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Activities of JICA on disaster prevention Competence and facilitation Objective smartphone measurements Light Out Clinico-biological database SOLIDARITY AND INCLUSION JICA on disaster prevention mẹo vặt cho laptop MOROCCAN WOMEN'S COOPERATIVE Treatment prescription Achievement of JICA project in Period 1 Integrating Symbolic Human and social sciences Symbolic Spectrum Treatment tolerability tiết kiệm pin laptop Achievement of JICA project Statistical Representations Symbolic Representation Strengthening capacity in weather forecasting The Lexicon Pragmatics Interface Ansgar Bergmann Resilient City complex amalgamation Shield ecosystems management reactions Acidic deposition forestry roads A Semantics and Pragmatics Alex Lascarides habitat volumes Techno-economic requirement Marriage culture of Raglai ethnic group Suitable lighting retrofit technologies Ethnic groups of Viet – Muong languages The family and society Fuzzy-TOPSIS approach The Raglai ethnic Viet – Muong languages Public building projects Ethnic minorities in Vietnam The indigenous development The ancient Vietnamese civilization Nung Chao people Bamboo cooked rice Nung ethnic group Sticky rice stuffed with croissants Stuffed sticky rice Cake burns Urological cancers Environmental risk factors The management of small renal masses Multi-ethnic society Small renal masses Open partial nephrectomy Percutaneous cryoablation Malignant pleural mesotheliomac The management of MPM Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy Những laptop mới European Society Soil-borne pathogen Humic and fulvic acids Coriander a potential seed spice crop Maintaining soil Potential seed spice crop Humid south eastern plains-zone Agricultural extension professionals Active constituent Marketing of the produce Tiny Talk 1B Student book Tiny Talk 1B Heterodera avenae English for 3 to 6 year-olds Wheat-growing Wheat (Triticum spp.) Vietnam bank for social policy Preferential credit Hemivariational inequality Monotone operator Warped product Monotonic function Complete spacelike hypersurface Mean curvature Generalized Omori–Yau maximum principle CT scan ngực Chỉ định CT scan ngực Giải phẫu CT thành ngực Giải phẫu cửa sổ trung thất Giải phẫu cửa sổ phổi Cấu trúc của phổi calci vào bữa ăn trẻ Công văn 2787/TCT-TS Công văn 3349/TCT-TS Công văn 2352/TCT-TS Công văn 3300/TCT-TS Công văn 4840/TCT-TS Công văn 1574/TCT-TS Công văn số 1069/TC/TCT Công văn 4962/TCT-TS

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Công văn 262/TCT-TS, Công văn 2019/TCT-TS, Công văn 4383/TCT-TS, Công văn 1986/TCT-PCCS, Công văn 3473/TCT-CS, Công văn 3409/TCT-TS, Công văn 1987/TCT-PCCS, Công văn 2791/TCT-TS, Công văn 2536/TCT-TS, Công văn 847/TCT-TS, Công văn 475/TCT-PCCS, Công văn 1409/TCT-TS, Công văn 2262/TCT-TS, Công văn 2081/TCT-PCCS, Công văn 86/TCT/TS, Công văn 2204/TCT-PCCS, Công văn 678/TCT-TS, Công văn 1345/TCT-TS, Công văn 2533/TCT-TS, Công văn 1846/TCT-TS, chính sách lệ phí trước bạ, lệ phí trước bạ đất thuê, Công văn 4435/TCT-TS, Công văn 4272/TCT-TS, Công văn 4411/TCT-TS, Nghị định 60/2003/NĐ-CP, Học thuyết kinh tế chủ nghĩa xã hội, Nội dung học thuyết kinh tế CNXH, Học thuyềt kinh tế của Francois, bí đại tiện, Học thuyết kinh tế của Saint Simon, East khasi hills, Family social capital, Horticultural farmers, Farm decision making, Community social capital, Behaviour modification, Disruptive behaviour problems, Entrepreneurial behaviour of horticultural farmers, Risk-taking willingness, Behaviour modification module, Baby Business, Leadership ability, Preschool behavioural stability, Parent training, Causes of different behaviour, Contour Plots, Entrepreneurial behaviour of tribal farmers, Internalising behaviours, Registered flower growers, Sophisticated analysis, Orchid flowering species, Child behaviour problems, exporting graphs, Brief review, Developmental status, Study the effects, Discusses behaviour change, Externalising behaviours, Gene-by-environment, Experience and cultivation practices, Adoption and extension contacts, Cry patterns, Adolescent psychopathology, axis annotations, Tribal children development, Chrysanthemum aphids, Educational products catalogue, Prenatal depression, Knee intra-articular, Advanced flowering plants, Behaviour modification techniques, SESBiC-study, Distressing problems, Kellgren-Lawrence grades, Dairying activities, Relative incidence and management, tick marks, AAMR Adaptive Behaviour Scales, Central Kashmir, Autologous platelet, Serum IL-1β level, Socio-environment, Adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction cells, Tribal children attending, Multi-informants, Macrosiphoniella sanborni, Time Series Charts, Achievement motivation profile, Rich plasma therapy, Practices of registered flower growers, Autologous adipose stem cells, Glucocorticoid injection, Femoral and tibial torsions, Chrysanthemum in brief, graph margins, Adaptive behaviour inventory, Cartilage restoration, Genicular nerve blockade, Biomechanical treatment, Hip-knee-ankle angle, ADHD symptom checklist-4, Pre-radiographic disease, Stairs kinematics, Disability worldwide, Lateral distal femoral angle, Rapid plate test, Bovine herpesvirus 1, Medial proximal tibial angle, Longitudinal prediction models, Caprine Brucellosis in Punjab, Salmonellosis in bovine herds, Screen time, Self-reports, Cattle and buffalo, Multivariable models, Seroprevalence studies, Seroprevalence of salmonellosis, Multi-country study, Emphasis on seroprevalence, Enzyme-linked immune electrotransfer blot, Anti-HCV, Patient dissatisfaction, Diarrheic animals, Serum samples collected randomly, Objectively measured, Perceived social support, Seroprevalence of BoHV-1, HCV among healthy blood donors, Chickaballapur classifying animals, Goats were tested by RBPT, Country to know the seroprevalence, Aesthetic dental treatment, High-risk pregnancy, Seroprevalence of HBV, Seroprevalence of chikungunya, Eudaimonic well-being, HBsAg detection, Multiple physical, Pre-treatment psychological traits, Maternal health, Psychological education, Febrile patients, Meaning in life, Obesity-related behaviours, Severe morbidity, Smartphone addiction, Physical activity behaviour, Seroprevalence of chikungunya cases, Flourishing structural invariance, Chikungunya cases, Children of Female Entertainment Worker, Smartphone plays, Gender wise distribution, Hedonic well-being, Female entertainment workers, Narrative data, Field work, Socio-economic position, Movement behaviour, Chronic joint diseases, Risk of child development, Motor skill, Physiological health, Yard long bean, Instability index, Seed banking behaviour, Cuddy della valle index, Vertisols of Andhra pradesh, Possible traumatic significance, Buffalo farming, Aspects of Biomechanics, Andhra Pradesh state, Major millets in Andhra pradesh, First occurrence, Candidatus phytoplasma aurantifolia, Evaluation of yard long bean, Bertha Runkle, Manifested behaviour towards seed banking, Graded murrah, Banana skipper, Genotypes in vertisols of Andhra pradesh, Tricks of bedside cardiology, Football Injuries, New France, Chickpea phyllody in Andhra Pradesh, Phytoplasma 16S rDNA, Socio economic profile of buffalo farmers, Exertional dyspnea, Banana skipper (Erionota torus), Present investigation, Shoulder Dislocation, Fever with chills, Qualified Intermediary, functional enhancement, Charles W. Colby, Weeds and crops, Phytoplasma associated, Buffalo farmers in guntur, Muscle lnjuries, Vulnerability index, Telangana with SSR markers, Neurocognitive testing, Reproductive tract infections, Full Tax Deferral, Forest trees in Andhra Pradesh, Self-identity, Petechial spots, hand and the technology, Pulses production in Andhra pradesh, Vulnerability to climate change, Phytoplasma associated with crops, Recent increase in angina frequency, Concussion history, Person sexual contact, ABC of sexually transmitted infections, Middleincome countries, Instability of pulses production, Antimicrobial Efficacy, Immediate Post-concussion Assessment, Health-related information, Term of vulnerability, Several of these infections, Adoptional Behaviour, Main presentations, Sexual experiences, Tissue transfer, Sexual health services, Male patients, Anantapur District, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Genital growths, The sexual health consultation, Living patterns, Illustrated synopsis, The impacts of explicit instructions on cohesive devices, Urethral/vaginal discharge syndrome, Examination techniques, Old age homes, Improving reading comprehension, 11 sexually transmitted agents, Clinical sampling, Rectovaginal fistula, Family system, Migrants experience stress, Systemic manifestations, Genital infestations, Haematological cancer, 24 non-English majored students, Patients with urethral, Clicker technology in a Mathematics course, Living patterns in old age, Sexual health care, Seeking healthcare, International Standard Program, Vaginal discharge syndrome, Mathematics course, Those living alone, Cutaneous response, Physical suffering, Common sexually transmitted agents, Performing activities, Six-week experimental teaching procces, Experiences of illness, Impact of clicker technology, Technology-engagement teaching strategy, Methanol extract of Indian propolis, useful effects on learning, Staphylococcus spp, learning habits, Vitro impact, devices to reinforce learning, Assessment practice, Antibiotics on Staphylococcus spp, Common European Framework of Reference, Genetic-linked diseases, Milk of cows with mastitis, Tertiarylevel educationin Vietnam, Eight general English, ValueSpace Strategy, Magic Land, Personalization ValueSpace, Yellow Iron, Value Discipline, Paddycum-Fish cultivation, Challenges face, Cosmopoliteness Psychological, Farmers of Manipur, Socio-economic attributes, Challenges face by the farmers, Livelihood security of the tribal farmers, Association for Computational Linguistics, Psychological attributes, An Integrated Environment, COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS IN INDIA, Low lying paddy fields, Characteristics determining the livelihood security, Introduction to Computational Advertising, Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association, Proceedings of the Conference, Computational Linguistics Experimentation, Quyết định về lĩnh vực tôn giáo, Evgeniy Gabrilovich Vanja Josifovski Bo Pang, Chilli growers in Raipur district, Quyết định văn hóa tôn giáo, Vineet Chaitanya, Rajeev Sangal, Temporal Context, Applications and Implications, trồng Cây mồng tơi, chăm sóc rau mồng tơi, Chính sách hỗ trợ tiền vé xe, Quyết định số 730, Tổ chức tại các doanh nghiệp, cách chống copy, Số 730/QĐ-UBND, Quản lý quỹ quốc phòng-an ninh, Người hoạt động không chuyên trách ở xã, Quyết định Số: 70/2009/QĐ-UBND, Bãi bỏ quyết định số 34/2014, Quyết định số 20/2002/QĐ-BNN, Quyết định số 239/2003/QĐ-UB, Quyết định số 27/2000/QĐ-BNN-TCKT, Overnight interest rates volatility, Forecasting overnight interest rates volatility, Volatility forecast, Forecasting volatility models, Forecasting results using GARCH model, Oil returns conditional volatility, Volatility of shipping stock return, Dynamic forecasts of the conditional variance, Coronavirus crisis, Case of Maersk, Univariate garch models, Shipping stock return the case of Maersk, Combined leverage, Average cumulative abnormal return, Tôi hận, Mean equation, Shipping stock return, Fixed cost, Contagious-competitive effect, tôi đồng tính, Variance equation, Intra-industry effects, Accounting regime, Anti-smuggling, Stock repurchase, Asymmetric introgression, Administrative unit, Nuclear genes, On the high resolution regional weather forecast model, Trade fraud, Neurological tests, Accounting basis, Reproductive isolation, Remote sensing as pest forecasting model, Forecasting tropical cyclone motion, Factorization forecasting, Hindquarter weakness, Increasingly sophisticated, Intra-specific pollinations, Sequential effect, The south China sea, Pest forecasting model in agriculture, Vietnamese public accounting system, Posterior paresis, Adaptive network based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), Simulate meso-scale phenomena, Public finance managers, Indian economy contributing nearly, Recommender systems, Hind quarter weakness in dogs, Folk songs, Long short-term memory (LSTM), Nephron-sparing surgery, Diagnostic and prognostic indicators, Footprint assessment board, Vietnamese folk Songs Cheo, Vietnamese stock index, Non-mitotic conditions, Navicular index, ANFIS and LSTM, Automatic identification of Vietnamese, Tocopherols and tannins, Non-quantitative, Hydrocortisone relieves, nergy sources, Forecasting Vietnamese stock index, Causal Relationships Clinical Trials, Assessment of pod coats, Social-emotional development, Immediate post-operative scrotal edema, Selection Bias, Antioxidant prospective in cowpea, Inguinal varicocelectomy, Mungbean and moth bean, Indication, ILiNS studies, Prospective clinical trial

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