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Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp trường THPT Trần Thị Tâm Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp trường THPT Thành Nhân Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp trường THPT Yên Định Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp Sở GD&ĐT Bắc Ninh BMC Molecular and Cell Biology Pathological phenomena PDZ2/3 tandem domain Myocardial fibrosis Allosteric affinity modulation Cardiomyocyte activity Protein structures deposited Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPN13 Require manual curation Complex multidomain Multichain arrangements Including right isomerism Membrane fluidity STAT3-FOXL2 pathway Proliferation capacities EPR spin labeling Yeast 2-hybrid Podocyte plays Glomerular filtration barrier Forkhead transcription factor Anti-oxidative signaling Variable DNA supercoiling DNA supercoiling DNA duplex Unpredictable themselve Prostaglandin E2 receptor subtype 4 Homology model HPV E6 Apoptotic pathway Porcine heart Fresh tissue Strand displacement Type I transmembrane protein Cardiovascular studies Isothermal amplification Promotes macrophage activation Protein-peptide docking Conformational sampling Incremental protocol E6 oncoprotein variants Protein disorder PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 Delayed autophagy Observed multimodality Protein isoelectric point Apoptotic stimuli Cell-based therapeutic purposes Retinal pigment epithelial cells Proliferative diabetic retinopathy NF-κB pathway-associated proteins Brain and sperm Microtubule proteins Produce electromagnetic fields Exogenous electromagnetic Lipid raft Neural differentiation P19C6 cells Chorein-N domain Translocation and assembly moduleB Tubular lipid binding domain Psoriasis patients Bone formation involving LncRNA maternally expressed gene 3 Psoriasis remains unclear Small-angle X-ray scattering Identify novel factors Centromeric cohesion protection Sister kinetochore mono-orientation Fibrinogen gamma prime Clot structure Human dermal microvascular endothelial cells Multicellular systems Yeast colony Metabolic coupling Diauxic shift Human ribosomal protein S3 ROS-induced DNA damage High binding affinity Transforming acidic coiledcoil 3 Neuronal cell death N-terminal protein segments ZNF746 protein Disulfide bonds Non-covalent Slow dialysis Eukaryotic transcription Paralogous genes Small nuclear RNA genes Chromera orthologue TgDCX-knockout parasite Xenopus cells Congenital cataract Gap junction protein alpha 3 Forming dodecamers Cell-type dependent function Tumor suppressor p53

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Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase, Proteolytic processing, Square wave pulse, Proliferative capacity, Mesenchymal amoeboid transition, Phosphorylated tyrosines, Probably affecting, ATRX vertebrate’s chromatin remodeler, Heterochromatin maintenance, Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type I, Macrocytic anemiam, Chromatin bridges, IPP complex, Actin stress fibers, Cell contractility, Proteasome pathway, Ubiquitin-like proteins, Step-specific assays, Major active compound, Inhibitor treatment, Reversible cell cycle arrest, Signaling hub, Genomic sequence, Collagen fibrils, Collagen assembly, Hyperspectral autofluorescence, Steroid biology, β-Trefoil fold, Folding mechanism, Inter-residue average distance statistics, Conserved hydrophobic residues, Gō-model simulation, Thymidine kinase 2, Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2, MAPK cascades, Mitochondrial DNA depletion, TNF-α upregulate, Osteoblast precursor cells, Kidney epithelium, Potassium transport, Potassium cycle, Mild uncoupling, Cholesterol metabolism, Neutral cholesterol ester hydrolase 1, Bacterial cell cycle, Blue light sensitivity, Structural maintenance of chromosomes, Ligand interaction, Reaction mechanisms, Enzyme-inhibitor complexes trapped, Metabolite fingerprint, T-box family, DNA-binding proteins play, Eomesodermin function, Mesoderm-specific genes, C-kit+ cardiac progenitor cells, Neurokinin 1 receptor, Human dermal papilla cells, Human hair follicle, Aminooxy-biotin, Lipoprotein related protein 1, Voltage dependent anion channel, Trace elements function, Circadian homeostasis, HIV-2 protease, Drug-resistance mutations, Structural asymmetry, Through toll-like receptor 4, CRC cell proliferation, Various renal disease, Anti-oxidant response, Rational design of enzymes, Glucose-tolerant, High glucose concentrations, Personalised diagnosis, CREB binding protein, Highly homologous acetyltransferases, Histone 3 lysine 27 acetylation, Translation efficiency, Synonymous codons, Methylation modification, Treating malignancies, OA disease progression, Critical regulators, Extracellular vesicle, Alzheimer dementia, Multivesicular bodies, Protein trafficking, 25S ribosomal RNA molecules, Initial analysis pointed, RNA cap specific antibody, Estrogenic endocrine disruptors, Kynurenine 3-hydroxylase, Eye pigmentation, Platelet adhesion, Shear activation, Primary haemostasis, Novel regulatory molecules, Human Obg-like ATPase 1, OLA1 playing, Root oxygen loss, Sub-clones, AP-3 pathway, VPS pathway, Rapamycin complex 1, Werner syndrome protein, NXF1 export receptor, TA system, Soluble receptor, Bacterial persistence, Synovial fibroblast, Isogenic bacteria, Treating persistent bacteria, Death phase, Transcriptional mechanisms, Post-transcriptional mechanisms, Bacterial ortholog, Cell shape maintenance, Tau aggregation, Seeding capacity, Sclerostin antibody, Transfection reagent, Oscillatory fluid flow, Cellular FRET assay, Cell permeabilisation, Biotin-streptavidin, In vitro labelling, MW marker, Host DNA depletion, Haliotis diversicolor, Intramuscular adipocyte adipogenesis, Local Chinese local pig breeds, Muscle fiber, Cell-in-cell, Non-professional phagocytosis, Prognostic factor and survival, Oral submucous fibroblast, Alkaloid natural, Inhibit fibroblast proliferation, Prevent collagen synthesis, Mutants disrupted, Aberrant cytokinesis, Protein and ligands, Popeye domain-containing, Xin actin binding repeat-containing, Cardiac conduction, Intercalated discs, Transverse tubules, Synthetic lethal assay, Sprague Dawley rat, Sinusoidal endothelial cells, Kupffer cells, Cell markers, Scavenger receptors, Balch homogenizer, Subcellular fractionation, Nonradioactive detection, Functional mutations, CD4 gene, Membrane localization, Broadly protective vaccine, Rapid antigenic, Cathepsin L, Inactive zymogens, Voltage-sensing domain, Splicing variant, Gating-modifier toxin, 5′ untranslated region, Inhibits hERG, Vacuolating toxin a, Distinct allelic diversity, Secondary ion mass spectrometry, Metabolic labelling, Including protein turnover, Plant LRR-RLKs, Amino acid transport, Swine gastric epithelium, Evolutionary age, KRAB domain-containing zinc finger protein, Striking feature, Certain mammalian genome, Epithelial markers, Regulate MSI1 expression, Residue charge changing, Abnormal activities of signal pathway, Enterocytes exert, Protective function, Intestinal epithelial, Strategies against pathogens, RNA binding protein involved, H+ transport, Reef-building corals, pH regulation, Sensor chip, Analyte-ligand interactions, And equilibrium dissociation constant, E. coli cell-based system, Hammer-head ribozyme, Reporter system, EGFR signaling, Shh signaling, Zinc metallopeptidases, Provide trophic, Repair nerves, PC-3 cells, Interrupt cancer progression, Single sequence based predictions, Biophysical features, SARS-CoV-2 virus, Immunological behavior, Small open reading frames, Upstream ORFs, Ribosome stalling, Breast implants, Foreign body response, Capsular fibrosis, Cellular behavior, Uncarboxylated osteocalcin, Skin equivalent, Type2 Diabetes Mellitus, Malignant growth of prostate cells, Cold shock domain proteins, Cell scale, Population scal, Krebs cycle, Prolyl hydroxylase-2, β1 integrin interaction, Induced pluripotent stem cell, LEM protein, Nuclear transport, Nuclear export, Chromatin-interacting LEM motif, Cdk1-cyclin B in vitro, Rab11-FIP3, Recycling endosomes, Cells during cytokinesis, Extracellular molecules, Invertebrate species, Multipotent cells, Interesting homeostatic factors, Mammalian inner, Specialised epithelial tissue, Non-innervated supporting cells, Cholesterol-palmitoyl interaction, 2B- adrenergic receptor crystal structure, G protein coupling, Protein misfolding, Subsequent aggregation, Several human diseases, Misfolded protein stress, High-density matrix, ROCK expression, Fungal cell wall, Survive stress, Defective cytokinesis, Mammary stem cell, Proteins functioning, Muscle satellite cells, Primary skeletal muscle cultures, α-sarcomeric actin, Fusion index, Hax-1, uman adipose-derived multilineage progenitor cells, PEST sequence, Bcl-2 family protein, Methyl CpG-binding protein 2, Nuclear lamins, Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, Fertility drugs, Substantial fluid shift, Body cavity, Secreted frizzled-related protein 4, Tumour biopsy, Pro-apoptotic genes plays, Ubiquitous cellular process responsible, Bulk degradation, Cytoplasmic components, Muscle mass maintenance, Actin polymerization, Substrate adhesion, Mound apex, Mig2 transport, Telomere doublets, Genome-wide expression, Telomere dysfunction, Small G-proteins, Unlaid eggs, Kinesin-1, Rap proteins, Aerobic metabolism, Including trauma, Three-dimensional culture, Primary porcine proximal tubular cells, Protein over-expressed, Meiotic exit, Coordinated action, Sec complex, Pressure overload, Cadmium induces neuronal cell, Cargo adaptor, Transporter expression, Novel peptide H-RN, Calcineurin-NFAT signaling, Host cell invasion, Threonine kinase Phg2, Activated cells, Cnidarian model, Membrane remodeling, Ras GTPase, N-acetylation, Genital tract, Tamoxifen inducible knockout mice, Cellular uptake, HGF-stimulated epithelial migration, PTB domain, Anti-angiogenic activity, Injured tissues, Pressure-overloaded rat heart, Angiogenesis processes, Nematostella vectensis, In vitro model, Folate chemotaxis, Hepatocyte growth factor kringle 1 domain, JIP1–kinesin-1 binding, Microbial killing, Rapamycin-eluting stent, CD34+ cells, ER targeting, Wnt target mRNAs, Myosin IC, PP1 interacting protein, Mammary cells, Human intestinal epithelial cells, Neutrophil migration, Signaling pathways linking receptor activation, Significantly impair visual acuity, Chromosome orientation, PcG proteins, Gene-knockdown, Corresponding mechanisms, Cell detachment, Encompasses squamous carcinoma, Acacia honey, KG1 cells, Fetal mesenchymal stromal cells, Cytokine-mediated hematopoiesis, Specialized cells, Myoblast differentiation, ChIP host species, Cell rear, Proinsulin biosynthesis, IEC anoikis, Actin reorganization, Three-dimensional nucleus, Squamous carcinoma, Endothelial cell membrane stiffness, End-Binding protein 1, Twitcher mice, Functional angiogenic capacity, Corneal epithelial cells, Circulating microparticles, Adult mice, Thr Phosphatase PPP1CC2, Myoblast fusion, Species reactivity, Hybrid complexes, Canine tumors containing epithelial, Organ physiology, Pseudopod dynamics, Pancreatic progenitors, Cascade responsible, Livestock industries, Conserved cellular process, Non-barrier, Granulocytic differentiation, Pharmacological inhibition, Corneal keratocytes, M-cadherin, Alveolar soft part sarcoma locus, Actin dynamics, Cellular vesicles biology, Bioartificial tissues, Brown adipocyte, Corneal abrasion, Surface plasmon, Insulin receptor substrate, Oligo-fluorescent in situ hybridization, Satellite cells, Alternatively spliced isoform, Tandem-affinity purification, Fibroblasts play, EDEM proteins, Physalis angulata, Circulating MPs, Focal adhesions, Ischemic preconditioning, Intracellular pH regulation, Recycles cytoplasmic, Multicolor banding, Cell phenotype

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