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Micronutrients deficiency Health promotion intervention Disseminated platelet-rich thrombi Senior house officer Fast MRI Granulicatella bacteraemia in children Nurse-led education Patho-physiolocical T cell receptor excision circles Sedentary behaviours Disability-adjusted life years HIV/AIDS disease Dardized mortality rate Medical progress Dual-energy X-ray Granulicatella spp. Chronic pediatric disease Quickbrain MRI Neurological squelae Distal GI microbiota Tonsillar hypertrophy Reliable anthropometric Significant immunomodulatory Paediatric settings Body fatness Nutrition assessment Laxative prescription Acrodermatitis enteropathica Anti-streptococcal drug National quality registry Pediatric population Enrolling healthy children Arab-Israeli kindergarten children Neonatal mortality and morbidity Community health centers Rapid MRI Children treated Prompt initiation T-cell-receptor-excision-circle Hospitalized preterm neonates Support from nurses Intrapartum-related hypoxia Parent talk Lifetime major depressive disorder Hospital stay Total fat Concurrent wasting and stunting Sudden and unexplained death in childhood Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey Interquartile ranges Oral bovine lactoferrin Human adenovirus 7 Clinical trial protocol Smoking husband SLC39A4 gene Posterior fusion Health planners Long QT-syndrome Prechoolers’ significant portions King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital-Riyadh Offspring cognitive function Childhood nocturnal enuresis Marginal risk set model Breastfeeding self-efficacy Patient’s health Youth self Report Myocardial calcification Univariate meta-regression analysis Empiric therapy Post-term delivery Unexplained death in infancy Genotype-phenotype Amino acid-Dextrose Collagen-associated adverse effects Respiratory allergic diseases Standing test Socioecological model Intergrowth-21 Weight loading physical activity Life-threatening problem Debre Markos referral hospital Flexible bronchoscopy Chest computerized tomography Child vocalizations Macro-AST Cerebral disorders Meta-regression analyses Neonatal units Baby friendly Cow’s milk Hereditary skin disease Nurturing care Protein powder Anti-infective treatment Postnatal nutrition Prescription safety issue Neonates’ intensive care unit Behavioral outcome Tympanostomy tubes Enteric bacterial pathogen

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Northwest Ethiopia, Developmental risk factors, Ménétrier’s disease, Metformin-exposed newborns, Safety net population, Tuebingen palatal plate, Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, Hereditary disorders, Magnetic foreign body, Lifelong healthy habits, Newborns’ sociodemographic, Over-nutrition, Enteral feeds, Novel multiplex PCR, Abakaliki metropolis, Trend study, Anabolic steroids, Population survey, Organic phosphate, Under-five years, Specific immunoglobulin E, Oxygen therapy, Undescended testes, Upper airway obstruction, Case-finding, Peer-led, Family partnership, Different etiologies, Metabolic programming, Nonspecific clinical symptoms, Growth outcomes, Excessive crying, Ebonyi State, National Nutrition Action Plan, Joubert syndrome, Metachronous inguinal hernia, Death especially, Linked databases, Fever management, Ear surgery, Thermoplastic spur, Average annual growth rate, Newborn deaths, Gastrointestinal infection, Sports participation, Children globally, Gastric hypertrophy, Kangaroo-mother care method, Drug manipulation, Clinical characterization, Malaysian adolescents, Intrauterine bowel perforation, Growth hormone deficiency, Drug dosage calculations, Weekend versus weekday, High Dependency Units, High quality neonatal, Practices regarding childhood, Binary logistic regression analysis, Implantable hearing devices, Fasting plasma insulin, Inflammatory phenotypes, Robin sequence, Tobacco smoke prevention, Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Eagle-Barrett syndrome, Abdominal cavity, Muscle tonus, Campylobacter species, Sedentary activity, Body fat percentiles, Aseptic chemical inflammation, Weight velocity, Gold standard measures, Pituitary gland malformation, Serotype replacement, Feverish child, Assess mothers’ experiences, Poor patient outcomes, Children's medicines, Mediastinal disease, National health programs, Nutrition experts continue, Childhood asthma despite inhaled, Teacher-rated behavioral problems, Infantile arterial calcification, Limiting Long-term Illness, Oligogenic inheritance, Electromyographic readings, In-depth interview skills, Identifying unwell neonates, Laboratory-confirmed, Proliferative vascular disease, Maternal gestational diabetes, Nurses’ experiences, Knowledge of tobacco, Graphical smoothening, Pregnancy in adolescence, Prune belly syndrome, Mortality pediatric index of mortality, Identify reasonable alternatives, Auditory brainstem response, Medically-attended RSV, Obese adolescents, Disabling chronic conditions, Belarusian children, Total screen time, Idiopathic infantile arterial calcification, Fetal-infant growth reference, Ellisras rural children, Migrant people, Efavirenz-induced gynecomastia, Spinal epidural hematoma, Rare autosomal recessive disorder, Project principal investigator, Neonatal survival, Home visiting, Alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorder, Needle placement, Bardet-Biedl, Age-specific BMI criteria, Intravenous ganciclovir, Potentially life-threatening syndrome, Healthcare seeking, Newborn babies, Orthotic devices, Ketotic hypoglycemia, Neonatal immunity, Ethical reflection, Intrapartum hypoxia, MT-ND genes, General practices, Botulinum toxin type-A, Trunk fat, Prepubertal girl, Serial plasma cytomegalovirus viral, Patient registries, Otoacoustic emissions, Hounsfield units, Ankle foot orthoses, Double aneuploidy, Creatinine phosphokinase, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, Federal nutrition programs, Assessor-blinded, Congenital muscular dystrophies, Quality of life assessment, Academic outcomes, Child health outcomes, Recombinant human growth hormone, Absolute neutrophil count, Dynamic balance, Metabolic comorbidities, Emergency obstetric care, Duodenal ulcer, Universal newborn hearing screening, Leigh syndrome, Including diabetes mellitus, Adolescent nutritional awareness, Children born extremely preterm, Randomised controlled equivalence trial, Randomly-selected health districts, Fetal growth, Hypoglycemic episodes, Neuromotor abnormality, Recurrent symptom in children, National nutrition health, Cleft lip and palate, Phase of care, Trans-epidermal water loss, Pediatricians’ assessments, Coarctation of the aorta, Non-disjunction, National Survey of Children’s Health, National endorsement, Preterm delivery, Neurological development, MELAS syndrome, Panton-Valentine leucocidin, Preschool wheezing, Discharge against medical advice, Neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage, Standard errors, Therapeutic challenge, Dental referrals during, Health professionals’ perceptions, Quality clinical trials, Otologic surgical procedures, Multiracial population, Parental representation, Lower income countries, Neurobehavioral disorder, RSV disease, Proportion of optimal birth weight, Child diagnosed, Bronchial bacterial infection, Staphylococcal chromosomal cassette, Pediatrician’s perspectives, Central diabetes insipidus, Multicenter randomised controlled trial, Carolina Dental Home, Index child linear growth, Otorhinolaryngologic surgical procedures, TV usage, Neutrophilic inflammation, Vulnerable child-patient, Neonatal records, Neglected children, Physiotherapy intervention, Paediatric oncology, Internet intervention, Epidemiologic methods, Participation in sports, Prince Edward Island, Non-Typeable Haemophilus Influenzae, Subsequent physician-diagnosed asthma, Home per Request, Feeding tolerance, Video Interaction Guidance, Sagittal abdominal diameter, Child stunting, Tympanoplasty traditionally, Community Children’s Nursing Teams, Molecularly characterized, Smoking status, Mast cells, Youth-health care nurses, Observational cohort, West syndrome, Urban slum, Observation and Assessment Units, Double blind randomized controlled trial, Endogenous regulatory systems, Perinatal stress, Early adolescent alcohol, Chronic suppurative lung disease, Sex chromosome aneuploidy, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Minimal enteral feeding, Infantile spasms, Arab children, Congenital airway anomalies, Literacy package, Critical public health problem, Total calcium absorption, Maternal milk diets, Emergency hospital admission, Parent reports, Brain inflammation, Children with special, Viral encephalitis, Peer selection, Carer burden, Commonest available analgesic, Nairobi Urban Health, Bronchial branching anomaly, Prevalence rate, Encephalopathic epilepsy, Human milk-fed infants, Civil Hospital Karachi, Very low birthweight, Common cold, CNS inflammatory demyelinating diseases, Lactobacillus reuteri DSM, Second-choice antipyretics, Mexican school-age children, Glasgow coma score, Demographic Surveillance System, Accumulating evidence, Dynamic interplay, Children Depressive Inventory, Pain measurement, Parent-reported height, Promoting antibiotic resistance, Human milk diet, Anti-pyretic, Bone mineral metabolism, Continuum of care, National Institutes of Health, 2-point decrease, Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, Stroke recognition tools, Febrile child, L reuteri, 9 Kids’ Inpatient Database, Multiple symptoms prior, Diabetes Control and Complication Trial, Peripheral blood circulating stem cells, Specialized care, Children vaccinated, Multi-factorial, Isotonic fluid, Saccadic reaction time, Sex-specific BM, Potential drug of abuse, HIV-negative women, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Indomethacin therapy, Healthy Saudi children, Pediatric pulmonologist, Unnecessary antibiotic, Community resources, National Nutrition Survey, Formula containing prebiotics, Children’s psychosocial functioning, Occipitofrontal circumference, Non herpetic, Demographic variables, Child Behavioral Checklist, Metabolic dysfunctions, Prevent hyponatremia, Psychosocial family factors, Blood testing, Cincinnati Pre-Hospital Stroke Scale, Biological sample archive, Acoustic stimuli, Reference ranges, Poor communication, Neurologic outcome, Inflammatory demyelinating disease, Public health programs, Mother-reported asthma-like attacks, RSV-related bronchiolitis, Diarrhoea remains, Hospitalization records, Educating mostly physicians, Non-modifiable factors, Baby Friendly Health Initiative, Placental histology, Botswana-born infants, Fatal illness episodes, Describe asthma, Specific chemotherapy, Multicentre randomized controlled trial, HIV-unexposed children, Biomarkers improved, Nutrition-Behavior Inventory, Childhood stroke, Antisaccade errors declined, Selective vaccinators, Metabolic balance, Mercy Children’s Hospital, Inflamed mucosa, Albumin-adjusted calcium, Diaphragmatic electrical signals, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Acute non-bloody diarrhoea, Generalized HIV epidemic, Including neonatal transfers, Wheezing phenotypes, Serum triglycerides, Physiological benefits, Increase mortality, Visual task, Oral intake, Chronically ventilated preterm infants, Systemic skeletal disease, Asymptomatic streptococcal carriage, Australian Aboriginal people, Placebo-controlled, Fecal calprotectin, Nutrition epidemiology, Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, Behavioral skills training, Sick children, Morbidity risks, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Benzyl penicillin plus gentamicin, PAI-1, Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, Infant difficult behaviors, Individual-level risk factors, Gut inflammation, Estimated Average Requirement, Pediatric community-acquired pneumonia, Diagnosis Procedure Combination, Youp’là bouge, Lay coaching, Acute tonsillopharyngitis, Viral respiratory tract infections, Cystic Fibrosis Questionnaire, Pubertal timing, Fine motor skills, Short acting beta agonists, Poor diet, Orthotic management in rest, Neonatal hospitalizations, Prolonged hospitalisation, Northern Territory, Primary outcome, Emergency admission rate, Perinatal medicine, Perinatal biomedical conditions, Foetal alcohol syndrome, Asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy, Established simple biomarker, Energy-dense nutrient-poor, Childhood intussusception, Baffin Island Pediatric Health Initiative, Emergency pediatric care

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