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Bacterial ortholog Cell shape maintenance Tau aggregation Seeding capacity Sclerostin antibody Transfection reagent Oscillatory fluid flow Cellular FRET assay Cell permeabilisation Biotin-streptavidin In vitro labelling MW marker Host DNA depletion Haliotis diversicolor Intramuscular adipocyte adipogenesis Local Chinese local pig breeds Muscle fiber Cell-in-cell Non-professional phagocytosis Prognostic factor and survival Oral submucous fibroblast Alkaloid natural Inhibit fibroblast proliferation Prevent collagen synthesis Mutants disrupted Aberrant cytokinesis Protein and ligands Popeye domain-containing Xin actin binding repeat-containing Cardiac conduction Intercalated discs Transverse tubules Synthetic lethal assay Sprague Dawley rat Sinusoidal endothelial cells Kupffer cells Cell markers Scavenger receptors Balch homogenizer Subcellular fractionation Nonradioactive detection Functional mutations CD4 gene Membrane localization Broadly protective vaccine Rapid antigenic Cathepsin L Inactive zymogens Voltage-sensing domain Splicing variant Gating-modifier toxin 5′ untranslated region Inhibits hERG Vacuolating toxin a Distinct allelic diversity Secondary ion mass spectrometry Metabolic labelling Including protein turnover Plant LRR-RLKs Amino acid transport Swine gastric epithelium Evolutionary age KRAB domain-containing zinc finger protein Striking feature Certain mammalian genome Epithelial markers Regulate MSI1 expression Residue charge changing Abnormal activities of signal pathway Enterocytes exert Protective function Intestinal epithelial Strategies against pathogens RNA binding protein involved H+ transport Reef-building corals pH regulation Sensor chip Analyte-ligand interactions And equilibrium dissociation constant E. coli cell-based system Hammer-head ribozyme Reporter system EGFR signaling Shh signaling Zinc metallopeptidases Provide trophic Repair nerves PC-3 cells Interrupt cancer progression Single sequence based predictions Biophysical features SARS-CoV-2 virus Immunological behavior Small open reading frames Upstream ORFs Ribosome stalling Breast implants Foreign body response Capsular fibrosis

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Cellular behavior, Uncarboxylated osteocalcin, Skin equivalent, Type2 Diabetes Mellitus, Malignant growth of prostate cells, Cold shock domain proteins, Cell scale, Population scal, Krebs cycle, Prolyl hydroxylase-2, β1 integrin interaction, Induced pluripotent stem cell, LEM protein, Nuclear transport, Nuclear export, Chromatin-interacting LEM motif, Cdk1-cyclin B in vitro, Rab11-FIP3, Recycling endosomes, Cells during cytokinesis, Extracellular molecules, Invertebrate species, Multipotent cells, Interesting homeostatic factors, Mammalian inner, Specialised epithelial tissue, Non-innervated supporting cells, Cholesterol-palmitoyl interaction, 2B- adrenergic receptor crystal structure, G protein coupling, Protein misfolding, Subsequent aggregation, Several human diseases, Misfolded protein stress, High-density matrix, ROCK expression, Fungal cell wall, Survive stress, Defective cytokinesis, Mammary stem cell, Proteins functioning, Muscle satellite cells, Primary skeletal muscle cultures, α-sarcomeric actin, Fusion index, Hax-1, uman adipose-derived multilineage progenitor cells, PEST sequence, Bcl-2 family protein, Methyl CpG-binding protein 2, Nuclear lamins, Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, Fertility drugs, Substantial fluid shift, Body cavity, Secreted frizzled-related protein 4, Tumour biopsy, Pro-apoptotic genes plays, Ubiquitous cellular process responsible, Bulk degradation, Cytoplasmic components, Muscle mass maintenance, Actin polymerization, Substrate adhesion, Mound apex, Mig2 transport, Telomere doublets, Genome-wide expression, Telomere dysfunction, Small G-proteins, Unlaid eggs, Kinesin-1, Rap proteins, Aerobic metabolism, Including trauma, Three-dimensional culture, Primary porcine proximal tubular cells, Protein over-expressed, Meiotic exit, Coordinated action, Sec complex, Pressure overload, Cadmium induces neuronal cell, Cargo adaptor, Transporter expression, Novel peptide H-RN, Calcineurin-NFAT signaling, Host cell invasion, Threonine kinase Phg2, Activated cells, Cnidarian model, Membrane remodeling, Ras GTPase, N-acetylation, Genital tract, Tamoxifen inducible knockout mice, Cellular uptake, HGF-stimulated epithelial migration, PTB domain, Anti-angiogenic activity, Injured tissues, Pressure-overloaded rat heart, Angiogenesis processes, Nematostella vectensis, In vitro model, Folate chemotaxis, Hepatocyte growth factor kringle 1 domain, JIP1–kinesin-1 binding, Microbial killing, Rapamycin-eluting stent, CD34+ cells, ER targeting, Wnt target mRNAs, Myosin IC, PP1 interacting protein, Mammary cells, Human intestinal epithelial cells, Neutrophil migration, Signaling pathways linking receptor activation, Significantly impair visual acuity, Chromosome orientation, PcG proteins, Gene-knockdown, Corresponding mechanisms, Cell detachment, Encompasses squamous carcinoma, Acacia honey, KG1 cells, Fetal mesenchymal stromal cells, Cytokine-mediated hematopoiesis, Specialized cells, Myoblast differentiation, ChIP host species, Cell rear, Proinsulin biosynthesis, IEC anoikis, Actin reorganization, Three-dimensional nucleus, Squamous carcinoma, Endothelial cell membrane stiffness, End-Binding protein 1, Twitcher mice, Functional angiogenic capacity, Corneal epithelial cells, Circulating microparticles, Adult mice, Thr Phosphatase PPP1CC2, Myoblast fusion, Species reactivity, Hybrid complexes, Canine tumors containing epithelial, Organ physiology, Pseudopod dynamics, Pancreatic progenitors, Cascade responsible, Livestock industries, Conserved cellular process, Non-barrier, Granulocytic differentiation, Pharmacological inhibition, Corneal keratocytes, M-cadherin, Alveolar soft part sarcoma locus, Actin dynamics, Cellular vesicles biology, Bioartificial tissues, Brown adipocyte, Corneal abrasion, Surface plasmon, Insulin receptor substrate, Oligo-fluorescent in situ hybridization, Satellite cells, Alternatively spliced isoform, Tandem-affinity purification, Fibroblasts play, EDEM proteins, Physalis angulata, Circulating MPs, Focal adhesions, Ischemic preconditioning, Intracellular pH regulation, Recycles cytoplasmic, Multicolor banding, Cell phenotype, NKCC activity, Skeletal muscle fibers, Cells becomes critical, White adipocyte, Adipose stromal, Corneal wound healing, Stimulates motility, Generate faster, Actin-binding protein, Transcription cofactor, Visceral musculature, Antigen processing, Fallopian tube secretory epithelial cells, Insulin signaling pathway, Especially considering, Early endosome, BMP2-driven osteoblastic differentiation, Compensatory proliferation, Cofilin-1 individually, Crucial regulators, Corneal keratocytes morphology, BTB domain-containing protein, Pathophysiological relevance, Micrometer-sized lipid raft, Subcellular visualization, Proton secretion, Chemotherapy represents, Insulin-stimulated redistribution, Cell surface markers, Basement matrix, Air-liquid interface, Fluorescent assay, Regenerative potential, Autophagy process, Primary cell cultures, Actin regulation, Penetration depth, Mechanical integrity, Mitochondrial permeability transition, Cancer-stroma interaction, Self-renewal network, Morphologically visualize, Increased adipose thermogenesis, Injury site, Gene expression microarray, Mps1 kinase, Glomerular visceral epithelial cells, Proliferative response, Bifunctional RNA, Peritubular endothelial cells, BCR ubiquitin ligase complex, Granule neuron precursors, Acyl transferase, Cell biologists, Proteasome localization, Ubiquitin-interacting motif, Biosynthetic protein trafficking, Polycystin-1, Subsequent molecular analysis, Proliferative cells, Telomere attachment, Human mesenchymal stromal cells, 3C protease, Especially leucine, Rat mammary adenocarcinoma, Associated degradation, Correcting colorectal carcinomas, Reduced muscle mass, ORAI1-mediated basal calcium influx, Neutrophil microparticles, Newborn pig trachea, ZDF rats, Mitochondrial coupling efficiency, Clathrin-mediated vesicular trafficking, Osteogenic phenotype occurs, Syndecan-2, Chromosome 3 transfer, Cell-substratum interactions, Frequent reinjury, Breast adipose stem cell, Subcellular distribution, Reversing obesity, Integrin α6β4 contributes, Renal podocytes, Bone extracellular fluid, Krüppel-like factor 2, Insulin receptor substrate-1, Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, Co-differentiation medium, Cytoskeleton rearrangement, 6J mouse, Three-dimensional in vitro models, Human medulloblastoma cell line, Transduces pro-angiogenic, Receptor down-regulation, Focal adhesion turnover, RNA transfer, Tubular epithelial cells, T cell epitope production, Phosphoinositide 4-phosphate, Thin-layer angiogenesis, Site-specific mRNA localization, Respiratory uncoupling, Cancerous intestinal epithelial cells, Respiratory epithelial cells, Mammary epithelial cells, Protein quantification, Possess potent bronchodilator, ERAD pathway, Previous work, Endothelial cell injury, CMV promoter reactivation, Homologue pairing, Nuclear export sequence, Tenocytes respond, Muscle protein synthesis, Fibroblasts and olfactory, LATS kinase, Filtration barrier possessing, Cytoplasmic vacuolization, Cystathionine beta synthase, Self-renewal capacity, EGF-treated cells, Misfolded proteins, None diseases, Differential transcriptional control, Specific cell signaling responses, Marrow-mesenchymal stem cell, Functional non-coding RNA via 5′, IL-8 signaling, Automatically sequenced, Neutral lipids surrounded, Trans-Golgi network towards, Stimulating transcription, Undoubtedly different, Meiotic cohesion, Decreased proliferation, Interphase regulator, Increased marrow adiposity, Biosynthetic trafficking, Despite pronounced increases, Multiple stem cell markers, Neutrophil-derived microparticles, Therapeutic mechanism, Unique phenotype maintained, Interleukin-8 chemokine, ZDF brains displayed, Pacemaker channel, Cardiac cells, Transcript quantification, K-ATPase, EGFR turnover, Trophoblast invasion, Fibre type switching, Di-acidic, During tumorigenesis, Nanofibrous scaffold, Inadequate trophoblast, DNA replication control, ER export, Cancer cells increase, Coordinated expression, Trophoblast-mediated remodeling, Cardiomyocyte differentiation, S phase of the cell cycle, Multi-domain enriched, Fast glycolytic, Preeclampsia remains elusive, NIH3T3 cell, Clustered protocadherins, Signaling transduction, Gene clusters, Gene expressional profile, γ clusters, Functional category, Promote local proliferation, Seipin homolog Sei1p, Yolk protein, Proper regulation, Protein sorting, Small G-protein Rap1, Rapamycin trapping assay, Downstream signalling pathways, Mammalian cells talin, Talin signalling, Cold shock, Initially non-lethal, Tunneling tubes, Gap junction channels, siRNA transport, Neuronal processes, Endothelial microvesicles, H9c2 cardiomyocytes, Central pair, Dynein-driven motility, Nuclear membrane, Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, H+ ATPase, Tissue-restricted, Yolk sac, Male reproductive tract, Kinesin-2, Kinesin-9, Intraflagellar transport, Basal bodies, Tyrosyl phosphorylation, Breast cancer cell motility, Threonine kinase PAK1, Cytoskeletal remodeling proteins, Human formin proteins, Diaphanous-Related Formins, Cells depend, Epigenetic inheritance, Include HIF-1 stabilization, Fetal pig, Interchromosomal associations

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