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Monochorionic twin Obstetric outcome Tele rehabilitation Perinatal outcome Extreme prematurity Perinatal intensity Health services organisation Patients’ satisfaction Neeraj Kumar Agrawal Deliver high quality Tissue non specific alkaline phosphatase Gene mutation Lethal perinatal hypophosphatasia Heterozygous mutations Prenatal depression Rehabilitation favourably Perinatal exposure Asthma rehabilitation Trial insufficiently controlled asthmatics Children’s eating behavior Post exacerbation rehabilitation Pilot randomized controlled trial Normalisation process theory Leicester cough questionnaire Participatory design Tests of thyroid function Thyroid autoantibodies Nonisotopic thyroidimaging Nontoxic goiter Helping Babies Breathe Perinatal outcomes Intrapartum related neonatal hypoxia Adverse outcome Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma Rare tumor of thyroid gland Critically ill preterm infants Sarcoma of thyroid gland Perinatal risk factors Differentiate thyroid carcinomas Adverse pregnancy outcome Vertical transmission Infant difficult behaviors Perinatal biomedical conditions Early child environment Asphyxia early onset sepsis Copeptin concentration Central hypothyroidism Non thyroidal illness multinodular toxic goiter Medullary carcinoma Continuum peano dưới tác động nhóm P – adic Khái niệm tôpô Ánh xạ phủ Tập bất biến Pyrimethamine loaded niosomes kết quả bán hàng xí nghiệp cao su Đắk lắl Treatment of acute toxoplasmosis Playing with enzymes Acute toxoplasmosis Differential alloadsorption Experimentally infected mice The case of low platelets Cruising for a bruising Lymphocyte status toxoplasmosis Malignancy patients receiving chemotherapy Lymphocyte status Correlation of neutrophil Toxoplasmosis in malignancy patients receiving chemotherapy Twin to twin transfusion syndrome Laser placental photocoagulation Multiple fetuses share Malignancy types Relationship between malignancy types Toxoplasmosis incidence Malignancy patients Malignancy patients with chemotherapy Pulmonary toxoplasmosis Human zoonosis Humans Edited Atypical pneumonia Philip Ainslie Alternative etiology Final exam 2nd Applied engineering maths Đề thi Applied engineering maths Ôn tập Applied engineering maths Bài tập Applied engineering maths Applied environmental microbiology New Insights Oreste Capelli Tribal primary school children Attending primary school Single derived variable Fallopian tubal cancer Occult primary neoplasms Unknown primary tumor Cancers of Unknown Primary Non specific morphology Brachytherapy Kazushi Kishi

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Emergency admission, Biomarker, Tapan Kumar Khan, Pre primary maths, BRACHYTHERAPY SOURCES, Early detection biomarker in cancer, Get ready for primary 1, Early detection biomarker, Protection Against Radiation, Subtraction within, MicroRNAs as early detection biomarker, Electronic brachytherapy, Comparing numbers, MiRNAs in clinical practice, TOEFl primary step 1, Miniature electronic brachytherapy, TOEFl primary step 1 Book 1, X ray sources, TOEFl primary, Recurrent high grade gliomas, Practice test English, Iodine 125 brachytherapy, TOEFl primary step 1 Book 2, Response Biomarker, Brachytherapy alone, In my backpack, Assessing response, TOEFl primary step 1 Book 3, Clinically localized prostate cancer, Adaptive biomarker, At the clothing store, Low dose rate brachytherapy, Systemic therapy, Things in the kitchen, High dose rate brachytherapy, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Image based gynecological brachytherapy, Primary sclerosing cholangitis, Anti TNF alpha drugs, CT based gynecological brachytherapy, Summary of Doctoral Thesis of Education, Linear quadratic model, Method of teaching pupils at primary level, Atrial Septal, 3D image guided, Teaching writing for pupils at primary level, Defect, Orientate competency development, Two dimensional high dose rate brachytherapy, Syamasundar Rao, Promising cancer biomarker, Primary school students’ difficulties, Non neoplasm controls, Primary school students’, Solving the problem “find x”, Surgical outcome assessment, Dermal health, Some solutions from teachers find x Primary mathematics, Hue Central Hospital’s Oncology Center, Partial atrioventricular septal defect, Different skin sites, External radiotherapy plus low dose rate brachytherapy, Ostium primum atrial, Correlation of biomarker, Sacrococcyx ulcer, Biomarker for early diagnosis, Subsequent primary cancer, Therapeutic evaluation, Radiation induced subsequent primary cancer, Atrial septal defect, Primary sacral non, Biochemical recurrence free rate, Ventricular septal defect, Complete atrioventricular canal, Primary sacral tumor, Truncus arteriosus, Primary students, Cyclin dependent kinase 5, Promotion of students, Hybrid of intracavitary and interstitial brachytherapy, Promising biomarker, A prospective clinical trial protocol, Characteristics of primary, Serum fibroblast growth factor, Orthogonal x ray images, Potential novel biomarker, Macular disorders, Growth restriction, Anterior segment surgery, Miscellaneous conditions, Blood biomarker, Hepatic marker enzymes, Scavenger receptor class B type I, Long intergenic non coding RNA 00511, Poor clinical outcomes, Biomarker panel, Retrospective analyses, Sorafenib therapy, Biomarker based model, Primary operable CRC, Diabetic, Victor Olisah, Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da Cunha, Diabetic foot Infection, Anti diabetic, Morinda citrifolia, Fruit Juice, Alloxan induced diabetic rat, Morinda citrifolia fruit juice, Kidney function, Prolonged duration, Diabetic foot ulcer, Diabetic foot ulcer infections, Major complication of diabetes mellitus, Diabetic foot, Foot ulcer, Comparative analysis and distribution, Diabetic wound infection, Trichophyton rubrum, T mentagrophyte Epidermophyton floccosum, Nondiabetic patients, Tertiary level hospital in Chennai, Prevalence of dermatophytic infection, Cerebralmucormyc osis, Maxillary sinusitis, Necrotising fasciitis, Diabetic patient, Rhinocerebral mucormycosis in a diabetic patient, Diabetic ulcer foot, Research on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Ultrasound in fetuses of diabetic mothers, Diabetic mothers, Gene expressions, Risk prediction of diabetic nephropathy, Pro inflammatory cytokine, Nelumbo nucifera, Anti diabetic property of lotus, Clinical hemodynamics, Treating diabetic nephropathy, Right sided heart disorders, Left ventricular hemodynamics, Practical cardiovascular hemodynamics, Pressure tracings, Vascular resistances, Left heart catheterization, Steps performed during, A standard right, Various cardiac conditions, Left ventricular pressure volume loop, Mixed valvular disorders, H ypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Aortic valve disease, Suprasellar tumor, Visual impairment score, Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging, Local functional correlation, Functional impairment, People living with HIV in Belém, Amazon region of Brazil, Day ahead electricity price forecasting, Functional principal components, Functional time series forecasting, Colombian electricity spot price, Stromal, Ali Asghar Norasteh, Exercise habit, Raimundas Lunevicius, Laparoscopic hysterectomy, Total laparoscopic hysterectomy, ABC of the upper gastrointestinal tract, The upper gastrointestinal tract, An inequality for A quadratic functional, A quadratic functional, Post anesthesia care unit, Upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage, The equality holds, The corresponding function, Radio chemotherapy, Radical hysterectomy, Reported significantly less disability, An introduction to functional grammar, Uterine sarcoma, An experiential grammar of the vietnamese clause, Total hysterectomy, Tthe vietnamese clause, Lower back pain, Uterine carcinosarcoma, WGO practice guideline, Introduction to functional grammar, Upper back pain, Hydatidiform mole, Osteoporosis and gastrointestinal diseases, Farm women involved in sericulture, Molar pregnancy, Management of osteoporosis, Low back pain assessment, Literature references, Uterine evacuation, Surgical Apgar score, Links to useful websites, Consensus statements, Robotic assisted radical hysterectomy, Robotic surgeries, Back beliefs, Intermolecular disulfide bonds, Inadvertent hysterectomy, The dimeric state and functional activity, Simple observation, The transferrin receptor, Disability associated, The covalent dimeric structure, Seeking medical care, Lost time, Regional influence, Transcutaneous electrical stimulation, Class III radical hysterectomy, Diagnostic imaging obstetrics, Dicogenic low back pain, midline developmental anomalies, Serum profiling, cranial defects, Preoperative workup, Face and neck, Abdominal wall and gastrointestinal tract, Cone biopsy, Acute low back pain, Radical abdominal hysterectomy, Radical vaginal trachelectomy, Radical abdominal trachelectomy, Hysteroscopic gynecological surgery, Pelvic floor defects surgery, Significant global burden, Managing low back pain, Laparoscopic pectopexy, Residual low back pain, Bacterial oral cavity disease, Operative hysteroscopy, Bacterial gastrointestinal intoxications, Radicular low back pain, Use of whey protein for encapsulation, Use of whey protein for encapsulation and controlled release, Protein microencapsulate in ex vivo porcine gastrointestinal contents, Ex vivo porcine gastrointestinal contents, Lactobacillus fermentum 39 183, Design of a protein capsulation, β tubulin isotype 1, Goats in Mid Himalayas, Prevalence of gastrointestinal strongyles, Gastrointestinal strongyles, Keratitis, Muthiah Srinivasan, Dystrophy, Madhuri Hegde, Arunkanth Ankala, Pigmentary keratitis, Superficial keratectomy, Management of pigmentary keratitis, Limb girdle muscular dystrophies, Pigmentary keratitis in pug dogs, Fukutin related protein, Ophthalmological complaints specific, Trunk muscle, Nuclear envelopathies, Tendon contracture, Experimental application of surgical technique, Mycotic keratitis, Surgical technique for perineal urethrostomy in male cats, Fungal corneal ulcer, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2Y, Infrared frequency, Perineal urethrostomy in male cats, Infrared plasmonic metasurface, C shaped markings, The perineal urethrostomy, Tertiary hospital of Mandya district, Plasmonic metasurface, UV lithography, Home breed male cats, Fungal keratitis, Electron beam evaporation techniques, Muscles of the thorax, Principles of anatomy and physiology, The tissue level of organization, KOH mount, microbiological profile of various microorganisms, The muscular system, Causing keratitis, Optical ceramic, The spinal cord and spinal nerves, Suppurative keratitis, Ergonomic and workload assessment, Principles of anatomy, Mid wave infrared region, Corneal scrapings, Weeding operation conducted, The chemical level of organization, Refractive index of optical ceramics, Fungal etiological agents, Wheat crop for male respondents, Transmission data, Multiple displacement amplification, Fungal pathogens isolated, Male respondents, Spinal muscular atrophy, Aspergillus spp isolated, Human vein images, Preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic disease, Curvularia spp, Near infrared human vein images, Minimum muscular fitness, Common etiological agents causing keratitis, Non ionic infrared, Secondary level students, Fig moth, Corneal scrapings were collected, KrausWeber tests, Energy partitioning, Flexibility failure, Ephestia cautella, Corneal trauma, Performance of male buffalo calves, Stages of fig moth, Ajwain seed (Trachyspermum ammi), Weakness failure, The effect of non ionic infrared, Slide culture, Performance in male buffaloes, Tertiary eye care hospital, Acanthamoeba keratitis, Pubertal delay, Corneal intrastromal injection, Fat free muscle mass, Polyhexamethylene biguanide, DMD treated, Propamidine isethionate, MEB disease, Corneal toxicity, Anogenital distance, Dystrophy dystroglycanopathy, Congenital muscular dystrophy, Anthropometrical evidences in infertile male, Contact lens wear, Infertile male, Markers in infertile males, Pseudomonas spp, Fukuyama type congenital muscular dystrophy, SinMn2 + atomic clusters, Eye affections, Pivalic acid, Ophthalmic affections in dogs, Anther cuticle, A theoretical investigation on vibrational infrared spectra, β oxidation, Cotton heterosis, Cefditoren pivoxil, Young age group, Silicon cluster doped manganese, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Muscular ventricular septal defect, Male sterile mutants, Follow up practices, Oxidized maize starch, Phenylpropanoid pathway, Multifocal soft contact lenses, Assisted diagnosis, Characterization oxidized maize starch, Significant public health cost, Ambush hypothesis, The biodegradable films part II, Infrared spectroscopy and solubility, Alloplasmic male sterility, Vision impairment, Hidden stop codons, Oxidized starch films, Controlling myopia, Male sterility gene, Microbial keratitis, Free living soil nematodes, Natural conservation area, Design and enhance the vein recognition, Parkellus menzeli male in Vietnam, Near infrared light and projector, Redescription of Parkellus menzeli male, Nurses visualize blood vessel maps, The monitor or displaying vessel maps, Sesame oil, Fourier transform near infrared, Behavioral, Partial least square regression, Novel Risk Factors, by Efraín Gaxiola, Zongming Song, Refractory retinoblastoma, Intravitreal chemotherapy, Pars plana vitrectomy, Monocular retinoblastoma, Ammar Alhasso, Ashani Fernando, Antibiotic, Resistant Bacteria

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