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Ancestral character state reconstruction Sucrose content Madras Veterinary College Phytochemical composition PLA with silver nanoparticles Tea plantation Tagetes spp. Rapid propagation in fallow lands Length-weight relationship Seed drying temperature Seed-mediated Net photosynthetic rate Sugarcane juice quality evaluation Characterization of tamarind accessions Organic manure etc Crocus sativus L Waterlogged sugarcane Root-knot nematode(s) of Assam Silver nano Detection of Mn(II) ions Sugarcane ratoon crop Hydroxylamine hydrochloride Naga chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) Geometric morphometrics Extend up to yield 28-homobrassinolide Plasmon resonance Breakage percentage Component analysis in saffron FT-NIR spectrometer Economics of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Economical synthesis Cane yield Morphological characters showed similarities Chemical and parameters Early generation sugarcane clones Crop for Chhattisgarh plains Callus mediated in vitro regeneration Plasmonic photothermal therapy Different yield Promising sugarcane genotypes Triticum estivum Graded levels of hydrogel application Fenugreek (Methi) Seed Hydrothermal pre-treatment Saffron for floral Pathogen rhizoctonia solani kuhn Different morphological Cytozyme products over yield Advance agro- techniques Coconut inflorescence sap Antimicrobial activity (Fungi and Bacteria) Medium duration varieties and economics Influence of sodium chloride induce salinity Hydrogel application Promising midlate maturing sugarcane varieties Biogenic silver nanoparticles against rice Waterlogged condition Sodium chloride induce salinity on growth Sap yield Morphological attributes one hundred Zinc and iron on yield Nagpur mandarin coating Medium duration rice varieties Crop growth parameters and yield Characterization of silver nanoparticles Midlate maturing sugarcane clones Duration of pulsing Economics of sunflower Yield and quality of coconut inflorescence sap Influence of nitrogen on economics Nutrient module Herbicides weed management effect Genetic advance at percent mean Helianthus annus L Organoleptic analysis Nitrogen on economics Season on yield Peroxidative changes Varieties and maize Foliar feeding of brassinosteriod Influence of genotype Economic and fibre characters Pineapple and Sapota Yogurt fortification NPK content in plant Physalis peruviana Yield in rice During vase life period Tagets erecta Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa willd.) Economics of beet root Potential tool to improve growth Fluorescence microscopy studies Yield of maize varieties Quality wine production Economics of banana Noni juice Surface methods Cut Rose cv ‘First Red’

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Pulsing treatment, Vegetatitive growth, Broad spectrum herbicides, Gujarat coriander 3, Genetic diversity of coriander, Pointed gourd, Cell surface morphology studies, Benzyl adenine in curcuma aromatica salisb, Maize varieties (Zea mays L.), Yeast and its comparative performance, Shivaji gold, Role of different sources, Weed dynamic, Complete package, Sucrose for in vitro microrhizome production in curcuma aromatica salisb, Sprout management, Plant growth regulators on yield, Yield and its attributing characters, Studies on isolation of yeast, Product while pH, Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana Linn), Tribal hills area, Nutrient modules on yield, Cold storage duration, High seed yield and aroma, Evaluation of coriander, Trichosanthes dioica Roxb, Southern telangana, Attributing characters, Certain micronutrients, Evaluation of coriander varieties, Paclobutrazol coupled, Mean germination time, Sex manipulation in cucurbitaceous vegetables, Coccinia grandis, Yield of pointed Gourd, Oil yield in coriander, Contributory parameters, Coriander varieties for growth, Broad spectrum herbicides on weed dynamic, Linalool content, Spinacea oleracea, Shoot decapitation affects growth, Cucurbitaceous vegetables, Influence of PGRs, Azoxystrobin and cycocel, Heteromorphic sex chromosomes, Seed purpose, Sprout management on growth, Correlation between yield, Genotypes studied in the experiment, Yield attributes of fruit quality, Steroidogenic enzyme, AzospirillumAzoto bacter, Path coefficient analysis for grain, Physiological parameters of Spinach, Flowering in barleria cristata, Breeding programme, Sex modification, Yield contributory parameters, Collection of coriander varieties, Interspersed staminate flowers, Cross-specific steroidogenic enzyme genes expression, Standardization of hydropriming duration, Presentable pot plant, Environmental effect on sex expression, Coriander cv (Coriandrum sativum L.), Yield contributory parameters and quality of okra, Organ identity genes, Monoecious lines of castor, Gonadal development, Coriander (Coriandarum sativum L.), Bio-fertilizers on morphological, Hydropriming duration, Y-specific genes, Relative fresh weight, Manipulation of sex expression, Sex determining region Y, Cucumber germplasm, Steroidogenic enzyme genes, Influence of bio-fertilizers, Coriander for yield attributing traits, Enhancing system productivity, Role of ethrel in manipulation, Crossbred jersey bulls and qPCR, TP53 mutation, Mulching and bio chemical, Vegetative growth contributing characters, Sex expression in pistillate, Relative quantification of expression, During rabi season, Gerbera flowers, Gene-TE interaction, Leaf water content, Gender representation through conversation, Age differences, Physcio- chemical parameters, Hsa-miR-14, Klinefelter syndrome, Economics of coriander varieties, Semen production traits, Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex Hooker), Effluents PSPD, Zinc fertilization on yield attributes, Sensory pain, Rhizome rot disease, Seedless grapes, Cyanobacterial population, Gender expression, PEG-6000 induced water deficit, Common effluent treatment plants, Affective pain, Singer under Assam condition, English textbooks used in high school, Rich nutrients, Sugarcane genotypes, Cytokinin application retains water status, Raisin colour, Hydrotheraml treatment, Heavy metal tolerant, Capsicum (Capsicum annum L.), Cyanobacterial distribution, Soil plays, Mitochondrial encoded NADH, Quality parameters of guava, Yield and juice quality, Cultivation of agriculture, Dialogue with the participation of two sexes, Raisin yield, Milling yield, ERβ isoforms, Effluent treatment plants, Soil chemical parameter, Membrane processing, Algal distribution, Extra X chromosome, Water logging tolerant, Ethyl oleate as pre-treatment on rate of drying, Water logging, Higher levels initially get reduced, Broken percentage, Oestrogen receptor, Microbiological profile of effluents, NPK on plant growth, Fertilizers influence available nitrogen, Poly aluminium, Biological variable, Water bodies, Profitable genotypes, Grafting time, Familial adenomatous polyposis, Plant characteristics, Water logging conditions, Capsicum cv. Solan Bharpur, Seed coat matter, Effect of NPK on plant growth, Permeate flux, Potassium quantity in soil, Sugarcane plant and ratoon, Fundamental biological mechanisms, Different potted croton, Hydrothermal treatment on milling characteristics, Biometric observation, Sugarcane genotypes for morphological, Green shade net, Combined application of biochar, Profitable sugarcane genotypes tolerant, Influence of micronutrients, Different potting media, Leaf characters, Potassium quantity, Low cost polyhouse, Green shade net on yield, specificity of the nerves, Shading per cent, Organics on growth, Growing media in shade net condition, Wedge grafting, Liquid formulation, P lilacinus, Various strains, Jamun (Syzygium cumini Skeel), Nervous syst, Different shading net, Spacing and nutrient, Poly house conditions, Mycorrhizae on growth, Tomato crop under protected conditions, Open and controlled conditions, Irrigation regimes under different shading net, Days after transplanting, King chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq.), Softwood grafting in jamun, Capsicum (Capsicum annuum), Organic liquid formulations, Alkaloid capsaicin, Changes on soil properties, Growth and yield of king chilli, INM treatments, Black plastic, Sub-mountainous zone of Punjab, Chicken sausages, Silver plastic, Frontline demonstrations of capsicum, N-fixers, Different concentrations of NPK, Sensory attribute, INM practices, Soilless growing media, Sensory attributes of chicken sausages, Growth and yield of chilli, Cơm Gói Lưới Tre, Concentration of N, New pest, Yield at capsicum, Phytophagous insects, Water apple, cách chọn mua trái cây, nơi phụ nữ không được tới, Associated parasitoid, New insect pest of water apple, mặc áo hai dây, trắng da vùng nách, mặt nạ dưa hấu, Phương pháp gỡ lỗi, instructions for using history, chữa ung thư cho con, Thông tư 47, Taijiquan 48 Form, Tài liệu Taijiquan, Tìm hiểu Taijiquan, Nội dung Taijiquan, Tài liệu về võ thuật, Tìm hiểu về võ thuật, Under-exploited crops, Eshing Ekai Thabi, Exploited leafy vegetables, Underutilised aquatic vegetable, Exploited leafy vegetables in India, Livelihood of community, Prevention against harmful diseases, Underutilised vegetable, Widely distributed in various parts, Method of preparation, full resale rights, Enhanced efficiency of treatment of TNT wastewater, Thermoplasma acidophilum, Giải thuật bằng ngôn ngữ lập trình, De novo motif discovery, Estimating micronutrient, Flocculation and coagulation, Natural organic matters removal, Internal electrolysis reaction, Yield of goat milk Mozzarella cheese, Intra-motif dependencies, Site-specific mutagenesis, Natural organic matter, Their relationship, Bimetalic materials Fe-Cu, DBPs control, Preparation on yield, Trihalomethane formation potential, Cysteine-43 mutant, Other soil properties, TNT in the wastewater, ChIP-seq data, Method of preparation on yield, Chlorine-disinfection by-products, Rewa district in Fiji, Tapi river, Modal prices, Calving in Murrah buffalo, Autotrophic organisms, Price movements, C4 photosynthetic pathway, Single cell-type, Long-term variation, Rhododendron ungernii Trautv., Bacterial community, Estimate seasonal variation, Secular trends, Breeding system, Distribution characteristics of temperature, C3-C4 transition, Epidermal bladder cells, Populus nigra L., Reanalyzed wind waves, Year round flowering, Chlorpyrifos on growth, Minor fruits, Seaweed liquid fertilizer, Bacterial community composition, Decarboxylation mechanisms, Genome duplications, Chlorophyll a synthesis, Floral biology of some minor fruits, Kranz anatomy, Chlorophyll a fluorescence, Southern central coast, Seasonal variation in physiological behavior, Seasonal variation in prices of soybean, Mango pruning, Community composition, Lower gangetic plains, Certain lesser known species of jasmine, Keel blossom, Pollen viability of some mango, Evolutionary path from C3, Algal culture, Non-pseudogamous agamospermy, Malus spp., Chloroplast division, Minor fruits of Assam, ERA-20C dataset, Sugar transporter, Floral transition, Cyanobacterium spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis, Physiological behavior, Floral induction, Sources and levels, Response of growth, Floral organ size, Certain lesser known species, Plastic plants, Landing platform, Anther cap, Evolutionary path from C4, Pollination ecology, Aberrant mature chloroplast morphology, belonging to different families, Quantity of biomass produced, Floral variation, Sea weed sap, Floral transition initiates, Pruning with paclobutrazol application, Percent flowering, Floral biology studies, Physiological behavior in mango, Floral mimicry, Floral vasculature, Duch. ex Poir. varieties, Pennisetum glaucum L, Mango flowering, High photorespiration promoting conditions, Micro algal culture, Regular bearing, Flower enhancing plant growth regulators, Mycorrhiza on chlorophyll substance, Quality parameters of foxtail, Yield and quality of onion, Mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv Dashehari, Paclobutrazol application for growth, Intermediate stage, Endogenous signals, Multi-micronutrient mixture, Production improvement studies of Mango, Organ asymmetry, Different density, Germination index, Maize grown, Adoption of regular bearing, Millet genotypes, Quality and storage, Ultra high density plantation, Epipactis veratrifolia, Summer pearl millet, Dof-like factor, Silicylic acid, Regular bearing in mango, Anticaries activity of mangiferin, Micronutrients and sea weed sap, Yield contributing characters in mango, Fruit set improving chemicals, Quality of french bean, Mango over biennial bearing, Mangifera indica leaves in Vietnam, Inorganic fertilizers along, Graft survivability, Growth retardants on yield, Mango production each year, Vietnamese Mangifera indica leaves, Effect of organi, Nutrients on yield and quality, Development of barcodes, Yield and quality of aonla, Acid production and biofilm formation, Appemidi mango, Barcodes for identification, Mangiferin possesses moderate anticaries activity against, Conservation and genotypes, Uptake kinetics, Zygotic and Nucellar seedlings, Polyembryonic varieties of mango, Appemidi mango (Mangifera indica L.), Characterization and quality assessment, Expression profile, Enterobacter cancerogenus, Potential indigenous mango, In vitro micropropagated, Genetic diversity of appemidi mango

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