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Transposon vector Sterile insect technique Fluorescent protein genes Research article prioritization of factors impacting on water security Wiener filtering illustrations Analytic hierarchy process method Drug-cardiovascular survival signals Patient health record Face-to-face interviews Strengthening approach Factors affecting WSS Data-Defined Kernels probabilistic model Parse Reranking Derived Unsupervised Sense Disambiguation Bilingual Probabilistic Models Learning motion analysis Indrajit Bhattacharya Sparse correlation kernel reconstruction Natural image statistics Tree Representations Neural coding Cortical orientation map development A Probabilistic Model Extended Named Entities Detection Divisive normalization Canonicalizing Named Entity Mentions Fine-Grained Expert Search Shenghua Bao Hybrid Parsing Communication behavior Using Probabilistic Models Boolean Kalman Filter Predictors for a Symbolic Parser Particle filter State department Agriculture of Maharashtra state Shown significant negative correlation A probabilistic generative model Switched systems Neutral systems an intermediate constituency-dependency representation Hoof disorders Crossbred dairy cattle Nonlinear uncertainty Leibniz-Newton formula Emerging technologies in agricultural engineering High-throughput biological information Evolving endoluminal therapies Open tibial diaphyseal fractures Incidence of hoof disorders Food insecurity and malnutrition Future technologies Determine diagnostic Changes within the environment Hepatic tumors Limited internal fixation Combined fixation Surgical devices Nested clustering Instructional technology Utilization of instructional technology India’s most populous state Uttar Prades Particular constraint was worked India’s emerging China Emerging technologies/futuristic trends Broad spectrum of growth Economic Tigers of Asia were Singapore Standard food costs Actual figures Weather forecasting in India The trend analysis Collecting quantitative data Inter district Major food grains in India Mann-Kendall test Possess humanlike expertise Intra district Productivity of marigold flower Coastal erosion Sen’s slope estimation Growth rate of area MannKendall test and Sen‟s slope Deficit rainfall Seasonal and temporary migration Shoreline change Ground water level Long term rainfall trend analysis Hybrid-key agreement protocol based Jasminum grandiflorum Precipitation for Malkangiri Decadal trend Migration trend analysis Erosion trend analysis Different time series Gastrointestinal stromal tumors Statistical trend analysis on area Seasonal rainfall Mann-Kendall t-test

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Farmers and agricultural labours, Non-parametric trend, Coastline along ponnani region, End-users exchanging, Climate change and provides direction, Production of jasmine, Decadal trend analysis of annual, Arpa River basin, Gastric GIST, Delivering secret keys, Following functions, Kaplan-Meier-estimates, Seasonal groundwater levels, Proposed key agreement protocol, Jasmine production, Inverted repeat, Read-through transcription, A Web-based Evaluation Framework, Bonus shares, Long-lived operating assets, Collecting a Why-question corpus, Tobacco BY-2 cell line, Spatial Instruction-Giving Systems, Capitalization criteria, The lottery-like stock preference, Derivative polynomial, Srinivasan Janarthanam, automatic QA-system, Bonus shares issuing, Inverse tangent function, Matching polynomial, Innovations and challenges, A gravity model approach, Service trade flows, The knowledge nanagement, Anlytic measures, Expose natural collaboration, Vietnam and the european union, Intra regional trade, Adaptability of wheat genotypes, Tuberculous meningitis in children, This attempt are to provide, Service exports and service imports, Albendazole tablets legally circulating, Northern hills zone, Panel gravity model approach, Pharmaceutical market, Mixed model approach, Microscopy for rapid diagnosis, Exports in COMESA, Physicochemical evaluation, Measures marked HS612, Exchange rate volatility on exports, Gas bubbles, observed through, Often formed, Activity rates, SBF solution, HCA layer, shallow gas, Effective role of CaO, P2O5 ratio, ice-like, SiO2-CaO-P2O5 glass system, Summary of Agricultural Doctoral thesis, Gaussian plume, In vitro propagation process, Peanut powder enriched Burfi, Canopy climate model, Biological activity of essential oil, Technical process, Heavy metal movement, Indigenous ginger, Concentrated milk, food culture in Germany, Retardation factor, Processing 2, Creative Programming Cookbook, Levels and water soluble organic carbon, Honeycomb pattern, Hot-filament CVD, Secondary organic carbon, Conducting film, Field electron emission, Estimated using elemental carbon, Multiwalled carbon nanotubes, The vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes, Including mass concentration, CNTs dispers, The aluminum, N-vinylcarbazole, Inverse phase transfer catalysis, Bronchial provocation test, Occupational medicine, Carbon nanotubes in water, Bronchoalveolar lavage, Ultrafine particles, Functional polymers forming complexes, Pulmonary emphysema, Oligomerization thermodynamic, Nghiên cứu Tamarind, Nghiên cứuTamarindus indica, Factors affecting antibacterial activity, Extracts antibacterial activity, Acrylic resin containing silver nanoparticles, The analysis of scanning electron microscope images, In vitro antioxidant and antibacterial activities, Food pathogens, High-speed stirring method, Fractionated extracts and isolation of bioactive components, Salmonella Enteritidis, Aegopodium podagraria, Endemic plants, The high antibacterial resistance, Breynia vitis idaea, Ranunculus marginatus var. trachycarpus, Fish pathogens, Herb-drug interactions, Ranunculus sprunerianus, Diospyros ebenum, Crocus abantensis, Minimal inhibitory concentrations, Tube dilution method, Lathyrus ratan, Crocus ancyrensis, Lathyrus aphaca, Total phenol content, Galanthus plicatus subsp. byzantinus, Hibiscus cannabinus, Sapindus emarginatus, Flavonoid content, Human pathogenic bacteria, Anethum gravelons, Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus species, Mirabilis jalapa, Natural and synthetic compounds, Indian medicinal plants, Ficus spp., Multi-drug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa, Rheo discolor, Mentha arvensis, Nyctanthes arbortristis, Gram-negative Escherichia coli, Mimusops elengi, Methanol extracts, N-Butyl acrylate, Immune-suppression, Binuclear ruthenium(II), Grafting copolymerization, CT-DNA, Interactions of Phlebopus Spongiosus, Phlebopus Spongiosus, Spectral characterization, Several soil fungi, Violence Theory, Traumatic Bonding, Culture broth, Study Methods, In vitro interaction, Remarried families, Deviant Behavior, Reproduction and parenting, Intimate Partner, Evolving work, Helping Professions, Intimate partner violence, C4 platform chemical, Sexually active married women, Binary logistic regression model, Drought stress responses of seedlings, Photosynthetic response of Bromus inermis, Osmotic adjustment, Assimilation rate, Common bacterial blight, Heliconia genotypes, Oak species, Smooth brome, Stomatal opening, Biochemical attributes, Stomatal conductance, Shadehouse condition, Transgenic tobacco, Determination of correlation, Performance to the region, Variant fuscans, Stomatal density, Phosphatidic acid, CO2 assimilation of bean plants, Gas exchange traits in guava, Waste Campaign, Gas exchange traits, Energetics Campaign, Gas exchange characteristics, Rotary Hydrolyzer, Effluent Characterization, Supplemental Findings, Mustard Hydrolysate, Effects of gamma irradiation, Reactive red 24 aqueous solutions, Dual plate, Reactive Red 24, In vitro antagonistic activity, The irradiation dose, Bacterialbio control agents against, Color removal efficiency increased, Metaphysical Therapies, Chilli fruit rot incited, Effect of some effective parameters, Removal of total phosphorus, Cod removal from Nam Son, Fruit rot disease, Biologically Based, Municipal wastewater using cylindrical aluminum electrode, QESARs model, landfill leachate by electrocoagulation, Alternative Clinics, Sugar apple, Electro-coagulation method, Leachate pre-treatment, Chemical against, Multiple Alternative, Traditional Structures, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus, Exophytic and endophytic fungus, Total phosphorus removal, Antioxidation tripeptides, Mucilage from Basella Alba, Immunochromatogr aphic test, Aerobic treatment, Cylindrical aluminum electrode, Antioxidation agents, Mucilage was investigated, In vivo test, Fungicides and rubber, Combination with polyaluminium chloride, Environmentally friendly behavior, Different fungi toxicants against, Corynespora Cassiicola causing corynespora, Water treatment technology, Selenastrum bibraianum exposed to nickel, Zinc metal, Green algae Schroederia Setigera, Modified carbon, iron nanoparticles, Intentional personality change, Modified macadamia carbon by H2O2, Alternative spray program, Personality change intervention, Remove zinc (Zn 2+) in wastewater, Shoot topping, Coaching intervention, Initial heavy metal concentration, Uncinula necator, Conversational agent, Psychological coaching, Pathogen-resistant grape varieties, Fungal wilt, Fusarium wilt of tomato, Preventative medicine, Chemicals against, Alternative and complimentary therapies, Evaluation of Bio-agents, Composite plants, Gene overexpression, Microbial sensitivity tests, Microbiological profile, Transgenic roots, Indoor patients, Isolates and their antibiogram, Antifungal susceptibility pattern, Hacker Cracker, Their antibiogram, Isolated candida spp, Integrated Conservation, Remote Attack, Blood stream infection, Forward osmosis, Computer architects, genetic management, Membrane draw solute, embryo technologies, Reverse salt flux, interconnection network, predator control, Forward osmosis processes, Dynamic connections, GWT methodology, instructions and data, Gene cloning and transformation of Arabidopsis plant, Exogenous methyl jasmonate, Comprehensive analysis of chloroplast introncontaining genes, Mano-thermo-sonication, processing streaming data, data stream, Transformation of Arabidopsis plant, Tandem technology, Chloroplast introncontaining genes, handling application state, 2-isopentenyladenine, The early responsive to Dehydration gene, Destructive disease, Preservation techniques, Conserved splice sites in dicot and monocot plants, The use of complexes between Hg(II) ions, Determine their functions in coffee plants, Artemisinin production, Several biotic stresses, Food material, Determination of splice sites, Electrochemical performance of Na0.44Mno2 synthesized, Rhizosphere bacteria, Fluorescent ligands for detection of cysteine, Coffee plants genome, Artemisia annua, Beet necrotic yellow vein virus, Food preservation technology, Chloroplast genes during plant growth, New complexes between Hg, Hydrothermal method using as a cathode material, Soil borne fungus, Use of agrochemicals, Microbial inoculums, Evaluation of the impact of dyke, Quality of pearl millet, Novel heterocyclic Schiff bases, Harnessing proficient rhizobacteria, Manures on growth, Plant protection chemicals, Corrosion inhibition efficiencies, covalent, Plant nutrient availability, Yield of pearl millet, The environment impact quotation index, Potentiodynamic polarization analysis, acid-base catalysis, The role of soil microbes, Farm ponds, Integrated use of fertilizer, Dong Thap province, Lining materials, Quantum mechanical and electrochemical investigations, hemiacetal, Crop protection chemicals, Farm ponds lining materials, Polarization measurements, Conservative irrigation practices, Corrosion inhibition, Kả năng ức chế ăn mòn thép, Farm pond creates salinization, 4-methyl pyridine, Dung dịch Nacl 0, 3-methyl pyridine, 1 M, 2-methyl pyridine, Clay hữu cơ nanofil5, Clapeyron-clausius equation, Thevetia peruviana, ammoniagenes, Percent mycelial growth inhibition, Spore germination, Blight disease of tomato, Antifungal efficacy against Curvularia lunata, In-vitro efficacy of fungicides, Regulatory problems, Baby-DIPS, Structured diagnostic interview, Chicken manure, Olive processing waste, Multiple component systems, Ionic solutions, safety and efficacy, submitted support, Uphill diffusion, Nondeterministic finite automata, Simulation of the Single Uphill, bank card, Urea cycle disorder, Diffusion flux, Excess ammonia, payment cards, Nitrogen-containing molecules, payment process, accepting units, subsequent discussions, Benign breast lesions, Minimum Bayes-risk, Jesus Gonz, Cannabinoids, Efficacy of Spinal, Central Post-Stroke Pain, Removal of pollutants from water, Use of micronutrients, Pollutants from water, T-regulatory cell, Cholecalciferol supplementations, Micronutrients in tropical, Nano-adsorbents, Long term follow-up, Toxicological Methods

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