Pierce’s Disease, Genetic variability of palmyapalm, Microbiological study, High yielding of cauliflower, Xylose fermenting yeast, Sugar cane by products, Climate indicators on agricultural yields, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria to produce controlled release fertilizer, Water generated, Pancreatic beta cells, Desert plants, High volume instruments-motion, Capacity utilization rate of medium, Condition Optimization, Autolytic enzymes, Maximum polysaccharide yield, Kapas yield, Production of raisin, Fermentation parameters, Pectin from grapefruit, Unsterile medium, Paenibacillus polymyxa, Enhancing growth and yield of paddy, Basis of tree morphology, Quality of sweet potato, Corn yield, Quality traits in cotton, Xylella fastidiosa, Find out the constraints faced, Probiotic pomegranate drink, C.J. Rupp CCL, Different fruits, Long-term glycemic, Produce controlled release fertilizer in combination with microorganisms, Plant juices, Various sugar production stages, Awareness of Aflatoxin contamination, GA3 in submerged fermentation, Large-scale sugar mills, Camel and buffalo milk, Diffuse cell growth, Bacterium pseudomonas aeruginosa PS2, Raisin from pre-treated grapes, Cold-adapted pullulanase, Yield components as influenced, Defence signalling, Dairy farmers about Brucellosis, Personal antecedents, Yield contributing, Homalodisca vitripennis, Organic ecological engineering field, The Winter - Spring crop, Potassium on yield, Farmers in Khagaria district, Yield parameters in Bihar, Slow release fertilizer, Non-dairy probiotic drink, Feed by dairy farmers, Capacity utilization rate, Batch fermentation, Physiological determinants, Manning‟s roughness coefficient, Arginine deaminase production, Jasmonic acid production, Functional expression, Total annual rainfall tend, Consciousness of dairy farmers, Strumarium plant m–2, Constraints faced by the farmers, Sugar concentration, Doproduction byyangia sp. nd199, Knowledge assessment, Socio-economic personal antecedents, Polymer production, Illness symptoms, Water losses, Fertilizer ratio, Sowing techniques, Enzymatic properties, Dairy farmers of Jaipur district, Brucellosis among dairy farmers, Pre-treated grapes, Maximum cell dry wei ght, Cattle Zoonotic diseases dairy farmers, Rice cultivator, Sterile conditions, Weir and Parshall flume, Rainfed situations, Cleaning of shed, Seed rate on growth, Starch hydrolysis products, Each village as respondents, Different fructose feeding strategies, Bio control methods, Lowland farming situation, Impact on training programme, Scientific dairy farming, Broad leaved weeds, Adoption of rice cultivators trained, Growth and yield of direct seeded rice, Yield of soybean as influenced, Different carbon sources, Colostrum feeding, Surveying on cattle zoonotic diseases, Water lost during, Accumulate high PHB, Plant protection strategies by farmers, Training programme on adoption, Irrigated medium land situation, Knowledge retaining ability, Management practices followed by dairy farmers, Carboxamide derivatives, Rice cultivators trained, Animal populations, Summer under lowland farming situation, Watercourse situated, Rainfed medium land situation, Yeast extracts, Various weed management practices, Adoption of plant protection strategies, Improved dairy management practices, Post-training analysis, KVKs in central plain zone, Goat owners, Women dairy farmers, Bacillus thuringiensis var, Mucilage juice, Schwanniomyces occidentalis, Knowledge retaining ability of dairy farmers, Chittorgarh and rajasthan, Livestock development officers, Kurstaki HD-1, Corrosion science, Lipid production, Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki HD-1, Sao paulo for lipid production, Lyophilized aqueous, Buffer feeding (NaHCO3 ), Goat owners in Chittorgarh district, Production of biopesticide, Rhodosporidium toruloides, Dry period, Click chemistry, Liquid fermentation, Roasted white yam, Bombyx mori silk fibroin, Bypass fat, Managing reproductive disorders, Deoni cattle, Microalgae from mangrove area, Phenolic antioxidants, Fenugreek seed, ER-alpha, Benzoxazole molecules, Effect of feeding, Animal owners and Gujarat, Inhibition effciency, Bedding materials, Ethno-veterinary practices, Scientific health care practices, Combinatorial library, Cryptococcus curvatus, Biopesticide based, Aroma-active compounds, Post partum estrus, Lipophilic side chain, Vital pharmacophore, Lactation milk yield, QPLD docking, oncepts and values, Specialized goat training programme, Suoyang enhance viability, Valuable pharmacophore, Evaluation of microalgae, Sabar dairy milk shed of Gujarat, Mineral mixture supplement, Thiol-ene click reaction, Synthetic thiophene, CdO nanoparticles, Lactating sahiwal crossbred cows, Cocoa mucilage juice, Dairy animals in rural Punjab, Fat percent of dairy crossbred cows, Milk yield of dairy buffaloes, Pyridinium Shiff bases, Feeding chandrasoor (Lipidium sativum L.), Talk to a friend, Teat and udder, Natural Bombyx mori silk fibroin, Multicomponent synthesis, Rural dairy animal owners, Herbal feed supplementation shatavari, 5-hydroxy methyl furfural, Knowledge level of farmers, OH-damaged mesenchymal stem cells, Pathway for livelihood security, Probiotics on milk yield, Dairy cow, Urea derivatives, Hirschfeld analysis, Chemical parameters of ghee, Common diseases in dairy animals, Performance of dairy animals, Sirohi goat, Review on mastitis in dairy animals, Applied dairy microbiology, Alkyl iodide, toddlers, Prepartum dry period, Ovarian steriods, Molecular docking technique, Jaffarabadi buffalo, Existing housing management practices followed, SNF percent, Effect of non-genetic factors, Teat and its relation, Mechanistic chemistry, Atom economy, Pure cubic nanoparticles, Pyrazoline-containing moieties, Reproduction traits, Economics in crossbred HF cows, Caspase-3 activity, Suggestions faced, Bedding materials on performance, Microbiology of the dairy animal, Available scientific technologies, Various ethno-veterinary practices, Non-genetic factors, Murrah graded buffaloes, Yield economy, Periparturient cattle, Area specific mineral mixture, Female reproductive performance, A Mink, Goat rearing farmers, Teat measurements, Supplementation on milk yield, 4-fuoropyridine hydrazone

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