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Patient’s knowledge about heart failure Important implications for nursing educators Patients at surgical ward Physical activity of the patients Use of antibiotics Care bundle Life among out-patients Family intervention therapy Peripheral intravenous catheters Mothers of children under 5 years Type 2 diabetes managed After cesarean section Suicide prevention in adolescences Practice of anti-antibiotic Bundle insertion Placeta previa QOL in this patient group Cesarean section due to placenta previa Intravenous catheter-related complications Characteristics of women Motor rehabilitation Version had similar Knowledge on the diet Women with cesarean section Stroke patients Practice on diet Functional rehabilitation hospital Outpatients with type 2 diabetes Motor rehabilitation care An-tivitamin K Life among HIV-infected Enhance caregivers’ practice Oral anticoagulant therapy Patients receiving ARV treatment Friendship general hospital Patients with atrial fibrillation Enhance adherence to oral anticoagulant therapy Global public health systems Home care services of people Demand for home care services Health monitoring at home Đề kiểm tra trường THPT Lương Thúc Kỳ Đề thi học kì trường THPT Trung Giã Test LPT (Belgique) – B2 Luyện tập tiếng Pháp Tài liệu học tập tiếng Pháp Hội chứng sợ bị người khác lãng Đảo Hòn Tằm Các loại động lực làm việc Nhập môn lý thuyết xác suất Công chức Văn thư Takasaki technique Anatomic hepatectomy Abdominal infection A. baumannii strain Capital technique Exploratory activities Energy imbalance Calories expended CDAPP scale Lung function decline Major fracture Timing of fracture fixation Concentration of IL-6 Concentration of IL-10 Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation Recto-anal repair Hemorrhoids knotted Post-operative pain Hemorrhoidal artery Computerized tomography scans Inflammatory factors Several indicators Anatomical features Humerus proximal Chính sách đối với người khuyết tật Phát triển thuốc chữa bệnh Khám phá thuốc Rhizomes of zingiber officinale Diarylheptanoidsfrom the rhizomes Zingiber genus Culture media direct embryogenesis Hot chilli Bacterial ghosts Hot chilli Capsicum annuum L EPS hydrolysis Chemical-based induced bacterial ghost applied Direct embryogenesis from anther culture GC-FID Monosaccharide composition analysis by GC-FID Optimize BGs production Comparison between Hydrochloric acid Shrimp-pond water Trifluoroacetic acid in hydrolysis method Neuropeptide S receptor 1 Asthma candidate gene Allergy susceptibility gene Pathogenetic processes Acute bronchitis End-stage lung disease

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