"Corresponding aldoxime derivatives"

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Phule vimucta Stone weight of litchi fruit Implements used in agriculture Paclobutrazol application on panicle length Seed germination behaviour Allied sector in Tripura Allied agricultural activities Indigenous agricultural know how Primary root length Fruit quality etc Growth regulators for yield Residual heterozygous Quality enhancement in litchi Near isogenic lines Growth regulators in litchi Root system provides nutrient absorption Fungal mass Export via e commerce Botrytis rot on litchi chinensis Multilateral economic activities Antifungal effect Grayish fungal mass Root hair DL limonene Tubular shaped cell Effect of pollination method Root epidermal cell Various plant Pollination method Chitooligosaccharides tomato Polar growth Commercial cultivars of litchi Collection tank Fruit set in commercial cultivars of litchi Chito oligosaccharides against early blight Cylindrical sampler Tezpur litchi Erosion plot Antifungal effect of chitosans Canopy spread Erosion plot tanks Chitosans exhibited maximum Comparative morphological study Performance effectiveness of enterprises Estimate sediment Varieties at litchi garden Fruit morphological characters Di potassium phosphate Inoculum density Cassia oil Monopotassium phosphate Preharvest foliar applications Harvester head Mungbean genotypes against water stress mediated Wood harvesting technology Rhizosphere mycoflora Intermediate cuttings Different cultivars of litchi Trees originated Forest certification systems Germination and their Flat bed Antifungal nature Energy absorbed Mycelial regeneration from sclerotia Narrow bed and furrow Chemicals on quality Moisture dependent physical Moisture management Yield and storage life Blight of cowpea Sclerotial germination Korf growth function Root transect 14 miRNA target pair Number of trees Quantitative real time Standing volume Rhizosphere of Momordica charantia L Momordica charantia L (Bitter gourd) Root length during seedling growth Chemicals on flowering Fruiting in litchi Foliar spray of chemicals Litchi fruits C value Peronophythora litchii Iberian Peninsula Treatment markedly Peganum harmala Seminal roots Length distribution Creamy semi translucent flesh Somatic chromosome number Germination time Subtropical fruit Nutrient depletion zone Predicted model Combined abiotic stress Cowpea seeds

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Describe plant growth, Elevated CO2 concentration, Combined heat and drought, Typha domingensis, Thermal time, Especially photosynthesis, Incubation time, Green floating filter, Genetic resource, Incomplete sphere, Apricot breeding, Soil aluminum chemistry, Wetted bulb, Hybrid corn breeding, Al sensitive wheat seedlings, Wetting front coordinates, Wheat seedlings in Podosol, Surface trickle irrigation system, Principle coordinate analysis, Tall fescue, Spinacea oleracea, Domestic cooking methods, Cd stress, Web blight of cowpea, Standardization of hydropriming duration, Fungicidal activity, Sesame seeds, Plant oils and oil cakes, Hydropriming duration, Natural phenolic, Metabolite profiling, Natural alkaloid, Detoxification mechanism, Bioactive compounds in ground, Phenolic acids derivatives, Moderate UVB absorbers, Simple one step procedure, Anhydrous potassium carbonate, Sun protection factor, Primary risk factor, Identified predispositions, Multilinear discriminant analysis, BRCAx familial breast cancer, Carrizo citrange, Stiefel manifold, Acaricidal action, Mungbean improvement, Cleopatra mandarin, Heuristic optimisation, Plant derivatives and natural oils, Combined stress conditions, Breeding and molecular markers, Tucker structure, Against two spotted spider mite, Hormone regulation, Future breeding programmes, Rose ecosystem, Two spotted spider mites, Quadratic discriminant analysis, Buthionine sulfoximine, Tulsi leaf extract, Including transcript, Mitochondrial apoptosis, Sparse estimation of covariance matrix, Uncertain position, Penrose pseudo inverse, Multiple knee ligament injuries, Muscular dystrophy, Thuja occidentalis, Extensor apparatus rupture, Stress radiographs, Gait assessment, Phytotoxic effects, Cultivated plant, Significant improvements, Mastitis in cows, Holm oak, Chronic mastitis, Urban trees, Factors affecting mastitis, Quercus ilex L, Fishers linear discriminant function, Ecological and social service, Classification of bovine mastitis, Plants essential oils, Biofilm associated infections, Drug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Human dermal fibroblasts, Global chickens, Fancy breeds, Chicken diversity panel, Two non edible plant seeds, European breeds, Hura crepitans and Calophyllum inophyllum, Red Juniper leaf, Non edible oils, Anatomical analysis, Oil in water emulsion mud, Anatomical characteristics, Antioxidant activities of guava, Discriminant canonical analysis, Phát hiện vi khuẩn edwardsiella ictaluri, Saponaria bargyliana Gombault, Sự công bằng trong tổ chức, Hoạt động thực tập tại doanh nghiệp, Thực tập tại doanh nghiệp của sinh viên, Đề cương ôn thi Sinh 10 trường THPT Tôn Thất Tùng, Phương thức vận chuyển thụ động, Cực trị nhiệt độ, Đề thi học kì 1 Tin học 12, Đề kiểm tra HK1 Tin học 12, Kiểm tra Tin học 12 HK1, Đề thi học kì 2 Công nghệ 6, Đề thi học kì 2 Công nghệ 7, Đề thi học kì 2 Công nghệ 9, Đề kiểm tra HK2 Công nghệ 6, Đề thi môn Công nghệ lớp 9, Đề kiểm tra HK2 Công nghệ 7, Kiểm tra Công nghệ 6 HK2, Đề kiểm tra HK2 Công nghệ 9, Kiểm tra Công nghệ 7 HK2, Kiểm tra Công nghệ 9 HK2, Đề kiểm tra học kì 2 Công nghệ lớp 9, Đề thi học kì 2 Công nghệ 9 năm 2020, Đề thi HK2 Công nghệ 9, Đề thi HK2 Công nghệ lớp 9, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Đạ Kho, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Thị Trấn Đồng Đăng, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Tiên Du, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Bản Luốc, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Sơn Trạch, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Vân Nội, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Liên Vị, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Nậm Ty, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Ngô Quyền, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Ngọc Thanh, Đề thi học kì trường THCS Trung Minh, Đề thi học kì THCS Ngọc Thụy, Đề thi học kì trường THCS&TH Đông Xuân, Đề thi Phòng GD&ĐT Cẩm Giàng, Đề thi Phòng GD&ĐT Vĩnh Bảo, Đề thi trường PTDTBT THCS Du Tiến, Đề thi trường THCS Phúc Chu, Factors affecting customer intention to use the express bus, The express bus, Influence behavioral intention, Both perceived value and corporate image, 48 đề thi học sinh giỏi Ngữ Văn 7, Đề thi Ngữ Văn 7 nâng cao, Bài tập Ngữ Văn 7 nâng cao, Suy nghĩ về lòng hiếu thảo, Score based fusion schemes for plant identification, Multi organ images, Score based fusion schemes, Classification based approach, Single organ identification, Ứng dụng phần mềm titan, Phân tích tức thời ổ dông, Thuật toán Tstorms2Symprod, Oxygen vacancy diffusion, Yttria doped ceria, Vacancy activation energies, YSZ systems, Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L, Form of dead bark, Lignin content, Diagnostics of major white grub species associated, Wood tissue, Major white grub species associated, Chemical structure of wood, Potato crop ecosystem, Settled for feeding, Potato ecosystem, ) Path coefficient, Total grain yield, Biological yield in K 27 variety, Sprayed areas, Zinc EDTA, Unsprayed area, Nutrients on biological yield, Unsprayed areas in Brinjal crop, Fliar application of nutrients, Paddy crop eco system, Economics urdbean, Shear and bending strength, Leafhopper funa associated, Maximum biological yield, E1 type particleboard, Rayalaseema region, Manufacturing variables, Nephotettix nigropictus, End to end grain joints, In paddy crop ecosystem fourteen leafhopper species, Urea formaldehyde, Seed yield of Indian mustard, Particle board, Physical mechanical properties, Rice variety Pusa Basmati 1509, Pesticide management on production, Integrated effect of nutrient, Tillage and microbes, Yield of Pleurotus sajorcaju, Different grains on mycelial growth, Hypsizygus ulmarius, Spawn run period, Pinhead initiation and yield, Permanent manurial experiment, Permanent manurial experiment on cassava, Yield maximization in white milky mushroom, Coconut coir pith, Tobacco waste compost, Farmyard manure lettuce, Microbial and enzyme activity, Organic C, Total N, Properties of soil, Fingermillet redgram intercropping system, Straw substrates, Casing materials, Biological efficiency and CI, milky mushroom (Calocybe indica P&C, IKONOS imagery, Land mapping units, Land qualities, Land utilization type, Beypazari area soils, Vetch barley mixture, Grasspea barley mixture, Growth of chickpea, Variability studies in M4 generation, M4 generation for yield, Seed yield attributing traits, Seed yield attributing traits of Isabgol, Induced mutation breeding, Different pinching approaches, Seed yield in Dhaincha, Foliar nutrition on yield components, Number of pods plant, Pod yield plant, Pulse crop, Di Ammonium Phosphate, Seed yield of pulse crops, Seed fortification, Growth and seed yield, Replicated thrice in RCBD design, 1000 seed weight, Heritability for seed yield, Grass pea Lathyrus sativus L, Serangium montazerii, Life table, Eggplant varieties, Strawberry plant, Day neutrality, Scoring methods, Crown production, Evaluation methods included, Strawberry production, Total yield and fruit quality, Various agronomic practices, Strawberry production has increased rapidly, Influence of nutrients, Strawberry cv chandler, Quality in strawberry, Sodium chloride treatments, Strawberry plants, Influence of planting dates, Temperature on plant growth, Flower per plant, Organosolv lignin, Lignin phenol formaldehyde resin, Methylolation tensile strength, Modified organosolv lignin, Octoploid strawberry, Podosphaera aphanis, Strawberry runner, ATP Binding Cassette B, N 1 naphthylphthalamic acid, Pink flowered strawberry, Anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway, Correlation and seed cotton yield, Brown coloured cotton genotypes, Varieties/genotypes, Yellow mite, Morphological character, Biochemical character, PEG 6000, Seddling vigour, Slanting glass plate technique, Evaluation of cotton genotypes, Emerging pests, Bollworm complex, Sucking pests and bollworms, Field evaluation of genetic variability, Seed priming on biochemical changes, Plum pox potyvirus, Restriction analysis, Heterosis studies in sunflower, Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L, Components in sunflower, Confectionary sunflower (Helianthus annuus L ), Sodium azide in yield, Trichomes size in sunflower, Structure in sunflower, Nitrogen metabolism and phytohormones associated, Quality parameters and yield, Yield of rainfed sunflower, Rainfed sunflower (Helianthus annuus L ), Nutrient uptake of sunflower, Different levels of boron, Potassium in sandy loam soil, Component traits in sunflower, Multihead inbred lines of sunflower, Cytoplasmic diversity, Cytoplasmic diversity studies, Production in sunflower, Nano boron nitride, Nano boron nitride increases, Leaf defoliation, Sunflower seed yield, Oil conten, Two different cultivars, NaCl induced oxidative stress, NSSH 1084 compared to SWATI cultivar, Index score, Morphological variation, Meteroglyph analysis, Studies on fertility restoration, Newly derived restorers, Single cytoplasm, Pollen storage, Pollination studies, Maximization of hybrid seed production, Bacterial challenge, European corn borers, Components in sesame, Selection criteria in sesame, Rice (Oryza sativa) crop, Chromium toxicity by biochar, Screening criteria, Poultry manure and sewage sludge, Macronutrient and concentration, Triticale prompted, Macro nutrient in soil depth, Triticale seedling characters, Triticale x Triticosecale Wittmack, Sulphuric acid, Yellow passion fruit, Hardening methods, Nodulation in Greengram, Germination in Greengram, Soil solar drying, Heat drying, Fescue Festuca pratensis Huds, Phosphate treatments, Meiotic chromosome pairing, Single seedling, Seed fertility in autotetraploid plants, Urban compost, Fertilizers and heavy metals, Brinjal cauliflower cropping system, Acacia cyanophylla Lindl, Weeds Peganum harmala L, Petroleum ether, Ethyl acetate, Hot water, Standardized gross value of production, Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L ), Stratification on breaking dormancy, Risk management in agriculture, Irrigation ratio, Breaking dormancy of okra, Farmers’ risk attitudes in Turkey, Seedling fresh and dry weight, Decreasing absolute risk aversion, Cyclic submergence, Irrigation management practices of rice grown, Irrigation management practices, Farmer’s economy, Micro irrigation system, Ferti irrigation regimes, Plastic mulching, Boron and tomato, Marketable yield, Boron on fruit yield attributes, No of tillers, Fruit yield attributes of tomato, Percentage of effective tillers, Product of foliage flowers, Yield component of wheat cultivar, Irrigation on yield, Tomato hybrids, Fruit yield characters, F1 including commercial 6 hybrids of tomato, Tomato stress, India generating sizeable employment, Ibadan local, Pinching height, IW CPE ratio, Fruit yield and seed yield

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