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Protease production Sex specific genes Protease production from biodigested slurry Venom protein Biodigested slurry of biogas plants Anastatus disparis Biogas plants Industrial processes are proteolytic enzymes Spring barley Hordeum vulgare L Weed community Different management practices Kharif maize crop Wheat and potassium solubilising bacteria Management of maize stem borer were as follows Maize wheat rotation Crop residue levels Transplanting and yield Root lesion nematode Chickpea and maize Direct wet seeded Chickpea maize crop rotation Weed management practices on rice Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) Rhizoctonia solani isolates Yield and economic impact Implications for conservation Residue and cost of cultivation etc Rice by using RAPD markers Genetic variability in the isolates Returns of paddy crop Chickpea using RAPD markers Tunga Bhadra command area Rhizoctonia bataticola causing root Yield gap analysis under different water Heterorhabditis megidis Cultivars bellary and Poona Heterorhabditid species Manipur using RAPD markers Wild edible oyster mushroom Herbicide resistance CSM cropsim ceres –wheat model Galleria baiting technique Microbial and sensory evaluation Weed smothering crops Western Ghat of Maharashtra Xenorhabdus spp PCR based technique Photorhabdus spp Conventional management Galleria mellonella Maize crop in acid soil Weed management in cowpea Chicken patties Entomopathogenic nematode heterorhabditis against Village adoption Qualitative toxicity bioassay Dried citrus fruit residue Chlormequat chloride Soil nutrient management practices Vineyard soils Dendranthema grandiflora T Bacteria Photorhabdus associated symbiotically Agricultural infrastructure NPK nutrient status Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelec) Adopted village Harvest index as influenced Cultivars based on RAPD Genotype in coriander Collaborative management treatment Godavari zone Conventional strategy Landraces of sesame Undertaken to evaluate promising diverse genotypes RAPD polymorphism in wheat Decay index Steinernema websteri Landraces of sesame (Sesamum indicum L ) Visual skin colour Genetic component in phenotypic expression Induced ploidy Neck blast Level of adoption Intra population variability Fruits worldwide Eco friendly post harvest treatments Decay index of mango fruits Colchicine treatment generated Top dressing Nutrient use ratio Farmers field school Marine wood borer Nutrient harvest index Determinate growth habit Novel entomopathogenic nematode Elongation ratio Icm practices Marine trial Nutrient management in pearlmillet Antagonism and deficiency

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Aromatic families of rice, Paddy cultivation, Laboratory screening, Mediterranean coast, Physicochemical quality, Crop management farmers’ field schools, Synchronous flowering, Yield of tomato in an alfisol, Association studies in yield, Combined application of magnesium, Use of inorganic, Microbiological quality of milk, Single plant yield, Pinus kwangtungensis, Potassium on soil properties, Evaluation of physico chemical, Climate resilient management practices, Pa Co pine (Pinus kwangtungensis Chun ex Tsiang), bacteriophora Tur H1, Physiological characters, Rice and rice based, Genetic diversity in Pa Co pine, bacteriophora Tur H2, Penetration rate, Orchard floor management practices, Physiological characters of soybean genotypes, Radio sensitivity, Host finding, Nutrient status in apple, Inhibitory dose, Aprivate apple orchard, Steinernema kushidai, Ancestry inference, Grain storage, Different genotypes of sesame, Hermetic bag, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis guenee, Hexanal vapour, Stem and root rot, Inverse distance weighted interpolation, Grain storage in hermetic bag, Bacterial symbionts against, Postharvest treatment, Performance evaluation of grain storage, Stem and root rot of sesame, Rhizosphere regions, Crop damage, Physicochemical changes, Genetic diversity of Trichoderma sp, Banana quality, Yield and quality of sesame, Planting methods influence growth, Minimizing damage, Nutritional quality traits, Banana var grand naine, Providencia vermicola, Nitrogen and potassium application, Wildboars in groundnut, Association study of grain yield, Potassium application, Single kernel characteristics, Dose ranging, Sericulture entrepreneur, DUS testing, Type III secretion system, Processing etc, Regression and path coefficient analysis, Gastrointestinal fluid removal, PHM practices, Storage behaviour, Baking quality of wheat, Foliar diseases of sesame, Gastrointestinal sodium removal, Correlation analyses, Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L, Morphological descriptors, β glucan content, Mulberry crop, Chickpea for yield, Durum wheat grain β glucan, Correlation with yield, Related traits, Genetic architecture through diallel, High β glucan content, Performance of Hybrid tea rose, Blocking ion currents, Sufficient genetic variation, Wheat grain, Response to growth regulators, Water soluble polysaccharide component, Cup shape and stalk weight, Sesame (Sesamum indicum L) genotypes, Flower diameter, Glutenin subunit, Iron toxicity, Nitrogen topdressing timing, Sesame yield, Grain protein quality, Lime stone powder, Grain protein, Iron toxicity in lateritic wetland soils, Oriental beech Fagus orientalis Lipsky, Phosphorus levels and yield, Lateritic wetland soils of kerala, Macroinvertebrate fauna, Chickpea (Cicer aritinum L, Partitioning gross rainfall, Cirhanyobowa river, Pure lines, Interception loss, Biological index, Phosphorus levels on growth, Turkish durum wheat landraces, Pollution indicators, Natural oriental beech, Simpson index of dominance, Half diallel and sesame, Joint scaling, Mithun meat, Half diallel mating design, Economic traits in okra, Elite genotypes, Plant extracts against, C B ratio, Rind penetrometer resistance, Pineapple juice, Harvest index and rice, Cell wall components, Whey beverage, Physicochemical qualities, Whey based pineapple beverage, Evaluation of drum seeder in rice, Spinibarbus hollandi, Bio efficacy of pendimethalin, Cottonseed oil, Starvation response, Complex weed flora in chickpea, Flora in chickpea, Soybean oil, Rice productivity, Citrus Red Mite, Degree day, Weed index at harvest in chickpea, Panonychus citri, Unsaponifiable matter, Micro macrofloras, Citrus mites in Turkey, Tuzluca areas, Late Rupelian, Early Chattian, Çardak Dazkırı subbasin, Lycian molasse basin, Turkey meat sausages, Soil heath, Chickpea cultivars, Ascochyta blight of chickpea, Radish paste, Yield of chickpea in Turkey, Bulbous barley, Raw radish paste, Mango powder, Population handpicked, Curd architecture, Relative feed value, Caramel coated chhana confection incorporated, Linkage analysis, Response of gladiolus growth, Flowering to trichoderma and varieties, Humid condition, Flowering to trichoderma, Weed management strategy, Gladiolus growth, Enhancing the economical return, Crop growth indexes growth regulators, Muscadinia rotundifolia, Capsule formation, Muscadine source, Vitis Muscadinia, Dry farming condition, Response of sesame, Bolting refers, B and Zn, Endogenous genetic components, Response of lime, Genetic potential, Vegetative growth parameters, Neutral sulfite semi chemical, Seed yield and quality of Okra, Zn on vegetative growth parameters, Rapeseed residues, Non wood fibers, Yields of rapeseed, Zinc salicylic acid, In vitro preservation, Reduced medium strength, Climate change scenario in tomato, Pyrus germplasm, Micro nutrients response, Endogenous Hormonal content, Fruit germplasm, Alternate bearing reduction, Pear genotypes, Alternate bearing in olive, Old productive trees, Malus x domestica, Floral inhibition, Lycopersion esculentum L, Greenhouse experiment, Zn treatments partially, Allelopathic potentiachickpea, Euphorbia helioscopia, Germination growth, Certain bio agents, Plant extracts against late blight, Aerobic soil condition, Plant extracts against late blight of tomato, Nitrate nitrogen concentration, Zinc in acidic soils, Mean organic carbon content, Micronutrient cations in Thoubal, Large seeded, Maize fodder, Pod yield and water use efficiency, Large seeded groundnut advanced breeding lines, Water use efficiency related traits, Pectin methylesterase, Obtaining transgressive segregants, Waterlogging tolerant, Genetic divergence in sugarcane, Water logging condition, Identification of tolerant clones, Digitatum growth in vitro, Derim sonrası kalite, Star Ruby grapefruit, Green Penicillium digitatum Sacc, Ethanol extracted propolis, Valencia orange peels, Heat labile fraction, Yellow melon crop, Depolymerization enzymes, The cotton leafworm, Fennel Foeniculum vulgare Mill, Podisus nigrispinus, Nymph development, Economics of sorghum based intercropping systems, Yield of sorghum based intercropping systems, Little millet grain equivalent yield, Sustainable intercropping association, Niger oilseed in little millet, Bajra intercropping systems, Plant population level, Capsule borer, Castor (Ricinus communis L, Millets intercropping systems, Sustained productivity of castor, Sweet potato whitefly Bemesia tabaci Genn, Castor (Ricinus communis L ), Culturable bacteria, Castor based intercropping systems, Erwinia persicinus, Row spacing of castor, Secondary symbionts, Arthropod diversity, Growth and growing conditions, Pseudomonas plecoglossicida, Short duration pigeonpea, Pod damage, Seed damage, Western Haryana condition, Residual soil fertility, Yield in pigeon pea, Dry matter per plant, Summer sesamum based intercropping systems, Degradation of Histosols, Mustard based intercropping systems, Hot water extractable carbon, Humic substances, Rabi seasons, Reclamation of organic soils, Caricetum acutiformis, Grain yield and test weight, Rhizospheric soil, Cadmium absorption, Peanut intercropping systems, LER (Land Equivalent Ratio), Area time equivalent ratio, Competition index, Monetary advantage index, Skip row geometry, Melia dubia in sole, Melia dubia, Silvi pasture, Different levels of spacing, Potentially mineralizable N, Farmyard manur, Soil compaction, Net mineralization rate, Corn growing field, Mineral nitrogen, Vegetation period, Plant recovery, Direct organogenesis, Fe and Mn, Algalization on aggregate stability, Micronutrients by wheat, Mechanical carrot planter, Thirame coated, Quality feed index, Reduce the operational costs, Effect of polymer cement modifiers, Mechanical and physical properties, Seed rate and water use efficiency, Recycled artificial marble, Hydroponics maize fodder, Marble waste fine aggregate, Nutrition on water use efficiency, Fertigation schedule on water, Fertilizer use efficiency in aerobic rice, Aggregate stability index, Efficiency in aerobic rice, Vietnamese people's morphology, Organic carbon content, Physical indexes, Different physico chemical properties, Soil on modulus of rupture, Evaluate morphological, Physical and morphometric characteristics, Pinus eldarica Medw, Khillar breed of cattle, Annual ring width, Muzzle color was mostly black, Tracheid length, Standard error for correlation coefficients, Volumetric shrinkage, Polymer modified jute fibre, Reinforcing agent controlling, The physical and mechanical characteristics, Agrotis segetum Schiff, Safe biological control agent, Gg 20 Variety, Cement mortar, Vegetable fields, Steinernima and heterorhabditis black cutworm, Five days of treatment, Crop water use efficiency, Groundnut pod, Reduced number of portal entries, Field experiments, Groundnut is essential, Temperate condition, 1 methyl cyclopropane, Fenugreek seeds, Fruit firmness retention, Grain friction, Physical characteristics in banana, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum Graceum L ), Response of 1 MCP, Mechanical properties of fenugreek, 1 MCP on physiological, EPDM rubbers, Processing oil, Bracon hebetor, Thermal aging, Sugar feeding, Paraffinic oil, Phytoremediation efficiency, Plant based remediation, Hydrocarbon pollutants, Acridine orange, Honey fed, Spring safflower genotypes, Root phenomics, Root system morphology, Safranin blue, Sucrose fed, Characteristics curve, Parasitoid Bracon hebetor, Staining methods, Greenhouse growing media, Tension wood severity, Soil moisture characteristics curve, Zinc chlorine iodide, Rhizoctonia bataticola in parts, Phosphorus use efficiency, Root exudates, Spatial distribution of phosphorus, Conyza blinii H, Fear of movement, DXS gene, cDNA ends, Tobacco streak virus, D xylulose 5 phosphate synthase, Dilution end point, Thermal inactivation point, Methylerythritol phosphate, Black gram necrosis inciting tobacco streak virus, Semiquantitative RT PCR analysis, Papad preparation, rReproductive tissues of T, turcica

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