"Chỉ thị số 01/1999/CT-NHNN1"

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catalonia Miscellaneous Sketches Ordinary forms Atabalipa William Andrews Bayeux Tapestry Mental Characteristics Gibbons Ancient America vicious circle Character of Alexander miss moppet Battle of Kilcomney Ornament Late American War Hirsute History Floyd Gibbons American Archaeology loyal traitor campaign speech John D. Baldwin Ceramic groups inside british lines pillpry Miss Anthony Marshal Foch Philosophy of Beards William H Holmes mutilation Indictment The Church Treasury Kangaroo Island Henry Baerlein The Bush described Bruce Bairnsfather Sabine Baring-Gould Theo Hampe rock tavern Sandy Columns Yugoslavia The American R kossove Audacious War Bystander. William Pridden American Intonation Orange Ribbon Marcellus Sidetes strossmayer Sabine Baring Tortuous travelling Lysbet Word Connections Carl Lotus Becker geographer Arcadian Legends The Censorship the cellar THE RAIDERS Briton cum Boche present condition Catherine Abolitionism Nationality Guides Eyrbyggja Saga crispin Audacious That Dhobie THE PURSUIT Nearing Christmas Diagnostic Analysis The Warship E.F. BENSON the jack DESERTED The Hamal Priory Church Tense and Lax Vowels ARMENIAN QUESTION THE ARROW Domingo partition GRIM HOWLS colonies the Butler The Priors And Rectors THE QUESTION OF SYRIA HUDSON'S Engaging a Boy The Priory Seals THE GRIP OF THE OCTOPUS John Flammang Schrank DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLAH exorcist Artifacts John Hubert Greusel Theodore Roosevelt Frontispiece THY KINGDOM IS DIVIDED' pillars German Empire

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Audrey Davis, Schrank in County Jail, modern alchemist, Iron-headed Ancestry, Henry Cochems, BUCCANEERS, Toby Appel, Robert Borland, James Anson Farrer, Hotspur, Genius Combined, Both Sides, Oliver Remey, Veterinary Bloodletting, Hotspur and Douglas, MAROONERS, Glendower, Chief combatants, under james, CAPTAIN BRAND, Plunder and reprisal, Captain Benjamin Church, the Assiniboins, Ancient monasteries, THE TREASURE BOX, A Dangerous Mission, Ancient Rome, the Blackfeet, Red Nations, JACK BALLISTER'S FORTUNES, William Bradford, Boonesborough, Pontiac, Captain Logan, The Red Napoleon, Plimoth Plantation, Chain of Slavery', Frontier Fighters, Indian Warriors, Bradford Manuscript, Keith Bradley, Bradford's History, Edwin L. Sabin, Heroic Indian Women, original manuscript, Polycystic, Deciphering, Relevant, Layron Long, Ovary, Pathways, Bacilli, Sophia Ran, Rebecca L. Aft, Derivation, Ignacio Jáuregui-Lobera, The Tradeoffs Between Open, Bruce M. Rothschild, Distributional Identification, Cohesive Phrase-based Decoding, Traditional Relation Extraction, Weakly-Supervised Acquisition, Contradictions and Justifications, Non-Referential Pronouns, Measure Word Generation, Extensions to the Textual Entailment Task, Michele Banko and Oren Etzioni, Open-Domain Classes, Regular tree grammars as a formalism, Shane Bergsma Dekang Lin Randy Goebel, English-Chinese SMT Systems, Ellen M. Voorhees, Class Attributes, scope underspecification, Evaluating Roget’s Thesauri, weakly supervised selection of keywords, Name Translation, Which Are the Best Features, Alistair Kennedy, Automatic Verb Classification, Learning When to Transliterate, A Tree Sequence Alignment-based, Multilingual Harvesting, Robustness and Generalization, Jianguo Li, A New String-to-Dependency, Tree-to-Tree Translation Model, Cross-Cultural Stereotypes, Role Sets, Machine Translation Algorithm, Tony Veale, Generic Relationships, N-best Hypotheses, Large Scale Acquisition of Paraphrases, PropBank vs. VerbNet, Contextual Preferences, arget Dependency Language Model, Enriching Morphologically Poor Languages, Pattern Clusters and its Evaluation by Automatically Generated SAT Analogy Questions, Dialog Examples and Agenda, Jacob Goldberger Idan Szpektor, Pivot Approach for Extracting Paraphrase Patterns, Learning Surface Patterns, Joint Word Segmentation, Eleftherios Avramidis, Rahul Bhagat, Multi-Task Active Learning, Single Perceptron, Better Alignments, Evaluating a Crosslinguistic Grammar Resource, A Deductive Approach to Dependency Parsing, Better Translations, A Case Study of Wambaya, Mining Parenthetical Translations, Kuzman Ganchev Jo, Emily M. Bende, Web by Word Alignment, Dimensions of Subjectivity, Coreference-inspired Coherence Modeling, Enforcing Transitivity, Combined One Sense Disambiguation of Abbreviations, Micha Elsner and Eugene Charniak Brown, ITG-based Alignments∗, Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner, Jenny Rose Finkel and Christopher D. Manning, Damianos Karakos, Robust Extraction, Mining Wikipedia Revision Histories, Smoothing a Tera-word Language Model, Improving Sentence Compression, Named Entity Including Unfamiliar Word, Deniz Yuret Koc, Elif Yamangil Rani Nelken, Masatoshi Tsuchiya, Fast and accurate, Query-based sentence fusion, defined and leads to more preferred results, Efficient Processing, Enriching spoken language translation, Multi-domain Sentiment Classification, Choosing Sense Distinctions for WSD, Active Learning with Confidence, Extrinsic Evaluation Measures, Construct State Modification, generic sentence fusion, Psycholinguistic Evidence, Inferring Activity Time in News, Underspecified Discourse Representations, Arabic Treebank, dialog acts, Features in Regression, Anja Belz, Susan Windisch Brown, Event Modeling, Michaela Regneri, Ryan Gabbard Seth Kulick, A Modular Toolkit, Vivek Kumar Rangarajan Sridhar Shrikanth Narayanan, Approach to Automatic MT Evaluation, ModelTalker Voice Recorder, Generating research websites, Vladimir Eidelman, Building Practical Spoken Dialog Systems, summarisation techniques, An Interface System for Recording, Using Syntax to Disambiguate, Antoine Raux, Corpus of Speech for Synthesis, Advaith Siddharthan & Ann Copestake, Explicit Discourse Connectives in Text, Monotonic Adjoining Operation, Realistic Grammar Error Simulation, Automatic Generation of Information-seeking Questions, Tonal Patterns, Query-Focused Summaries, Emily Pitler and Ani Nenkova, Automatic MT Evaluation at the Sentence Level, Yoshihide Kato and Shigeki Matsubara, Co-Feedback Ranking, Concept Clusters, Reducing SMT Rule Table, An Earley Parsing Algorithm, Query-Biased Summaries, Asynchronous Binarization, English-Chinese Transliteration, Sungjin Lee Pohang, Reference Translations, Automatic Satire Detection, Yang Wang and Xiangyang Xue, Query-Focused Summarization, Monolingual Key Phrase, Shuguang L, Synchronous Grammars, Vasudeva Varma Rahul Katragadda, Are You Having a Laugh, Finding Hedges by Chasing Weasels, A Beam-Search Extraction Algorithm, bilingual dictionary generating tool, Furu Wei, Learning Semantic Categories, Play the Language, Clint Burfoot, Comparable Data, Hedge Detection Using Wikipedia Tags, The Columbia Arabic Treebank, Play Coreference, Clickthrough Logs, and Dan Klein, Christoph Tillmann, Shallow Linguistic Features, Barbora Hladk, From Extractive to Abstractive Meeting Summaries, Parsing Speech Repair, Mamoru Komachi Nara, Efficient Inference of CRFs, Handling phrase reorderings, Investigating Pitch Accent Recognition, Specialized Grammar Symbols, Done by Sentence Compression, Large-Scale Natural Language Data, Non-native Speech, Tim Miller, Fei Liu and Yang Liu, The Lie Detector, Generalizing Dependency Features, Minwoo Jeong, Gina-Anne, Extending a Surface Realizer, Explorations in the Automatic Recognition, Generate Coherent Discourse, Arabic Cross-Document, Improved Smoothing, Mahesh Joshi, Deceptive Language, Coreference Detection, Annotating and Recognising Named Entities, N-gram Language Models Based, Creating a Gold Standard, Asad Sayeed, Ordinary Counts, Sentence Clustering, Yefeng Wang, System for Querying, Tsuyoshi Okita, center of online linguistic services, Fundamentals of Chinese Language Processing, Combining POMDPs trained, Syntactically Annotated Corpora, Chu-Ren Huang, User Simulations and Rule-based Dialogue Management, Petr Pajas, Spoken Dialogue System, HỘI THỂ THAO QUỐC GIA, LÃNH ĐẠO BỘ, QUYỀN VỤ TRƯỞNG, LÃNH ĐẠO VỤ, ỦY BAN VŨ TRỤ, QUYẾT ĐỊNH VỀ VIỆC, CHỈ ĐẠO XÂY DỰNG, ĐIỀU CHUYỂN NHÀ, TỔ BIÊN TẬP LUẬT, Ảo Thế, Bạch Ngọc Lão Hổ, Cửu Nguyệt Ưng Phi, Chếc Đẽn Mẫu Đơn, Chiếc Đèn Mẫu Đơn, Cầu Cơ, Con Số Kỳ Lạ, Yêu Nữ, Trading Forex, Balance Transfer, Automatically Get, Ron Taylor, urbancow, Mark McGuinness, Mackenzie Ticknor, wishful thinking, William Feather, Change The Way, Taking Surveys, Network Marketing Jungle, Michael J. Hadfield, Your Spare Time, John Palatine, Paid, Sam Parker, Analysis Cookbook, Adding Ajax, Advanced Rails, Galen Gruman, Adobe InDesign CS5 Bible, Apache Axis2 Web Services, Async in C# 5.0, Alex Davies, BackTrack 4, Assuring Security by Penetration Testing, RT Essentials, Jesse Vincent, Versions 8.10, XPath and XPointer, sed & awk, Robert Spier, John E. Simpson, Dave Rolsky, XSLT XSLT Cookbook™ XML, Dale Dougherty, Darren Chamberlain, HTML code, Richard Foley, Hấp Huyết Nga, Đạt Ma Kinh, Kim Ba, Khoái Kiếm, The KDE Desktopc, Tôi có giống không, White, Father's Business, Bootstrapping Path-Based Pronoun Resolution, Unsupervised Topic Modelling, Extracting Parallel, Dependencies between Student State, Dependency Parsing of Japanese, Kernel-Based Pronoun Resolution, Partially Specified Signatures, Polarized Unification Grammars, Morphology-Syntax Interface for Turkish LFG, Automated Japanese Essay Scoring System, Reranking and Self-Training, Sub-Sentential Fragments, Measuring Language Divergence, Multi-Party Spoken Discourse, Expressing Implicit Semantic, An Improved Redundancy Elimination Algorithm, Learning Accurate, Learning Event Durations, Speech Recognition Problems, Spoken Monologue, a Vehicle for Grammar Modularity, Structured Syntactic Knowledge, Integrating Syntactic Priming, Articles Written by Experts, Parser Adaptation, Sylvain Kahane Modyco, Non-Parallel Corpora, Underspecified Representations, Tree-to-String Alignment Template, Relations without Supervision, Compact, Intra-Lexical Comparison, Spoken Tutoring Dialogues, Event Descriptions, Worksort, An Iterative Implicit Feedback, Clause Boundaries, Yael Cohen-Sygal, Tsunenori Ishioka, Incremental Probabilistic Parser, An Unsupervised Morpheme-Based HMM, A Comparison of Document, Extracting loanwords, Multi-Tagging, Interpretable Tree Annotation, Peter D. Turney, Alexander Koller and Stefan Thater, An End-to-End Discriminative, Simon Kirby T. Mark Ellison, Weakly Supervised Named Entity, Personalized Search, Empirical Lower Bounds, Co-occurrence Information, A Phonetic-Based Approach to Chinese, Hebrew Morphological Disambiguation, Using String-Kernels, an Application to Psycholinguistic Modeling, Accurate Collocation Extraction, Discovering asymmetric, Predicted Synthesis Quality, Utilizing Co-Occurrence, Lexicalized-Grammar Parsing, Mongolian corpora, Multilingual Document Clustering, Word Sense and Subjectivity, Punjabi Machine Transliteration, Transliteration and Discovery, Meni Adler, the Complexity of Translational Equivalence, Yuanhua Lv, Chat Text Normalization, Combination of Case Elements, Modelling lexical redundancy, a Multilingual Parser, Learning Semantic Parsers, entailment relations between verbs, Answers in Question Answering, Term Event Spaces, Evaluating the Accuracy, Percy Liang Alexandre, Lexical Chains Propagating Verb Arguments, producing a Japanese-Mongolian bilingual dictionary, Janyce Wiebe

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