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Contributing characters in rice Yield response of chickpea Better β-Lactam/β-lactamase inhibitor combination Peripheral health system Peace lily Phenology of fenugreek Spare carbapenem drugs Profitable farming to small farmers Ornamental diseases Impending complications Induced aflatoxicosis in broiler birds In vitro susceptibility pattern In vitro cloning of banana Influenced by date of sowing Foliage disease Constraints in the facilities Profitable farming β-lactamases triggered extensive Fast protocol for in vitro cloning Evaluation of protective potential Phenological characters as influenced Comparison of platelet count Livestock components of IFS method Life threatening diseases Anthracnose disease of peace lily Impact of plant bio-regulators Fresh Himsagar Wild brinjal Solanum gilo Organ weight Biohemical parameters Potato leaf roll virus Assessment of wild Brinjal Storage of Himsagar mango Major potato growing regions Genotypes of north-eastern region Effects of packaging Potato seed production systems Variation in physicochemical characters Iron bioavailability Proso millet based recipes Iron bioavailability from little millet Brucella lumazine synthase Canine parvoviral enteritis Developed rice genotypes Johne’s disease in livestock Tetragonula iridipennis Different bacterial species isolated Livestock especially ruminants Stingless bee Tetragonula iridipennis Smith TOPO vector Leaf area measurement Pups affected Morphometry analysis of stingless bee E coli system Detection of humoral immune response Brucella lumazine synthase gene NTFP based income composition Piscean Escherichia coli NTFPs by the tribal people Genotypes for productivity Combination disc method NTFPs extraction in the tribal households Intercropping on the incidence Helicoverpa armigera in chickpea Paddy yield Aluminium phosphate Chlorine water Soils under paddy Ferric phosphate Yield of soils Chemical properties of soils Sulphur coated urea Slow releasing nitrogen fertilizers Whitefly population Artificial contamination Factors affecting the performance Good health Cooking effect Coal tar coated urea Greenhouse cucumber cultivation Mungbean yellow mosaic virus incidence Gestational diabetes in patients Rural women through series Core temperature Leaf wetness duration Vector population for development History of macrosomia Yield of sugarcane Fast food outlets Extension games Electricity cost Yellow mosaic disease forewarning Strong family history of diabetes Sulphur application on plant growth Impact of nutritional practices Sulphur application Taxonomic studies of leafhoppers Irrigated area Fauna associated with mango

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Productivity of important cereal crops, Foliar nematodes, Leafhoppers associated with mango, Conducted to analyze constraints faced, Insecticides on incidence of leafhopper, Xanthomonas axonopodis pv vignicola, Forecasting of total area, Comparative preference, Material examined, Incidence of leafhopper, Plant pathogenic bacteria, Tuberose on biochemical factors, Relative preferences of foliar nematode, Independent effect of insecticides, Rhizoctonia solani isolates, Antiseptic efficacy and milk, Control of bovine mastitis, Potassium permanganate as antiseptic agent, Rice by using RAPD markers, Testing the efficacy of potassium permanganate, Genetic variability in the isolates, Biological pre-treated rice, Optimization of saccharification, Bio-agents against sclerotinia stem rot, Novel seed dressing fungicides, Efficacy of micro-nutrients, Seed-borne diseases of sesame, Partial replacement of protein, Several quantitative traits, Partial replacement, Correlation studied, Microfloc meal, Induced mutagenic population of grasspea, Diet of mrigal, Economically important characters, Cirrhinus mrigala fingerlings, Soil moisture curve, Prevalence of clinical mastitis, Capillary hysteresis, E coli in bovines, Grain yield in rice, Bright pink lactose fermenting colonies, Soil moisture characteristic curve, Chronic mastitis failing, Lagging behind hysteresis, In-situ practices, In-situ moisture conservation practices, Sustainable productivity of major crops, Coagulase positive, Pea Fowls, Deep placement, Rota vaccine, Manalanobis D2 statistics’ Divergence in brinjal, Shoot fly management, Puddle lowland rice cultivation, Free ranging peacocks, Genetic divergence studies in brinjal, Biomass and nodulation, Rota vaccine reduce attacks, Little millet shoot fly, Endoparasitic infection, Nitrogen release dynamic, Nodulation of acacia nilotica, Control groups, Control programme strategies, Grouped into 6 clusters, Phosphorous solubulizing bacteria on growth, Inoculation effects of rhizobium, Milch cows, Silvipasture silvipasture model, Degraded wastelands on milk yield, Composition in milch cows, Feeding gliricidia sepium leaves, Gas exchange parameters, Flowering yield, Increased flowering, Productivity potential in pomegranate, Melon fly, Chemicals to realize, Physico-chemical characters of pumpkin, Poir genotype against the melon fly, Reveals resistance traits, Milk weed plant, Bloody discharge, Larvicidal effect, Cytological diagnosis, Wound swab isolates in patients attending, Foliar application of ZnSO4, Transmissible veneral tumor in dog, Plant parts of milk weed, Foliar application of CuSO4, Cytological diagnosis in dog, Variation of latent heat flux, Parental selection for varietal improvement, Latent heat flux, Cock’s comb, Parental selection, Canopy temperature over potato crop governed, Cosmos and zinnia, Varietal improvement, Infestation of paddy leaf folder, Genetic divergence analysis in mungbean, Taken hourly basis on temperature, Paddy leaf folder, Correlation coefficient of Bt cotton, Isolation of toxin, Characterization of toxin, Cotton yield forecast, Alternaria helianthi inciting blight, Glycoproteinaceous in nature, Informative microsatellite markers, Pegylated interferon alpha, Related morphophysiological characters in wheat, Risk factors of depression, Coefficient of marker polymorphism, Inbreeding depression for grain yield, Anxiety in hepatitis C patients, Heterosis predicibility, Phenotypic confirmatory test, Microorganisms causing neonatal sepsis, Bioefficacy of coragen against shoot, Study of microorganisms, Earias vittella in okra, Marketable fruits of okra, Heterosis studies Various morphological traits, Arid India, Urdbean to phosphorus fertilization, Best management practices of cotton, Various morphological traits of rice, Yield as influenced, Practices of parents regarding, Rice under drought conditions, Thiourea on yield, Zinc fertilization in baby corn, Villages of two mandals, Quality studies in baby corn, Black gram production technology, Black gram production technology by the farmers, Black gram grower, Constraints faced by farmer, Arecanut palm, Conceptual design of arecanut sheath shredder, Suitable fodder size for animals, Biochemical performance of rice, Antagonistic potential of Trichoderma harzianum, Pearl millet seedlings, Heterosis analysis for seed yield, Genotypes contributed highest yield, Rhizoctonia solani causing banded leaf, Agro-climatic ecosystem, Plant growth promoting rhizobia, Efficiency parameter, Efficiency of Azotobacter species, Mixed bioinocula on growth, Pseudomonas enriched soil, Dual toxin Bt cotton, Tomato puree, BG-II cotton hybrids, Yield components in rice genotypes, Active film, Bt cotton on weight, Gamma ray induced macro mutants, Genetic variability in rice genotypes, Slide culture, Instars of spodoptera litura, Primary food packaging film, Ensure higher yield, Double gene Bt transgenic cotton hybrids, PVA-gelatin films incorporated, Green chilli genotypes, Easy selection procedure, Lentil wilt with bio-agent, Details of chilli genotypes, Fungicide seed treatment, Humic acid vitamin agar, Catabolic diversity, Arid and semi-arid soils, Crop rhizosphere of arid, Humid regions, Nutrient uptake and economics, Rainfed planting, Influenced by INM under irrigation, Sub humid agro-ecological zone, Refrigerated temperature, Osmotic dehydrated ripe sapota slices, Storage period on physico-chemical attributes, Advanced sorghum genotypes, Aluminium foil, Jersey crossbred bulls, Inorganic nutrient sources, Genetic advance in okra, Economics of potato production, Bio-chemical properties of whole, Inorganic nutrient sources on physical, Regional effect, Predominant additive variation, Genetic stocks of tomato, Vase life period of cut rose, Natural field, Sperm for viability, Sliced fruits of Frozen Aonla, Carried out with okra germplasm, Genetic components of variation, Cultivation of potato crop, Flower longevity was made, Groundnut during post-harvest, Maize cultivars against maize, Anti darkening chemical, Genetic parameters for 12 characters in okra, Regional effect on nutritional quality, Pre-sowing treatments on germination parameters, Flow cytometry analysis, Potato production based upon, Different traits in tomato, Evaluation of sperm viability, Effect of andrographolide co-administration, PSB on soil chemical properties, Boll guard II and hybrids, Andrographolide co-administration, Dual toxin transgenic Bt cotton, Interwell connectivity, Pharmacokinetics of meloxicam in rats, Microbial population changes, Multiple parasitic infections, Development of Spodopter litura, Kharif maize crop, Flower quality of gerbera, Sinapic acid, Bottomhole pressure fluctuations, Maize performance, Meloxicam in rats, Irrigated maize, Growth of Spodopter litura, IPIs in various age groups, Management of maize stem borer were as follows, Vertical wells, Naturally ventilated, Varied levels of phosphorus, Horizontal wells, Hydraulically fractured wells, Seismic processing, Seismic imaging, Seismic diffraction, Faults inside basement, Oil field in Cuu Long basin, Basement fault-fracture prediction, Operational risk management, Relationship between risk perception, Vietnam bank for industry, Tourists’ revisit intention, Trade Joint stock bank, Culture in the above relationship, Operational riskin accordance, Covariance matrix, Covariance matrix for portfolio selection, Promotion of tax compliance, Tax compliance of enterprises, Summary of Doctor of Finance - Banking thesis, Saline Intrusion Context, Agricultural development of China, Livelihoods for Mangrove Areas, China after joining WTO, The Effects of Saline Intrusion, Vietnam agricultural development policy, Doctoral degree in Laws, Corporate social responsibility of FDI enterprises, Determinants influencing the acceptance, Legal policy on criminal procedures, Summary of dissertation for Economics, Vietnam againts criminals, Electronic word of mouth of consumers, Dissertation for Economics, Againts criminals under 18 years old, Association of training, Labor use in Nghe An province, Joining that linking process, Economic Doctoral thesis summary, Economic power of rural women, New cooperative model in Vietnam, New cooperative model, Recovery of function, Knee prosthesis, Including demographics, Intramedullary osteosclerosis, Triphasic bone scan, Open biopsy, Osteosclerotic lesion, Peroneal tendon dislocation, Peroneal tubercle, Split lesion, Inner bearing, Outer bearing, C-arm X-ray fluoroscopy, Suprascapular notch, Bone erosion, Ligament advanced reinforcement system, Insertion point, Sagittal alignment, Quality of recovery, Lateral condylar fracture, Bland’s classification, Scapular dimensions, Perioperative arthroplasty practice, Sequential therapy, Unfused adjacent segment lordosis, Hip abductor, Bone oedema, Facet joint, Biodegradable pin, Axonal degeneration, Suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome, Synthetic ligaments, Enhanced recovery protocols, DMab therapy alone, Anatomical variation, Upper thoracic spinal tuberculosis, Pedicle projection, Radial head arthroplasty, Maintaining pelvic stabilit, Natural sitting position, Disability associated, Implementing shortterm teriparatide, Calcaneal fracture, Kirschner wire, Loose fit, Ugandan population, Esophageal perforation, Macroscopic features, Shoulder impingement, Valgus injury, Intra-articular fracture, Fracture dislocation, Routine physiotherapy, Plasma cell granuloma, Surgical treatment strategies, Thoracolumbar spine, Rare non-neoplastic entity, Femoral head reduction osteotomy, Patellar height, Three-dimensional preoperative planning, Basilar invagination, Patella baja, Patient-specific instruments, Joint line position, Transoral approach, Calcific tendinitis, Apert syndrome, Heart-hand syndrome, Mobilisation with movement, Cartilage degeneration, Harris hip scores, Muscle disorders, Gluteal muscle contracture, Standing MRI, Early mobilisation, Joint hemorrhage, Selective thoracolumbar, Type-II transmembrane protein, Spontaneous phagocytic resorption, Tibial plateau fracture, Epidemiological features, Variable fixation, Hallux varus, Selective dorsal rhizotomy, Spinal sagittal alignment, Joint immobilization, Contact area, Lumbar fusion technique, Vesicle fusion, Multiple osteoporotic vertebral fractures, Swedish fractureRegister, Gluteal muscles, Variable fixation locking screw, Fatty infiltration, Mechanical stress, Severe malposition, Thoracic kyphosis, Tibiofemoral joint, Femur fractures, Interbody fusion, Intramuscular injections, Controlled registry study, Unilateral laminotomy bilateral decompression, Squeaking hips, Nationwide cohort study, Postoperative period, Fracture dynamization, Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging, Fracture pattern, Compensatory mechanism, Lumbar spine pathology, Joint osteoarthritis, Quantitatively micro-environment, Spinal fusion, ACL injury, Fracture complications, Non-surgical treatments, Non-unions, Orofaciodigital syndrome, Disc degeneration

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