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Parenting approaches Prader–Willi syndrome Significant childhood disorder Full-term Psychological baseline Adapt vancomycin α1-acid glycoprotein Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement Rare heterogeneous Recognizing blood pressure Addressing asthma Placebo-controlled food challenge Refractory wheezing Inborn error of metabolism Awareness of food allergies Healthcare provider-based diagnosis data Small for the gestational age Extremely low birth weight infant Reference intervals Perfusion index Delayed capillary refill Attitude of health personnel Trauma journey Triet Giang and TC duck Gastroenteric virus Non-routine health care Complicated norovirus infection Disorders of Sex Development Pubertal boys Potentially aid emergency physicians Preterm neonates undergo Reversible left ventricular dysfunction Therapeutic feeding Children’s morbidity Niemann-Pick disease Type C Cost-effective feeds Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis Nutritional support team First-generation antipsychotics Classic Kaposi sarcoma Parents’ experience Indication for oocyte donation Hypotonic solutions Brings economic burden Pediatric Appendicitis Score Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Family centred service Cord cleaning Paradoxical stroke Population pharmacokinetics Poor responsiveness Plasma B7-H3 levels Technological profile Pre-term Hepatic solute carrier organic anion transporter 1B1 Preventable hospitalisations Early puberty Child nutrition sciences Psychoactive substance use PEG placement First-later-born children Maternal risk factors GM2A gene Chuyên gia kinh tế Educational platform Family functionality Socio-economic groups Toll interacting protein EBV-associated hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis Airway malformation Egg production increasing Therapy during adolescence Real-time quantitative Child’s BP percentile Screening program Lacking methodology Childhood dyslipidemia Anti-CMV drug Poor feeding House Brackmann scale Extravascular lung water Family foster care Endocrine disruptors Multi-ethnic Malaysia Suspicion Index Nutritional rehabilitation Children earlier Community-acquired Heavy intensity infections Innate immune responses Non-IgE-mediated Delayed transitional period School truancy Direct and indirect costs Internalizing problems Plasma-Lyte A Parental health Physical stress Alvarado Score Peanut allergy

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Ranitidine decreases gastric acid secretion, Feeding difficulty, Minor mechanical trauma, Nutrition policy, GM2 activator protein, Antifungal action, Inadequate nutritional support, Social Sciences program, Single Ig IL-1-Related receptor, Easy transplanter, Pre-discharge clinical, Deming regression analysis, Raising egg-specialized ducks, Human herpesvirus-8, Childhood disorder, Center Of Disease Control, Health caregivers, Early intensive behavioural interventions, Prolonged fever, Paediatric emergency physician, Preterm term, Future cardiovascular disease, Socio-demographic backgrounds, Advanced breeding lines of rice, Genotoxic action, Severely dysfunctional families, Transient tachypnea of newborn, Combi product and fungicides, Health and outcomes, Hadamard matrices, 28S rRNA gene, Cost-utility, Externalizing problems, Recombinant allergens, Genital hypoplasia, Positive growth rate, Curcumin against Aspergillus flavus, Vertical supranuclear gaze palsy, AB variant, Posture and fatigue, Psychiatric manifestations, R functions, Indigenous xiphinema pachydermum, Blast diseases of paddy, Plant spacings, Export of tobacco, Evaluation of antifungal activity, Drudgery reduction using easy planter, Tomato plants for biological control, Processing parameters, Combi product fungicides, Indian almond tree, Inorganic mulching, Function logic, Transplanting tomato seedlings, Xiphinema pachydermum, Poultry feed, Instability in export of tobacco, Powdery mildew fungi, Genetic diversity in okra, Soybean and vermicompost, Management of blast diseases of paddy, Genetic diversity in Gangatiri cow, Anti-parasitic, Characterization of yeast, Hadamard matrices in R, Growth and yield of soybean, Gangatiri cow, West Godavari district during kharif season, Important cereal crop belonging, Host diversity, Aquaculture industry, Floristic diversity and vegetation structure, Checklist of macro-fungi, Nitrogen and rice straw incorporation, Sub-acute ruminal acidosis, Twenty-nine hybrids, Employing RAPD marker, Nutrient and weed management, Phaltan area, Vegetation structure of coffee agroforests, Herbal biomedicine in aquaculture industry, Antifungal efficacy against macrophomina phaseolina, Anionic salt preparations, Grain amaranth, Dairy herds, Infection causes morphological, Relation to natural forests, Urogenital and psychological problems, Macro-fungi diversity, Terminalia catappa Linn, ESBL producing Klebsiella pneumoniae, Maruka pod borer, Powdery mildew were reported, ENF19 and ENF20 expressed, Menopausal problems, Minerals and electrolytes status, Saline stress condition, Produce fruiting bodies visible, Fenoxy prop ethyl, Resource poor farmers, Dairy herds of pollachi, COPD and intestinal dysbiosis, Characterization of desiccation tolerant rhizobacteria, ENF12 isolate exhibited antibiosis, Prevalence of menopause, ESBL producing clinical isolates, Cows fed on rations supplemented, Assess genetic diversity, Amaranthus hypochondriacus L, Emphasis observation, Intestinal dysbiosis, Neutral reaction, Rumen fluid and other biological parameters, Arid regions, Appropriate infection control measures, Early goal directed therapy, Diversity among greengram germplasm, Menopausal problems among women, Nutritional status of lactating buffaloes, Anionic salts in pre-partum period, Economics of grain amaranth, Effect of roasting method, Northern corn leaf blight, Powdery mildew resistance caused, Desiccation tolerant rhizobacteria, Prevention of milk fever, Experienced menopause, End points of resuscitation, Secondary immunodeficiency, Fec-B gene introgression, Tulsi and Neem leaf extract, Assessment of feeding practices, Different fungicides against, Erysiphe polygoni DC, Soil samples collected, Inflammatory process, Kashmir Merino, Rice cultivar in patna district, Madras red sheep, Different pre-sowing, Custard apple (Anonna squamosa), Peanut roasting, Exserohilum turcicum causing turcicum, Fluid resuscitation guided, Some non-genetic factors, Phagitosis activity, Pre-sowing seed treatments, Boer local goat, Nutritional approach, Colletotrichum gloeosporoides, Blight disease in maize, Mono unsaturated fatty acids, Normal intestinal microflora, Egg weight, Single superphosphate, Kashmir Merino sheep, Supramammary lymph node, In vitro evaluation of systemic, Breed and egg weigh, Different castor hybrids, Breeding bulls, Black Bengal goat, Immunohistochemis try, Acaricidal activity, Horn amputation, Isotopic investigation, Agronomic use efficiency, Evaluation of sowing time, Relative leaf water content, GATA4 gene into differentiated, Misuse in veterinary medicine, Weight of day-old chick, Surgical affections, Assessment of performance, Reproductive efficiency, Fungal fruit rot in pomegranate, Pods per cluster, Crude Ethanol extract, Level of investment, Kharif pigeonpea, Utilization of applied sulphur, Carbendazim and Trichoderma, Canine induced pluripotent stem cell, Performance and suitability, Indian ocean humpback dolphin sousa plumbea, Surgical affections in breeding bulls, Chabro breeds of poultry, 18 year old humped bullock, Soil properties in rice soils, Buck effect, Treating the disease, Sphaeranthus indicus, Leaf diffusion rate, Climate resilient agricultural technologies, Tolerant genotypes of bell pepper, Dry root rot of blackgram, Validation by infocrop, Applied sulphur in groundnut, Models for pharmaceutical testing, Famous for the dol nets fishery, AICRP-P-39 and KufriPukhraj, Chabro breeds, Successful horn amputation, Management of surgical affections, Soil available zinc, Nutritional supplementation, Yellow mosaic disease of Mungbean, Short-term glucocorticoid, Leaf osmotic potential, Fractions and subfractions against, Resource structure, Slightly overestimated by model, Changes in bio chemical composition, Various varieties of potato, Activities on their population, Treatment of horn cancer, Non hormonal factors influencing, Head reach area, Analysis of skin microbiota, Home science, Highest seed yield, Biological effects are mediated via different, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus, Humpback dolphin pods, Protein and oil content of groundnut, Tail end area, Pinching and growth regulators, Canine dermatitis, Novel mutant, Fruit shape, Facing the pressure, Agriculture undergraduate students, Formol ether concentration, Boar semen, Microbial etiology, High temperature tolerance, Skin microbiota from canine dermatitis, Secondary cleft palate, Bypass protein, Napa cabbage, Brinjal cultivars, Prior situation reports, Followed by stem rot, Vegetative and physiological parameters, Emotional health of science, Soil transmitted helminths, Gamma irradiation in tuberose, Seminal plasma protein, Microbial etiology of duck mortality, Genetic variability parameter, Lethal temperature, Highly sensitive followed, Quantitative characterization, Overlapping flap technique, Bio-char, WHO COVID-19 Points, Root rot and disease incidence, Holding capacity of goat meat, Tuberose (Polyanthes tuberosa L), Sperm rich fraction, Duck mortality, Genotype followed, Teaching veterinary clinical complex, Photosynthetic bacteria, Snake gourd (Trichosanthes anguina L.), Induction temperature, Direct stool microscopy, Detection of ill travellers, Groundnut in parts, Respect to vegetative, Bypass nutrients on pH, Yorkshire boar semen, Secondary cleft palate in a cat, Novel mutants and their stability, Immunocompromised population, Temperature induction response technique, Successive generations, Breeds of duck, Survey of collar rot, Interview of ill travellers for COVID-19, Specific fractions, Animal recovered uneventfully, Chất lượng chè, Điều kiện sản xuất chè, Tuberous sclerosis complex, Sản phẩm chè Việt Nam, Dairy intake, Infant death, Cardiac rhabdomyoma, Multi–stage stratified systematic random, Potential Years of Life Lost, Nutrient-rich foods, GATA3 gene, School engagement, HDR syndrome, Nonsuspicious unexpected death, Multiple organ systems, Biochemistry reference intervals, Lyme borreliosis, Pregnancy diabetes, Play interventions, Nipissing District Developmental Screening, Inspiratory stridor, Calcium-binding EGF-like domain, Influence nutrient intakes, Sensorineural deafness, Metropolitan police project, B vitamins, Intervention research, Walking mechanics, Healthy young children, Rosai-Dorfman disease, Disproportionately borne, Predictive test, Fetal overnutrition, Reduce anxiety, Exchange transfusion, Cysteine substitution, Renal dysplasia, Biochemistry parameters, Neonatal inspiratory stridor, Chronic rhinitis, Body morphology, Thyroid hormone, Maternal diabetes, Unintentional injury, BMI standard deviation scores, Inter-observer, Hydroxycobalamin intramuscularly, Neonatal hospital admissions, Disulfide bond, Autosomal dominant disorder, Injection vial walls, Underlying etiology, Body morphology central, Histiocyte proliferation, Pre-pregnancy body mass index, Childhood body mass index, Echocardiographic parameters, Growth retard, Neonatal Marfan syndrome, Maternal and neonatal outcome, Birth registration, Behavior disorder predictors, Previous methodologies, Red blood cell transfusion, Exploring spatial variations, Hemodynamic relevance, Parenteral and enteral intake, Childbearing women, Invasive candidiasis, Familial partial lipodystrophy, Non-accidental trauma, Nutrition practice intentions, Newborn hearing screening, Electrocardiographic investigations, Low adult wages, Early learning facilities, Fluconazole prophylaxis, LMNA gene, SIDS reduction, Extra-uterine growth retardation, Maternal suspicion, Nosocomial sepsis, Poor reproductive outcomes, Subdural effusion, New Injury Severity Score, Malignant tumors of the retina, Preschoolers’ sedentary, Nebulised hypertonic saline, Dunnigan type, Post-neonatal, Children’s depression inventory, n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, Age of identification, Childhood brain injury, Invasive fungal infection, Bi-cultural, Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, Intraocular malignancies, Clinical Modification, Government hospital, Laryngeal mask airway, Preventing hospital re-visits, Multifaceted construct encompassing physical, Anti-depressants, Basse Health and Demographic Surveillance System, Neurological morbidity, Deaf infants, Malaysian National Trauma Database, Hereditary retinoblastoma, PEDs data registry, Acute cervical lymphadenopathy, High prevalence of cardiovascular risk, Specifically paracetamol, Extensive psychometric, CYP2C9 polymorphism, Oral dextrose gel, CDP constitutional delay of puberty

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