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Sunshine hour and relative humidity MDR- Multi drug resistant XDR- Extended drug resistant PDR- Pan drug resistant ESBLExtended spectrum beta lactamase MHTModified Hodge test IEDT- Imipenem EDTA combined disc test Rhizobacterial strains Plant nutrient uptake in maize Domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica) Varieties in post-monsoon for growth Tibiotarsus fracture Rice root knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola K-wire Varied weather conditions In vitro effect of rhizobacterial strains Tibiotarsus fracture in pigeon Heat tolerance in wheat Exposure assessment Deli Food of South India Comparison of backcross Banana bracts Growth parameters of onion F2 populations for yield attributes Influence of drip irrigation Cross between cicer arietinum Nitrogen fertigation Cicer reticulatum Postpartum behavior Gir cow Multiparous gir cows Post parturient behavioural profiles Low light-intensity cameras Non-heterocystous Characterization of cyanobacteria Different ecological niches Phycobilins production Bartholin gland cyst Vaginal lubrication Terms of vegetative growth Murrah crossbred buffalo Unilateral bartholin’s gland cyst Quality citrus sinensis Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck.) cv Jaffa Growth regulators on yield Quality of sweet orange Zero tilled condition Transgenics in fruit crops research Fertilizer management in cowpea Fruit crops research Screening of genotypes Field condition in Bihar (India) Mungbean genotypes Yield components of mungbean genotypes Moisture stress on root traits F2 and F3 progenies Evaluation of Brinjal Epinephelusdiacant hus Illegal refining Kpo-fire residue Feeding biology of brackish water fish Brackish water fish Epinephelus diacanthus Illegally refined crude oil Fish’s feeding biology Laboratory scale Decision support tools on nutrient uptake Economics in direct seeded rice Parthenium hysterophorous (Congress Grass) IRR and Payback period Effect of silage prepared Economic analysis of cashewnut production Cannabis sps (Hemp) Performance of goats INM and dates of sowing Low fat curd Buttermilk enriched Management of phytopathogens Novel facets Nutritional quality parameters Pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum) Early stage of research Acceptability scores Enhancement of nutritional quality parameters Fiber enriched nuggets Hydrated wheat bran Fiber enriched functional spent Nuggets incorporated Level of adoption Occupational COPD Total glucosinolate Top dressing Different clinical phenotypes Their molecular validation Sputum microbiocenosis Saccharomyces cerevisiae C8-5 Candida tropicalis C0-7 Shoot infestation Corn starch Number basis Millet starch

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Citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella stainton, Diverse environments, Morpho-physiological adaptations, Yield stability in chickpea genotypes, Histological changes in response, Latur district, Studies on soil chemistry, Total system’s productivity, Aromatic indica rices, Sodium and sulphate, Total system’s uptake, Change on ionic composition, Total system’s economics, Aromatic Indica rices mediated, Sulphur application on yield, Salinity to change, Marketable fruit yield, General and specific combining ability effects, Yield attributes in sponge gourd, Identification of promising lines, Rain fed conditions, Oil content under E2 condition, Novel entomopathogenic nematode, Sloth bears, FCV Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.), β-carotene content, HematoBiochemical changes, Genetic variation in F3 generation, Vit-C content, Biochemical values, F3 generation of FCV tobacco, Yield of carrot, Hemato-biochemical changes, Leaf area per plant, Xylazine-Zolazepam, Management on quality parameters, Chlorantraniliprole 35% WG, Sugarcane early shoot borer, Internode borer Chilo sacchariphagus indicus, Pod colour, Influenced by preceding legumes, Seed colour, Performance of rabi sorghum, Seed maturity, Columba livia, Avian Pox-PigeonsCutaneous pox, Incidence of coccidiosis, Pasteurellosis in a pigeon, Pigeon- coccidiosis and capillariasis, Avian pox in a blue rock pigeon, Coccidiosis in domestic pigeons, Genetic advance studies in rice, Pigeon (Columba livia), Fancy pigeons (Columba livia), Blue rock pigeon, Pigeons (Columba livia), Concomitant infection of coccidiosis, Skin while no diphtheritic, Amprolium soluble powder, Sudden mortality, Capillariasis in fancy pigeons, Intracytoplasmic inclusions, Intermittent diarrhoea, Vulvovaginal candidosis, Cryptosporidium parvum, DOT-ELISA, Vagina associated, Immuno compromised patients, Serodetection of hydatidosis in buffaloes, Dermatitis of the vulva, Non-HIV patients, Hydatidosis in buffaloes, Heavy white curd-like vaginal discharge, Diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis in HIV, Surrounding skin, Recombinant Ag-B subunit, Comparative evaluation of microscopy, Antagonistic effect, Biological control bacteria pseudomonas, Inhibits free nitrogen fixing bacteria, Nitrogen fixing bacteria in the rhizosphere, Mysritica frangrans, Moringa peregrine, Two common food intercrops, Myristica fragrans extract against oral pathogens, Moringa peregrina Forssk, Early seedling development, Cefoxitin disc diffusion, Trust hospital, Untreated seeds, Macrotyloma uniflorum L (Horse gram), Trichosporon mucoides, Soybean performance, Immuno-competent patient, Haematological tests, Tabouchi flour, Trichosporon mucoides skin infection, Biochemical abnormalities, Proximate and mineral composition, Potentially pathogenic, Predictors of prognosis, Pasting profiles, Diffuse de-pigmented patches, Xanthosoma sagittifolium Tubers, Dengue viral infection, A study on the laboratory profiles, Sharp injuries, Audit of sharp injuries, Tertiary care hospital in Mumbai, Factors like work stress, Aerobic bacterial pathogens, Buffalo heifer, Antibacterial susceptibility pattern, Determination of puberty onset, Post traumatic osteomyelitis, Aerobic bacterial pathogens isolated, Medicinal plants against bacteria isolated, Bulgarian Murrah buffalo heifers, Pus-a retrospective, Calotropis gigantea had lowest antibacterial activity, Blood progesterone analysis, Both parameters was evaluated, Serratia rubidaea JCM 1204T, Presumptive color test, NMR and Mass spectrophotometer, Panton-valentine leukocidin gene, Intrinsic factors, Serratia rubidaea JCM 1240T isolated, Agar well diffusion method, Evolvulus nummularius, Persicaria Hill, Sibinin on DMBA induced hepatotoxicity, Red pigment produced, Medical value, Application using fruit juice, Free-radical damage, Extrinsic factors, Gene expressions, Salvia aegyptiaca, Rattus norvegicus (L), Risk prediction of diabetic nephropathy, Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates, Microbial sources, Persicaria species in flora of azerbaijan, Probiotic potential, Growth curve, Salvia aegyptiaca L, Pro-inflammatory cytokine, DMBA induced liver damage, Etnobiology of their use, Implication in antibacterial activity, Antimicrobial activity of various extracts, Their affects in food, Spice-based properties, Increased ROS generation, Accumulation in Brassica sp, Expression of GSH gene related, GSH gene related, XMRV infection, Catheter-related bloodstream infection, Xenotropic Murine Leukemia virus, Ccatheter colonisation, Prostate cancer in Indian population, Catheter site (local) infection, Retrovirus risk factor, Intravenous catheter, Catheter days, Health care personnel, Dominant and non-dominant hands, Microbial flora of dominant, Phase contrast microscopy, Morinda morindoides, Enteropathogenic escherichia coli, Cryptococcal meningitis, Sweet orange (Citrus seninsis) juice, Btk HD-1 - Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki HD-1, Cultivars and resistance, Dental caries of children, Foodborne illness, GroEL gene, Hexane extract, Chickpea losses, Phosphate solubalizing microorganisms, Preventive bundle, Millet (Pennicetum glaucum), Grape (Vitis vinifera), Lactobacillus species, Anatomical variations of axillary artery, Clinical isolates of staphylococcus aureus, Earthworm gut, Bifidobacteria species, Screening of chickpea varieties, Fungal antagonistic, Shellfish bivalve oyster, Enteropathogenic escherichia coli in maize, Cryptococcal antigen, Gongronema latifolium, Subscapular artery, Asthma in children below, Chickpea varieties, Stages of earthworms, Mechanism of P solubilization, Morinda morindoides (Morinda; Rubiaceae), Susceptibility profiles of alum, Multidrug resistance pattern, Mycelial inhibition, India ink preparation, Children below two years, Vermibed substrates, Prevalence of MRSA among clinical isolates, Staphylococcus aureus infected albino rats, Growing demand of food, Potentially pathogen for children, Bacteria isolated from shellfish bivalve oyster, In vitro efficacy of fungal, Axillary artery, Haematological analysis, Aluminum phosphate, Different vermibed substrates, Center experience, Profonda brachi artery were normal, Delhi using a HACCP approach, Street foods in delhi, Potential fungi, Bipolaris oryzae (Breda de Haan), Potential soil fungi against, Rhizosphere microorganisms, Evaluation of pyrus pashia leaf extract, Adolescent anger scale, Acid orange, Integrated effect of treated pressmud, Antiretroviral therapy that includes, Pyrus pashia leaf extract, Yield of Mustard, Validation of adolescent anger scale, Treated pressmud, Orobanche cumana wallr pathosystem, Induced hepatotoxicity, Haloalkaliphilic bacterial consortium TVU, Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Hence critical and important, FYM on mulberry leaves, Rhizosphere microbiota, Clinical scenario, Electron deficient xenobiotic chromogen, Gangetic plain zone of India, Fertilised eggs, Bioassay of silkworm, Developed scale, Microscopic fungi, Hatching during incubation phase, Ecofriendly bioremediation, Acid soils of Kalimpong Hills, Live weight, Indigenous Indian chicken breedsicken Breeds, Quality characterization of giblets, Various indigenous chicken breeds, Đời ngắn đừng ngủ dài, Cảng biển Chân Mây, Sống như ngày mai sẽ chết, Milk production practices, Live stock owners, Varietal identification of chilli, Socio economics variability, High material possession category, Morphological characters identification, Soy foods, Surface wounds, Index of leaf area, Physiological modification, Apple pollination, Grapevine mealy bug, Antagonistic action, Chilli varieties, Characterization of lactobacillus isolates, Casing mixtures, Phaeoacremonium parasiticum, Lower respiratory tract infection in children, Different rice varieties grown, Phenol biodegradation, Sabouraud dextrose agar, Biomerieux VITEK 2 system, Maize free pollination, Zinger cultivation practices, Plasmid mediated AmpC- β lactamases, Seed rate and varieties, Exotic genotypes, Correlations and seasonal incidence, Alkaliphilic cyanobacteria (Phormidium sp.), Syzygium cumin leaves, Pancreas in prenatal goat, Lactobacillus isolates, Teak (Tectona grandis), Water logged, Papaya mealybug, Temperature variations, Staphylococcus sciuri, Chemical free bio-accelerated climate, Zinger growers regarding, Physiological modification in ragi, Valley of Tehuacan, Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC, Fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersci, Pollen compatibility, Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), Phenol measurement, Allahabad agro-climate condition, Antimicrobial activity of Syzygium cumin leaves, Head rot of cabbage, Sub-himalayan neighbours, Prenatal goat (Capra hircus), Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus), Resilient cropping on Lentil, Pest intensity, Fermented soya food, Adoption level of Zinger growers, Alkaline lake lonar, Submerged condition, Peripheral tertiary care hospital, Direct seeded aerobic rice, Productivity of rainfed ragi, Ethyl acetate extracts, Exotic apple cultivars, Studied microscopically, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) on Grape, Ecophysiological characterization, Growth of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Characterization of conserved miRNAs, Growth of phaeoacremonium parasiticum, Farm trial, Lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.), Vitek 2 compact system, Major problem, Sporotrichosis centering siliguri, Carbonate transport in alkaliphilic cyanobacteria, Plantations in vertisols of Nagpur, GRAS status, Blooming behavior of exotic apple cultivars, Abelomoschus esculentus, Advancement of foetal age, Seasonal incidence of mealybug, Tapioca crop, Pathogen growth, Assessment of casing mixtures, Eastern states of Assam and Manipur, Survey of papaya mealybug, Okra (Abelomoschus esculentus L. Moench), Abiotic factors were carried, Formation of sclerotia, Sex pheromone trap models, Rice response to fertilizer nutrients, Serum cystatin C compared, Double-disk synergy test, Agriculture residues, Egg per gram, Effect of seed rate, Fosetyl aluminium, Fertilizer adjustment equations, Monitoring of shoot, Trichosanthus cucumerina L, Significant and regression coefficient, Acid salt tolerance, Seed rate on yield, Fertilizer nutrients, Whitefly checking yellow vein mosaic virus, Dairy cattle in Wayanad, Selective pesticides against aphids, Gastro intestinal nematodosis, Fosetyl aluminium fungicide residues, Early marker, Insect pest management, Soil in Loyola college campus, Quality of fodder sorghum, Influenced by integrated nutrients management, Bile salt tolerance, Influence of weather, Potato farmer, Ova of gastrointestinal parasites, Incidence in okra, Gastrointestinal strongylosis, Garlic using HPLC method, Food garnishes, Population in mustard, Plant height across India, Lactating crossbred cows, Wax degrading bacteria, Integrated nutrients management in vertisols, Loyola college campus, Fodder sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Monench), Aphid infestation in mustard, Early marker of renal failure, Antioxidant activity of Tylophora indica, Spread of aphid in Mustard, Conducted during the period, Stable genotypes of finger millet, Pattern of occurrence, Characteristics of the potato growers, Organic component, High performance chromatographic method

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