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Glucagon-like peptide Efflux pumps C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 2 Solid drug nanoparticles Elemental zinc β adrenergic receptor Quinazoline category Novel psychoactive compounds Inhibits cytochrome C oxidase system Vulnerable phase O-demethyl-venlafaxine Cobalt toxicity Medication Regimen Complexity Index Ventilation induced lung injury Metformin associated lactic acidosis QT prolonging drugs Liver biochip Synergistic drug-drug interactions Date extract Trigona incisa propolis False positive Ketamine-induced anesthesia Amiodarone induced pulmonary toxicity Fixed-dose combination Retinoic acid-treated P19 cells Rostral ventro-medial medulla Generic-generic Undergoing maintenance hemodialysis Peptide hormones Neuroectodermal tumors Promoted β-cell proliferation Illness episode Metabolite identification Vasopressin V2-receptor antagonist p-toluenesulfonyl-hydrazinothiazoles Severity score Drug adverse effects Dichloroacetic acid Mesangial cell Gastric acid Drug-metabolizing enzymes Heart dysfunction Human copper metabolism Thiazide diuretic drugs Bugando Medical Centre Analgesic use Panc-1 in vitro Nucleotide analogs QT drug-drug interactions Prescription drug monitoring In vivo toxicity limits Tissue specific complications of poisoning Nerve growth factor-treated PC12 cells MB chemotherapeutic drugs cisplatin Biphasic immediate-release COP9 signalosome Hair loss Ubiquitine E3 ligase Average bioequivalence Cryptolepine metabolites Male reproductive Glucagon nasal powder Human hepatoma cells Modified drug administration guidelines P-gp overexpressing Diabetic nor hypertensive Theophylline toxicity Cytotoxic therapeutic Antimicrobial prophylaxis reduces Triethylenetetramine dihydrochloride Cardio-rheumatologic diseases Okadaic acid Integrated health system Drug-induced arrhythmias PPAR delta Gloriosa superba seeds Oral antiviral agents Directly cardiotoxic Body weight reduction Hydrocodone bitartrate Unfortunate events toddle Ibuprofen plasma concentration Urine antibacterial bioassay Recreational drugs Opioid addiction Insulin-induced severe hypoglycemia Reninangiotensin system Continuity of care C2C12 myoblast P2Y receptors Prescription error Bone marrow toxicity Protein ubiquitylation Bacterial multidrug resistance Post-dialysis treatment Substitution treatment Rat aorta Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies Fourth generation cephalosporins Tolvaptan therapy

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Adult respiratory distress syndrome, Paracetamol cardiotoxicity, Extended-release, Liver cell injury, Buthionine sulfoximine, Peripheral toxicity, Acetylcholine receptor, Prescription analysis, Angiotensin receptor blockers, Contains synthetic glucagon, Intravenous antibiotics permits, Calcium signaling, Opioid-related disorders, Opioid maintenance treatment, Skeletal muscle cell, Novel psychoactive substances, Corchorus olitorius, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Schizont maturation, Data regarding cardiotoxicity, Tropical climbing plant, Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, Pre-implantation, Natural phenolic antioxidant product, Northern Uganda, Heteromeric association, Promising therapeutic targets, Increasing considerably, Arsenic accumulation, Myosin heavy chain, Voltage gated calcium channels, Radial-arm maze, Serum paracetamol levels, MDMA’s neurotoxicity, Ayurveda medicine, Positive Deviance method, Distal renal tubular acidosis, Brain disorders, Psychotropic substances, Equipotency ratio, Antidote stoking, Rice induced toxicities, Increasing publicity, Frontal cortex, Beta2-microglobulin, Generalized bodyache, Developmental neurotoxicity, Caenorhabitis elegans, Amitraz poisoning, DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, Relative potencies, Pregnancy failure, Immune-modulator, Mainstream biomedicine, Drug screening, Lebanese hospitals, Monogalactosyl-diacylglycerol, Posterior cortex, Lung cancer cell, Muscles weakness, Diet-induced obese mice, Organic mercury, 2′–5′ oligoadenylate synthetase, Neuron maturation, Lead (Pb2+), Anti-inflammatory drug, Dopaminergic neurons, Signal pathway, Peculiar pharmacodynamic properties, Neurite outgrowth, IFN gamma, Metallothionein deletion, Inorganic mercury, Osmotic diuresis, Acting alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, Human small airway epithelial cells, Side population, Acute febrile vasculitis, Postsynaptic Density, Anti-inflammatory drug screening, Mercuric mercury, SGLT2 inhibitor, Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation complex, Inhalational routes, Endocrine active compounds, IFNs alpha-2b and gamma, Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea, Voltage-gated potassium channel, Presynaptic neurotransmitter, In vitro blood-brain barrier model, Human neural progenitor, In vitro model systems, Lipopeptide antibacterial, Cotton sucking pests, Seed treatment against, Path analysis among yield components, Fermentation substrate, Sucking pests of cotton, Banana hybrids using ISSR markers, Pests of cotton, Apparent density, Growing medium, Sucking pest population, Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.), Traditional and SRI methods, Rose through stem cuttings, Quantitative traits in rice, Economics and soil characteristics, Uptake transporter, Thermal diffusivity, Enzymatic changes, Cultivation of oyster mushroom, Operation theatre air quality, Rhizogenesis of some genotypes, Other quantitative traits, Iron in wheat, Integrated nutrient modules on yield, Yield and soil properties, Volumetric specific heat, Production realized in traditional, Postharvest life of cut rose, Regulation of phytosiderophore, Different sources nutrient modules, Inter and intra cluster, Estimation of microbial air contamination, Economics in banana, Cyclotella sp, Blood clot culture, Growth media on the rhizogenesis, Cause folliculitis, Native mesorhizobium, Yellow stripe-1, Integrated nutrient modules on growth, Nutrient modules on soil characteristics, Scenedesmus accuminatus var biseratus, Biological management, Yield and available plant nutrients, Transporter activity, Comparison of blood clot culture, Chelidonium majus, Pinus kwangtungensis, Biofilm forming staphylococcus aureus, Scenedesmus protuberans, Vascular wilt of chickpea, PVA gel, Volkmann’s contracture, Integrated nutrient modules, Conventional blood culture, Renal osteodystrophy, Response surface pathway design, Pa Co pine (Pinus kwangtungensis Chun ex Tsiang), Ammonium in slaughterhouse wastewater, Biosimilar filgrastim, Gene modulation, Medical records systems, Facial skin rash, Diatom upon exposure to chromium, Biphasic blood culture, B cells, 11β-HSD1, Dose ranging, Carnitine synthesis, Organic anion transporters, UASB technology combined, Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy, Up and down designs, RAPD and ISSR markers, Toxicity mechanisms, Chronic non-cancer pain, Hot plate test, Heavy metal exposure, Platinum salts, In vivo treatment, Although adverse drug reactions, Methionyl-granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, TP receptor, Unapproved drugs, Diagnosis of enteric fever, Accurate drug prescribing, Drug-induced fatty liver, Variations in the pharmacokinetic, Cannabinoid receptor 2, Anammox and PVA gel, Gastrointestinal fluid removal, Indoxyl sulfate, Genetic diversity in Pa Co pine, Endotoxin inhalation, Cellular disassembly, Whole organism, Central nervous system adverse effects, Serotonin receptor antagonists, Random walk design, Trivalent inorganic arsenic, Primary Care Clinical Informatics Unit, Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, Oxaliplatin-based regimens induce, Molecular tweezers, Drug-induced liver injury, Coumarin antibiotic, Cough & cold medicines, Inhaled anesthetics interact, Biological contamination, Melatonin analgesia, Myelosuppressive drugs, Adipogenesis and Body weight, Membrane phospholipid, Prophylactic ondansetron, Transdermal patch, Δ9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol, High throughput drug screening, Tail-flick reflex, Serum biomarkers capable, Retinal degeneration, Arylamine N-acetyltransferase, Non-fatal suicidal behaviour, Body surface area, Gastrointestinal sodium removal, CXCR2 antagonist, 16S pyrosequencing, 2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide, Knock-out mice, Extensive metabolisers, Pentavalent inorganic arsenic, Pharmaceutical opioids, Potentially hazardous compounds, Hydrocarbon molar water, Single high dose, Phenotypic expression, Extended dialysis, Inhibited IL-6-induced, Reduction in animal use, Cardiac harm, Nonmyeloid malignancies, Manipulating genetic, Decision-analytic model, Cosmetic-related pharmaceuticals, Viability assays, Mitochondrial respiration, Intracellular calcium, Unique properties, Arylamine N-acetyltransferases, Intrapulmonary administration, Descending endogenous pain-modulating system, Circulatory disorders, Prescription drug monitoring programme, Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, Low volume hydration, Eukaryotic cells inhibiting activity, Environmental exposure, 5-HT3 receptor antagonists, Role of the pharmacist, Combretastatin A-4 Phosphate, Cardiovascular risks, SBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae, Inhibitor selectivity, GABAA receptor modulation, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme, Vagal stimulation, Especially attractive, Zucker diabetic fatty rats, Intracellular accumulation hampers, Any cancer type, Carbapenem antibiotic, Protein lysine acetylation, Portend serious liver injury potential, Liquid ventilation, Capecitabine-induced cardiotoxicity, Neuromyelitis optica, Propensity scores, Incident reporting system, Invasive fungal disease, First time in human, Arsenic-mediated increase, Antipsychotic effects, Prescription changes, Prescription drugs, Benserazide hydrochloride, Growth & development, Single-cell modification-specific flow cytometry, Isolated beating hearts, Double-dummy, Structural docking, Vascular disrupting agents, Methyl-tetrazolium dye, Trypanosoma cruzi, TB cohort in Zimbabwe, Medicinal product, Cholesterol-lowering drug, Septic critically ill patients, Rat islets, Properties of perfluorocarbons, Detailed methodology aimed, Opioid receptor, Drug-related adverse events, Prescription change frequency, Transdermal fentanyl, Gastric acid reducing agents, Type A receptor, Controlled drugs, Pharmaceutical quality, β3-adrenergic receptors, PKC signaling, Natural amphetamine, Mitochondrial DNA damage, High volume hydration, Proinflammatory pathways, Displays anticancer activity, Non-medical, Potential hepatotoxicity, Remogliflozin etabonate, Intra-tracheal, Tocopheryl acetate, Insulin content, Hospital admission, Including cerebral hemorrhage, Functional selectivity, α-BGT, Prescription opioids, L-dopa decarboxylase, Clinical pharmacologist, Khat-extract, Essential metals including zinc, Translational toxicology, P2Y-purinergic receptors, Including anxiety, Ubiquitin-mediated proteolytic system, Sodium-dependent glucose transporter 2 inhibitor, Despite the multitude, Cytostatic effect, Attitudes and behavior, DNA methylation phenotype, Anaphylactoid reactions, ATP content, Ultraviolet C radiation, Oral pharmacokinetic, Chronic disease score, Label-free biosensor, Mechanisms underlying, Nebivololstimulated bioavailable NO, Sulphonylurea receptor, Nervous system medications, Intestinal absorption, Drug toxicity, α-hydroxy acid dehydrogenase, Chromatin distribution, Randomised controlled, Clinical toxicology, Highly toxic herbicide, Physiologic responses of DMAA, Caspase activity, Dynamic mass redistribution, Nervous system mediations, Hospital-based ADR monitoring, Ensuing neuronal death, Drug substrate, Selecting candidate drugs, Antiemetic pre-treatment, 1-Ethyl-2-hydroxyethylamino, High-throughput cell assay, Mitigative therapeutics, EudraVigilance database, Irrational antibiotic, MDR1-Pgp induction, Metformin accumulation, 3D image analysis, Quantitative structure activity relationship, Contain antibiotic resistance, Confirmatory clinical trials, Repetitive element, HIV infected adults worldwide, Analyze doctors’ attitudes, Intralesional administration, Acceleration performance, Human recombinant epidermal growth factor, Chassis dynamometer, Driver’s operation signal, Image stitching, National Motor Vehicle Emission Test Center, Overlapping paper location, Vietnam Register, Socio-economic of Hanoi ethnic minorities region, Ethnic cultures, Systematize and evaluate the impact, Study of variability, Each ethnic minority, Solutions and policies, Teat obstruction, Feed per kg gain, Serum phosphorus, Boron content in different plant parts, Covered teat lesions, Comparative tabular analysis and constraints, Soybean germplasm, Growth and instability over time, Rice DDGS, Boron content, Renal problems, Teat obstruction in cows, Decontamination studies, Vanraja bird

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