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Arly diagnosis of HIV Soil matric potential Management and chickpea Probit analysis Control in chickpea MH and LD50 value Acidic soils of north east India Fusarium wilt control in chickpea Irrigation schedule for Brinjal Operating cost etc PSB strains on soil microbial Soil moisture tensiometers Mechanical harvesting method of sorghum crop Novel biofilm biofertilizers Impact of phosphorus levels Yield attributing traits in dahlia Identification of putative bacterial endophytes Plants in hot springs Vitrofor morphological features Grains or seeds Storage insect pests Nitrogen and root Black scruf Synthetic pesticides Cope stored grain insect pests Nitrate form of nitrogen Potato caused by Rhizoctonia solani Abiotic factors which determine fate Black scurf disease Nitrogen interaction effect in rice Griffing’s method II Model I Bougainvillea spectabilis Onion genotypes through RAPD Changing trends in antibiotic resistance Rainfed rice crop at Bhubaneswar Genetic advance in pumpkin Antibiotic resistance of organism Inheritance in fieldpea Studied traits between genotypes Rainfed rice crop Genetic diversity remarkably Urinary tract infections over five years Genetic analysis of seed yield Genetic variability PCV Mungbean yellow mosaic virus MYMV Level of NPK An investigation on the etiology Cold pretreatment Potential of Trichoderma spp NBS-LLR marker assisted screening Yield and Benefit cost ratio Heritability study in F2 population Characterization of fungal diseases Resistance genotypes Number of branches per plant Indica rice Mitigating cadmium uptake Earliness in bread wheat Fungal diseases of gerbera Summer pearlmillet Nutritional status of school children Metal stress ecosystem Mustard varieties Gossypium Barbadense L cotton for yield Omission plot technique Grain and fodder yield Different NPK levels School children in Deodar Taluka Economic status of summer pearlmillet Yield maximization in vertisols Child care contribute to malnutrition Varietal performance on growth Role of viruses Crop response based assessment Viruses in periodontal diseases Optimization of amylase Production of amylase Key importance Comparison of the phytochemical Bacillus cereus using submerged fermentation Nutritional properties of leaf Root of Spondias mombin L Annual variation of fog Nutritional relevance Monthly variation of fog Stress tolerant index Fortnightly variation of fog Farm innovations PGRs on seed germination Behaviour and farmers Management of potato General farmers Nutrient uptake of rice varieties Regression analysis of adoption behaviour Catalase activity in tomato Variability analysis of fog events KVK system Rice varieties as influenced Tomato under drought Adoption behaviour of trained

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Trained farmers, Combination of plant density, General farmers in some adopted villages, Tomato in early growth stage, Adopted villages of KVK system, KVK system of Adilabad, Adult formation, Green insecticides, Varieties and volume, Critical limits and plant response, Bio-efficacy of early post, Role of catalase as semen additive, Evaluation of native isolates, Gram podborer, Creatonotus gangis, Communication pattern, Post emergent application, Plant response, FYM levels on yield, Tembotrione on nutrient removal, Protective antioxidant systems, Cotton bollworm, Optimizing fertilizer rates, Green insecticides against Gram podborer, Crop and weeds in spring maize, Development of critical limits, Irrigated sub-tropical shiwalik foothill conditions, Crops grown in different soils, Chemical fertilizers on yield, Brinjalcauliflower cropping system, Variability studies in M4 generation, Soil organic carbon fractions, Price direction, Oat flour, Effect of hormonal, Leaf mold, Palmyra palm, Myth and reality, Bioagents botanicals, M4 generation for yield, Weekly price index, Vertical distribution of organic and inorganic carbon, Organic inorganic bio fertilizer, Herbal treatments, Pathogenicity study, Botanicals against Rhizoctonia spp, Potential areas, Quality parameter in cowpea, Seed yield attributing traits, Seed inoculation on soil properties, Economic inquiry on export trend, Crude fibre and biscuit, Oestrus in cattle, Survey on Brinjal leaf mold, Cellulase from Bacillus Subtilis, Reality of organic farming, Their natural products, Seed yield attributing traits of Isabgol, Stages of infection, Weekly price direction of onion, Soybean-chickpea cropping sequence, Special reference to Indian context, Brinjal leaf mold in manipur, Induced mutation breeding, Weekly price direction, Pregnancy confirmed per-rectal, Proving its pathogenicity, Concentrations and ZnSO4, Pre-storage duration, Intercrops like mustard, Physiological variability, Rhizobia identification, Yield attibutes, Trigonella foenumgraecum L, Number of seedlings per hill, Boron and zinc application, Certain bio-pesticides against, Response of cluster bean, Standardization of prepackaging materials, Population dynamics of chilli, Longevity of pumpkin seeds, Mapping of QTLs for grain yield, Common scab of potato, Molecular level stress response, Field efficacy, Nutrient uptake in guava, Storage environment, Inner wheel pattern, Chilli thrips scirtothrips dorsalis, Sulphur in torripsamments of Rajasthan, Relation to fruit age, Elite rice variety, Causal organism, Studies on moisture dependent, Post harvest shelf life of bitter gourd, Quantitative traits in fenugreek, Chickpea in wheat crop, Pant prabhat leaves, Transformed to angular values, Relation to abiotic factors, Duration of in situ storage, Properties of sorghum, Nine quantitative traits, Physiological variability in streptomyces spp, Assessment of inner wheel intercropping, Solar tunnel drying, Fomitopsis feei, Sutlej purple, Soil macro arthropods, Namakkal chicken, Gross morphological studies, Survival and stress condition, Evaluation of spinosad against malathion, Drying of tomato slices, Cardamom extract, Musa ornate, Rootknot nematode, Sequential development, Sternum of common moorhen, Conventional and pitfall traps, Quality status of nectar preparation, Tropical potato, Management of alternaria leaf blight, Hyper exopolysaccharide producing, Spinosad against malathion, Molecular descriptors, Sterility mosaic disease of pigeonpea, Improvement in flavor of gulabjamun prepared, Sequential morphological development, Common production medium, Nectar preparation, Meloidogyne incognita infecting cucumber, Pitfall traps, Common moorhen, Varieties using morphological, Bottle gourd in Western Rajasthan, Deltamethrin resistant population, Cyst forming azotobacter isolates, Flavor of gulabjamun prepared, Drying characteristics of tomato slices, Conventional farming systems, Performance of heat tolerant clones, Microbial characterization of yeast, Northeastern Himalayan region, Chick embryos, Quality status, Major biotic problems for pigeonpea production, Important flight muscles in birds, Lesser grain borer, Exopolysaccharide production, Better survival, Biophysical characters, Well diffusion method, Colletotrichum melongenae, Bio-agent and their combinations, Nectar preparation from fresh, Camel milk khoa, Cotton intercropped, Fungal bloodstream infections, Plant waste, HEC-HMS model, Namakkal variety of chicken, Sternal body, Protunus pelagicus lectins, Citrus tristeza virus variants, Acoustic vibration, Kernel quality, Phomopsis vexans solid media, Gulabjamun prepared, Yeast isolates recovered, Biophysical plant characters, Mandarin orchards, Perishables and non-destructive technique, Rainfall-runoff, Economics of black gram, Evaluation of nutrient concentration, Therapeutic potential of plant waste, Blood of patient admitted, Molybdenum on growth, Antimicrobial lectins, Varieties of kodo millet, Okra germplasm against shoot, Phomopsis vexans the causing fruit rot, Seedlings vigour index, ICU in a tertiary care hospital, Uptake in magnesium, Acoustics as non-destructive techniques, Norganic nutrient combinations, HEC-HMS hydrological model, Marine crab protunus pelagicus, Yield and nitrogen levels, Pectin substance, Iron deficient gerbera, Death of bacteria and fungi, Potassium schoenite, Pre-ovulatory follicle, Cowpea pod borer, Bio-fertilizers based fertigation schedule, Potassium recovery efficiency, Pre-ovulatory follicle size, Different moisture stress, Varying levels of drip irrigation, MRSA Infection, Pregnancy rate in Murrah buffaloes, Drip irrigation on yield, Quality evaluation of nuggets prepared, Insecticides against cowpea pod borer, Evaluation of potentiality of mango, Levels of potassium on yield, Cowpea pod borer in cowpea, Pre-ovulatory follicle size on pregnancy rate, Economics of cucumber, Dermatology section of Govt, Comparison of cefoxitin, Potentiality of mango, Potato as extenders, Oxacillin discs for detection, Physico-chemical attributes of fruit, Detection of MRSA, Stone weevil, Fodder plot demonstration, Azure stain a, Vermicompost levels, Combining ability effects, Pharyngeal tonsil, Indian Jujube, Cost of milk production, In vitro bio-efficacy of fungicides, Malted sorghum, Cytopathological changes induced, Full diallel analysis, Assessment of heterosis, Uptake of cowpea, Microscopic and histoenzymic studies, Sulphur of sunflower, Banana flour, Genotypes and SCA, Fodder plot at farmer’s field, Ber germplasm, Pharyngeal tonsil of goats, Mid-vein of infected okra plant, Biofertilizers on yield attributes, Attributing characters in okra, Total lysine, Demonstration of fodder plot, Infected okra plant, Fruit parameters of okra, Lymphoid tissue in pharyngeal tonsil, Factors influencing stone weevil, Transplanting and yield, Soil properties in molisols, SCA for fruit parameters, Thượng nguồn Phật giáo Luy Lâu, Lễ Phật đầu năm, Nhịn ăn khô mối nguy tới sức khỏe, Bạo lực với người cao tuổi, Rác thải từ khu cách ly Sars-CoV2, Văn bản chứng thực, Học tập kết nối, Chief audit executive, Chief risk officer, Corporate development officer, Free enterprise system, External auditors roles, External auditors, Stakeholders’ roles, Association of investment, Regulatory bodies, Grey model GM, Road traffic fatalities, Improved grey model GM, Limited amount of data, Porland cement concrete, Adiabatic temperature rise, Adiabatic calorimeter, Heat of hydration parameters, Degree of hydration, Đề cung môn học, Thành phần chính học máy, CRYAB protein, Squamous cell of head and neck, Hypoxic cell survival, Malignant melanomas, Somatostatin receptor expression, Chimeric monoclonal antibody against, Painful dermatological, EGFR-inhibitor therapy, Multiple molecular, Cirrhosis control, Estrogen responsive, Familial aggregation, Overall burden, Haematological cancer mortality, Period and cohort effects, Diagnosis and certification improvements, Oral and pharyngeal cancer, Age-cohort-period analysis, Space-time cluster analysis, Residential histories, Q-statistics, Extraneural metastases, CDK4 triggering nasopharynx carcinogenesis, Normal tissue sparing, Epstein-Barr virus-encoded, Cathepsin X, Exhibit inhibitory, Receiving metformin, Microcalcifications play, Extracellular microenvironment, Mammary microcalcifications, C-index estimate, Matrix adhesion, Sirtuin 3, Different protease systems, Multiple cancer type, Investigated systematically, Death worldwide, Anti-cancer drug, Survival statistics, Specific chromosomal rearrangements, Genes rearranged, Tailor-made therapy, Malignant ascites, Human peritoneal mesothelial cells, Gastric lesion, Progesterone receptor negative breast cancer, Retrospectively analysed, Forty year and older, Castration-resistant prostate cancers, Anti-GD2 mAbs, Tumor-associated gangliosides, Aggressive carcinoma, Marine compound, Tyrosine kinase receptors, Antitumor compound, EGFR-interacting agents, Akt regulates cell survival signaling, Platinum-based therapies, Tumor burden generated, CYT387-treated cell-derived xenografts, Extrathyroidal tissues, Urological malignancies, Cancer registration, Observed survival, Transarterial infusion chemotherapy, Oral fluoropyrimidine derivative, Cancer receive, Describe treatment outcomes, Extracranial solid tumor, NB tumors, Phenotypically heterogeneous, Tumorigenic properties, Nodular ground-glass opacities, Sex-determining region Y-box 2, Conserved cellular response, Prognosis proliferation, Autophagic gene, Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas, Certain markers, HER2-targeted monoclonal antibody trastuzumab, Patient’s prognosi, Early stage colon cancer, Clinico-pathologic, Small-sized polymeric micelles, Cancer originates, 4T1 Mammary carcinoma, Phosphatase of regenerating liver, Health burden, Malignant breast cancer, Tissue invasion, Novel chemotherapies, Primary tumor resected, Possible candidate drug, Hodgkin disease, Immunostimulatory RNA, Platelet activity, Cox proportional hazard regression analysis, Interferon inducer, Epstein-barr virus infections, Promising therapeutic, Decrease apoptosis, Lymphogenic metastasis, Tumor-stroma interaction, Heterophilic granulocytes, Frequent cancers worldwide, Genes encoding, Human esophageal carcinogenesis, IgG receptor 2A, CAV1 methylation, Pain flare, Placebo-controlled multicenter trial, Thymic epithelial tumor, Lymphatic vessel, Blood vessel, Obtain oxygen, Spontaneously arising tumors, Informing cancer, Gastrointestinal stromal tumour, Populationbased cancer registries, Ultra-orphan disease

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