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Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 Medullary thyroid cancer RET variants Stage II colorectal cancer Develop disease relapse Rectal carcinoma Psoas muscle volume Geriatric nutritional risk index SY6GAL1 gene Unfavorable prognosis Astrocytoma risk Seizure diary Initially aggravate symptoms Plasmin-α2 plasmin inhibitor complex Symptoms including seizures Soluble fibrin Immunotherapy resistance Survival-related mutations Thrombin-antithrombin III complex Supine immobilization devices Apoptotic pathways Skin dose Essential factors Immunotherapeutic efficacies Gastric tumor bleeding Imaging biomarkers Neoplasm invasion Nomogram model Tumor thickness Prolong survival Radio-genomics Adjuvant surgery Concurrent radiotherapy Cell type Substantial increase Cancer critical Traumatic surgical intensive Prophylactic management Genomic sequencing classifier EGFR family Human tumorigenesis Beneficial biomarkers Tyrosine kinase I subfamily Pulmonary metastasectomy Institutional experience Metastatic sarcomas Carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1A Higher-order genetic interaction Marginal effect Plus enzalutamide Multiple glycolysisrelated genes MiRNA-mRNA pairs Colorectal peritoneal metastases Surgical staging Selecting patients AFP-negative HCC patients Nude rat xenograft tumor model IgG4 antibody therapy ROS-stimulating therapy TACSTD2 hypermethylation Main function Glia maturation factor-γ Trastuzumab administration Bibliographic database HER2-positive breast tumors Construct competing endogenous RNA Axillary non-SLN metastases Serum tumor markers Endoscopic technology Dual probe difference specimen imaging Inhibit EMT process BMP pathway Immunological effect Various cancer types Xenografted tumor development Glottic cancer Vocal cord Increase survival rate Desmoid tumor fibromatosis Conservative treatments Migration capacities Colonogenic assays Therapeutic guide Cancer-special survival Prognostic efficacy Establish nomogram models Actual observations Line of therapy Age-standardized mortality rate Breast cancer-specific survival Still controversial RAS family protooncogenes Including KRAS Molecular abnormalities Real-world study Uveal nevus Activating Gαq signalling mutations Tumour inflammation Chemotherapy alone Special attention

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Non-invasive measurement, Volume study, Epithelial growth factor receptor mutation, Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma, Cancer interval period, Exercise oncology, Supportive cancer care, Advanced lung cancer, Multimodal physical activity, Muscle loss, Preoperative nutritional, Apoptosis-related genes, Tumour metabolism, High-grade meningiomas, Tumour specimens, Fat necrosis, Reconstructed flap, Synchronous multifocal lung cancer, Synchronous multifocal primary lung cancer, Morphological assessment, Multiplex genotypic analysis, Invasive cribriform carcinoma, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes, Locally advanced colon cancer, Estrogen-metabolizing enzyme, Lymph nodes metastases, Preoperative radiology, Double cancer, Super-enhancer-associated long noncoding RNA, Still numerous oncogenes, Fluorescence quantitative real-time PCR, Cumulative incidence rates, Transplantation-related mortality, Parotid gland cancer, Chromosomal inversions, Bone-targeting agents, Patient-reported pain, Bone-pain related quality of life, Non-interventional, Prior systemic therapies, Prospective randomized, Electronic microscope, Including chronic myeloid leukemia, DR-BC cells, Cytogenetic damage, Lymphocyte radiosensitivity, Homogeneously treated, Recommendation algorithm, Information regarding response, Poorly differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma, Immediate breast reconstruction, LGR5 expression, Alpha-fetoprotein-negative hepatocellular carcinoma, LASSO cox regression, Non-surgical therapy, Special clinicopathologic, Cantonal programmes, Thymic neoplasm, Video-assisted thoracoscopy, Radical thymectomy, Clinical efficacy, Curative surgery, Radical gastrectomy, Sequential somatic mutations, DNA damage response gene, Medical leave, Multimodality treatments, Recommended modalities, Screening endoscopy, Undifferentiated histology, Small nucleolar RNA host gene 16, Virus-related liver diseases, Cell immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy, Health extension workers, Small monthly income, Urban health extension workers, Malignant potential, Pure differentiated-type, EGC-specific survival rates, Prognostic nomograms, Cox proportional risk regression models, Glucose transporter 1, Metastasis-associated in colon cancer 1, Lateral cervical lymph node metastasis, Iodine concentration, Long non-coding RNA FTX, Xenotransplantation mouse model, Clinical prognosis, Mitophagy regulation, Variceal bleeding, Sex biases, ATRX mutation, Anticancer immunity, Skeletal muscle density, Bladder reconstruction, Homeostatic process, Damaged organelles, Several autophagy-related genes, Conventional treatments, PCNA-associated factor, Paired metastases, Clear cell renal carcinoma, Recently recommended, Increased ferroptosis, Antitumour mechanisms, Multifunctional protein APE1, Near-infrared fluorescence imaging, Investigator’s brochure, Sarcoid lesions, Mimic metastatic disease, While multimodal therapy, Reduced intensity multi-centric clinical study, Oral care, Oral care-BC, Professional oral care, Patient registry, Post-treatment surgical management, Tumor infiltrating neutrophil, Chemotherapy efficiency, LncRNA WT1-AS inhibits gastric cancer, Severe functional impairments, Patients with brain tumours, Brain primary tumours, Promote disease-specific, Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, Rho-family GTPase, Multivariable logistic model, Nomogram performance, Regulating cancer biology, Directly regulated EGFR, Primary central nerves system lymphoma, P-cadherin expression, CCL2 chemokine, Transglutaminase II, Small soft tissue masses, Achieve tumor-free margins, Inferior outcome, Non-uniform treatment, FISH analysis, JAK-STAT pathway fusions, Potent oncogenic protein, Lymphoid lineage, BCOR mutation, Potential regulatory miRNA, Life-threatening gynecological malignancy, Dysregulation of microRNAs, Angiogenesis ability, Colonic neoplasms patient-reported outcome, High intensity interval exercise, Endurance performance, Lung carcinoid tumors, Intraocular cancer, Pediatric metastatic Retinoblastoma, High systemic toxicity rates, Heterogeneous adhesive, Age-adjusted incidence rate, Perioperative mortality, Join-point analysis, Prior radiotherapy, Previous chemotherapy, Great significance, Isocitrate dehydrogenase mutation, Non-invasive diagnosis, Great clinical significance, Silico analysis, Astrocyte controls, Antiangiogenic-based chemotherapy, BRAF V600E mutations, Gene mutations contributing, Tumor biopsies, Phage display 12-amino acids library, Candidate anti-PN peptide, Procarbazine lomustine, Poorly tolerated, Neuro-oncology centre, Significant toxicities, PI 3-kinase, PIK3CA gene, Aggressive antiemetic prophylaxis, Nuclear import, Karyopherin beta 1, Possible synergistic, Immune-related gene, MT1JP alleviated proliferation, LncRNA metallothionein 1 J, Phase 1 clinical trial, Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma specimens, Dose finding study, Optimal biological dose, Recommended phase 2 dose, Visual residual tumour cells, Intervention therapies, HCC bone metastasis, Para-aortic lymph node, Factors responsible, PET/CT technology, Genitourinary malignancy, Matched tumor tissue, Distant colonization, Ablation techniques, Renal hilus, Withdrawal mechanisms, Labour force participation, Secondary gliosarcoma, Black foot disease, Tissue expansion devices, Differentiating true glioblastoma multiforme, Left colic artery, Predict true tumor progression, Inferior mesenteric artery, Long-term oncologic outcomes, Side population cells, PI3K signaling pathway, Dosimetry analysis, Potent inhibitor, Postmastectomy radiotherapy, Thermoluminescent dosimeters, Neutral polysaccharide, Combined medication, Triple-negative cancer, Tumor-infiltrating B lymphocytes, Tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes, Immunohistochemical staining method, Heterogenous mutation, Monitor drug responses, Metastatic soft tissue sarcomas, Nivolumab plus ipilimumab, Cells into body fluids, Reference-free transcriptomic, Prostate cancer signature, Non-canonical RNAs, Polymetastatic cancer, 4′-O-Methylbroussochalcone B, Tubulin polymerization inhibitor, Despite improvements, Short term survivors, Cytoscape software, High fatality rate, Checked model fitness, Moderate atypical nuclei, Duration of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, Several clinical trials, Actuarial survival, Local dairy product, Sequence diversity, Economics of guava, Cameroon with higher potential, Myb gene, Levels of nitrogenous fertilizer, Inorganic pesticides, Higher potential, Responsive myb gene, Polymerization of leuco-anthocyanins, Technical production system of lebol, Scientific feeding practices, Magic lines, Plate rod construct, Health and sanitation, Urban waste compost, Lentil intercropping system, Clinical studies on treatment, MAGIC lines of soybean, Weed dry matter accumulation, Waste with activators, Beta-lactamase encoding gene, Milking management practices followed, Weed population in chickpea, Animal hospital with the College, Microbial consortium and enzymes action, Plum fruits, Bone fractures, Femur and humerus, Antibiotic producing actinomycetes from saltpans, Plate rod, Isolation of antibiotic producing actinomycetes, Salt pan sediment soils, Haematological studies, Broad leaf, System of rearing, Arabian jasmine, Grazing resources, Tuscan jasmine, Year around flowering strategy, Cressa cretica, Semi arid plants of Ballari, Few less known semi arid plants, Root colonizing bacteria, Benefits plants, Increased plant growth, Planting media, Dry flower arrangement, Dry floral craft, Growth of oyster mushroom, Preservation and seeds etc, Botanicals in combination, Seeds etc, Preserving plant materials, Physico-chemical quality of ber, Storage on shelf-life of ber, Door handles as potential reservoirs, Physiological work load, Pesticide application activity, Designed protective clothing, Molecular identification of Tabanidae, Ribosomal DNA cistron genes, Entry point activities, Textile dye reactive black GDN, Their seasonal abundance, Free cells isolated, Grama sabha, Naturally infected camels, Oilfield wastewater, Free cells isolated from soil, Molecular analysis based, Protective evaluation by Tinospora cordifolia, Sustainable approach, Trypanosoma evansi isolates, Entry point a initiatives as an example, Based on barcoding, Phylogenetic analysi, Molecular description of preserved flies, Village's public, No of tillers, Solanum Tubrosum, Silicon application, Dissipation kinetics, Quinoa grains processing, VA Mycorrhizal fungus, Impact of Indian honey bee, Season and milk production, Percentage of effective tillers, Pollination of mustard, Distribution of carbosulfan, Yield of mustard under jatropha, Association with college students, Incidence yellow stem borer, Traditional sorghum landraces, Quality attributes of sweet orange, Corn flakes and corn sugar, Total grain yield, Fungicides early blight of potato, Nutritional properties of noodles, THI a proven marker, External mycelium, Toxic metabolites in Banana, Soil nutrient status in relation, Scirpophaga incertulas in rice, Especially during crop bloom, Dehulled quinoa grains, Yield attribute of maize, Biological yield in K-27 variety, Food additives on functional, Yield component of wheat cultivar, Peripheral neuroendocrine mechanisms responsible, Toxic metabolites, Milk production in different seasons, Varieties based on nutritional aspects, Incidence of yellow stem borer, Mycorrhizal association in quinoa, Procured from Hyderabad, Psychological homeostasis, Irrigation on yield, Role of food additives, Respect to public health, Rice-growing regions, Plant dry weight, Increase phosphate uptake, Grain mold, Auto immune reaction, Lemon (Citrus limon), Mustard and technology, Phytate solubilizing microorganisms, Pulmonary infiltrates, Various activities, Different food items, Tomato cv Vijeta, Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Mustard cro, Wild fruits berries, Grain mold of sorghum, Various activities in men, Micronutrient on plant growth, Soil available phosphorus, Pest complex of lemon CV assam lemon, Front line demonstrations on pigeon pea, Blood gas alterations in dogs, Futuristic potent bio-inoculant, Trigger an allergic reaction, Performance of SHGs, Fungicides on grain mold, Hemiptera while five species, New production technologies, Abnormal pulmonary infiltrative patterns, Patient was not relatable, Finally yields, Tea garden soils, Microscope to record the natural enemy, Collar rot of Brinjal, Eco-friendly management of sclerotium rolfsii

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