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Phasic voltage variation P-pulmonale Vertical P-wave axis Droplet digital polymerase chain reaction Cough frequency Cough intensity Mixed-efects logistic regression models Forced expiratory volume in 1 second Progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases Realworld experience Non-idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Blood eosinophil counts Therapeutic decisions Pulmonary mass Primary bronchial MS Initially diagnosed Bronchogenic carcinoma according Disease featured Spontaneous remission Motor vehicle accident injury Exercise capacity Age-specific MRI spectroscopy Longitudinal health insurance database Analyzed incidence Muscle power Connective tissue disease associated Mitochondrial biogenesis Persistent hypercapnia Quality of sleep Long term non invasive ventilation Both mitophagy Selective mechanism Peripheral muscle oxidative capacity Chronic respiratory syndrome Clinical Modification codes Acute eosinophilic pneumonia Human lung fibroblast subtypes Bronchial epithelial cell Oxygen requirements Radiological honeycomb Domiciliary nebulizers Pulmonary contamination Non-tumor Structural brain Computational scoring Preclude referral Descending necrotizing mediastinitis Streptococcus constellatus Calcified mediastinal lymph node Sputum production Diffuse cystic lesion Pulmonary langerhans cell histocytosis Hump-nosed viper Pulmonary haemorrhage Chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis Inhaled environmental antigens Lung pathology Insurance claim review Inverted lung transplantation Primary pleural squamous cell carcinoma Pericardial conduit Pleural malignancy Pulmonary venous anastomosis Vessel formation Arnold-Chiari malformation Inflammatory ratios Migration-promoting gene Prolonged weaning COPD exacerbations Delta neutrophil index Ectopically overexpressed GRB2 associated binding protein 1 Medulla oblongata compression Blood cell biomarker NIH3T3 fibroblasts Diet intake Congenital pulmonary airway malformation Peruvian children Specific antimicrobial therapy Congenital lung disorder Adjusted analysis Physicians synthesize Fibrotic interstitial lung disease Recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin Healthy urban Bronchoscopic intervention Zimbabwean paediatric spirometry Interventional bronchoscopy Spirometry z-scores Chlamydia psittaci Exercise echocardiography Multidisciplinary clinic Low diagnostic accuracy 2D speckle tracking echocardiography Proxy restrictive spirometric pattern Interstitial fibrosis Disease specific morbidity Skeletal muscle dysfunction Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

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Immunosuppressive treatment, Systemic autoimmune disease, P. jirovecii, Thromboxane receptor antagonist, Chronic respiratory symptoms, Cancer remain unclear, Work-related respiratory disorders, Pulmonary vasculature, Situ thrombosis, Diffuse panbronchiolitis, CD4+ cell-dominant inflammation, Chronic inflammatory respiratory disease, Hemophilus influenzae, Surprisingly little, Intermittent hypoxia, Pulmonary tissues, Airway eosinophilic inflammation, Non-smoker, Hypereosinophilic syndrome, Incidental lung nodule, Social intervention, PDGFRA fusion gene, Interventional pulmonology, Cough-variant asthma, Clinical impact, Spontaneous ventilation, Directly observed therapy, Mucopolysaccharidosis type II, Abdominal inflammation, Experimental sepsis, Organized healthcare system, Altered redox balance, Y-tube stent, Severe expiratory collapse, Acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonitis, IgG4-related pleural disease, Penicillium citrinum, Cancer-related mortalities, Increased dyspnea, Non-HIV pulmonary cryptococcosis, Bronchial colonization, Intralobar bronchopulmonary sequestration, Nebulized therapy, Diving and hyperbaric medicine, Diving fitness, Pre-diving medical screening, Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Pneumonia susceptibility, Cardiac sarcoidosis, Body connection, Intrapulmonary lesions, COL3A1 gene, Pneumonia development, Potentially fatal presentation, Patient’s experience, Collagen type III, Muscle dysfunction, Intraventricular metastases, Protein kinase kinase kinase 2, BMPR2 variants, Biallelic EIF2AK4 variants, Transwell assays, Pulmonary capillary haemangiomatosis, Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, Surfactant protein-A-derived peptide, Blood gas, Acute respiratory diseases, Pulmonary toxicology, Organ system involvement, Bland-Altman analysis, Overlapping disease phenotype, Thoracic empyema, Clinical phenotyping, Hippocratic physicians, Noninvasive pressure support ventilation, Multi-variable analyses, Transbronchial cryobiopsy, Statin-associated necrotizing myopathy, Macitentan significantly, Rare autoimmune disorder, Muscle enzymes, Obstructive lung diseases, Overlapping diagnoses, Comorbid disorders, Non-severe asthma, Airflow limitation, Bronchial Dieulafoy’s disease, Acute fibrinous, Central type lung cancer, Vascular angiography, Subacute lung injury, CT-guided percutaneous lung biopsy, Therapeutic views, PAS periodic acid-Schiff, Anti-asthmatic drugs, Viral assay panel, Despite well-defined criteria, Significantly decrease, Multiple bronchial stenoses reported, Bronchoscopic puncture, Pathophysiological insights, Catastrophic tracheobronchitis, Velcro sound, Structural cells, Neutrophil gelatinase, Associated lipocalin, Bactericidal permeability, Lay workers, Antifibrotic agent, Chronic fibrotic interstitial pneumonia, Systemic vasculitis, Bilateral pleural effusion, Asthma rehabilitation, Type-2 pleiotropic cytokine, Trial insufficiently controlled asthmatics, Pleural decortication, Anti–interleukin, Bulla electrocoagulation, Fibroblastic proliferation, NIV duration, Left heart dysfunction, Severe bacterial, Familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, European IPF registry, Interstitial idiopathic pneumonia, Pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis, Exclude alternative diagnoses, CD4+ T cell, Th17 plasticity, Frequently overlap, Proinflammatory cells, Severe non-allergic eosinophilic asthma, Chemokine ligand, β chain-signaling cytokines receptors, Eosinophil surface, Anti-retroviral therapy, Airflow obstruction, Serum inflammatory, Malignant pulmonary, Pulmonary atelectasis, Aerosol therapy, Aerosol administration, Intrathoracic myelolipoma, Bronchial myelolipoma, Inhalation therapy, Obstructive airways disease, Lung architecture, Mean linear intercept, Quantifying morphologic, Elevated serum IgG4, Fine crackles, IgG4 positive plasma cell, Lung sounds, Pathology of lung tissue, Onset timing, Plasmacyte infiltration, Time-expanded waveform analysis, Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome, Laryngo-tracheal stenosis, Autosomal-dominant mutations, Facial dysmorphic features, DNA-PKcs, Mesenchymal progenitor cells, Senescent mesenchymal, Transcriptomic datasets, Diaphragm ultrasound, Robotic bronchoscopy, Eracheal aspirate, Pulmonary nodules, Ultrasounds interact, Pulmonary carcinoid tumor, Trans-bronchial biopsy, Lung typical carcinoid tumors, Sparsely described, Self-reported disease, Occupational dust, Advancing respiratory failure, Metastasis of neoplasms, Borderline pulmonary hypertension, Tumor suppressive lncRNA, Diverse biological processes, 6-min walk test, Hemoglobin abnormality, Epithelial barrier, Secreted Hsp90α, Chronic airway disease, Accurately predict prognosis, Hospital-free days, Investigate mortality risk, Public health problems worldwide, Neglected disease, Pulmonary haemosiderosis, Pulmonary haemorrage, Staphylococcus enterotoxin, Pulmonary vasculitis, Associated vasculitis, Malnutrition increases, GINA symptom assessment tool, Self-reported asthma control, Post-cardiac arrest syndrome, SABA overuse, Diagnostic modality, Eosinophilia comprises, Eosinophilic lung diseases, Prominent infiltrate, Peripheral blood eosinophilia, Positive end expiratory pressure, Non-hypertensive, Portable oxygen concentrator, Nasal cannula, Asthma patient education, Pulsed oxygen delivery, Online asthma education, Nocturnal oxygen therapy, Threedimensional computed tomography, Electronic health literacy, Chinese cohort, Pulmonary arteritis, Takayasu’s arteritis, Chest CT scan, Bronchial neoplasms, Pulmonary surgical procedures, Exogenous lipoid pneumonia, Avocado oil, RNA interaction, Long-acting bronchodilator, Observational trial, Cardiopulmonary exercise, Arterial blood gas, Oxygen saturations, Alveolar macrophages, Bronchoscopy technique, Increased mortality rates, Vitamin deficiency, Cardiopulmonary exercise test, Pulmonary vascular mechanism, Spontaneous breathing, Papular mucinosis, Generalized lichen myxedematous, Mixed pulmonary infection, Pathogens detection, Particularly obesity, Several serum biomarkers, Giant pulmonary cysts, Chronic intrathoracic inflammation, Diaphragmatic ultrasound, Non-bronchial systemic arteries, Diaphragmatic excursion, Simplified wells score, Revised Geneva score, Emergency depatment, 6-min walk distance, Lung hyperinflation, Ionizing radiations, Increased medical costs, TB management time, TB infectious pool, Intrapleural pressure, Needle aspiration, Chest tube drainage, Chemical airborne exposure, Humidifier disinfectants, Main pulmonary artery, Inspiratory fow, Diffusing capacity, Breath-actuated mechanism, Peak inspiratory fow, Idiopathic pulmonary fbrosis, Chronic progressive disease, Micro-RNAs, Bi-functional molecule, β2-adrenoceptor agonist pharmacology, Indwelling pleural catheter, Gynaecologic cancer, Necrotizing pneumonia, Systemic morphine, Reducing breathlessness, Allergic infammation, Gender-Age-Physiology, Post lung-transplant complications, Retropharyngeal abscess, Analgosedation during flexible, Versus midazolam, Conventional drugs, Diagnostic bronchoscopy, Coronavirus infections, Malignant biological, Exclusive diagnosis, Syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion, Atypical presentations, Bronchioalveolar lavage, Brush cytology, Lung infections, Low tidal volume ventilation, Respiratory symptom, Pulmonary surfactant-associated protein D, β2-adrenergic receptor agonists, Interventional pneumology, Absorbable sutures, Influenza B, Beta-agonist, Health care resource utilization, Progressive worsening, Serious errors, Online health information, Giessen pulmonary hypertension registry, Commercial availability, Fluticasone propionate, Symptomatic hyperglycaemia, Blood alkalosis, Personal monitoring, Adverse respiratory outcomes, Chronic thromboembolic disease, Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, Lung cancer risk test, Hereditary lung cancer risk, Normal bronchial epithelial cells, Bronchoscopy safety, Bronchial brush safety, Immunoglobulin G4, Fatal vascular disorder, Fibroinflammatory disorder, Frequent exacerbations, Biopsy-proven lung, Oxygen desaturation, Including chronic, Allergic aspergillus, Physiotherapeutic interventions, Subsequent microbiological, Fatty-acid binding protein-4, Ventilatory function, Health screening program, Paradoxical inflammation, Several pulmonary diseases, Inhaled medications, Anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha, Unmethylated DNA molecule, Corticosteroids therapy, Long-acting beta-agonist, Care bundles, Delivery of care, Admission avoidance, Visceral adiposity index, Metabolic score, Preference questionnaire, Inhalation devices, Randomized phase 3 trials, Indwelling pleural catheters, Pirfenidone therapy, Specific therapeutic interventions, Multivariate logistic regression model, Factors significantly, Sputum cytology, Blood leukocyte count, Mean pulmonary arterial pressure, Tumour-stromal interactions, Disease-specific health status, Occupational asthma, Workplace exposure, Allergic occupational asthma, Pre-placement medical assessments, Transgenic model, Childhood wheezing, Antigen induced pulmonary inflammation, Air leak syndrome, Extracellular miRNA, Before-and-after study design, Spirometry acceptability, Transpulmonary blood flow, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Lung compliance, Determining physicians’ awareness, Acute hypovolemia, Moderate-to-severe asthma, Albuterol metered-dose inhaler, Cyclic guanosine monophosphate, Ultrathin bronchoscopy, Readmission predictors, Diabetes risk, Non-eosinophillic asthma, Image-guided biopsy, PAH medications, Recurrent hospitalizations, Airway inflammatory phenotype, Several pre-index, Autonomic neuropathy, Animal handler, BHR confirmed asthma, CHI3L1 protein, Heterogeneous nature, Prompted asthma phenotyping, Adult onset Still’s disease, Expiratory pressure, Biomarker data, Auto-inflammatory disease, Vitamin D 25-hydroxylase, Inspiratory positive airway pressure, YKL-40 protein, Severe asthmatics, Meigs’ syndrome

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